219,800 BYD Tang EV/Tang DM-p Glory Edition was listed.

Tang DM-i Glory Edition has been selling well since its listing. In March, the Tang family sold 14,079 vehicles. Recently, BYD’s medium-sized SUV Tang EV Glory Edition, Tang DM-p Glory Edition and 2024 Tang DM-p Ares Edition were officially listed, with the price range of 21.98-26.98 million yuan.

Wandering stars

It is reported that this car comes standard with Yunqi -C and intelligent cockpit advanced version -DiLink 100, and Yunqi -C intelligent damping body control system, which can realize millisecond adjustment of suspension damping, improve suspension hardness when the vehicle is accelerating rapidly, decelerating rapidly and cornering at high speed, effectively restrain body pitch and roll, and improve vehicle handling.

The configuration has been fully upgraded, providing 10-point seat massage, intelligent fragrance system, HiFi-level customized Dana audio, tactile LED reading light, 6-nanometer 5G smart chip, wireless charging of 50W mobile phone, 3D car control, parking unlocking, UWB digital key, W-HUD head-up display, intelligent voice interaction of the whole car, etc.

Wandering stars

Wandering stars

Watch the front desk for the big play! Central Radio and Television General Station released the TV drama list in 2022

Watch the front desk for the big play! Central Radio and Television General Station released the TV drama list in 2022

  Watch the front desk for the big drama — — The release of the 2022 TV drama list by the Central Radio and Television General Station was held in Beijing on December 29th. Shen Haixiong, Vice Minister of Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China, Director and Editor-in-Chief of the Central Radio and Television General Station, attended the ceremony, and made a final announcement for the opening of the Spring Festival drama "On Earth" and "Beyond" of the General Station.

Watch the front desk for the big play! Central Radio and Television General Station released the TV drama list in 2022

  The 2022 TV drama list of the main station is released in four sections. In the section of "New Year Drama Quality Presentation", Liang Xiaosheng, the author of Mao Dun’s novel "In the World", shared the creative process, and the creative teams such as directors and screenwriters introduced the highlights of the plot. The drama shows the struggle, growth and warmth of a generation in the great historical process, and will be launched heavily during the Spring Festival. Another sports TV series "Beyond" with the background of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will be broadcast after New Year’s Day as an opening drama.

Watch the front desk for the big play! Central Radio and Television General Station released the TV drama list in 2022

  Xue Jijun, a member of the editorial meeting of the Central Radio and Television General Station, introduced the characteristics of the New Year drama created and broadcast by the General Station. First, we should persist in innovation, create a dual-brand differentiation pattern of "watching the drama and knowing the world" and "enjoying the good time" of CCTV Eight Yellow, vigorously promote the mechanism innovation, and make CCTV platform the gathering place and preferred platform for China’s fine dramas. Second, pay attention to coordination, adhere to original self-control and market procurement. The third is to carry out the mission of national television, carry forward the main theme, spread positive energy, and firmly safeguard the green and pollution-free ratings of TV dramas. The fourth is to increase open cooperation with top creative forces, head production companies, major video platforms and first-line satellite TV. The fifth is to promote sharing, and make use of the open and inclusive platform of the reception desk to cooperate with all parties, share resources and create quality products together.

Watch the front desk for the big play! Central Radio and Television General Station released the TV drama list in 2022

  This is the second TV drama list release activity of the reception desk, with more than 40 representatives from brand enterprises and advertising companies from all walks of life attending.

  Peng Jianming, member of the editorial meeting of the Central Radio and Television General Station and general manager of the general manager’s office, said, "A good brand is the brand of the times." In 2022, the reception desk will open a new era of drama marketing, relying on comprehensive channels, TV drama channels, CCTV videos, CCTV audio and video, CCTV network and other dramas of the era that integrate media matrix, build a brand-new marketing product system that highlights the rights and interests of sponsoring enterprises, and launch online packaging, creative implantation and other advertising forms that are more closely integrated with the plot, so as to enhance the marketing communication effect and help cooperative brands go deep into the streets and into thousands of households.

