Attention! How to choose 2022 Tang EV?

The 2022 Tang EV that many consumers are looking forward to is finally on the market. The new car of Tang EV has launched three models in total, and the price of these three models after comprehensive subsidies can reach 279,800 to 339,800 yuan. Compared with the pre-sale price, it is relatively cheaper, but it has already hit the automobile market of 300,000. Can BYD Tang EV’s new car occupy a place among the 300,000-class models, and which car is more worth choosing? Then let’s take a look at it in detail.

The 2022 Tang EV still adopts BYD’s family-style design. The front of the car adopts a closed front grille, with split headlights and through chrome-plated strips, and the new Tang EV also adopts BYD’s Dragon Face design language, making it more vivid and beautiful as a whole.

Compared with the old models, the side of the body of 22 BYD Tang EVs has not changed much, and the suspended roof is still designed with raised wheel eyebrows. It is worth mentioning that the wheel hub design of this model of Tang EV is still very clever, similar to the closed design, which will also reduce more wind resistance.

The rear of the 2022 Tang EV is consistent with the old models. It still adopts the design of penetrating taillights, and at the same time, the English letters are embedded in the middle of the taillights to make it more recognizable. At the same time, as a new energy vehicle, it is surrounded under the rear of the car more exquisitely. On the whole, the biggest change of the current model is that the details are improved compared with the old models.

Arriving in the car, BYD Tang EV’s car has a double-color interior. At the same time, in order to make a thorough change, the new Tang EV not only upgraded the interface of the LCD instrument panel, but also upgraded the multimedia system. At the same time, the new car is also equipped with DiLink4.0 intelligent network connection system. The upgrade of this system has also made it have high technological performance, and most of the physical buttons in the car have been reduced to make the car look more luxurious.

The body size of Tang EV is 4900/1950/1725mm and the wheelbase is 2820mm. Compared with the old models, the new Tang EV has increased the body length by 30 mm, while there is no change in other dimensions. However, the increase of 30 mm can’t make passengers feel the improvement of space obviously, and it can leave the feeling for customers. The most obvious thing can only be at the data level.

The 2022 Tang EV is powered by a permanent magnet synchronous motor, and the total motor power of these three models is different. The different power of the three cars brings different cruising range. The exclusive model can bring two different cruising ranges of 600 kilometers and 730 kilometers, while the cruising range of the four-wheel drive flagship model is 635 kilometers. Then let’s take a look at which one of these three cars is more suitable for selection.

2022 EV 600km exclusive type

The guide price is 279,800 yuan.

In terms of safety configuration, the exclusive model is equipped with the main and co-pilot airbags, front side airbags, front and rear head airbags, tire pressure monitoring, front seat belt unfastened reminder, parallel assistance, lane departure warning, lane keeping system, road traffic sign recognition, active braking and fatigue driving reminder.

In terms of auxiliary control, this model is equipped with front/rear parking radar, 360-degree panoramic image, reversing side warning system, full-speed adaptive cruise, four driving mode switching, automatic parking, uphill assist and steep slope descent.

Externally, the car is equipped with openable panoramic sunroof, electric trunk, induction trunk, electric trunk position, memory roof, Bluetooth key of luggage rack, NFC key, keyless start and keyless entry, as well as active closed air intake grille, remote start and battery preheating functions.

In the internal configuration, this car is equipped with a multifunctional leather steering wheel, a 12.3-inch full LCD instrument, a HUD head-up display, a built-in driving recorder and a wireless charging function of the front mobile phone.

In terms of seat configuration, this car is equipped with leather seats, the seat layout is 2-3-2, and the rear row supports proportional reclining. At the same time, it has functions such as front and rear central armrests and rear cup holders.

In terms of multimedia configuration, this car is equipped with a 15.6-inch touch LCD screen, and it also supports satellite navigation and road condition display, road call and rescue, car networking, OTA upgrade, 220V power supply, Dana audio and 12 speakers. All the lights are LED light sources, and there are 5 cameras, 8 ultrasonic radars and 3 millimeter-wave radars on the intelligent hardware.

2022 EV 730km exclusive type

The guide price is 309,800 yuan.

30,000 yuan difference, the overall configuration is not much. Although there are four ultrasonic radars and two millimeter-wave radars, their feedback is not much different in actual use, but the cruising range is improved by 130KM. However, for a car that commutes in the city, the cruising range of 130KM is not enough to be afraid of, even if it is 600KM, it is enough for a week’s commuting. Overall, the 730KM exclusive model is not as cost-effective as the 600KM exclusive model.

2022 EV 635km four-wheel drive flagship

The guide price is 339,800 yuan.

Compared with the mid-range model, this model has a difference of 30 thousand yuan, but the configuration it brings is much higher, but in fact, the only configurations that can be used are automatic parking and steering wheel heating. If the budget is enough, then the top-range model is worth choosing, but if the budget is limited, it is better to choose the low-range model directly.


The 2022 Tang EV really meets everyone’s expectations, and the configuration has reached the configuration required for the 300,000-class model. However, in the final analysis, the three models are most suitable for buying the lowest-equipped model, but if the budget is enough, there is no reason to hesitate to directly match the top model. After all, when the luxury configuration is full, the driving quality and comfort will be greatly improved.

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The spring of artificial intelligence creation has come, and the "hidden rules" of ancient poetry are taught by computer.

