Authoritative foreign media KM77 dynamic test Geely Galaxy E8 elk test result 82km/h

  Recently, the world’s well-known media "KM77", which focuses on elk testing, took the lead in testing the Geely Galaxy E8. In the end, the Geely Galaxy E8 passed the elk test at a speed of 82km/h, and the test results exceeded the Porsche Taycan and Mercedes-Benz EQE, and even better than the Porsche 911, Mercedes-Benz SL AMG and other supercars.

Authoritative foreign media KM77 dynamic test Geely Galaxy E8 Elk test result 82km/h_fororder_image001

  The Elk test is a safety test based on driving control, and the KM77 test is carried out in accordance with ISO 3888-2 international standards. The test screen shows that KM77 first tested the Geely Galaxy E8 at a speed of 76 km/h to know the real situation. The Geely Galaxy E8 body posture is smooth, and there is neither understeering nor oversteering.

Authoritative foreign media KM77 dynamic test Geely Galaxy E8 Elk test result 82km/h_fororder_image002

  In view of the good performance of the Geely Galaxy E8, KM77 continuously improved the test speed. Finally, the Geely Galaxy E8 passed the elk test smoothly at a pile entry speed of 82km/h, with a smooth body posture and stable and controllable vehicle.

  In addition, in the KM77 pile winding test timing list, the Geely Galaxy E8 also ranked fourth with a time of 23.5s. This result allows the Geely Galaxy E8 to surpass many strong models such as the BMW M340i, Mercedes-Benz EQE, and BMW i4 on the original list.

Authoritative foreign media KM77 dynamic test Geely Galaxy E8 Elk test result 82km/h_fororder_image003

  Geely Galaxy E8 is the first pure electric car developed based on the million-level SEA architecture. Facing the new market environment and client base, Geely advocates "Chinese-style car design". On the basis of solving user requests, it emphasizes "Chinese human touch" and expresses the intangible spirit and value of the brand in tangible and design language.

  Geely Galaxy E8 adopts the new design language of "Ripple Aesthetics". "Ripple", as Geely’s unique brand super sign, is inspired by West Lake. In the new era of smart electric vehicles, the front face is integrated with modern technological elements, inheriting and evolving the water ripple front face of Geely’s fuel vehicle era, adding elements such as sound, light, electricity, people, cars, nets, etc., to design the "ripple of light" in the new era, and the lamp language is sparkling like the ripples of West Lake. The design of the eaves tiger vision headlight group, the rising sun through the tail light, the moisturizing jade streamer body surface, etc., integrates culture, technology and experience, so that the appearance of Geely Galaxy E8 is technological without losing nobility, sports without losing elegance, and the vehicle body realizes the perfect balance of ergonomics and design aesthetics, setting a new benchmark for Chinese automobile brand design.

Authoritative foreign media KM77 dynamic test Geely Galaxy E8 Elk test result 82km/h_fororder_image004

  Geely Galaxy E8 length, width and height are 5010/1920/1465mm respectively, and the wheelbase is up to 2925mm. The overall side adopts a relatively simple design style, and the shape of the back is matched with large-size wheels, which is full of sports. In addition, the new car adopts a low wind resistance design such as low wind resistance closed pneumatic rims, and the wind resistance coefficient is only 0.199Cd. 

Authoritative foreign media KM77 dynamic test Geely Galaxy E8 Elk test result 82km/h_fororder_image005

  Looking up at the bright galaxy and reflecting the Xizi waterfront, Geely Galaxy E8 extends the cosmology of "harmony between man and nature" in Chinese culture to the science and technology cockpit space, integrates the concept of science and technology integration, combines science and technology with humanities, and creates an overall galaxy cockpit atmosphere around "luxury and comfort, audio-visual enjoyment, and intelligent driving". 

Authoritative foreign media KM77 dynamic test Geely Galaxy E8 Elk test result 82km/h_fororder_image006

  The Geely Galaxy E8 car is equipped with a 45-inch 8K screen. The official said that the effective display area size of this screen has reached 1130mm * 138mm, and the 7.5mm border is achieved. The screen ratio is 98%, and the thickness is 9.8mm. The screen pixels are 7680 × 936, reaching a quasi-retina-level 8K pixel density. When the vehicle is in P gear, this large screen also supports direct connection of the mobile phone or handle to play games.

Authoritative foreign media KM77 dynamic test Geely Galaxy E8 Elk test result 82km/h_fororder_image007

  In addition, the Geely Galaxy E8 will also be equipped with a new generation of Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 flagship cockpit chips and a new car system, using 5nm process, AI computing power reaches 30TOPS, compared to 8155 (7nm) GPU overall performance increased by 2 times, 3D rendering performance increased by 3 times.