Watch the front desk for the big play! Central Radio and Television General Station released the TV drama list in 2022

  In the release section of "Original Power and Feelings of Home and Country", there is a TV series "Beautiful Mountains and Rivers" which shows the great epic course of getting rid of poverty in a panoramic way; The Story of Xingfu, a realistic TV series with the background of building a well-off society in an all-round way and the inspirational growth of rural women as the main line; The TV series "Love is Full of Nine Bends" depicting the struggle of 40-year-old Beijing youth in reform and opening up; Da Han Fu, which shows the historical situation from the early Western Han Dynasty to the revival of Guangwu; Panoramic display of Wang Yangming’s biography of Yangming, which integrates virtue, meritorious service, statement and standing; The TV series "Tianwang" about Beidou people’s independent development of global satellite navigation system; People’s Backbone, which focuses on the Communist Party of China (CPC)’s road to self-revolution since the 18th CPC National Congress; Hard-core Times, with the birth process of China’s third-generation nuclear power technology "Hualong No.1" as the theme; The TV series "City in the City" depicting the colorful picture of financial reform in the new era; According to the novel of the same name in Alai Maodun Literature Award, the chronological drama "Dust Settled" and the "Female Interpol Captain" which shows the female Interpol captain leading the team to solve difficult and complicated cases, and so on. The creation of TV dramas at the reception desk continued to exert its strength, and the number of fine dramas reached a new high.

Watch the front desk for the big play! Central Radio and Television General Station released the TV drama list in 2022

  The "Poems of Life Colorful" section focuses on the recent key repertoire of the main station: the urban emotional drama "Heart Residence" adapted from Teng Xiaolan’s novel of the same name; A realistic drama "Mother’s War" which reflects the family life in contemporary China and explores the educational concept; The TV series Dear Child, which discusses the relationship between family affection and personal growth. The Happy Duet, which seeks the way for husband and wife to get along with each other in the exploration, The Life after Tomorrow, which believes that "the future will be better" in the face of love, and Lush, which tells the story of three brothers and sisters in Guangzhou who passed on different skills during the Anti-Japanese War, are also high-quality works in this section.

Watch the front desk for the big play! Central Radio and Television General Station released the TV drama list in 2022

  The series of plays recommended by the "Song of Ideal, Youth Should Burn" section fully embodies the high-quality development achievements of the TV series of the General Station, which adhere to the quality and youth. In 2022, the reception desk will launch the costume spy war drama "The Wind Rises in Longxi" adapted from Ma Boyong’s novel of the same name, showing the realistic drama "Police Honor" of grassroots police in fighting crime and protecting peace, telling the TV series "Basic Law of Genius" that loves mathematics and devotes itself to research, telling the TV series "Public Prosecution Elite" that prosecutors uphold justice and fight crime, showing the spy war drama "The Infiltrator" that shows all kinds of hardships in latent work, and showing the contemporary military drama "Yunbao Commandos eliminate drug dealers"

Watch the front desk for the big play! Central Radio and Television General Station released the TV drama list in 2022

  It is reported that many TV dramas such as Crossing the Yalu River, Armageddon, and The Awakeing Age’s Loading Taiwan, which appeared in the release activities of the general station last year, have been broadcast one after another, all of which have achieved a double harvest in terms of ratings and reputation, and continue to arouse heated discussions in society.

  In 2021, the cumulative viewing share of CCTV TV channels reached 3.85%, ranking first in the country for five consecutive years. The cumulative audience of TV dramas broadcast in prime time at the main station reached 920 million. Among the top 20 TV dramas in China, CCTV comprehensive channel and TV drama channel have 14 seats.