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 12th Special feature: The spring of artificial intelligence creation is coming.

  Xinhua News Agency reporter Peng Qian Liu Si

  "Early spring rain Chu Qing, willow filar silk caught the shore warbler. The painting boat is full of smoke and waves, and the small bridge is light. "

  Who would have thought that this is a poem created by artificial intelligence with "early spring" as the key word. The author "Nine Songs" was developed by a student team led by Professor Sun Maosong of Tsinghua University Computer Science and Technology Department for three years.

  Xiao Bing, Microsoft’s chat robot, "narrowly beat" human opponents with a Chinese-style song "Peach Blossom Dream" in the variety show "Wit". When the singer sings such an archaic sentence as "In the boundless night rain, the past is like the wind, the peach blossoms in the ear laugh at the spring breeze, and you and I meet in the dream", many viewers think that this is made by human beings.

  The spring of writing poetry, composing music, painting and artificial intelligence has come quietly … …

  Technically, "familiar with 300 Tang poems"

  Zhou Ming, vice president of Microsoft Asia Research Institute, is a literary lover. He and the research team taught Xiao Bing to write modern poetry, and composing music is a new skill.

  Zhou Ming said that neural machine translation, chatting robot, reading comprehension and creation are the four main aspects of the application of natural language processing technology, and the difficulty is gradually increasing. Creation is at the top of the pyramid and it is the most difficult to break through.

  "In the beginning, people couldn’t find how to model creation because it was emotional. Writing poems and writing lyrics are all things with flying literary talents and sudden inspiration, which are difficult to capture. " He said. Thanks to the progress of deep learning and neural network technology in recent years, artificial intelligence creation has won many brilliant achievements.

  Zhou Ming introduced that writing songs by Xiao Bing is a process of "encoding and decoding". The researchers first trained artificial intelligence robots with popular songs. After sufficient training, you can start writing: after inputting the song theme in the form of keywords, it will be coded into a language that artificial intelligence can understand, and the robot will decode and output it in a way that people can understand, becoming a lyric; Then combine this word with the original keyword as a new input, and you can get the second sentence, and so on to get the whole song word. Similarly, you can also input lyrics and translate them into music scores, that is, you can regard music scores as natural languages, thus completing computer lyrics and music scores.

  "Nine Songs" learning to write poetry is also "familiar with 300 Tang poems, and you can recite them even if you can’t write poetry".

  Yi Xiaoyuan, the founder of "Nine Songs" and a graduate student in Tsinghua University, has input more than 300,000 ancient poems since the Tang Dynasty as a corpus, and used the deep learning model to make computer learning. In addition to the rules for leveling and rhyming poems, no artificial rules are given, but computers are allowed to learn the "hidden rules" in ancient poems themselves.

  "We don’t know the rules of how computers make such poems," said Sun Maosong, which is a "black box" phenomenon of deep learning. In his view, each ancient poem is like a necklace, and the beads on the necklace are words. In the deep learning model, the necklace is completely broken up, and then the implicit association between each bead and other beads is given different weights through automatic learning. When writing a poem, put different beads back into a new necklace.

  The ancients wrote poems mostly to express their feelings, and the style was sad, which also made the poems written by "Nine Songs" somewhat "sad for spring and autumn". The team hopes to make the "Nine Songs" more positive by strengthening the training of some relaxed emotional samples. In addition, how to write a longer poem on the basis of ensuring the consistency of the whole poem is also a new challenge.

  In artistic conception, "Kung Fu is beyond poetry"

  In addition to writing poems and composing music, artificial intelligence has evolved new skills such as writing novels and painting. The science fiction novel "The Day when a Computer Writes a Novel" created by artificial intelligence developed in Japan deceived all human judges and was successfully shortlisted for the Japanese Fiction Literature Award. Google artificial intelligence can also create paintings, and some paintings have been sold at a high price of $8,000.

  Artificial intelligence has defeated human beings in the fields of chess and cards, video games, etc. Does the latest progress in the field of artistic creation mean that it is not far from surpassing human beings in this respect?

  Zhou Ming believes that at present, artificial intelligence creation is only based on the imitation of big data, which is far from the creative intelligence of real human beings. "There is not enough data for training artificial intelligence creation, such as the data for composing lyrics; Secondly, the inspiration is not enough, because the data alone is just a follower, writing words and composing music are familiar, and there is no feeling of sudden inspiration in generate. "

  In Sun Maosong’s view, at present, artificial intelligence creation is a limited creativity, which theoretically does not exceed the creative space unconsciously defined by predecessors in the practice of poetry creation for thousands of years. The ancients wrote poetry as "Kung Fu is beyond poetry", often based on experience, with content and artistic conception, but it is difficult for machines to "express their aspirations" or "express their feelings through scenery" for the time being.

  Experts believe that the fear that artificial intelligence surpasses human beings in the field of creation is alarmist. "In areas that need deep connotation or inspiration, such as music creation, poetry and prose, I personally think that machines are basically unlikely to reach the state of people, but they will assist people’s creation." Zhou Ming said.

  However, artificial intelligence can improve the efficiency of professional creators. "If you can’t think of using a word when writing, artificial intelligence will think of a word for you and let you find that you can write like this." For ordinary people, artificial intelligence creation systems such as "Nine Songs" can lower the threshold of creation and realize the dream that "everyone can be a poet, painter or musician".