  It is understood that the Geely Galaxy E8 will be pre-sold at the Guangzhou Auto Show, which opens on November 17, and is expected to go on sale in the fourth quarter of this year. (Text: Wu Yue, Photo: Geely Automobile)

At the press conference of iQiyi’s "China Rap Peak Confrontation", Rapper released each other’s materials, and Real was in the end.

On June 27th, the first Harbin Cup Basketball Competition was broadcast live to the audience. Iqiyi’s "China Rap Summit" was launched in the first 14 hours, and the in-station index broke 9000. All kinds of topics initiated by the alliance triggered extensive discussions on social platforms. As a result, they had a hearty rap match on the stage two days ago, but today they are divided into two teams, Battle, playing basketball, which is really vigorous on the stage and laughing under the stage.

A sudden rainstorm in Qingdao moved the conference from outdoor to indoor, but no one could stop the enthusiasm of Rapper. Shengyu exploded and claimed that Capper operated TizzyT’s voting machine in a black box, Ai Ge turned into a "big leaky spoon" and the stage behind the spoiler was full of new songs. MC HotDog hot dogs indicated that the competition was under great pressure, and Capper asked the chief director for an own goal … Rappers were more than Real, and the hard-core speech ran through the first Harbin Cup Basketball Competition.

There will be melons at the press conference, KeyNG will settle accounts with people who didn’t vote, and GAI GAI will be "boated" at the press conference.

After the first program, the Rapper in the program were ridiculed by netizens as "too noisy". This time, they participated in the press conference and their skills were not small. They shared their basketball experiences and teased each other. The host bluntly said that "the ears are not enough" is another rhythm of "Harbin Spring Festival Evening". Sheng Yu took advantage of the situation and said that he would bring more pure rap to the Spring Festival Evening.

The attitude of the Rapper at the press conference remains the same, and KeyNG KEYNG’s harsh words will make people who didn’t vote for themselves "wait". Sheng Yu made a lot of contributions at the press conference, poking fun at GAI GAI’s "boating" to Qingdao in a circle of friends, openly questioning Capper’s first round of voting why he grabbed TizzyT’s voter and voted for Psy.P Jun-yi Yang, and even scaring Capper into admitting his mistake with the tutor’s tone in "Youth Rap Planning" last year, which made the scene laugh constantly.

The first "Ha Man Cup Can’t Hold" Competition started after Rappers were divided into two alliances: "Not Friendly" and "Friendly". Unexpectedly, a group of Rappers were still full of winners and losers in the face of interesting basketball games and actively participated. In the end, Kung Fu Fu-Pen won the MVP title awarded by Che Che Che for his perseverance.

2. The league competition system inspired Rapper’s fighting spirit, and Sheng Yu and Wan Nida Vinida put the new album on the stage.

Zuo Jin said at the scene, "I hope to break the industry barriers this year and present the most realistic reality show and diversified music. "China Rap Summit" introduced the common concept of alliance in sports events for the first time, and invited two commentators, Wilber Pan and Chi, to explain the event. The collision between team alliances is also the main line of this season’s purpose, hoping to show everyone a sense of confrontation from fist to flesh. "

League is an important concept of the program competition system, and high-intensity confrontation is inevitable. MC HotDog said that this is the first and last time to participate in the competition. However, the Rapper momentum at the scene is still not lost and full of confidence. KeyNG KEYNG said, "I won’t change songs when I meet anyone, and I want everyone to see that I can do something different"; Ai Ge AIR said that "his music has always been excellent".

Of course, the collision between the strong and the strong also inspired the Rapper’ overwhelming desire to win or lose. 1V1 Stage KEY.L Liu Cong’s "Breeze Tune" brainwashed the audience, saying that the band should be brought to the next stage, and Kung Fu Fu-pen vomited that "everyone rolled up with the band"; Sheng Yu and Wan Nida Vinida have revealed that the songs of the new album will be brought to the stage. It seems that the success of the competition system of China Rap Summit has aroused the "higher, stronger and more REAL" attitude of the sponsors of these alliances. Wang Yitai said that persistence is more important than talent. With the help of iQiyi’s continuous support for the development of rap culture, Rapper will definitely reach the peak. GAI GAI even said that he would come as long as iQiyi invited him.

After the first broadcast, the program received a lot of praise, and the fierce competition system, which went into battle one after another in one go, showed the star-studded style of Chinese rap. From June 25th, every Saturday night at 20:00, the top league of Chinese rappers in iQiyi, China Rap Summit, started as scheduled, and rappers are about to collide with a more cracked stage with the attitude of climbing the peak, looking forward to this rap feast together.

