Huangshi Xingtu Eta Ursae Majoris is on sale! The maximum discount is 15,000, and the promotion is limited.

We are pleased to announce that a special promotion is under way in car home Huangshi Special Promotion Channel. As a model that has attracted much attention, the starting price of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris in Huangshi has dropped to 137,800 yuan, and the highest discount is as high as 15,000 yuan. This is a very attractive offer. We suggest that you click the "Check Car Price" button in the quotation form to get more specific offer information.

Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is an SUV full of modernity and technology, and its design is highly recognizable. The lines of the whole vehicle are smooth, the front face design is unique, and the air intake grille is decorated with a large area of chrome, showing a luxurious atmosphere. The body lines are smooth, the roof lines are smooth, and the overall style is fashionable, showing quality and taste. The dynamic lines on the side of the car body and the smooth roof lines show the sense of movement and fashion of the whole car. The tail design is simple and generous, and the taillights use LED light source, which greatly improves the driving safety at night. In addition, Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is also equipped with intelligent induction tailgate, which makes the whole vehicle more convenient and practical. Generally speaking, the exterior design of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is full of science and technology and modernity, showing the luxury and quality of the brand, and it is a model that people can’t ignore.

Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is a medium-sized SUV with a body size of 4781*1920*1671 and a wheelbase of 2815mm, which provides spacious and comfortable seating space for passengers. The front tread is 1641mm and the rear tread is 1642mm, which effectively improves the stability of the vehicle. The car uses 235/55 R19 front and rear tires, which provides better handling and stability for the driver. The body lines are smooth, and the side contour lines are simple and smooth, showing a fashionable and atmospheric design. At the same time, the rim style is also very unique, adding a sense of movement to the vehicle.

The interior design of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is simple and elegant, made of high-quality materials, creating a luxurious and comfortable driving experience. The steering wheel is made of genuine leather, which feels comfortable and supports manual adjustment up and down and back and forth, so that drivers can easily find the best driving posture. The size of the central control screen reaches 12.3 inches, and the display effect is clear. It supports the voice recognition control system, including multimedia, navigation, telephone, air conditioning, skylight and window, which is convenient for drivers to operate. Both the front row and the rear row are equipped with two USB/Type-C interfaces, as well as the wireless charging function of the front row mobile phone, to meet the various use needs of drivers and passengers. The seat is made of imitation leather. The main driver’s seat supports front and back, backrest and height adjustment, the co-pilot’s seat also supports front and back and backrest adjustment, the second row of seats supports backrest adjustment, and the rear seats can be scaled down, providing more flexible space layout for drivers and passengers.

Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is equipped with a 2.0T 261 horsepower L4 engine with a maximum power of 192 kW and a maximum torque of 400 N m.. This engine has strong performance and can provide an excellent driving experience. At the same time, with the 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, the shift is smooth and fast, making driving more comfortable and smooth.

In the evaluation of car home car owners, we can see that the design of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is highly praised. He described this model as "a gasoline car but a new energy car" and praised the design of the side and rear of the car body as "particularly beautiful, and the more you look at it, the more durable it is". This is enough to prove the intention and innovation of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris in design. As a newly listed vehicle, it not only adopts hybrid technology in the power system to achieve the goal of low fuel consumption and zero emission, but also breaks through the framework of traditional gasoline vehicles in appearance design, showing its unique charm. These characteristics not only satisfy car owners, but also provide a new choice for other consumers. It can be said that the appearance of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris has brought a new wave to the whole automobile market, and also brought more diversified car purchase options to consumers.

The brand-new BYD Han is officially listed, and the EV version starts at 269,800/DM.

On April 10th, the brand-new BYD Han series was officially launched. The new cars are divided into three series according to the power type, among which there are three models in EV Chuangshi Edition, and the price range after comprehensive subsidy is 269,800 to 288,600 yuan. In addition, there is a limited edition of Qian Shan Cui, which sells for 329,800 yuan. There are 4 DM-i versions, and the price range after comprehensive subsidy is 215,800 to 289,800 yuan; Finally, there is one DM-p version with a price of 319,800 yuan. At this point, BYD’s "Dynasty" series finally achieved DM-i full coverage.

Wechat Picture _20220410151926_ Copy. jpg

At the same time, BYD also announced the listing rights of new cars, including the lifetime warranty of non-operating vehicles (the first owner), the replacement subsidy of 4,000 yuan, free car replacement, free airport parking, free installation of charging piles for the first owner, and 2 years of free car traffic (5GB/ month).

Wechat Picture _20220410152004_ Copy. jpg

■ EV Edition: A More Powerful New Big Man

Regarding the static introduction of the new Han EV, you can watch the video analysis we made before, and refine the differences between several new versions and the previous generation Han EV in design and modeling.

Han EV double car _ copy. jpg

The first is the fine-tuning of the size. Compared with the previous version, the new BYD Han EV is 15mm longer, while the width, height and wheelbase remain the same. Therefore, although the new Han has become bigger, it is not obvious from the body shape. However, on the other hand, the captain of 4995mm can still enhance the competitiveness of the new Han EV in the same level market.

Size. jpg

PC Meitu 780x440A.jpg

Secondly, the power has become stronger, especially its front motor, the maximum power is 180kW, and the peak torque can reach 350Nm, which is obviously improved compared with the previous generation of Han EV, while the rear electric drive parameters of the dual-motor four-wheel drive version have not changed, and its comprehensive maximum output is 380kW, and the comprehensive peak torque can reach 700Nm.

Han EV power contrast.jpg

The third is the increase of endurance. With the blade battery of 85.4kWh, the new Han EV has a cruising range of 610km and 715km under CLTC comprehensive working conditions, even at the lowest level, it runs farther than the super-long endurance version of the previous generation Han EV.

In addition, it is worth noting that at present, many large and medium-sized pure electric cars with endurance of 700km or more on the market have battery capacities ranging from 90kWh to 100kWh, but the brand-new Han EV can achieve the same effect only by being equipped with 85.4kWh battery pack. It must be said that BYD still has deep technical reserves in the three-power technology.

Comparison of battery capacity and battery life. jpg

In the intelligent part, the new Han EV is mainly upgraded on DiPilot intelligent driver assistance system. The new car will be equipped with 22 sensing components, and at the same time, it will add functions such as highway driving assistance and emergency avoidance assistance, which can better provide accurate and efficient help for drivers.

Han DM-p luxury benchmark. jpg

Wechat Picture _20220410153205_ Copy. jpg

In terms of intelligent cockpit, the new Han EV will be equipped with DiLink 4.0 intelligent network connection system as standard, as well as high-end configurations and functions such as 5G quick connection, dual-frequency positioning, four-tone voice interaction, HiFi-level customized Tanner audio, W-HUD head-up display, DMS fatigue driving warning system, etc., and at the same time support remote upgrade of OTA of the whole vehicle.

Creation edition looks up. jpg

In the new Han EV series, there is also a limited edition of Qian Shan Cui, which not only has an exclusive green color scheme, but also has exclusive configurations and interior and exterior decoration kits such as high-grade suede seats, sports interior kits, UWB digital keys and high-performance stone green four-piston pliers. In terms of power, the power system of this model is the same as the "610KM four-wheel drive exclusive type" of the conventional Genesis version.

■ How to choose the new Han EV?

Among the four models, which version of the new Han EV has the highest cost performance? First of all, from the power point of view, the new Han EV can be regarded as two single-motor front-wheel drive models and two-motor four-wheel drive models, so if consumers need four-wheel drive systems, they can only choose from the "610KM four-wheel drive exclusive model" of 288,600 yuan, and if there are higher requirements for battery life, I think the "715KM distinguished model" is completely sufficient.

Han EV power parameters. jpg

Because as the basic model of the new Han EV, its configuration itself is rich enough, and it can meet most of the daily needs in terms of quality and experience, and even a little surprise.