  Sun Maosong said that the team plans to upgrade the "Nine Songs" system in the future, so that it can judge the quality of people’s poems, such as whether there are mistakes in rhyme and level tone, whether words are unsatisfactory or sentences are incomplete, and help people improve their creative skills; You can also conduct "humanistic calculation" and quantitative analysis and research on ancient documents through big data.

  In addition to the creation itself, the study of machine creation can also bring unexpected benefits to other fields of artificial intelligence, and open up innovation in many fields and interdisciplinary subjects.

  "Before letting Xiao Bing learn music creation, we never thought that music can also be processed by natural language technology," Zhou Ming said. "So once the natural language breaks through, it can drive the breakthrough of cognitive intelligence and the whole artificial intelligence, and there will be many scenes that were unimaginable before."

How do foreign troops "play" war games? The gap between our army and foreign troops is not small.

  Nowadays, computer games are not only a kind of entertainment for game lovers, but also an indispensable means for them to build future soldiers.

  Computer games such as Panorama Warrior, Call of Duty and American SEAL Task Force have been widely used in the training of American troops and have received good results.

  With the improvement of the informationization and networking level of the army, various computer games have gradually entered the PLA barracks and become a means of training soldiers. However, due to the controversy over the understanding of the game, there is still a big gap in our army’s use of computer technology to build a "virtual battlefield" and carry out simulation training.

  Red alert and CS entered the barracks.

  According to the People’s Liberation Army Daily reported on January 24th, the recruits from the new barracks of Hami Military Division in Xinjiang brought a number of online military games such as Red Alert, tank battle and Counter-Terrorism Elite to the army.

  The article said: "Tan Huaishang, a college recruit, also designed a set of game maps according to the actual situation of the army by using the map editor that comes with the game Red Alert. This set of game maps sets the terrain conditions and tactical background according to the training topics, and simulates severe weather such as storms, heavy snow and sandstorms, which promotes the improvement of officers and men’s combat command skills and psychological quality. "

  However, because computer games are a new thing, many PLA officers have not improved the training effect of computer games on soldiers to the same level as that of foreign troops. Therefore, the troops choose to build a "virtual battlefield" by computer games, which is basically in a state of "fighting independently". China National Defense Newspaper once published an article saying: Some comrades’ ideological understanding has not yet reached its due height, and even have a wrong understanding of the "virtual battlefield". For example, when some comrades mention military computer games, they think that it is useless to play more and practice less. When it comes to training, you need a real knife and a real gun.

  So "Red Alert" entered the military camp and caused a hot discussion among netizens on the Internet. Red Alert, produced by WESTWOOD Studio in the United States, is a real-time strategy game with the background of the world military confrontation pattern in the Cold War era. Netizens think that games like Red Alert are on the side of "free west" and demonize the former Soviet Union and its allies in Eastern Europe. At the same time, netizens believe that real-time strategy games like Red Alert can’t really improve soldiers’ combat skills.

  However, some people in our army have deeply realized the role of war computer games. China National Defense News reported that in recent years, with the development of our army’s information construction and the construction of local area network, some troops have put a variety of simulation "games" such as main battle tanks, fighter planes, infantry fighting vehicles and car driving into training practice, and the effect is very obvious. The report believes that it is necessary to actively develop military training game software with independent intellectual property rights of our army and adapted to the operational characteristics of our army. At ordinary times, we should be good at planning and organizing a variety of activities such as "online confrontation exercises" and "military game confrontation training", and let officers and men play different roles in various "virtual battlefields" in an organized, planned and purposeful way to adapt to the "battlefield" environment, so as to pave the way for launching live-fire drills for real soldiers, improving their combat capability under the conditions of informationization, and laying a good front stand.

  The gap between China and foreign countries in war games

  Compared with the PLA’s new contact with military games, foreign troops are quite "sophisticated" in this respect, and they even "tailor-made" computer game products for the troops. According to Jane’s Defense Weekly, computer games such as "US Army" and "Delta Force" have been designated as training materials by military academies in the United States and Britain. In 2005, the United States Military Academy at West Point alone ordered 1,200 sets of Delta Force game software for daily education and training.

  In order to attract young Americans to apply for the West Point Military Academy, West Point Military Academy has spent a huge sum of money to develop a new anti-terrorism computer game named "US Army". Since February 2006, the US Army and West Point Military Academy have jointly provided this computer game to high school students and young people for free. Through games, players can experience simulated military institutions and basic training. The shooting part of the game is very real, and the heavy breathing rhythm of the soldiers matches the shaking displayed on the computer screen.

  In addition, the National Defense Science and Technology Bureau of Singapore cooperated with the University of Southern California in the United States to develop a computer game called "Omni-directional Commander" for the Singapore Armed Forces, with the aim of training soldiers in decision-making, resource management and flexible thinking while playing entertainment games.

  "Tackling key problems" is the basic way to play computer games in the US military. The military version of game software usually sets levels with different difficulty conditions in the order from easy to difficult. For example, the latest upgraded version of the US military’s "Full Spectrum Warrior" game software has 12 levels. The more complicated the battlefield environment, the more fierce the enemy’s firepower, the more difficult it is to tackle the problem, and the player may "die" at any time. Therefore, players must learn to preserve their combat effectiveness and minimize casualties.