Watch the front desk for the big play! Central Radio and Television General Station released the TV drama list in 2022

Watch the front desk for the big play! Central Radio and Television General Station released the TV drama list in 2022

  Watch the front desk for the big drama — — The release of the 2022 TV drama list by the Central Radio and Television General Station was held in Beijing on December 29th. Shen Haixiong, Vice Minister of Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China, Director and Editor-in-Chief of the Central Radio and Television General Station, attended the ceremony, and made a final announcement for the opening of the Spring Festival drama "On Earth" and "Beyond" of the General Station.

Watch the front desk for the big play! Central Radio and Television General Station released the TV drama list in 2022

  The 2022 TV drama list of the main station is released in four sections. In the section of "New Year Drama Quality Presentation", Liang Xiaosheng, the author of Mao Dun’s novel "In the World", shared the creative process, and the creative teams such as directors and screenwriters introduced the highlights of the plot. The drama shows the struggle, growth and warmth of a generation in the great historical process, and will be launched heavily during the Spring Festival. Another sports TV series "Beyond" with the background of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will be broadcast after New Year’s Day as an opening drama.

Watch the front desk for the big play! Central Radio and Television General Station released the TV drama list in 2022

  Xue Jijun, a member of the editorial meeting of the Central Radio and Television General Station, introduced the characteristics of the New Year drama created and broadcast by the General Station. First, we should persist in innovation, create a dual-brand differentiation pattern of "watching the drama and knowing the world" and "enjoying the good time" of CCTV Eight Yellow, vigorously promote the mechanism innovation, and make CCTV platform the gathering place and preferred platform for China’s fine dramas. Second, pay attention to coordination, adhere to original self-control and market procurement. The third is to carry out the mission of national television, carry forward the main theme, spread positive energy, and firmly safeguard the green and pollution-free ratings of TV dramas. The fourth is to increase open cooperation with top creative forces, head production companies, major video platforms and first-line satellite TV. The fifth is to promote sharing, and make use of the open and inclusive platform of the reception desk to cooperate with all parties, share resources and create quality products together.

Watch the front desk for the big play! Central Radio and Television General Station released the TV drama list in 2022

  This is the second TV drama list release activity of the reception desk, with more than 40 representatives from brand enterprises and advertising companies from all walks of life attending.

  Peng Jianming, member of the editorial meeting of the Central Radio and Television General Station and general manager of the general manager’s office, said, "A good brand is the brand of the times." In 2022, the reception desk will open a new era of drama marketing, relying on comprehensive channels, TV drama channels, CCTV videos, CCTV audio and video, CCTV network and other dramas of the era that integrate media matrix, build a brand-new marketing product system that highlights the rights and interests of sponsoring enterprises, and launch online packaging, creative implantation and other advertising forms that are more closely integrated with the plot, so as to enhance the marketing communication effect and help cooperative brands go deep into the streets and into thousands of households.

Watch the front desk for the big play! Central Radio and Television General Station released the TV drama list in 2022

  In the release section of "Original Power and Feelings of Home and Country", there is a TV series "Beautiful Mountains and Rivers" which shows the great epic course of getting rid of poverty in a panoramic way; The Story of Xingfu, a realistic TV series with the background of building a well-off society in an all-round way and the inspirational growth of rural women as the main line; The TV series "Love is Full of Nine Bends" depicting the struggle of 40-year-old Beijing youth in reform and opening up; Da Han Fu, which shows the historical situation from the early Western Han Dynasty to the revival of Guangwu; Panoramic display of Wang Yangming’s biography of Yangming, which integrates virtue, meritorious service, statement and standing; The TV series "Tianwang" about Beidou people’s independent development of global satellite navigation system; People’s Backbone, which focuses on the Communist Party of China (CPC)’s road to self-revolution since the 18th CPC National Congress; Hard-core Times, with the birth process of China’s third-generation nuclear power technology "Hualong No.1" as the theme; The TV series "City in the City" depicting the colorful picture of financial reform in the new era; According to the novel of the same name in Alai Maodun Literature Award, the chronological drama "Dust Settled" and the "Female Interpol Captain" which shows the female Interpol captain leading the team to solve difficult and complicated cases, and so on. The creation of TV dramas at the reception desk continued to exert its strength, and the number of fine dramas reached a new high.