Comparison of some configurations of Chinese EV. jpgComparison of Chinese EV partial configurations (2). jpg

Of course, the entry level is not the most comprehensive in terms of intelligent driving assistance. If there are high requirements for this part of the configuration, I suggest choosing the "715KM flagship type" because there is not much difference between it and the "four-wheel drive exclusive type" in terms of driving assistance configuration, and the price is only 17,700 yuan more expensive than the entry level, which is still relatively cost-effective.

Han EV driver assistance. jpg

Han EV driver assistance (2). jpg

■ DM-i/p Edition: The Strongest "Chinese"

For the static introduction of the new Han DM-i, you can click on the video to analyze and watch it. As for the DM-p version, there is no obvious difference between it and the new Chinese DM-i version in appearance and interior design, but it has improved its power performance, and it is also the most powerful version of the new Chinese system.

Figure 3 _ Copy. jpg

The power system of the new Han DM-i/p version consists of Xiaoyun-Plug-in special turbocharged 1.5Ti high-efficiency engine and driving motor, in which the maximum power of the engine is 102kW and the peak torque is 231Nm;. In the driving motor part, the DM-i version will be equipped with a front single motor and two parameter versions, while the DM-p version will be equipped with front and rear double motors.

Chinese DM power contrast. jpg

If we simply superimpose the parameters of the DM-p version of the drive motor, it is concluded that its comprehensive maximum power is 360kW and its peak torque is 675Nm, which is very close to the performance of the previous generation of the most powerful EV. In addition, with an efficient engine, the performance can be imagined. No wonder the acceleration of 100 kilometers is only 3.7s s.

Figure 2 _ Copy. jpg

In addition, in terms of endurance and fuel consumption, the new Han DM-i version has a fuel consumption of 4.2L to 4.5L per 100 kilometers under NEDC working conditions, and the comprehensive cruising range can reach 1300km, and the longest pure battery life can reach 242km;; The DM-p version has a pure battery life of 206km and a fuel consumption of 5.2L per 100 km under NEDC conditions.

Interestingly, although the new Han DM-i/p is equipped with a relatively complicated plug-in system, especially an engine, in terms of size, these two models are 5mm shorter than the previous generation Han EV, but other parameters have not changed, and the wheelbase is also 2920 mm.

Figure 4 _ Copy. jpg

In terms of configuration, the new Chinese DM-i/p version is the same as the EV version, which is equipped with a more intelligent DiPilot intelligent driver assistance system and rich intelligent, comfortable and convenient configurations and functions.

Figure 5 _ Copy. jpg

■ How to choose the new Chinese DM-i/p?

In terms of purchase, we see that all the new Han DM-i versions are precursors, while DM-p is a four-wheel drive, so there is only one option for the four-wheel drive power system. In the DM-i version, the "242KM flagship" with a price of 289,800 yuan is the most powerful and has the longest pure electric endurance. If you pursue the ability to travel, it is recommended to choose this one.

Han DM power.jpg

If we consider the configuration, first of all, in the intelligent driving assistance part, we can see that the "242KM flagship" and DM-p version have the most complete number of sensors and auxiliary functions, so if the configuration requirements for this part are higher, the "242KM flagship" is more cost-effective.

Comparison of Chinese DM auxiliary configuration. jpg

However, in terms of safety, comfort and convenience, the functions of the new Han DM-i series are already very comprehensive. If you want a higher-level configuration, I suggest starting with the "121KM distinguished model" with a price of 225,800 yuan, because there are many identical configurations on the "flagship model" on it, but the price difference is at least 64,000 yuan.

Comparison of Chinese DM Part Configuration (1). jpg

■ Bangpingdian

On the whole, the timing for BYD to launch a brand-new Han series is very good. On the one hand, because many heavy products of the same type have been delivered or listed recently, this market segment has become one of the focuses of attention inside and outside the industry. At this time, listing is easy to get better communication effect; On the other hand, it is the time when the brand announced the sales volume and delivery volume at the beginning of the month. BYD’s production and sales data in March performed well, showing excellent brand health, and at the same time boosting the confidence of many consumers who intend to buy BYD models. I believe it can also help the brand-new Han series to get more orders.

As for the specific model competitiveness, I think that Han EV, as the first "veteran" to enter the medium and large-sized pure electric car market, has kept up with the pace of market evolution in time after this update, and has renewed its vitality and maintained its strong competitiveness.

The brand-new Han DM-i/p series actually has no specific competitors in a strict sense. The medium and large plug-in hybrid cars on the same track with it are basically BBA brands of more than 500,000, such as BMW 5 Series plug-in hybrid and Volvo S90 RECHARGE. Therefore, the new Han DM-i/p series will gain more market opportunities and the sales volume can be expected.

Like it, it’s great! China has made a major breakthrough in the field of electric vehicles.

  Cctv newsThe 2022 Winter Olympic Games will be held in China, and the China government has once again made a promise of "Green Olympics". Around this goal, it is an important link to realize green transportation during the Olympic Games. On August 31st, Beijing Institute of Technology and other research teams released an achievement: the all-weather battery product was successfully developed, that is, the battery of electric vehicles can still work normally under all climatic conditions, including extreme low temperature.

  In the cold environment, electric vehicles will face challenges.

  After investigation, during the Beijing Winter Olympics, vehicles will face a low temperature of -20℃ to -30℃, and the use of new energy vehicles will face the following challenges ↓ ↓

  The charging and discharging characteristics of the power battery become worse!

  Battery capacity and life will also decay!

  These will lead to a significant decline in vehicle driving range and vehicle dynamic performance!

  Sun Fengchun, Director of the National Engineering Laboratory of Electric Vehicles of Beijing Institute of Technology and Chief Expert of the Expert Group of Beijing New Energy Vehicle Association:

  Now the electric vehicle (cruising range) has reached more than 300 kilometers, but it may only run for dozens of kilometers at MINUS 10℃.The farthest distance between the two venues of Beijing Winter Olympics, that is, the Chongli distance from Wukesong in Beijing to Zhangjiakou is 260 kilometers. How to last the electric vehicle at low temperature is a problem that must be solved.

  New technology, let electric vehicles break through the low temperature forbidden zone

  The team led by Professor Sun Fengchun developed the world’s first all-climate battery product by using the rapid thermal conductivity generated by metal heating inside the battery. The key technologies are as follows ↓ ↓

  A layer of nickel-platinum sheet was added to the existing lithium battery.

  Connect the power supply, and the battery can be heated quickly!

  Sun Fengchun:

  At MINUS 30℃, the temperature of our battery rises to above zero in twenty seconds, so it can work very well and has no influence on the life of the battery. This is the core technology. In other words, there is no forbidden area for electric vehicles, which is a milestone principle and technology in this respect.

  Low temperature environment, all the key technologies of new energy vehicles are overcome.

  In addition, key technologies such as vehicle system integration and control in low temperature environment have also made breakthroughs. The cooperative control technology of automatic driving and automatic charging has laid a solid foundation for the application of new energy vehicles during the Winter Olympics.

  Sun Fengchun:

  From the battery cell, battery system to the system integration of the whole vehicle, it should be said that the technology has been completely overcome.Our core key components are required according to the standard of low temperature of MINUS 45℃ to ensure that there will be no problems during the Winter Olympics.

  At the end of this year, all-weather electric vehicles will be launched.

  According to reports, the first batch of all-weather electric vehicles in the world will be released at the end of December this year, and then they will go to Mohe and other alpine regions for experiments at around MINUS 45 C. It is estimated that in 2020, the development of 11 product prototypes of four types of vehicles will be completed, and the demonstration operation will begin.

