219,800 BYD Tang EV/Tang DM-p Glory Edition was listed.

Tang DM-i Glory Edition has been selling well since its listing. In March, the Tang family sold 14,079 vehicles. Recently, BYD’s medium-sized SUV Tang EV Glory Edition, Tang DM-p Glory Edition and 2024 Tang DM-p Ares Edition were officially listed, with the price range of 21.98-26.98 million yuan.

Wandering stars

It is reported that this car comes standard with Yunqi -C and intelligent cockpit advanced version -DiLink 100, and Yunqi -C intelligent damping body control system, which can realize millisecond adjustment of suspension damping, improve suspension hardness when the vehicle is accelerating rapidly, decelerating rapidly and cornering at high speed, effectively restrain body pitch and roll, and improve vehicle handling.

The configuration has been fully upgraded, providing 10-point seat massage, intelligent fragrance system, HiFi-level customized Dana audio, tactile LED reading light, 6-nanometer 5G smart chip, wireless charging of 50W mobile phone, 3D car control, parking unlocking, UWB digital key, W-HUD head-up display, intelligent voice interaction of the whole car, etc.

Wandering stars

Wandering stars

Daqing Volvo XC60 Hot Promotion! The latest offer is 289,500! just this once

In the [Easy Car Daqing Local Car Market Promotion Channel], we sorted out the ongoing
Preferential activities. As a car that has attracted much attention, the current discount rate of Volvo XC60 is still amazing. The highest discount rate can even reach 132,400, and the lowest starting price is only 289,500. You can win a larger discount rate by clicking the "Inquiry" button in the quotation form. If you are looking for a practical and affordable model, you may wish to learn about the preferential situation of Volvo XC60.

Let’s take a look at the appearance of the Volvo XC60 first. The front face of the Volvo XC60 feels very round and lovely, and it is equipped with a straight waterfall grille, which looks sporty. Coupled with the headlights, the overall look has a certain sense of hierarchy. The car is equipped with LED daytime running lights, headlight height adjustment, automatic opening and closing, delayed closing and so on. Coming to the side of the car, the body size of the car is 4708MM*1902MM*1660MM, and the car adopts dynamic and lively lines, giving people a very round feeling at the side. With large-sized thick-walled tires, the shape is eye-catching. In the rear design, Volvo XC60′ s rear line is simple, the taillights are very beautiful, and with the unique exhaust pipe, the shape is more spiritual.

Coming into the Volvo XC60 car, the front face of the Volvo XC60 looks very young and fashionable, and the visual effect is good. The steering wheel design of this car is very fashionable and dynamic, made of genuine leather, with a high palm fit. From the central control point of view, with a 9-inch central control screen, the interior style is impressive and meets the aesthetic standards of most consumers. The dashboard and seats give people a good feeling, too. Let’s take a look. The car is equipped with a fashionable dashboard, which looks very tough. The car uses leather/fabric mixed seats, equipped with sports style seats, auxiliary seats with memory electric adjustment, seat with memory electric adjustment, seat proportion down and other functions, and the overall comfort and wrapping are not bad.

The power performance of Volvo XC60 is impressive, and you can feel abundant power output during driving. The design is fashionable and atmospheric, and the lines are smooth and natural, which leaves a deep impression on people. In addition, the space of the vehicle is also very spacious, which can provide a comfortable ride experience in both the front and rear rows. Generally speaking, the Volvo XC60 has excellent performance in power, appearance and space, and is a model worthy of recommendation.

Cars, houses, computer cameras … public property is occupied casually and disposed of in front of you.

  In addition to public money, some people are also eyeing public things.

  A cadre in Yanfeng District, Hengyang City, Hunan Province took advantage of his position to take possession of Canon cameras and lenses worth 43,500 yuan purchased by the unit; A village party secretary in Shouguang City, Shandong Province, privately arranged for the postman to deliver the party newspapers and periodicals subscribed by the village Committee to his home for ten years … … Looking at the reported cases in recent years, it is not uncommon for party member cadres to take advantage of their authority or position to occupy or illegally occupy public property. Some people can take everything from high-value cars, houses and computer cameras to small bags of fertilizer and newspapers in order to get rid of the public oil. As everyone knows, this kind of behavior is not as simple as taking advantage, but a serious violation of discipline and even illegal behavior.