Watch the front desk for the big play! Central Radio and Television General Station released the TV drama list in 2022

  The "Poems of Life Colorful" section focuses on the recent key repertoire of the main station: the urban emotional drama "Heart Residence" adapted from Teng Xiaolan’s novel of the same name; A realistic drama "Mother’s War" which reflects the family life in contemporary China and explores the educational concept; The TV series Dear Child, which discusses the relationship between family affection and personal growth. The Happy Duet, which seeks the way for husband and wife to get along with each other in the exploration, The Life after Tomorrow, which believes that "the future will be better" in the face of love, and Lush, which tells the story of three brothers and sisters in Guangzhou who passed on different skills during the Anti-Japanese War, are also high-quality works in this section.

Watch the front desk for the big play! Central Radio and Television General Station released the TV drama list in 2022

  The series of plays recommended by the "Song of Ideal, Youth Should Burn" section fully embodies the high-quality development achievements of the TV series of the General Station, which adhere to the quality and youth. In 2022, the reception desk will launch the costume spy war drama "The Wind Rises in Longxi" adapted from Ma Boyong’s novel of the same name, showing the realistic drama "Police Honor" of grassroots police in fighting crime and protecting peace, telling the TV series "Basic Law of Genius" that loves mathematics and devotes itself to research, telling the TV series "Public Prosecution Elite" that prosecutors uphold justice and fight crime, showing the spy war drama "The Infiltrator" that shows all kinds of hardships in latent work, and showing the contemporary military drama "Yunbao Commandos eliminate drug dealers"

Watch the front desk for the big play! Central Radio and Television General Station released the TV drama list in 2022

  It is reported that many TV dramas such as Crossing the Yalu River, Armageddon, and The Awakeing Age’s Loading Taiwan, which appeared in the release activities of the general station last year, have been broadcast one after another, all of which have achieved a double harvest in terms of ratings and reputation, and continue to arouse heated discussions in society.

  In 2021, the cumulative viewing share of CCTV TV channels reached 3.85%, ranking first in the country for five consecutive years. The cumulative audience of TV dramas broadcast in prime time at the main station reached 920 million. Among the top 20 TV dramas in China, CCTV comprehensive channel and TV drama channel have 14 seats.

  Lu Hongshi, deputy director of the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China Municipal Bureau of Literature and Art, first-class inspector, Jiang Wenbo and Huang Chuanfang, members of the editorial board of the Central Radio and Television General Station, Dong Weimin, chief accountant, heads of relevant departments of the General Station, and celebrities from the domestic film and television industry and commerce attended the release event. (Photo: Zhu Yan Fu Bo)

Guangdong police cracked down on the crime of illegal production on the Internet and seized 5.8 billion pieces of stolen citizen information.

The mobile phone cards seized by the police were "piled up like mountains".

  The largest WeChat plug-in case in China, the largest "black hat" promotion case in China, and the largest domain name hijacking case in China … … Yesterday, the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department held a press conference to report the effectiveness of cracking down on cybercrime and cracked a number of major and influential new cybercrime cases in the country. It is understood that from January to October this year, Guangdong Province detected more than 1,430 cases of online illegal production, detained more than 9,220 people in criminal detention, and seized more than 5.8 billion pieces of personal information of citizens who were leaked and stolen, up 29.68%, 22.26% and 557.64% respectively, which effectively cracked down on the arrogance of online illegal production crimes.

  Guangzhou cracked the largest case of manufacturing and selling WeChat plug-in software in China.

  Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department organized the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau to carry out the "Net Net No.11" project to close the net, knocked out a large new hacker criminal gang that made, resold and used WeChat plug-in software, engaged in the business of buying and selling WeChat accounts and keeping numbers, arrested 44 criminal suspects, and seized about 650,000 micro-signals involved, involving about 10.41 million yuan. The case is the largest network black production case that has been cracked in China to manufacture and sell WeChat plug-in software.

  In May this year, when Guangzhou police detected a fraud case of dating, they found that the suspect used a WeChat plug-in software called One Piece. The so-called WeChat plug-in software has the functions that official WeChat does not have, such as logging in micro-signals in batches, automatically adding friends, sending friends in batches, managing group messages, and authenticating micro-signals in batches. It is an important tool for black producers to raise and sell numbers, and can provide a large number of account resources for gangs that commit crimes such as online fraud.

  According to the suspect’s confession, the software was sold to them by a man named Liang Moulun and solved the problems encountered in the use of the software. The task force conducted in-depth investigations and successfully concluded a new hacker criminal gang that produced, resold and used WeChat plug-in software, engaged in the business of buying and selling WeChat accounts and keeping numbers.

  After the micro-signal was "raised", its value soared by a hundredfold.