  According to American statistics, the probability of survival of pilots who have never participated in actual combat is only 60% at the first mission, and the probability of survival can be increased to 90% after computer simulation confrontation training.

  War games that foreign troops often "play"

  Us military: using games to trigger the training revolution

  According to American media reports, so far, Hollywood computer gamers have created more than 500 highly simulated combat games. At the same time, the US military itself has continuously developed various military training games, including both stand-alone games for training individual personnel and online games for class to division scale. Game software such as US Army, Full Spectrum Warrior and Delta Force has become a new platform for the US military to train transformational talents, and is widely used in transformational training programs such as the Army’s Land Warrior, the Navy’s Outstanding Task Force and the Air Force’s Aerospace Leader.

  According to Pentagon officials, before that, most of the US military training with computer games was to train soldiers to fight alone. With more and more gamers joining the army and the development of computer technology, the US military will fully popularize the use of computer games to train soldiers, and move from individual training to joint combat training, thus triggering a training revolution.

  Russian army: "virtual battlefield" is extremely cruel

  According to Russian media reports, the overall development of Russia’s software industry is not backward, and the computer game training of Russian troops is also widely used, but the details are rarely disclosed to the outside world. In the computer game confrontation of the Russian army, in addition to the "man-machine confrontation" mode, there is also a "man-man confrontation" mode.

  The "virtual battlefield" of Russian ace troops is extremely cruel, and the training games used try their best to improve the difficulty of confrontation. The virtual battlefield game used by Russia’s 76th Airborne Division is that the detachment was thrown thousands of miles away from the big army by the Il -76 transport plane, and was stormed by the imaginary enemy when its foothold was unstable. The enemy even attacked with tear gas, and the soldiers had to fight with the enemy soldiers in tears … Although the game is not a war, the war is not a game, but the game is promoting the change of the war. (Dongfang. com/Qian Chengcan)

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Football originated in China, why can’t it be played in modern times? It has something to do with Zhu Yuanzhang’s prejudice against Cuju.

When it comes to football, I believe many students will think of ancient cuju in China. There is no doubt that football originated from ancient cuju in China. In 2004, FIFA confirmed that cuju in ancient China was the earliest prototype of football. # You don’t know the history of football #

So, when was Cuju invented in ancient China? The "Ju" in Cuju can be traced back to the stone balls in the cultural site of Ding Cun 100,000 years ago. At first, it should be a hunting tool. In the late primitive society, stone balls kicked by feet and hollowed-out pottery balls appeared.

However, it is not known from the development of stone balls to the inventor of Cuju. According to Liu Xiang’s "Bielu", it is said that Cuju was invented by the Yellow Emperor and began to be used in military training. The bow was made of leather and filled with hair.

The earliest accurate and credible written record of Cuju was in the Warring States Policy and Historical Records. In 285 BC, that is, during the Warring States Period, Cuju was recorded as an activity with both military and recreational nature.

When introducing the living conditions of people in Linzi, the capital of Qi State, Qice wrote: "There are 70,000 households in Linzi … which are very rich and real, and all of them are people who play the flute, drum instruments, percussion, playing the piano, fighting cocks, walking dogs, playing six blogs and squatting."

It can be seen that cuju has developed into a popular way of sports in Linzi, the capital of Qi during the Warring States Period.

During the Han Dynasty, Cuju ushered in a period of rapid development. Cuju can be used not only for entertainment and performance, but also for competition and training. It is estimated that many students can’t believe that Cuju will be used for training. This is because Cuju can not only train soldiers’ physical fitness, but also enrich military life.

If Han Dynasty was the first peak of Cuju’s development, then Tang and Song Dynasties was the second peak. After improvement, Cuju started with a solid ball stuffed with hair and became an inflatable ball. Because of the lower cost of football, more ordinary people could afford to play Cuju. With the increase of the number of Cuju, there were teams and norms dedicated to Cuju, and organizations specializing in Cuju competitions appeared in the Song Dynasty.

Having said that, everyone must first think of Gao Qiu, the first master of cuju in the last years of the Northern Song Dynasty, because Song Huizong liked cuju very much when he was the king of Duan, and when Gao Qiu sent something to the palace of Duan, he inadvertently showed a few hands, thus being left behind by Zhao Ji. After Zhao Ji became king, he began to promote Gao Qiu.

During the Tang and Song Dynasties, due to the gradual popularization of cuju, Japan often sent Tang envoys to China at that time, and brought the game of cuju back to Japan. Today, football is still called "cuqiu" in Japanese and Han Wenzhong, which is also influenced by China’s cuju.

Why did China Cuju, which was still at its peak in the Tang and Song Dynasties, fall out of fashion in the Ming and Qing Dynasties? Even after the mid-Qing Dynasty, football turned from export to domestic sales and reappeared in the eyes of China people.

All this stems from an imperial edict of Zhu Yuanzhang. After the establishment of the Ming Dynasty, it was different from the situation that the previous generation used cuju as a means of military training. Zhu Yuanzhang thought that cuju was a sign of being a plaything, because Zhu Yuanzhang had an old rival named Zhang Shicheng, and Zhang Shicheng’s troops liked cuju very much. However, when Zhang Shicheng was at war with Zhu Yuanzhang, it was simply vulnerable. Therefore, Zhu Yuanzhang thought that cuju would not help the improvement of soldiers’ military literacy. Therefore, Zhu Yuanzhang ordered that the Ming army would not be allowed to cuju in the future, and offenders would be punished.