  Zhang Jihong, Deputy Director of Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission:

  We should further integrate some technologies from Beijing, China and even foreign countries to tackle key problems in Industry-University-Research. Whether it is low-temperature battery technology or driverless technology, a complete and comprehensive presentation can be obtained during the 2022 Winter Olympics.

On the hot search as soon as you shoot, Shanghai Meiying deserves to be the national team of China animation.

Special feature of 1905 film network The animated film is released.After a lapse of 38 years, this film officially met the audience in the cinema for the first time. Perhaps, the saying of "returning a movie ticket" has been redefined in this film.

And this is Shanghai Animation Film Studio (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Meiying") behind the film, the second film work handed over this year after Tyrannosaurus Tu Tu with Big Ears in Action in the National Day file.


The two seemingly independent works are actually a kind of "inheritance" of the film maker to some extent. Mr. Wang is the co-director of the film "The Story of Heaven". At the same time, he also participated in the art work of the first season of the drama series "Tu Tu with Big Ears".


From the "old" to the new, and then renovate and repair the "old". In the past few years, Shanghai Meiying has always presented its "treasures" to everyone in the best form.


The charm of Shanghai Meiying is not only on the big screen.As early as last year, the "China Animation Alliance" gathered and customized a promotional film for the Beijing Winter Olympics, saying, "My old grandson is coming!" Who’s feelings have been ignited?


When the "Zhu Rong" rover landed on Mars, Shanghai Meiying took out the concept film of the 4D sci-fi cartoon "Fluorescent Fire". After watching it, anyone who didn’t marvel at it was still online.


Inheritance of "repair"

The story of Shangmeiying is as wonderful as its cartoon characters, but this time, let’s start with "The Story of Heaven".


In 2019, the main visual poster of Shanghai International Film Festival designed by Huang Hai was released, which surprised everyone. And this poster is based on the animated film produced by Shanghai Meiying.

In that year’s screening list, Shanghai Meiying also released two restored works, one is the full version of "Make a scene in Heaven" and the other is the 2K restored version of "The Story of Heaven".After the invoice was issued, "Tian Shu Qi Tan" became one of the fastest sold-out films. This is somewhat unexpected. After all, in the past, most of the animated films mentioned by the audience were "Make a scene in Heaven".


Making a scene in Heaven was completed by Shanghai Meiying in 2011. It is precisely because of this achievement that Shanghai Meiying saw hope that "classics will never go out of date". As a result, in 2018, Shanghai Meiying restarted the restoration work of "Tian Shu Qi Tan".


This repair work is not easy.Because of the limitation of early technical conditions, the storage medium of the original film is film. The film itself is very fragile, even if it is well preserved, it will inevitably cause some damage. The director of Shanghai Meiying told us that the team invested a lot of manpower and energy to repair the sound and picture.


Behind the simple expression, there is actually a very complicated process technology. In the end, the basic restoration of the film was completed by Shanghai Film Technology Factory and Shanghai Meiying, which ensured the basic content of the work and realized the work of "glue revolution". It is reported that the film has been repaired in the 4K version. This also caused the film to finally meet the audience after two years after the screening of the last film festival.


For many viewers, this is a "youth return". Memories of the movies I saw when I was a child are all emerging one by one, and even the "sequel legend" about this movie is not broken.


For Suda, the release of this film has not only fulfilled his dream, but also completed the unfinished story of his predecessors in Shanghai Meiying.

Mr Yunda Qian, the co-director of this film, is her university teacher. At the Shanghai premiere of the film, the 93-year-old director Yunda Qian appeared. Facing the recognition of the audience, he also said humbly, "I feel that we have not done enough. If we can do it in the future, we will do more work."


However, what is the release of such a film to the audience?Suda doesn’t want to emphasize the box office. After all, the release of this animated work is difficult to demonstrate with the box office itself. "Going to the cinema is not just about paying for feelings."

In Suda’s view, this restoration can make the audience feel better about "The Wonder of Heaven" and break the previous cognition on the small screen. No matter the sound or the picture, more different details can be found.


The vitality of IP

Suda has been busy for the last two months. I was interviewed by various media for Action of Tyrannosaurus Tu Tu with Big Ears and 4K Commemorative Edition.


Although these two works are presented to the audience with a brand-new look, we can’t ignore the fact that it has been 38 years since "The Story of Heaven" and the drama series "Tu Tu with Big Ears" has been updated, but it has been more than 15 years since the first season. It seems that from the outside world, these two works are already "past tense".


Suda seems to have become accustomed to these discussions, and bluntly saying that economic benefits are definitely not the purpose. "I understand that everyone has such a voice, because in the past, we did not produce a large number of new films, and we also understand the expectations of the audience."

In fact, the restoration of "The Wonder of Heaven" is to use digital technology to make the film glow with new vitality.


On the basis of the original film’s 89 minutes, a special behind-the-scenes feature was specially added at the end of the film, including some creative materials, restoration process and interviews with old artists. This is a tribute to the older generation of animation artists, but also a kind of China animation inheritance.


At that time, there were many ingenious ideas of old artists in the creation of the film "The Wonder of Heaven", but now it seems a little clumsy.


For example, in the four words of the title, the blue-black background pattern presents a "special effect" of flowing fusion. It is the old artists who pour blue-black paint into a basin and add solvent to make the paint "flow", thus shooting this wonderful "special effect" scene.


The TV animation "Tu Tu with Big Ears" with more than 100 episodes grew up with the post-90s and post-00s, and it was created by Shanghai Meiying for the purpose of making original and high-quality cartoons to reflect the life of contemporary children.The image of "Tu Tu" unexpectedly became popular on the short video platform two years ago, which made everyone see the vitality of IP.

From the small screen to the big screen, the movie version of Tu Tu with Big Ears has been striving to integrate the spirit of the times into its works and track the topics of social concern. It involves filial piety culture and pension topics.


It seems to be a mature drama IP, but this creation is not easy for Suda. In this movie, there is no collision between justice and evil, just want children to watch it with relish and touch them with emotion.


It doesn’t matter if you have doubts, it also represents the expectations of the audience.For these IPS in their hands, Suda said, "The old IP, because it was already there, we will repair it and develop it, and maybe it will take less time; Then the new work needs a process of incubation, cultivation and creation. "


As for the excessive public opinion of "fried cold rice", the speed is also accepted according to the order. The hard work behind the classic repair is no easier than an original IP. Classic IP needs to maintain its vigorous vitality, which can not be presented by simple preservation. "We are not completely copying the past to sell tickets again, but to create in depth again."


Not only the restoration of movies, but also the IP image authorization of Shanghai Meiying from a very early age.Especially at the beginning of 2019, the collection of doll toys, in which "Tian Shu Qi Tan" cooperated with a fast food brand, even sold as high as 500 yuan on a second-hand trading platform.


This series of IP authorization, actually from another level, is also the activation of IP.Of course, in terms of IP authorization, Shangmeiying pays great attention to whether the cartoon image is suitable for the brand. "Every IP has its own personal design, and we also value the concept of communication that can be set by someone in the future brand communication."


The story continues

"Innovation and inheritance" is the brand concept written by official website of Shanghai Meiying.


Reasonable IP authorization and development, as well as the restoration of classic films, are the best footnotes made by Shanghai Film and Television. To combine "inheritance" and "innovation" organically, we have to mention Meiying’s ink animation.


As early as the 60th anniversary of Shanghai Film Festival, it was announced that it would restart ink animation and launch the first feature film of ink animation. At that time, the official also released a 2-minute trial film, which attracted a lot of attention once it was spread.


After a lapse of four years, what is the progress of this project?Suda told us that the film is scheduled to be completed by the end of next year and is scheduled to be released in 2023. The duration of the film will be about 90 minutes, with almost no dialogue, and the story will be promoted by music. "It can be said with great pride that this will be the first animated feature film in China and even the world."