  After investigation, the gang, centered on Chen Mou Exhibition, a software producer, is divided into three roles: software producer, software agent and micro-signal dealer. The first floor consists of three people, including Chen Mou Zhan, a software producer, who is mainly responsible for developing the One Piece WeChat plug-in software and uploading it to the website for users to download. The software requires an authorization code to use, and the suspect illegally profited by selling the authorization code and charging the software agency fee. On the second floor, there are 10 software agents, including Liang Mou, who mainly obtain agency qualifications from software producers, buy authorization codes in bulk at low prices and resell them to micro-signal vendors. Some agents are also engaged in the black business of micro-signal vendors. On the third floor, there are 31 micro-signal merchants, including Gong Mou, who mainly buy authorization codes from agents, and register real-name WeChat accounts in batches by using One Piece software to carry out the business of raising and selling numbers.

  What are these micro-signals sold in bulk used for? According to the police handling the case, most of them are used to disguise their identity to engage in illegal and criminal activities, and become tools for crimes downstream of online black production, such as dating fraud. The newly registered number is cheaper, only a few dollars, while the old number that has been raised for a while will sell for tens to hundreds of dollars.

  Gambling sites "wears vest" to improve its ranking.

  Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department organized the public security organs of Foshan City to carry out the "Net No.10" network-closing operation in six provinces and eight cities, including Foshan, Fujian, Sichuan and Jiangsu, and successfully destroyed a criminal gang that used Baidu Black Hat to promote the online gambling industry chain, arrested 72 suspects, seized 1.32 million yuan in cash on the spot and frozen 15 million yuan in funds. This case is the largest network black production case that Baidu Black Hat promoted the online gambling industry chain in China.

  Since the beginning of this year, it has been found in the work of Foshan Internet Police Detachment that there are a lot of gambling sites information in the top links in Baidu search engine. After investigation, criminals use technical means to implant online gambling, online pornography, online fraud and other promotional links in multiple websites to improve the search ranking of promotional links and increase the click-through rate of promotional links. This promotion method is called black hat SEO in the black industry. In short, it is to improve the ranking in search engines by improper methods. Accordingly, the police carried out in-depth investigation and found a large gang that used Baidu black hat to promote the online gambling industry chain.

  The investigation found that the gang provided operation and maintenance services to 143 gambling information websites, such as Zeng × Ren, Xiao× Er, Ye× Zhu, Tie× Pan and Ju× Pan. In order to improve the ranking of this kind of target website (gambling sites) in various search engines and increase the hit rate of being searched, it forged the homepage of the website into a news media page, and used the title to attract clicks, thus attracting traffic. After Baidu’s ranking was improved, the gang secretly inserted gambling advertisements and links in the webpage to promote various gambling sites for gambling gangs.

  In addition, in order to ensure that gambling sites is accessible and has certain concealment, the gang also purchased SSL certificates from overseas for website encryption and VPN services for climbing over the wall, thus avoiding supervision and review.

  The source of batch registration of online accounts "meal" is actually "inside ghost"

  Recently, under the coordination and command of the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department, Dongguan public security organs simultaneously launched the "Net Net 22" project in Guangdong, Fujian, Shandong and other places, knocked out a mobile phone verification code obtained by building a network code platform, registered a new type of criminal gang with online virtual accounts in batches, arrested 82 major suspects in various links such as "industry ghosts", "card merchants", platform personnel and downstream crimes, and seized more than 1,400 personal information of citizens. The case completely cut off the black industrial chain of the "receiving platform".

  In May this year, the investigation of Dongguan Cyber Police Detachment found that Dongguan Ziyou Network Technology Co., Ltd. set up a "Domi" network code access platform, contacted "card merchants" and criminals with black products, bypassed real-name authentication, and obtained verification codes of mobile phones in batches, and then provided them to black products users of the platform to register various platform accounts in batches, and then provided them to criminals downstream for "car", "loan" and "loan".

  After in-depth investigation, it was found that two staff members of Dongguan telecom operators acted as "ghosts in the industry" and used their work to provide a large number of mobile phone "black cards" for "card merchants". Card merchants then sell mobile phone "black cards" to cyber criminals, who use "cool cards" and "cat pools" to connect with the "Domi" platform. By using the "Domi" platform, they can receive verification codes of mobile phones in batches, and illegally sell a large number of accounts after registering in popular mobile apps. Account buyers can get the first discount of the corresponding merchants, or implement it in a way of not paying after consumption and not returning small loans.

  For example, criminal gangs of black goods registered a large number of accounts on platforms such as Alipay, Didi Chuxing, Shouqi Chuxing and Hungry, and then sold them to criminals downstream. After using this account, downstream criminals deliberately fail to pay, maliciously owe money after the loan, or get the first discount from the platform merchants.