Because this order only prohibits soldiers from playing cuju, but not the people, it actually abandons the function of competition and training, while the people play cuju more for entertainment and viewing.

Therefore, in Ming Dynasty, cuju was still popular among the people, but most of them were women. At that time, cuju was a talent show, just like a brothel woman performing singing and dancing. Although there were several emperors who liked cuju in Ming Dynasty, it was even recorded that the emperor organized eunuchs and maids to play cuju in the palace, but at that time, cuju had developed into a very lightweight thing, and even developed into kicking shuttlecock, which completely deviated from the development of modern football.

During the Qing Dynasty, there were few records about cuju. When the Qing army entered the customs, cuju was banned in the Eight Banners during the Shunzhi period, and cuju was combined with skating, resulting in the movement form of "cuju on the ice".

While the development direction of football in China is crooked, western countries are keen on playing football, and Britain is the first country to popularize modern football.

According to legend, in the 11th century, there was a war between England and Denmark. After the war, when the British were cleaning up the ruins of the war, they found the skull of a Danish invader. They were in resentment, so they kicked the Danish skull with their feet to vent their dissatisfaction. Later, everyone felt that it was very difficult to kick the skull, so some smart people thought of replacing the skull with a cow’s bladder, so there was the origin of modern football.

It can be seen that the birth of modern football itself is full of bloodshed and killing. The initial football match is not just an entertainment, but more like a confrontation.

Generally, two cities take part in a football match. The host throws the football into the air. At the beginning of the game, both sides rush into it, not only shouting, but also running and kicking. Which side can kick the ball to the downtown area of the other side is the winner.

The strong desire to win or lose makes the participants on both sides crazy. In order to win, when the football rushes into the residents’ houses in the middle, the players will rush in and kick around, often leaving the houses in pieces. Therefore, when there is no football match, the people have to close their doors and wait until the end of the game before they dare to leave the house.

Under the strong opposition of the people, the British government had to make a ban, stipulating that football matches can only be played in open spaces, but not in downtown areas, so there was a special football venue.

By 1848, the first written rule of football, Cambridge Rules, was born, which was made between Oxford and Cambridge for a football match. The rule was that only 11 people played in each team, and this rule continued until recently.

In 1862, the world’s first football club was established in Nottinghamshire, England. On October 26th, 1863, the world’s first official football organization, the English Football Association, was established in London, England. This day was also regarded as the birth day of modern football. Since then, with the further improvement of the rules of the game, football has quickly spread around the world.

It can be said that while modern football is flourishing, the ancient cuju in China is evolving into a shuttlecock-kicking sport. Do you think that the decline of modern football in China is related to Zhu Yuanzhang’s ban on military cuju? Welcome to discuss in the comments section below!

China will further improve the monitoring and early warning of disastrous weather.

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, January 10 (Reporter Huang Yao) In 2024, China will further enhance its ability to monitor and warn severe weather and do its best to prevent and reduce meteorological disasters.

  This is what the reporter learned at the 2024 National Meteorological Work Conference, which opened on the 10th. Chen Zhenlin, director of the China Meteorological Bureau, introduced at the meeting that in 2023, the 24-hour average path prediction error of typhoons in China was 62 kilometers, the best in history; The accuracy of 24-hour rainstorm forecast has reached a new high; The warning signal of severe convective weather was released 43 minutes in advance.

  Under the background of climate warming, extreme weather and climate events occur frequently and violently. Chen Zhenlin said that meteorological departments should strengthen meteorological disaster risk prediction and response, pay close attention to monitoring, forecasting and early warning services, further improve the linkage mechanism of disaster prevention and mitigation led by meteorological early warning, and build the first line of defense for meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation.

  According to reports, in 2024, the meteorological department will further enhance the monitoring and early warning capability of severe weather by strengthening the monitoring and early warning of short-term approaching weather, doing a good job in point-to-point accurate forecasting and rolling update, strengthening the construction of national and provincial short-term monitoring and early warning platforms, and promoting the adjustment of rainstorm early warning signals.

  At the same time, the meteorological department will also improve the emergency response and linkage mechanism for disaster prevention and mitigation, including promoting the full integration of meteorological services into the local comprehensive disaster prevention and mitigation command and dispatch work system, improving the "calling" mechanism and process of high-level meteorological disaster early warning, fully implementing the progressive meteorological service mechanism, encouraging chief forecasters to interpret weather trends and disaster impacts online, and enhancing the prevention capability of meteorological disasters in the whole society.


In 2024, the New Year’s Day box office broke 1 billion: after 146 days, the single-day box office broke 500 million.