  The first kind of practice is to directly occupy public property. The actor either doesn’t give a penny, or pays some money symbolically, and takes the public property for himself. Here, according to the different objects of occupation, it can be divided into two types. If the public property that I am not in charge of is occupied, the first paragraph of Article 101 of the Regulations on Disciplinary Actions shall apply: "Take advantage of the influence of authority or position to occupy public or private property that I am not in charge of, or occupy public or private property by paying money symbolically", "If the circumstances are minor, give a warning or a serious warning; If the circumstances are serious, he shall be dismissed from his post within the party or be placed on probation; If the circumstances are serious, expulsion from the party will be given. " Then, what if it is the public property that I am in charge of, managed and handled? This should be regarded as an illegal act of corruption, and if it meets the conditions of a large amount stipulated in the criminal law, it constitutes a crime of corruption. In 2015, the revised regulations on disciplinary action adhered to the principle of separation of discipline and law, and deleted the contents that were duplicated with criminal law, public security management punishment law and other laws and regulations, which were followed by the latest revised version. Therefore, the discipline and law convergence clause in the general rules of the regulations can be applied to this behavior, and the responsible person should be investigated for the corresponding party discipline and legal responsibility.

  The second type of practice is illegal occupation of public property. It is different from the subjective purpose of directly encroaching on public property. The former aims at possession and infringes on the ownership of public property. The purpose of this behavior is only to occupy and infringe on the right to use public property. Some of the occupied public property is for personal use, including for their own use, family and friends. For this kind of behavior, the first paragraph of Article 102 of the Disciplinary Regulations has a special provision: "Taking advantage of the influence of authority or position and occupying public property for personal use in violation of relevant regulations for more than six months, if the circumstances are serious, give a warning or a serious warning; If the circumstances are serious, the punishment within the party shall be revoked. " In addition to personal use, some people engage in profit-making activities by occupying public property, or lend public property to others for profit-making activities, which is more serious in violation of discipline. Therefore, Article 102 of the Regulations on Disciplinary Actions against Party Discipline has correspondingly increased the punishment. As long as there is such an act, it will be punished, and the punishment level will be as high as "expulsion from the Party".

  It should be noted that there is still a problem of transformation in illegally occupying public property. In reality, if the actor takes advantage of his power or position to occupy public property for more than six months, he should return it without returning it, or the use value has been exhausted (will be exhausted) and cannot be returned, the nature of the behavior has changed and it has become an "occupation behavior", which should be dealt with according to the specific circumstances in accordance with Article 101 of the Party Disciplinary Regulations or criminal law and other relevant laws and regulations.

  The ancients had a story of "no family letters under the candle", which was as small as candlelight and could distinguish between public and private property, which was really admirable. Public is public, private is private, and party member cadres should be clearly distinguished. Taking some public property, wiping some oil and water, and rubbing some benefits seems to be a small matter, but this is often the starting point for many corrupt behaviors. Over time, it will inevitably lead to the overturning and sinking of life. Only when party member cadres abide by the principle of "distinguishing between public and private, putting public before private, and self-denial and dedication to public service", will the voice in their hearts be extremely clear and firm: "If it’s not mine, I won’t take it." (Duan Xiangyu, website of the State Supervision Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection)

  Discipline and law link:

  Article 101 Whoever, by taking advantage of his authority or position, encroaches on public or private property that he is not in charge of, or encroaches on public or private property by paying money symbolically, or pays gratuitously or symbolically to receive services or use labor services, if the circumstances are relatively minor, shall be given a warning or a serious warning; If the circumstances are serious, he shall be dismissed from his post within the party or be placed on probation; If the circumstances are serious, he shall be expelled from the party.

  … …

  Article 102 Whoever takes advantage of his authority or position to occupy public property for personal use in violation of relevant regulations for more than six months, if the circumstances are serious, shall be given a warning or a serious warning; If the circumstances are serious, he shall be dismissed from his post within the party.

  Those who occupy public property for profit-making activities shall be given a warning or a serious warning; If the circumstances are serious, he shall be dismissed from his post within the party or be placed on probation; If the circumstances are serious, he shall be expelled from the party.