  The police reminded that providing code-receiving services for online criminal gangs is to help information network criminal activities, and the masses should not try their own laws. If you find any clues about the code receiving platform, please report to the public security organ in time.

  Network access automatically jumps to gambling sites? It was a domain name hijacking.

  Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department organized the public security organs of Zhongshan City to carry out the "Net Net No.13" project to close the net, knocked out a domain name hijacking criminal gang, arrested 80 criminal suspects, and seized a large number of computers, mobile phones, bank cards, cars and other items. This case is the largest network black production case of domain name hijacking crime in China.

  In July this year, during an online patrol, Zhongshan Cyber Police Detachment found that some people posted publicity information about gambling slang such as "operator DNS hijacking", "BC", "CP", "chess and cards" and "LH" on Baidu Post Bar, and used domain name hijacking to "drain" gambling sites.

  Internet domain name hijacking is to hijack the domain name resolution server by illegal means, gain the control of the domain name resolution record of the website, and then modify the resolution result of the domain name of the website, so that users cannot directly visit the target website. After entering the domain name, the webpage will jump to designated websites such as gambling and pornographic websites.

  After layer-by-layer investigation and analysis, the task force finally locked in a network domain name hijacking criminal gang headed by Li Molong, Zheng Monan, Chang Mou, Zhao Mou, He Mochao, He Moguang and others. The gang members are located in Zhongshan, Beijing, Fujian, Jiangsu and other places in Guangdong.

  After investigation, it was found that Li Moulong and others set up a studio in Shiqi District, Zhongshan City since February 2019, and used hacking software to hijack websites such as "A certain amount of treasure" to brush traffic for illegal websites such as Mark Six Lottery in gambling sites and the mainland, in order to attract people to browse gambling sites and participate in online gambling, and formed a "DNS operation gang, domain name hijacking gang, intermediary promotion gang and downstream gambling gang".

  The police reminded that it is a serious crime to provide domain name hijacking and promote "drainage" services for cybercrime, and the masses should not try their own laws. Please report to the police actively if you find that the webpage jumps forcibly or that computers and mobile devices find viruses and Trojan horse infections. (Text/Guangzhou Daily All-Media Reporter Li Dong Correspondent Lin Hongsheng, Jiang Shuting, Li Changda)

Is it so difficult to make a good love movie? Learn the masterpiece of love film "Mo Di"

Wen Fei Fei

Nowadays, there are too many romantic films and too few good ones. This love biographical film "Mo Di", which is based on a true story, has a good reputation, giving people a sense of intimacy and the power to move people to tears.

Watching movies at "the most beautiful love", but seeing a beautiful life in it.

The story is adapted from the real experience of Canadian folk artist Momo Lewis and her husband Everett Lewis. In the film, the heroine Mo Di suffers from congenital rheumatoid arthritis, and her walking posture is a little weird. Due to various experiences, she doesn’t want others to feel that she is a burden. By chance, she went to the home of a fisherman Everett with a quick temper to apply for a maid. They got to know each other, gradually fell in love with each other, and finally spent their lives together.

The couple lived in that humble cottage all their lives, but their stories spread all over Canada and America.

Just like the film title "Mo Di", the story content of the film is extremely simple, but it is very warm and delicate. The film is set in a rural town in Canada, and there are only a few simple scenes, and even the actors are exceptionally few. However, the touching and inspirational love story of the protagonist is like a pot of sake. The longer Mika is, the more beautiful the artistic conception is, the more attractive it is.

Looking at the whole film, there is always an invisible force that affects the heartstrings of the viewers. The film of nearly two hours does not feel lengthy.


Everything has cracks, so that sunlight can enter.

It can be said that the background color of Mo Di’s life after her parents’ death is almost gray. Obviously, she has caught a bad card of fate-physical disability, being dependent on others, and a mercenary brother, who is unloved, unemployed and has no home of her own. With such a life, will you feel sorry for yourself and sink into depravity? Mo Di, the hero of the film, may have given us the best answer.

At the beginning of the film, Mo Di lived a life similar to being under house arrest in menstruation’s house. The slightly cold tone set off Mo Di’s depressed psychology, which aroused the audience’s depressed mood.

Because her body and mind are under control at the same time, Mo Di is very eager for independence. Even a low salary of ten cents a month means different things to her.

Therefore, she limped a few kilometers with her legs full of longing and came to work in Everett, a fisherman, in order to move towards a new life and freedom.

Life as a domestic helper in Everett’s house is also not satisfactory, and Mo Di ranks behind dogs and chickens in this family.