According to Lighthouse Professional Edition, as of 12: 00 on December 31st, the total box office (including pre-sales) of new films on New Year’s Day in 2024 exceeded 1 billion, and the annual meeting of "Twinkle, twinkle, twinkle, bright stars" can’t stop! "Stealth" is temporarily listed in the top three at the box office.
In addition, as of 14: 53 on December 31, the total box office of the New Year’s Eve in 2023 (December 31) exceeded 500 million. Since August 6 of the summer holiday, the national single-day box office has once again exceeded 500 million after 146 days!
Among them, the film "Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle, Bright Stars" relied on the "snow field" in funa in the cinema. Since the pre-sale, the box office has been riding the dust, # 中中中中中 # # Zhang Wansen, it’s snowing! # and other topics have been on the hot search one after another, which has attracted a lot of attention.
The comedy film "The Annual Meeting Can’t Stop" released on December 29th! In two days, the box office exceeded 100 million yuan and gained a good reputation.
Source: @ Lighthouse Professional Edition

Divorce has become the beginning of women’s being rejected. A cartoon reveals the social status quo of women’s poverty.

This story is based on a real case in Japan.

The 64-year-old Dalin Sanzuo was forced to sleep on the street for social reasons. On the morning of November 16th, she was attacked and killed by Yoshida Kazuo while taking a nap at the bus station. Yoshida and Dalin did not intersect, just because of the absurd reason that "she sat at the bus stop and blocked my eyes", an innocent woman was killed.

The social problems behind the incident came to the fore in an instant. The dilemma of "female poverty", which has accumulated in the hearts of the public for a long time, has been put in broad daylight. Japan’s "women don’t have to earn money to support themselves, seemingly caring, but actually depriving women of the opportunity to survive." Although there is no such phenomenon in China, it is difficult for women to find a job from the age of 28 to 35. Whether married or unmarried, with or without children.

Companies always worry that women will delay their work for the sake of their families, and eventually they would rather choose a man with an average resume than take the risk of choosing a woman with excellent work. In order to make a living, women can only work hard or lower their job search standards in employment. The decrease of marriage rate and fertility rate also reflects the rise of women’s thoughts.

Protecting women’s rights and interests so that women can survive in an equal competitive environment is the best social security.

# Headline Creation Challenge #

As a woman, I still have the right and ability to choose to be alone.

"Leave me alone", author: (France) Marcel Sauvageau, translator: Tang Yangyang, version: one page folio| | Guangxi Normal University Press, July 2021.


It’s a little magical. It is the annual "520". In a training class, teachers who speak the Internet are talking passionately about the future of "digital city". On the one hand, there is a heated discussion about "the era of lying flat" in the circle of friends of mobile phones, and on the other hand, there are various "520" business copywriters; I, on the other hand, finished reading Marcel Sauvageau’s Leave Me Alone.

In the history of French literature in the 20th century, Sauvageau’s name is generally not found, because it is Sauvageau’s only work. She was born in 1900 and died of tuberculosis in 1934. She spent almost five years in various nursing homes before she really entered the literary circle. The limited information can be said in a short space: in the first half of the 20th century, a middle school teacher from another province had to recuperate in a nursing home because of tuberculosis, but while living in a nursing home, he was "broken up", so he wrote this film "Leave me alone". To be exact, it is not a novel, but four intermittent "letters" from November to Christmas Eve-just because it takes the form of letters, and the "confidante" in the letters is the person who made her suffer from love. But at the same time, it is not a real letter, because she wrote these so-called letters and didn’t intend to send them. Because this is by no means her prayer to "save" love.

Fortunately, Sauvageau has stepped into the literary circle with half a foot, which makes Leave Me Alone not buried. When she was preparing for the teacher qualification examination in Paris, she made friends with many people, including the surrealist small group, which was very avant-garde at that time. Because of illness, but also because she still retains some classical interests, she finally did not "go out of the circle" under the label of surrealism; But while she was living in a nursing home and writing "Leave Me Alone", through her friend René Crevel, she could still hear some noises about surrealist cliques from time to time. By understanding this connection, it is not difficult for us to understand the persistence of freedom and the slightly modernist narrative technique embodied in Leave Me Alone.

So Leave Me Alone didn’t suffer the fate of being abandoned-although it came from the pain of being "broken up". Only 163 copies of the first edition were printed and read in the circle of friends, but some time later, when the author lived in a nursing home in Davos, Switzerland, the second edition was already in the pipeline. Sauvageau’s friends persuaded the critic Du Bos to preface this edition of Knowledge Publishing House. Du Bo even went to the nursing home where Sauvageau was at that time and read the preface he wrote to her.

There are many writers in the tuberculosis sanatorium in Davos, and there are many writers in the tuberculosis sanatorium in Zaovos, including RobertLouis Stevenson in Britain in the early days, Paul Eluard, a French surrealist poet, and Thomas Mann, who accompanied his wife with tuberculosis. The sad smell of death in "Magic Mountain" may be regarded as an annotation to Sauvageau’s "Leave Me Alone", although Sauvageau did not live in Davos when he wrote it. Sauvageau died shortly after Du’s visit and didn’t see his book reprinted. From the first edition in 1933 to the latest edition in 2004, there was an interval of 70 years. Interestingly, if Sauvageau did not enter the history of literature, this thin work, which comes from a little woman who is also unknown—compared with the magnificent history of French literature, and even has a little privacy, has not completely fallen into oblivion. Since the first edition, there have been five editions in 1934, 1936, 1943, 1986 and 1997 in the past 70 years, and the titles all follow the "commentary" in the first edition-literally translated as "commentary", or if it is not another book, but an event, it can also correspond to the one in Chinese."Remembering" is a kind of "experience"-only in the 1943 and 1997 editions, the subtitle was "reproduced pages" in the 1943 edition and "lost love" in the 1997 edition. Indeed, in a strict sense, "commentary" is not a title, but it seems to be more like a category of text: for example, Antoine Berman’s "The Time of Translation" is a "commentary" on Benjamin’s "The Translator’s Task", and he did mark "un commentaire" on the cover. Caesar’s The Battle of Gaul also uses the word "commentaire", which is a description, a retrospective, an analysis and a reflection. The edition published in 2004 no longer used the abstract "commentaire", but chose "Laissez-moi" (leaving me alone) and used "commentaire" as the subtitle (in the translation of this edition, it was translated as "Analysis of Love"). The new edition in 2004 sold 60,000 copies in that year, which seems to be somewhat inconsistent with the main theme of the new century that began to disdain love.