  Lending public property to others for profit-making activities shall be handled in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph.

  — — Excerpted from the Regulations on Disciplinary Actions in the Communist Party of China (CPC).

"Changsha Nightlife" exposed the family and predicted that LAY and his parents would reconcile.

1905 movie network news The film produced by, producer, screenwriter and director, starring,,,,,,, starring, specially starring,,, and friendship released a family notice. After the premiere on April 23rd, the family story of Zhang Jingyi, Sophie Su, Luo Gang and LAY in the film aroused many audiences’ empathy. The father wants his son to find a stable job, and the mother wants his son to inherit the food stall business. The desire for care and love conflicts with He An’s talk show dream played by LAY. However, even if there are conflicts, the Changsha family can always reconcile because of their love for each other, which is the meaning of family ties. LAY poked fun at his relationship with his father with a talk show in Changsha dialect, which added a sense of story to the father and son. The director showed a night of affection, friendship and love in Changsha with a big family, which made many viewers very moved.

LAY talk show dream is not understood by parents.

Zhang Jingyi confided her love for her family to YIN FANG.

After the premiere, many viewers felt deeply about the emotional story between He An and his father (Luo Gang) in the film. The typical Chinese-style father-son relationship triggered many viewers to tell stories about themselves and their parents. In the latest exposure of the family notice, LAY plays He An who pursues the talk show dream without being understood by his parents, so a family conflict broke out. He An was dissatisfied with his father because of his parents’ divorce. It was impressive to tease his father’s lines with Changsha dialect talk show: "Since childhood, my father likes to compare me with other people’s children, and I really hope that I can become someone else’s child, so he became the father of other people’s children." He An poked fun at his growing experience in the most joking tone, which made his father’s eyes flooded with tears when he first watched him on a talk show. The phrase "you are not someone else’s child, you are my baby" tells the deepest bond between father and son. In the face of family ties where blood is thicker than water, even the deepest misunderstanding will be melted by love.

For her mother, He An knew that for him, her mother tied herself to crayfish for most of her life. When He An decided to give up the talk show, it was also her mother who firmly supported her children to pursue their dreams and said, "Just do what you want to do." It is touching that a family of three embraced each other in Changsha at night.

"How long have you not had a good chat with dad? How long has it been since you ate the powder cooked by your mother? " In addition to the reconciliation between He An and his parents, people living in this city also have different fetters to their families. He Xixi (Zhang Jingyi), who wants to leave Changsha, tells the reason for leaving "I left them because I want to love them". No matter how far away from my family, my feelings for each other will not become far away. Chen Qingzhi (Bai Yufan) and Liang Baoqi (Zhou Siyu), who came to Changsha to work, felt on the Ferris wheel that "it would be great if we had a light in this city" and "I want to bring my parents to have a look", and strangers could not get over their homesickness. And "home" is also an important motif of director Zhang Ji’s creation of Changsha Nightlife.

Changsha’s happiness comes from the light radiated by every family.

Late-night food stalls contain every struggling soul.

After the premiere, the audience responded enthusiastically to the emotional concentration of the film. Many viewers said that the original impression of Changsha was more "hot", but after watching the film, they knew that this is a city full of tolerance and love. Food stalls give people the impression that they are no longer places to fill their stomachs, but also houses the tired bodies of dream catchers. Food can not only fill their stomachs, but also fill their empty souls. Whether you are a stranger working in Changsha or a dreamer about to embark on a journey, a small food stall encourages every traveler who wants to leave.

The family line in the film has even poked the hearts of many young viewers. Some viewers shared their stories about learning music that their parents didn’t understand, and some viewers said that the father-son line of this film was particularly real and they wanted to take their parents to feel it again.The city of Changsha has witnessed too many stories about family ties. No matter whether it is a migrant worker from a foreign land or a dream catcher who is not understood by his family, he can eat a bowl of authentic Changsha rice noodles at a food stall in the middle of the night and sit with his parents and have a good chat. Those regrets buried in his heart will be filled with love. During the May Day holiday, I took my parents into the cinema together, and let the movie "Changsha Nightlife" replace those unspeakable feelings and love.

The movie "Changsha Nightlife" will be released nationwide on April 28th.