The 3D version of the official announcement has also made progress. "We will make a bold attempt to break everyone’s previous understanding of the image of the Monkey King in" Big Sky "and make a brand new the Monkey King in a three-dimensional space, which will be more in line with the aesthetics of young people as a whole."


In addition, the new Snow Child, which was created by directors Lu Hengyu and Li Shujie, will also be produced accordingly. In the future production process of Shanghai Meiying, there will be more than a dozen works coming out one after another.

In the face of marketization, Suda said frankly, "Not blindly pursuing the click-through rate and the box office, how to make a good work that can stay is the first thing that our creators should consider, and don’t produce a pile of cultural garbage."


With the special promotional film of the Winter Olympics going off again, the outside world is increasingly looking forward to the progress of the "cartoon universe" of the American film. At the beginning of this year, they launched the drama "Beautiful Film Paradise", but this short drama did not leave much sound. Su Da told us not to worry. They really saw the concept of "movie universe" and are creating an animated film "Make a scene in cartoon city", which combines the IP of Shangmeiying with real life.


No matter from the outside world, Shanghai Meiying is slowing down or speeding up now; Is it being questioned "fried cold rice" or insisting on bringing forth the old and bringing forth the new? They are always carrying on the good memories of several generations with a pen.


As Suda said, Shanghai Meiying is the national team of animation in China, which shoulders great responsibilities. It cannot just pursue commercial animation, and it is one of the responsibilities to inherit and innovate the art of its predecessors.

Preventing Disaster Risk and Escorting High-quality Development —— CCTV Lifeline broadcast a special program on May 12th National Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Day

Do you know about natural disasters?

Earthquakes, mountain torrents, mudslides, typhoons, floods, blizzards, forest fires … … These natural disasters happen every year. When a serious disaster comes, it will destroy a city in an instant and make many people lose their homes, even their relatives.

May 12, 2023 is the 15th National Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Day. The theme of this year is "Preventing disaster risks and escorting high-quality development". Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, China has put forward a series of new ideas and concepts on disaster prevention, mitigation and relief. The Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Promoting the Reform of the System and Mechanism of Disaster Prevention, Mitigation and Relief put forward that "to promote the reform of the system and mechanism of disaster prevention, we must firmly establish the concept of disaster risk management and comprehensive disaster reduction, adhere to the combination of prevention first, prevention and rescue, adhere to the unity of normal disaster reduction and abnormal disaster relief, and strive to realize the transformation from focusing on post-disaster relief to focusing on pre-disaster prevention".

In order to find out the hidden dangers of natural disasters in various parts of China, the first national comprehensive risk survey of natural disasters will be carried out in 2020 with the consent of the State Council. In three years, with the participation of nearly 5 million professional and technical personnel from various regions, the nationwide census has achieved initial results.

From 2020, reporters from Lifeline went to Fujian, Jiangxi, Shandong, Zhejiang and other places for follow-up reports. On May 12th and 13th, two episodes of National Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Day special program "Data Empowering to Protect Peace" will be broadcast continuously in the Lifeline column of CCTV-12.

Take precautions and be precise first.

Arrange emergency equipment so that the distress information is no longer blocked.

Fujian province is surrounded by mountains on three sides and faces the sea on one side. There are many kinds of natural disasters and they are prone to occur frequently. Once disasters occur, the disaster situation should not be underestimated.

Typhoon, rainstorm, flood, mountain torrents and mudslides, as coastal areas, more than 30 coastal counties in Fujian Province are frequently affected by marine disasters. Villagers have lived here for generations. How to prevent disasters to make them live and work in peace and contentment?

Since the first national comprehensive risk survey of natural disasters was carried out, the emergency department has collected and adopted the data of all the population and housing disaster-bearing bodies in 33 coastal counties, investigated and summarized the historical data of disasters, and calculated the elevation of coastal seawalls in the whole province with reference to relevant data, so as to help the staff to divide the dangerous areas more accurately and let the people prepare for danger avoidance in advance.

In addition to marine disasters, flood waterlogging caused by heavy rain is also one of the major natural disasters faced by Fujian Province. Whenever the flood season comes, typhoons are swept by heavy rain. The flash floods caused by heavy rain will not only endanger the safety of villagers’ lives and property, but even more frightening is that some remote villages will be lost, and rescue work cannot even be carried out.

In order to solve this problem, the Fujian Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government equipped 3,550 high-risk areas and villages with high-risk mountain torrents with satellite phones. The emergency satellite phone has both mobile and fixed terminals, and the system has its own satellite search function, which can be used in bad weather and without public network. Through this census, satellite phones have been accurately put into every remote and high-risk village, effectively solving the problems of difficulty in asking for help and being rescued in these areas. Not only that, Nan ‘an, Quanzhou, which is located in the southeast coast, is affected by extreme weather all the year round. After the first national comprehensive risk survey of natural disasters was carried out, Nan ‘an City set up a total of 2,259 broadcasting points. Based on the refined data obtained from the survey, in 2023, the city will add 43 community emergency broadcasting points, and extend to cover more than 50 natural villages in the city, achieving 100% coverage of administrative villages and communities in the city.

The smart emergency command platform issued an early warning at the first time.

Jiangxi Province is one of the provinces suffering from serious natural disasters in China, with an average annual direct economic loss of more than 10 billion yuan. There are more than 2,400 rivers in the province, and the forest coverage rate ranks second in the country. Frequent natural disasters have a great impact on the production, life and economic development of local people.

The intelligent emergency command platform established by Ruichang Emergency Management Bureau according to the census data can grasp the dynamic information of every disaster-prone point in the city in real time, and monitor it in real time for 24 hours. Once the front is sensed, it can respond quickly and conveniently. Monitoring probes and infrared virtual railings are installed in 34 key waters in the city. Once someone approaches, they can be persuaded to leave by shouting.

On January 20, 2023, Ruichang Smart Emergency Command Platform issued an alarm, and abnormal temperature appeared in Hongyandong Scenic Area. The induction system quickly captured the fire point and uploaded screenshots to the platform. Hongyandong is a place with steep mountains and dense forests, so it is very difficult to put out the fire. There have been many fires in this place in history, and the shortest fire extinguishing time takes 3 days.

However, in this fire, under the command and dispatch of the intelligent emergency command platform, the fire was put out within ten hours. This efficient response made the local people really feel the sense of security brought by the census data.

From 2020 to 2023, the first national comprehensive risk survey of natural disasters lasted for three years. In view of 23 kinds of disasters in six categories, such as earthquakes, geology, meteorology, floods and droughts, marine, forest and grassland fires, people’s governments at all levels in provinces, cities and counties set up census leading groups, formulated plans and formed teams, comprehensively found out the hidden danger base of national disasters, identified the disaster resistance ability of key areas, and objectively understood the comprehensive risk level of disasters in the country and regions. The first national comprehensive risk survey of natural disasters has entered the stage of evaluation and zoning, and the data of the future survey will be better applied.