Indeed, what does "commentary" or experience mean? It means a woman who takes a step back in front of love and examines the process before the end of love. Because of the distance-when Sauvageau wrote at the end of this letter on November 7, 1930, "I will write to you tomorrow, I can’t use the name’ you’ any more, I will write to you, but I can’t tell you everything I confide in my heart", this distance has been truly displayed in front of us-so I can see clearly the love, and see clearly the love (or the end of love).

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After seeing clearly the men and women in love, Sauvageau came to the conclusion: Let me be alone. Leaving me alone is a declaration on two levels: the first level is that love is no longer there, and "I" choose to be alone with dignity, review and face up to my love, otherwise "I" once lost all its value; The second level is that as a woman who is seriously ill, "I" still has the right and ability to choose to be alone.

Different from the so-called love letter, "Leave Me Alone" does not show the specific grievances of two men and women. There are no stories, so there are no real heroes and heroines and characters. The words "you", "you" and "I" in the commentary have no identity. Apart from the occasional flash of "sanatorium", "cough" and "Versailles", readers can connect the "I" in the book with Sauvageau in life, and there is no other exact connection with real life and real experience. In fact, even if these clues that may be pursued point to a specific person and a specific love or not, the specific direction behind them is meaningless in the final analysis. Who was it, and which man in which "college" ever loved that woman named Marcel Sauvageau? Why on earth did you stop loving vaguely, wrote a letter saying that you were going to marry another woman, and said, "We are still friends"? All this is actually not important.

It is only important to know why almost all men and women, after falling out of love, should solemnly say that we are still friends; But you know, after the fog of love fades, what a sober woman sees is a man who has lost his aura. Not abuse, not resentment, not counterattack, but simply the word "know". When Sauvageau said, "I am very willing to lose my mind, but I am also willing to grasp the moment of losing my mind and constantly explore the boundaries of consciousness until I lose my consciousness. We shouldn’t be absent from our own happiness, so we don’t doubt that we are stuck in her grasp of "the moment of losing our mind".

The word "love" in the world is fascinating because even if the so-called common law is removed from all the situations-it is not necessarily impossible in today’s era of big data-it is not enough to provide any experience and warning for reference. It will be transformed into different forms in different situations and between different men and women. We are keen to describe it, but we just want to know whether it is possible for people to provide happiness for each other and how this fragile happiness is shattered. Isn’t it? If there is no happy experience, even if love only meets the physiological blind and irrational needs, why on earth should people love? We have 10,000 more convenient ways to be satisfied. There are people in love, and there are people whose subjects exist, and there are love experiences that are regulated by language, which in turn affect language and love, so love becomes a reciprocating cycle from the real world to the imaginary world, and becomes a road for the two worlds to meet each other and be rich.

Memory is also a part of the imaginary world, so love, or happiness, belongs to the past tense and belongs to memory. Sauvageau told us that happiness is like a fragrance. "If we like a fragrance, we will try our best to keep it and pursue it; We will not let ourselves indulge in it, analyze it, and gradually immerse ourselves in it, so that we can only awaken our body’s feelings about it through memories; When the fragrance reappears, we will breathe it more slowly and gently and feel the most subtle breath. " The same meaning is also found in Proust’s Memories of Time Past, and sometimes it is summarized into a simple sentence, such as "Life is just a series of isolated moments, with memories and fantasies, many meanings emerge, then disappear, and then reappear"; Sometimes it will form an eternal scene, such as the famous little Madeleine cake. But "Let Me Be Alone" is definitely not as ambitious as "Memories of Time Past" as it is. It’s basically just about love.

So it still lets us see clearly some small games and tricks in love. All this clearly emerges when love is no longer there. Are women really blind in love? No, blindness in love is just selective neglect. Now open your eyes and look back at "you" at that time, and you can clearly see the true appearance of "you": "Your lips are slightly upturned, slightly blackened teeth are exposed, and your head is stretched forward. When you explain the brilliant ideas you have just discovered, or when you come up with any way to reduce the whimsy that others think to mediocrity, you will put on this look. " However, although I know this very well, I believe that the true value of love is not to fall in love with perfection and become perfect, but to "enter the lover’s heart through shortcomings and deficiencies, the soul that is often lost because of imitating others."

Let Me Be Alone should also attract the attention of the best thinkers in the 1930s by virtue of this rational analysis. Paul Valéry believes that it "shows an extraordinary spiritual life, in a strange way of leaving yourself to see yourself"; Paul Claudel also thinks that it is "almost one of the representatives of women’s writing"; At that time, Robert Brasillach, a famous right-wing writer, also noticed this pamphlet, and he praised it: "All people who like real and simple short narratives will like … this plump work, because, in any case, this is first and foremost a work worthy of love and about love."