  Lu Hongshi, deputy director of the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China Municipal Bureau of Literature and Art, first-class inspector, Jiang Wenbo and Huang Chuanfang, members of the editorial board of the Central Radio and Television General Station, Dong Weimin, chief accountant, heads of relevant departments of the General Station, and celebrities from the domestic film and television industry and commerce attended the release event. (Photo: Zhu Yan Fu Bo)

Chinese Billiards World Championships: Two "After 00" in China compete for the men’s championship.

  The 6th CBSA Chinese Billiards World Championship was in full swing, and the final lineup was produced on December 14th. In 2019, Zhao Ruliang, the runner-up of the men’s team in the Chinese Billiards World Championship, defeated john young in the "Master-apprentice War", and in the final, he launched a peak confrontation with another "post-00" dark horse Shen Shenyi.

  The opening ceremony of this Chinese billiards world championship was staged in Yushan Sports Center Square, Jiangxi Province on the evening of December 8, with 496 players from 41 countries and regions around the world and officials from Taiwan Association from 12 countries including Russia attending. In recent years, the booming Chinese billiards is becoming a new powerful link between China and the world. (Reporter Jiang Tao Video Source Star Billiards)

China people’s "exercise and fitness" is getting harder and harder! My favorite project is …

Source: CCTV Finance


Move it! Have a nice summer!

The national movement continues to heat up, and more and more people in China build strong physique through sports. According to the survey of a better life in China, the demand for sports and fitness has been rising continuously from the consumption expectation in the past four years. In 2023, the proportion of people willing to increase their consumption in sports and fitness reached 27.99%, ranking fourth in the list of Chinese consumption expectations, a sharp increase of more than 7 percentage points over the previous year.

Who is the main force of sports and fitness consumption? The survey found that women’s wishes have been higher than men’s for four years.

Pay for sports, don’t underestimate this crowd.

From different age groups, middle-aged people aged 36-59 are more willing to invest time and money in sports and fitness. With a certain consumption power and a crisis to their own health, this group has become the main force in the sports and fitness market. Followed by people over 60 years old, the proportion of people who are willing to increase their consumption in sports and fitness is as high as 30.95%, which is almost the same as that of middle-aged people.

In which cities are people more willing to spend on sports and fitness? Kunming, Xi ‘an, Guangzhou, Yinchuan and Zhengzhou are the top five cities on the list.

Let’s run (ju ǐ n) and (qǐ) and (lái), shall we?

In terms of exercise and fitness, what items do you like? According to the online survey data, 51.90% people choose running, followed by small ball games such as badminton (35.33%) and hiking/hiking/mountaineering (32.84%).

Among them, men’s enthusiasm for running is nearly 13 percentage points higher than that of women (58.61%, 45.95%).

From different age groups, 18-25 years old are the people who love running the most. Central China, Southwest China and South China are the top three "love running circles" among the seven regions. Running is not only a physical exercise, but also a positive attitude towards life.

Besides running, what are the differences between the sports that men and women love?

The top three in the women’s sports list are: running, yoga/pilates and other shaping classes and small balls such as badminton. The sports that men often participate in: running, badminton and other small balls, football/basketball and other big balls. Men are more interested in ball games, while women prefer shaping sports such as yoga.


Escape from fitness, these excuses have you been shot?

When there is movement, there is silence. What is the reason that makes some people unable to open their legs and restricts their pace of exercise and fitness?

According to the online survey, four adults said that they didn’t exercise because they didn’t have time (42.51%), followed by the high cost (30.00%), others said that it was difficult to find a common partner (27.14%) and the community fitness equipment was insufficient (25.72%), and only 19.53% people really didn’t like sports.

In fact, there are 10,000 reasons to give up, only one belief is needed to persist, and more time should be made for your own health.

The lack of community fitness equipment is restricting the movement of northerners.

Besides lack of time and high cost, southerners think that it is difficult to find common partners, which is one of the three main factors that restrict their sports. Northerners believe that the lack of community fitness equipment is also one of the three main factors restricting sports fitness. It seems that the construction in this area in northern cities should be strengthened.