"The news knew" that the latest judgment on the weather on New Year’s Eve came; Summary of opening hours of Hangzhou stadiums during the Spring Festival; A number of courier companies announced that t

Today is Saturday, February 3rd, 2024.
[Weather] Light rain, 4 ~ 6℃
[Restricted] None
[Air quality] Urban AQI:36, air quality grade: excellent.
hot spot
(1) fall back to below zero! Hang in there for a few more days! The latest judgment on the weather on New Year’s Eve is coming!
Hang in there, the sunshine will return soon!
② Four docks, such as Wulinmen Wharf, can go up and down for free with the bracelet!
In addition to the special dragon boat, there are also interesting activities such as Dragon Drum Opening Year and Long Lin Sign-in at Wulinmen and Native Products Wharf, with three different seals, which can be exchanged for unique Chinese New Year gifts after completing the stamp collection and punching.
(3) Eighteen literary and art workers in Zhejiang Province were commended.
The Second Commendation Meeting of Young and Middle-aged Writers and Artists in Zhejiang Province was held in Hangzhou.
What are the opening hours of Hangzhou stadiums during the Spring Festival?
Do you have any plans for exercise and fitness during the Chinese New Year?
Spring Festival travel rush return train tickets are being robbed! Pay attention to this information when traveling.
Is it good to buy tickets for Spring Festival travel rush this year? What’s the change in the weather? What preparations should be made for travel?
From March 1st, you may earn more money!
The 2023 annual settlement processing time is from March 1 to June 30, 2024.
Gao Weidong, the former chairman of Maotai, was sentenced to life imprisonment for accepting bribes of more than 110 million yuan.
The illegal receipt of property directly or through relevant personnel amounted to more than 110 million yuan, of which 46.56 million yuan was not actually obtained.
(4) A number of courier companies announced that "the Spring Festival will not be closed in 2024"
Post, SF Express, Yunda, Debon, JD.COM and many other courier companies have announced the service policy of "No Closing during the Spring Festival".

Attention financial holding company! The central bank zoomed in, and super-strict supervision is coming! (20 points)

  On the afternoon of July 26th, the central bank and relevant departments drafted the Trial Measures for the Supervision and Management of Financial Holding Companies (Draft for Comment) (hereinafter referred to as the Measures). A few days ago, it officially solicited opinions from the public.

  The central bank publicly solicited opinions on the pilot measures for supervision and management of financial holding companies.

  In order to promote the standardized development of financial holding companies, effectively prevent and control financial risks, and better serve the real economy, the People’s Bank of China, together with relevant departments, drafted the Trial Measures for the Supervision and Management of Financial Holding Companies (Draft for Comment) (hereinafter referred to as the Measures). A few days ago, it officially solicited opinions from the public.

  According to the central bank, financial holding companies invested by non-financial enterprises blindly expand into the financial industry and regard financial institutions as "cash machines". There is a regulatory vacuum and risks are constantly accumulating and exposed. In order to rectify and restrain the risks of financial holding groups that have actually formed in an orderly manner, and at the same time effectively regulate the increment and prevent the cross-industry and cross-market transmission of financial risks, the Measures, in accordance with the decision-making arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, fill in the shortcomings of the supervision system, follow the concept of macro-prudential management, and conduct comprehensive, sustained and penetrating supervision on the capital, behavior and risks of financial holding companies on the basis of consolidated supervision.

  There are 7 chapters and 56 articles in the exposure draft, the main contents of which include:

  The first is to clarify the scope of supervision.That is, financial holding companies that meet certain conditions and whose actual controllers are domestic non-financial enterprises and natural persons shall be supervised by the People’s Bank of China.

  For integrated financial groups formed by financial institutions investing in other types of financial institutions across industries, the relevant financial supervision departments shall implement supervision according to the Measures and be responsible for formulating specific implementation rules.

  The second is to take market access as the first threshold for risk prevention and control., clear the qualifications of directors, supervisors and senior management personnel, and implement continuous supervision of financial holding companies during and after the event. The administrative licensing matters involved will be decided by the State Council according to law.

  Third, strict shareholder qualification supervision., through the positive list and negative list, stipulate the conditions and prohibited acts of becoming a shareholder of a financial holding company. The major shareholder, controlling shareholder or actual controller of a financial holding company shall have prominent core business, standardized corporate governance, clear ownership structure and good financial status.

  The fourth is to strengthen the supervision of the authenticity of capital sources and the compliance of capital utilization.. The source of funds shall be true and reliable, and non-owned funds such as entrusted funds shall not be used to invest in financial holding companies. A financial holding company shall not inject capital falsely or circularly into financial institutions.

  Fifth, strengthen corporate governance and related party transaction supervision.. A financial holding company should have a concise, clear and penetrating shareholding structure, participate in the corporate governance of the financial institutions it controls according to law, and must not abuse its substantive control rights. Shall not conceal related party transactions and the true whereabouts of funds.

  Sixth, improve the risk "firewall" system. Financial holding companies should establish a unified comprehensive risk management system to reasonably isolate internal cross-employment and information sharing.

  Seventh, set a reasonable transition period.. Allow existing enterprise groups that do not meet the requirements of the Measures to carry out rectification within a certain period of time to promote a smooth transition.

  After the public consultation, the People’s Bank of China will further revise and improve the Measures in conjunction with relevant departments according to feedback from all walks of life.

  Here come the 20 main points.

  From the central bank’s answer to reporters’ questions and the full text of the draft for comments, the following 20 points can be sorted out.

  1. Why is this method formulated?

  Financial holding companies invested by non-financial enterprises blindly expand into the financial industry, and there is a regulatory vacuum, and risks are constantly accumulating and exposed.

  The main manifestations are as follows: First, the risk isolation mechanism is missing, and financial risks and industrial risks are cross-transmitted.

  Second, some enterprises have complex control or benefit relationships and strong hidden risks.

  Third, there is a lack of overall capital constraints, and some groups as a whole lack real capital that can resist risks.

  Fourth, some enterprises improperly interfere in the operation of financial institutions, and use related party transactions to conceal their interests and harm the rights and interests of financial institutions and investors.

  2. Penetrating supervision

  In view of the complex structure of financial holding companies, it emphasizes the thorough supervision of equity and funds, accurately identifies the actual controller and the ultimate beneficiary, and prevents the real control relationship from being hidden.

  Through the verification of the authenticity of the sources of funds, including the sources of funds for investment in financial holding companies and the sources of funds for investment in financial institutions, to prevent false capital injection and circulating capital injection.

  3. The central bank implements supervision.

  The People’s Bank of China shall supervise the financial holding companies that meet the conditions for the establishment of the Measures, and the financial supervision department shall supervise the financial institutions controlled by the financial holding companies.

  Financial supervision departments supervise financial groups formed by cross-industry investment and holding of financial institutions. When the risk occurs, according to the principle of "who supervises, who is responsible", the corresponding regulatory body will take the lead in risk disposal. Strengthen supervision cooperation and information sharing among various departments to jointly guard against the risks of financial holding groups and financial groups.

  4. What are the financial holding companies?

  A financial holding company is defined as a limited liability company or a joint stock limited company that is established according to law, has substantial control over two or more different types of financial institutions, and only conducts equity investment management and does not directly engage in commercial business activities.

  The Measures apply to financial holding companies whose actual controllers are domestic non-financial enterprises and natural persons. For financial groups formed by cross-industry investment and holding of financial institutions, the financial supervision department shall implement supervision according to the Measures and formulate specific implementation rules.

  5. Financial institutions include the following six types:

  Commercial banks (excluding village banks), financial leasing companies, trust companies, financial asset management companies, securities companies, fund management companies, futures companies, life insurance companies, property insurance companies, reinsurance companies, insurance asset management companies, and other financial institutions recognized by the financial management department.

  6, to apply to the central bank in advance to set up a financial holding company.

  Non-financial enterprises and natural persons who meet the conditions stipulated in Article 6 of the Measures shall apply to the People’s Bank of China for the establishment of a financial holding company or for the parent company of the group as a financial holding company. Among them, those who have met the requirements of Article 6 before the implementation of the Measures shall apply to the People’s Bank of China within 6 months from the date of implementation of the Measures. After the implementation of the Measures, if it intends to substantially control two or more different types of financial institutions, and it has the circumstances stipulated in Article 6 of the Measures, it shall also apply to the People’s Bank of China. Relevant implementation rules will be formulated separately.