Small town residents are talking about Mo Di being Everett’s love slave.

Even my aunt said to Mo Di, you make me sick!

Nevertheless, Mo Di doesn’t seem to care about these rumors, and she still enjoys and pursues an independent life.

Even when she gets along with her master Everett, she treats her as an equal, even though Everett always emphasizes that she is the master, and even does it.

In the face of such an encounter, Mo Di still didn’t flinch. She went back to her room, touched the paint with her finger as a brush, painted flowers and plants on the wall, and immersed herself in the quiet painting world. All her sadness seemed to leave her.

The floating life of 3 thousand is fixed, and the painting is full of love.

When God closes a door for you, he will also open a window for you. Although life is not satisfactory, Mo Di has always kept the greatest hot pillow for life.

The film uses contrast in many places. For example, Mo Di enjoys a person’s happiness in the corner of the bar, comparing with others’ wanton indulgence in the bar, and showing Mo Di’s miserable life situation in details with her bright and cheerful paintings, which highlights Mo Di’s strong yearning for freedom and superb artistic talent, and the valuable spirit of persisting in painting in such a difficult environment.

There are two kinds of scenery in the film, one is the vast scenery of Nova Scotia outside the door, and the other is the scenery written by Mo Mo.

The endless grassland, the vast sky, the warm hut, the harbor of home in the depths of the wilderness and the poetic life bring Mo Di a smart creative space. Because of the inconvenience of her legs and feet, Mo Di can only record the world she observed from her small window by painting. Poetry and distance in her heart pour out through her pen, and painting is the external display of her inner world.

In the plot of the film, the artistic plot of Mo Di’s painting runs through the film.

When Everett scolded her, Mo Di secretly painted on the deserted wall. When talking to Everett about salary, Mo Di’s only requirement for salary is enough paint. No matter what happens in life, Mo Di’s solution is painting. In her paintings, the complexity of the real world does not exist, but only the beautiful pictures presented by the interactive combination of lines and colors, and everything is arranged in such a vibrant and orderly way.

In her world, life can be so simple that she even has a window in front of her.

The comfortable and melodious soundtrack is in sharp contrast with the bumpy experience of the hostess. Slow music is accompanied by calm narration, without intensive lines and deliberate rendering, but the touch brought to people is heartfelt. The brush falls, the music rings, and the soft lens leads us into Mo Di’s simple and beautiful paintings. In Mo Di’s paintings, the world is more agile, everything is clear and full of beauty: there are three black cats hidden under the flower tree, the sky and the grass are connected in the purest color, deer drink spring water, chickens feed, dogs run, weeds sway, and there are fierce conflicts between sadness and brightness, quiet and lively, clear and clear. All this makes it impossible to look away and listen to the words of her heart in her extreme ink.

She paints because she loves it, and she paints everything she loves. Life is bleak, but Mo Di’s paintings are always sunny and bright. She never thought that her paintings would be appreciated, bought and collected. In the world of painting, she cured the pain of life, found a brand-new self, softened the hard Everett, and changed and warmed their lives.

Although this is a biographical film, the ups and downs of narrative and emotional dormancy and explosiveness are amazing.

Mo Di decorated the colorful hut with a brush and got the happiness she dreamed of with a sincere heart. Her greatest luck is not painting talent, but having a lover who will always protect her, a sincere and lovely lover like her.

When Mo Di’s paintings were very popular, she always sold them for only five dollars.

Faced with the rare "false name" of the president’s letter asking for a painting, Mo Mo said that he would not give him anything unless he sent the money together.

Mo Di and Everett are not flattering, hypocritical, simple and pure. These two "freaks" who are rejected by the mainstream society are in harmony with each other. From then on, they will join hands for life, warm each other and achieve each other.

In the movie, there are many touching dialogues. You can feel the certainty and sincerity that penetrates the screen just by reading the words. The man who was originally grumpy and fierce in appearance can also become tender and delicate for love and touch the deepest softness of the audience.

The whole movie has a slow rhythm, but it shows the protagonist’s simple and pure love and pursuit of a better life to the fullest. Iselin Walsh, the director, abandoned the gaudy shooting technique and focused on the psychological portrayal of the two protagonists. Sally Hawkins and Ethan Hawke gave a superb performance to the audience, but accurately grasped the current mood and emotion of the characters.

The camera slowly shows the world in which they live. The connection between the beginning and the end of the film, all the details in the scene and all the elements in the painting are the delicate manifestations of the female perspective in the film directed by this woman.