But besides love, there is dignity. The dignity of women. "Leave me alone" does not shy away from the female perspective, and even more or less wittily says, "Many sentences in your letter have awakened my feminist thoughts". Indeed, it seems that it is difficult for men all over the world to understand the truth that even if a woman happily says or writes, "When she met him, she became very low, as low as dust", it is just a gesture that a woman has chosen. Moreover, how can it be written by a woman who is really "as low as dust" to find some fun for herself? If one day, I want to force such a woman to say "then I don’t love" again, although I won’t be mean in public, I have seen a transparent man in my heart, but I may not be able to show my intellectual differences between them to return my independent personality. Therefore, Zhang Ailing can help Hu Lancheng financially after breaking up, and Sauvageau can also ask the other party to return his photos after being "broken up" and calmly say, "But this is not because I love you, but because I still want to enrich myself, because I don’t want to destroy myself and become someone else’s favorite, and I don’t want to improve myself any more. I just immerse myself in my lover’s childish love and let him push me around."

Clara Malraux has an accurate evaluation of this. She thinks that this essay "should have epoch-making significance in the history of women’s literature … it is the first book written by an unruly woman; As men’s eyes are generally accurate, they are also enemies and friends, and there is no servility. ….. is a book with simple sadness, facing death, facing the weakness of men who pretend to be authoritative, a book full of dignity ".

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Leave me alone was written in the early 1930s, and it has been nearly a century.

In the early 1930s, France had not been completely dragged into the vortex of war, but a new generation of novelists had already felt the approaching crisis. Surrealism, Salina, malraux, etc., although in different ways, all declared a break with the previous generation such as Valerie, Gide and Proust, and their works obviously paid more attention to social reality than literary reality.

It can be seen that tuberculosis is like a special barrier, which not only isolates Sauvageau from the noisy life, but also isolates her from the writing that should belong to her generation, so that Sauvageau’s writing still stays in the middle of the two generations to some extent: she does not approve of the later generation’s over-exaggeration of the crisis and faces the real and individual death-although the exaggerated death in surrealism or absurdism soon became a reality in the war-nor does it. There is no trace of intentional innovation in Sauvageau’s works: for example, the interweaving use of different personal narratives, the freedom of access between dreams and reality; As the theme of love, it has become an entrance to one’s inner world here. The most crucial thing is still the motto engraved on the temple of Apollo more than two thousand years ago: Know yourself.

This may be one of the reasons why Leave Me Alone has not lost its value after nearly a century. In this nearly a century, a lot of things have happened, except for the brutal war, which Sauvageau should not have seen and could not have foreseen. With the invention of streptomycin, tuberculosis is no longer a "white plague" that can easily take away life and thus love. The war broke out and ended. However, there will never be an end once and for all, and human beings are still entangled in disasters that can’t be solved by any order because of the same greed again and again. Humans have overcome one disaster after another, and they have personally concocted one disaster after another. Today, nearly a century later, what humans who thought they were extremely powerful never expected was that another kind of "plague" that invaded the lungs would jump out suddenly and warn humans that you were far from "knowing yourself".

We don’t have to repeat such irrelevant nonsense as "God’s punishment". Sauvageau also strangely gave some symbolic answers in the few words left. In her comments on The Last Supper, she talked about her dislike of this painting, which was mixed with strange sadness:

His (Jesus) smile and eyes reveal disillusionment. Miao Yan, who had just finished his sacrifice and atonement, said, "Take it and eat it. This is my body." "Take it and drink it. This is my blood." He felt lonely because he knew that no one really understood. ….. His eyes drooped and he didn’t look at anyone, but he was dissatisfied with the emptiness after the hope disappeared: his face was tired and bitter, as if he had lost faith. We can’t feel the existence of God here: he is absent. He should come here, give confidence to his sons, give light to mankind, help them understand themselves, or just believe in themselves. However, God stayed in heaven, and there was a faint touch of sky outside the window.

It was Jesus who came to the world. He was alone.

No god can guide us, no matter whose people are in the final analysis, human beings are doomed to be lonely. This is the information that Sauvageau read in The Last Supper, and it is also the conclusion she drew from the "broken-up" love. Isn’t it a universally applicable conclusion that human beings may draw after disasters! However, because of this, we can interpret Let Me Be Alone from another angle: the conclusion that human beings will eventually be lonely does not prevent us from trying our best to find the possibility of not being lonely, even if it is only temporary. This should be what Sauvageau thought when he mentioned the Japanese legend. She said:

A Japanese legend claims that when a person is born, the moon will tie the feet of a man and a woman to be married in the future with a red ribbon. In life, this ribbon is invisible, but these two people will look for each other. If they find it, their happiness will come to the earth. There are also people who can’t find them, so their lives will be full of worries and they will die miserably: for them, happiness can only begin in another world, when they will see who the red ribbon is tied to. I don’t know if I can find a ribbon to tie me in this world; I think this legend, like all legends, gives us poetic comfort.

Poetic comfort. Therefore, even if the era of lying flat will come, let us stand and love, because as long as we are still alive, we need comfort and need to establish a dignified and not lonely existence. The dignity that women seek in love may be closer to the essence of human dignity.

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