  7. These cases are not registered.

  If an institution that meets the requirements for the establishment of a financial holding company fails to apply to the People’s Bank of China in accordance with the Measures, or the People’s Bank of China may, in conjunction with the relevant financial regulatory authorities, order it to make corrections. If it fails to make corrections within the time limit, it shall be ordered to transfer the equity of the financial institution it holds. Without the approval of the People’s Bank of China, a financial holding company shall not be registered as a financial holding company, and the words "financial holding", "financial control" and "financial group" shall not be used in its name.

  8. What are the business scopes of financial holding companies?

  The main business of a financial holding company is equity management of the financial institutions it invests in. In addition, in order to urge financial holding companies to strengthen the overall liquidity management and risk management and control of the group, so that they can provide liquidity support to the financial institutions they hold, or play a self-help role to the financial institutions they hold in case of risks, the Measures allow financial holding companies to carry out other financial businesses except equity management on the premise of obtaining approval from the People’s Bank of China.

  9. Strictly isolate the financial sector from the industrial sector.Block, a financial holding company shall not engage in non-financial business.

  From the perspective of based on the main business and risk prevention, financial holding companies are enterprises specializing in equity investment and management of financial institutions, and are not allowed to engage in non-financial business, so as to strictly isolate the financial sector from the industrial sector and effectively prevent cross-infection of risks.

  Under the premise of strictly isolating risks, financial holding companies established by enterprise groups are allowed to invest in institutions related to financial business identified by financial management departments, but the book value of total investment shall not exceed 15% of the net assets of financial holding companies in principle.

  For existing enterprises that do not meet the requirements, they are allowed to gradually adjust the proportion of investment in non-financial enterprises during the transition period. If the enterprise group as a whole is recognized as a financial holding group, its non-financial total assets shall not be higher than 15% of the total assets of the group.

  10, positive list and negative list, clear financial holding company shareholders’ conditions.

  Some enterprises are not strong in strength, impure in investment motives, weak in risk management and control ability and compliance management concept. They set up or become shareholders in financial holding companies only to obtain more financial licenses, or even use financial holding companies to carry out improper related party transactions and extract funds from financial institutions, which brings greater risks to financial institutions and financial holding companies.

  The Measures clarify the conditions for becoming a shareholder of a financial holding company through a positive list and a negative list.

  From the positive list, the major shareholders, controlling shareholders or actual controllers of financial holding companies should highlight their core business, have pure investment motives, formulate reasonable financial investment business plans, not blindly expand into the financial industry, and have perfect corporate governance structure, clear ownership structure and organizational structure, transparent shareholder and beneficial owner structure, strong management ability, effective risk management and internal control mechanism, and good financial status.

  From the negative list, it is clear that the controlling shareholder of a financial holding company is prohibited from engaging in acts, and that it is not allowed to become a major shareholder, controlling shareholder or actual controller of a financial holding company. For example, it has made false investments and injected capital into financial institutions in a circulating way, and it has been responsible for the failure or major violations of financial holding companies or financial institutions.

  11, strengthen the supervision of financial holding companies’ sources of funds.

  Some enterprises, through controlling financial institutions at different levels and cross-holding financial institutions, contributed with debt funds, which pushed up the overall leverage ratio and manipulated shell companies to make false capital injection and circulating capital injection, resulting in the whole group not having much real capital to resist risks.

  To this end, the supervision of financial holding companies’ sources of funds emphasizes authenticity:

  First, the source of funds is true and reliable. Shareholders of a financial holding company shall invest in the financial holding company with legally owned funds, and shall not invest in the financial holding company with non-owned funds such as entrusted funds, debt funds and investment funds, and shall not entrust others or accept others’ entrustment to hold the equity of the financial holding company.

  Second, a financial holding company shall invest in holding financial institutions with its own legal funds, and shall not make false capital injection or circulating capital injection into financial institutions, and shall not withdraw funds from financial institutions.

  The third is to carry out penetrating management on the capital compliance of financial holding companies, check the source of funds of investment holding financial holding companies upwards, and check the source of funds of investment holding financial institutions downwards.

  The fourth is to establish a capital adequacy supervision system.

  12. Concise, clear and penetrating ownership structure

  Some enterprise groups have complex ownership structure, cross-shareholding, multi-level shareholding, insufficient information disclosure, unclear beneficial owners, and nested groups within the group.

  The Measures stipulate that a financial holding company should have a concise, clear and penetrable shareholding structure, which can be identified by the actual controller and the ultimate beneficiary, and the legal person level is reasonable, which is suitable for its own capital scale, operation and management ability and risk management and control level. The financial institution it controls shall not hold shares in reverse or cross-shareholding.

  13, the ownership structure does not meet the need for timely rectification.

  An enterprise group that should apply for the establishment of a financial holding company from the date of implementation of the Measures, but its shareholding structure does not meet the requirements, shall formulate a plan for the rectification of its shareholding, and after being approved by the financial management department, reduce the complexity of its organizational structure and simplify the legal person level during the transition period. In the process of equity transfer, if the assets involved in equity integration, transfer and transfer within an enterprise group are in compliance with the provisions of tax policies, they can enjoy corresponding preferential tax policies; Where the approval of shareholder qualification is involved, the financial management department shall apply the shareholder qualification conditions suitable for the financial holding company.

  14, shall not exceed level 3.

  After the implementation of the Measures, the newly-added financial holding companies, shareholders of financial holding companies, financial holding companies and financial institutions controlled by them shall not exceed level 3 in principle.

  15. A financial holding company shall not abuse its substantive control rights.

  A financial holding company shall not abuse its substantive control right, interfere with the independent operation of its controlled institutions, and damage the legitimate rights and interests of its controlled institutions and their related stakeholders.

  16. Strengthen related party transaction management.

  Strengthening the management of related party transactions is an important measure of strict risk isolation. In practice, some enterprises use the hidden ownership structure to transfer benefits through improper related party transactions, and regard financial institutions as "cash machines", which seriously damages the legitimate rights and interests of financial institutions and investors.

  17. Establish a negative list of prohibited related party transactions.

  First, financial holding companies should strengthen the management of related party transactions, and their intra-group transactions with controlled financial institutions, between controlled financial institutions and between controlled financial institutions and other institutions in the group, as well as related party transactions with other related parties, should be in compliance with the law.

  Second, a financial holding company and its financial institutions and other related parties shall not conceal related party transactions and the true whereabouts of funds, and shall not transfer interests, evade supervision or regulatory arbitrage, damage the legitimate rights and interests of others, or damage the stability of the financial holding company through related party transactions.

  Third, except for financial companies, financial institutions controlled by financial holding companies are prohibited from providing financing to financial holding companies or providing unsecured financing to other related parties. The financing or guarantee provided to related parties shall not exceed 10% of the registered capital of the financial institution or 20% of the registered capital of the related party. Financial institutions and non-financial institutions controlled by financial holding companies are prohibited from accepting the equity of financial holding companies as pledge targets, and the guarantee balance of financial holding companies outside financial holding groups shall not exceed 10% of the net assets of financial holding companies.

  18. The central bank has these regulatory means and measures.

  First, establish a unified supervision information platform for financial holding companies, and require financial holding companies to report and disclose information according to regulations.

  The second is to establish and improve the risk assessment system of financial holding groups, and comprehensively use macro-prudential policies, financial institution ratings and other policy tools to assess the management and risk status of financial holding groups.

  Third, according to the needs of performing their duties, conduct supervision talks with relevant responsible persons, conduct on-site inspections of financial holding companies, and conduct on-site inspections of financial institutions controlled by financial holding companies with the approval of the State Council when necessary, on the basis of supervision and cooperation.

  Fourth, the financial holding company is required to formulate the overall recovery and disposal plan of the financial holding group.

  Fifth, when a financial holding company violates the Measures or has a major risk, it will take regulatory measures such as restricting its business activities, restricting dividends or related rights, ordering it to replenish capital within a time limit, and ordering it to transfer its equity, and give it warnings, fines and other penalties.

  Sixth, if it is difficult for financial holding companies to operate continuously, which will seriously endanger the financial order and harm the public interest, they should withdraw from the market according to law. Relevant implementation rules shall be formulated separately by the People’s Bank of China in conjunction with relevant departments.

  19. Transition period

  If an enterprise group that existed before the implementation of the Measures and meets the conditions for the establishment of a financial holding company fails to meet the regulatory requirements stipulated in the Measures in terms of the ownership structure, the proportion of institutions related to investment and financial business, and the part-time jobs of senior managers, it will be rectified within a certain period of time with the consent of the financial management department, and the specific period will be determined by the financial management department according to the actual situation of the enterprise group. At the end of the transition period, these enterprises should meet the regulatory requirements of the Measures and be accepted by the financial management department. For the increment, it will be implemented in strict accordance with the requirements of the Measures.

  20. What is the impact on the financial market?

  The impact on financial institutions, non-financial enterprises and financial markets is positive and the risks are controllable.

  Some enterprise groups that do not meet the requirements need to carry out equity integration, but the equity transfer is carried out within the group and the actual controller has not changed, so the impact on financial institutions is limited.

  In the long run, the "Measures" are conducive to controlling financial chaos, rectifying financial order, and ultimately preventing systemic financial risks.

As a woman, I still have the right and ability to choose to be alone.

"Leave me alone", author: (France) Marcel Sauvageau, translator: Tang Yangyang, version: one page folio| | Guangxi Normal University Press, July 2021.


It’s a little magical. It is the annual "520". In a training class, teachers who speak the Internet are talking passionately about the future of "digital city". On the one hand, there is a heated discussion about "the era of lying flat" in the circle of friends of mobile phones, and on the other hand, there are various "520" business copywriters; I, on the other hand, finished reading Marcel Sauvageau’s Leave Me Alone.

In the history of French literature in the 20th century, Sauvageau’s name is generally not found, because it is Sauvageau’s only work. She was born in 1900 and died of tuberculosis in 1934. She spent almost five years in various nursing homes before she really entered the literary circle. The limited information can be said in a short space: in the first half of the 20th century, a middle school teacher from another province had to recuperate in a nursing home because of tuberculosis, but while living in a nursing home, he was "broken up", so he wrote this film "Leave me alone". To be exact, it is not a novel, but four intermittent "letters" from November to Christmas Eve-just because it takes the form of letters, and the "confidante" in the letters is the person who made her suffer from love. But at the same time, it is not a real letter, because she wrote these so-called letters and didn’t intend to send them. Because this is by no means her prayer to "save" love.

Fortunately, Sauvageau has stepped into the literary circle with half a foot, which makes Leave Me Alone not buried. When she was preparing for the teacher qualification examination in Paris, she made friends with many people, including the surrealist small group, which was very avant-garde at that time. Because of illness, but also because she still retains some classical interests, she finally did not "go out of the circle" under the label of surrealism; But while she was living in a nursing home and writing "Leave Me Alone", through her friend René Crevel, she could still hear some noises about surrealist cliques from time to time. By understanding this connection, it is not difficult for us to understand the persistence of freedom and the slightly modernist narrative technique embodied in Leave Me Alone.

So Leave Me Alone didn’t suffer the fate of being abandoned-although it came from the pain of being "broken up". Only 163 copies of the first edition were printed and read in the circle of friends, but some time later, when the author lived in a nursing home in Davos, Switzerland, the second edition was already in the pipeline. Sauvageau’s friends persuaded the critic Du Bos to preface this edition of Knowledge Publishing House. Du Bo even went to the nursing home where Sauvageau was at that time and read the preface he wrote to her.

There are many writers in the tuberculosis sanatorium in Davos, and there are many writers in the tuberculosis sanatorium in Zaovos, including RobertLouis Stevenson in Britain in the early days, Paul Eluard, a French surrealist poet, and Thomas Mann, who accompanied his wife with tuberculosis. The sad smell of death in "Magic Mountain" may be regarded as an annotation to Sauvageau’s "Leave Me Alone", although Sauvageau did not live in Davos when he wrote it. Sauvageau died shortly after Du’s visit and didn’t see his book reprinted. From the first edition in 1933 to the latest edition in 2004, there was an interval of 70 years. Interestingly, if Sauvageau did not enter the history of literature, this thin work, which comes from a little woman who is also unknown—compared with the magnificent history of French literature, and even has a little privacy, has not completely fallen into oblivion. Since the first edition, there have been five editions in 1934, 1936, 1943, 1986 and 1997 in the past 70 years, and the titles all follow the "commentary" in the first edition-literally translated as "commentary", or if it is not another book, but an event, it can also correspond to the one in Chinese."Remembering" is a kind of "experience"-only in the 1943 and 1997 editions, the subtitle was "reproduced pages" in the 1943 edition and "lost love" in the 1997 edition. Indeed, in a strict sense, "commentary" is not a title, but it seems to be more like a category of text: for example, Antoine Berman’s "The Time of Translation" is a "commentary" on Benjamin’s "The Translator’s Task", and he did mark "un commentaire" on the cover. Caesar’s The Battle of Gaul also uses the word "commentaire", which is a description, a retrospective, an analysis and a reflection. The edition published in 2004 no longer used the abstract "commentaire", but chose "Laissez-moi" (leaving me alone) and used "commentaire" as the subtitle (in the translation of this edition, it was translated as "Analysis of Love"). The new edition in 2004 sold 60,000 copies in that year, which seems to be somewhat inconsistent with the main theme of the new century that began to disdain love.

Indeed, what does "commentary" or experience mean? It means a woman who takes a step back in front of love and examines the process before the end of love. Because of the distance-when Sauvageau wrote at the end of this letter on November 7, 1930, "I will write to you tomorrow, I can’t use the name’ you’ any more, I will write to you, but I can’t tell you everything I confide in my heart", this distance has been truly displayed in front of us-so I can see clearly the love, and see clearly the love (or the end of love).

Cover of "Let Me Be Alone" in Foreign Languages


After seeing clearly the men and women in love, Sauvageau came to the conclusion: Let me be alone. Leaving me alone is a declaration on two levels: the first level is that love is no longer there, and "I" choose to be alone with dignity, review and face up to my love, otherwise "I" once lost all its value; The second level is that as a woman who is seriously ill, "I" still has the right and ability to choose to be alone.

Different from the so-called love letter, "Leave Me Alone" does not show the specific grievances of two men and women. There are no stories, so there are no real heroes and heroines and characters. The words "you", "you" and "I" in the commentary have no identity. Apart from the occasional flash of "sanatorium", "cough" and "Versailles", readers can connect the "I" in the book with Sauvageau in life, and there is no other exact connection with real life and real experience. In fact, even if these clues that may be pursued point to a specific person and a specific love or not, the specific direction behind them is meaningless in the final analysis. Who was it, and which man in which "college" ever loved that woman named Marcel Sauvageau? Why on earth did you stop loving vaguely, wrote a letter saying that you were going to marry another woman, and said, "We are still friends"? All this is actually not important.

It is only important to know why almost all men and women, after falling out of love, should solemnly say that we are still friends; But you know, after the fog of love fades, what a sober woman sees is a man who has lost his aura. Not abuse, not resentment, not counterattack, but simply the word "know". When Sauvageau said, "I am very willing to lose my mind, but I am also willing to grasp the moment of losing my mind and constantly explore the boundaries of consciousness until I lose my consciousness. We shouldn’t be absent from our own happiness, so we don’t doubt that we are stuck in her grasp of "the moment of losing our mind".

The word "love" in the world is fascinating because even if the so-called common law is removed from all the situations-it is not necessarily impossible in today’s era of big data-it is not enough to provide any experience and warning for reference. It will be transformed into different forms in different situations and between different men and women. We are keen to describe it, but we just want to know whether it is possible for people to provide happiness for each other and how this fragile happiness is shattered. Isn’t it? If there is no happy experience, even if love only meets the physiological blind and irrational needs, why on earth should people love? We have 10,000 more convenient ways to be satisfied. There are people in love, and there are people whose subjects exist, and there are love experiences that are regulated by language, which in turn affect language and love, so love becomes a reciprocating cycle from the real world to the imaginary world, and becomes a road for the two worlds to meet each other and be rich.

Memory is also a part of the imaginary world, so love, or happiness, belongs to the past tense and belongs to memory. Sauvageau told us that happiness is like a fragrance. "If we like a fragrance, we will try our best to keep it and pursue it; We will not let ourselves indulge in it, analyze it, and gradually immerse ourselves in it, so that we can only awaken our body’s feelings about it through memories; When the fragrance reappears, we will breathe it more slowly and gently and feel the most subtle breath. " The same meaning is also found in Proust’s Memories of Time Past, and sometimes it is summarized into a simple sentence, such as "Life is just a series of isolated moments, with memories and fantasies, many meanings emerge, then disappear, and then reappear"; Sometimes it will form an eternal scene, such as the famous little Madeleine cake. But "Let Me Be Alone" is definitely not as ambitious as "Memories of Time Past" as it is. It’s basically just about love.

So it still lets us see clearly some small games and tricks in love. All this clearly emerges when love is no longer there. Are women really blind in love? No, blindness in love is just selective neglect. Now open your eyes and look back at "you" at that time, and you can clearly see the true appearance of "you": "Your lips are slightly upturned, slightly blackened teeth are exposed, and your head is stretched forward. When you explain the brilliant ideas you have just discovered, or when you come up with any way to reduce the whimsy that others think to mediocrity, you will put on this look. " However, although I know this very well, I believe that the true value of love is not to fall in love with perfection and become perfect, but to "enter the lover’s heart through shortcomings and deficiencies, the soul that is often lost because of imitating others."

Let Me Be Alone should also attract the attention of the best thinkers in the 1930s by virtue of this rational analysis. Paul Valéry believes that it "shows an extraordinary spiritual life, in a strange way of leaving yourself to see yourself"; Paul Claudel also thinks that it is "almost one of the representatives of women’s writing"; At that time, Robert Brasillach, a famous right-wing writer, also noticed this pamphlet, and he praised it: "All people who like real and simple short narratives will like … this plump work, because, in any case, this is first and foremost a work worthy of love and about love."

But besides love, there is dignity. The dignity of women. "Leave me alone" does not shy away from the female perspective, and even more or less wittily says, "Many sentences in your letter have awakened my feminist thoughts". Indeed, it seems that it is difficult for men all over the world to understand the truth that even if a woman happily says or writes, "When she met him, she became very low, as low as dust", it is just a gesture that a woman has chosen. Moreover, how can it be written by a woman who is really "as low as dust" to find some fun for herself? If one day, I want to force such a woman to say "then I don’t love" again, although I won’t be mean in public, I have seen a transparent man in my heart, but I may not be able to show my intellectual differences between them to return my independent personality. Therefore, Zhang Ailing can help Hu Lancheng financially after breaking up, and Sauvageau can also ask the other party to return his photos after being "broken up" and calmly say, "But this is not because I love you, but because I still want to enrich myself, because I don’t want to destroy myself and become someone else’s favorite, and I don’t want to improve myself any more. I just immerse myself in my lover’s childish love and let him push me around."

Clara Malraux has an accurate evaluation of this. She thinks that this essay "should have epoch-making significance in the history of women’s literature … it is the first book written by an unruly woman; As men’s eyes are generally accurate, they are also enemies and friends, and there is no servility. ….. is a book with simple sadness, facing death, facing the weakness of men who pretend to be authoritative, a book full of dignity ".

Cover of "Let Me Be Alone" in Foreign Languages


Leave me alone was written in the early 1930s, and it has been nearly a century.

In the early 1930s, France had not been completely dragged into the vortex of war, but a new generation of novelists had already felt the approaching crisis. Surrealism, Salina, malraux, etc., although in different ways, all declared a break with the previous generation such as Valerie, Gide and Proust, and their works obviously paid more attention to social reality than literary reality.

It can be seen that tuberculosis is like a special barrier, which not only isolates Sauvageau from the noisy life, but also isolates her from the writing that should belong to her generation, so that Sauvageau’s writing still stays in the middle of the two generations to some extent: she does not approve of the later generation’s over-exaggeration of the crisis and faces the real and individual death-although the exaggerated death in surrealism or absurdism soon became a reality in the war-nor does it. There is no trace of intentional innovation in Sauvageau’s works: for example, the interweaving use of different personal narratives, the freedom of access between dreams and reality; As the theme of love, it has become an entrance to one’s inner world here. The most crucial thing is still the motto engraved on the temple of Apollo more than two thousand years ago: Know yourself.

This may be one of the reasons why Leave Me Alone has not lost its value after nearly a century. In this nearly a century, a lot of things have happened, except for the brutal war, which Sauvageau should not have seen and could not have foreseen. With the invention of streptomycin, tuberculosis is no longer a "white plague" that can easily take away life and thus love. The war broke out and ended. However, there will never be an end once and for all, and human beings are still entangled in disasters that can’t be solved by any order because of the same greed again and again. Humans have overcome one disaster after another, and they have personally concocted one disaster after another. Today, nearly a century later, what humans who thought they were extremely powerful never expected was that another kind of "plague" that invaded the lungs would jump out suddenly and warn humans that you were far from "knowing yourself".

We don’t have to repeat such irrelevant nonsense as "God’s punishment". Sauvageau also strangely gave some symbolic answers in the few words left. In her comments on The Last Supper, she talked about her dislike of this painting, which was mixed with strange sadness:

His (Jesus) smile and eyes reveal disillusionment. Miao Yan, who had just finished his sacrifice and atonement, said, "Take it and eat it. This is my body." "Take it and drink it. This is my blood." He felt lonely because he knew that no one really understood. ….. His eyes drooped and he didn’t look at anyone, but he was dissatisfied with the emptiness after the hope disappeared: his face was tired and bitter, as if he had lost faith. We can’t feel the existence of God here: he is absent. He should come here, give confidence to his sons, give light to mankind, help them understand themselves, or just believe in themselves. However, God stayed in heaven, and there was a faint touch of sky outside the window.

It was Jesus who came to the world. He was alone.

No god can guide us, no matter whose people are in the final analysis, human beings are doomed to be lonely. This is the information that Sauvageau read in The Last Supper, and it is also the conclusion she drew from the "broken-up" love. Isn’t it a universally applicable conclusion that human beings may draw after disasters! However, because of this, we can interpret Let Me Be Alone from another angle: the conclusion that human beings will eventually be lonely does not prevent us from trying our best to find the possibility of not being lonely, even if it is only temporary. This should be what Sauvageau thought when he mentioned the Japanese legend. She said:

A Japanese legend claims that when a person is born, the moon will tie the feet of a man and a woman to be married in the future with a red ribbon. In life, this ribbon is invisible, but these two people will look for each other. If they find it, their happiness will come to the earth. There are also people who can’t find them, so their lives will be full of worries and they will die miserably: for them, happiness can only begin in another world, when they will see who the red ribbon is tied to. I don’t know if I can find a ribbon to tie me in this world; I think this legend, like all legends, gives us poetic comfort.

Poetic comfort. Therefore, even if the era of lying flat will come, let us stand and love, because as long as we are still alive, we need comfort and need to establish a dignified and not lonely existence. The dignity that women seek in love may be closer to the essence of human dignity.

Original author | Yuan Xiaoyi

Excerpt | Zhang Jin

Edit | Zhang Jin

Lead proofreading | Wang Xin