Looking at the whole film, there is no unnecessary part, the editing is smooth and natural, there is no complicated story, and the blandness echoes with warmth. Just the right touch, just the right tears, even after reading the last word, the music just stopped, everything is just right, "just right" is the most comfortable and charming force of this film.

Of course, the film has both successes and shortcomings. A biographical film about a folk artist, the protagonist Mo Di’s fate is bumpy, and her inner strength of tenacity and optimism is enough to prop up a memorable celebrity biographical film. However, the expression of the whole film is restrained, and the suffering is not greatly exaggerated, and the drama conflict is not used to promote the plot development. The slightly dull narrative method is not wonderful enough for the audience who rely on external drama to satisfy the sensory stimulation.

As a romantic film, the focus is on the relationship between Mo Di and Everett, and the angle of purely explaining their relationship with love is not large enough. Mo Di and her husband do not have the traditional "love", so it is not convincing enough.

Despite some shortcomings, "Mo Di" is indeed a moving art film, without huge twists and turns, without heartbreaking love and hate, but with delicate and silky warmth and love.

In the film, menstruation said to Mo Di: Only you in our family are happy in the end.

Mo Di, a lame woman with arthritis, was once regarded as a burden by her family, but eventually she became the only one in the family who gained happiness. All this is not because she is lucky enough, but because she really knows life, accepts herself, treats others well, and is good at finding little beauty in the nuances of life.

At the end of the film, Mo Di died of illness, and Everett said, I used to think you were not perfect. Mo Di once opened Everett’s cold iron gate in a short life, but now, the key to open the iron gate has been lost, and Everett is so lonely.

Since then, I have no intention to go to the fine night and let him go down to the west wing in the bright moon.

What the film inspired me the most was not the whole process in which painting influenced Mo Di’s life, but how the emotional connection between her and Everett deepened with Mo Di’s awakening to independence.

The significance of painting to Mo Di is not just to find a hobby that can fill her heart and get a certain economic return, but to find a brand-new personal value, relieve the pain and pressure of life, and connect and influence her relationship with others.

From Mo Di’s paintings, Everett learned about the world in Mo Di’s eyes and her way of looking at the world. From Mo Di’s serious attitude towards painting, Everett realized Mo Di’s dedication and enthusiasm for life, which made Everett more and more aware of the heart of this ordinary and special woman-Mo Di. From indifference to respect and appreciation, the two of them have touched a deeper emotional connection, and Mo Di’s desire to live with Everett on an equal footing and grow old together has gradually come true.

Whether we can love and love ourselves is closely related to the extent to which we find ourselves and understand each other. Not everyone can accurately express their inner feelings, and sometimes even fail to express their feelings. Therefore, it is worth exploring and learning to find a way to express ourselves and get along with others.

More self-expression is helpful to self-awareness and the establishment of intimate relationship. We know ourselves more and more and understand each other, which is an important foundation for a more quality relationship. Whether painting, writing, writing poems or singing, it is the way we observe and record our life, and it is the expression of our inner feelings, the embodiment of our hearts and thoughts. Sincere expression is conducive to our mutual discovery and integration, and the flow of emotions will naturally occur.

At the end of the film, Mo Di’s narration slowly sounded. "The scenery outside the window is always changing, covering the whole life, and the warmth and coldness of life have already been reflected here."

Perhaps the company of morning and evening is the warmest and moving appearance of love. I hope that all lovers in the world can "win the hearts of one person and never leave each other", and I hope that domestic love films can also be made like this!


Reunion dinner for Tujia boys in Hunan: the menu is "confidential", and it is dawn when eating.

My hometown is Sangzhi County, Zhangjiajie City, and I am a Tujia boy. Different from the general New Year’s Eve dinner, we usually have a reunion dinner in the early morning of the New Year’s Eve, almost as early as possible, and families will start preparing from dawn.

Therefore, every year at the reunion dinner, the family will experience the moment when the sky is bright after eating. If we are lucky, we can also hear the sound of fireworks and firecrackers set off by nearby residents during the reunion dinner. On this day, people will look forward to the good weather in the coming year, just like farmers, and they all hope that all their wishes will come true and everything will go well in the new year.

Family members have been preparing dishes for the reunion dinner since early in the morning.

When I was a child, I heard from the older generation that Tujia people have the custom of catching up with the New Year, usually having a reunion dinner on the night of the 29th of the twelfth lunar month. But as a Tujia, I have had a reunion dinner on the morning of New Year’s Eve since I was a child. Yes, this is our morning New Year’s Eve dinner.

This year is the same. Our family chose to have a reunion dinner at our third aunt’s house. It is said that three aunts and three uncles have been buying food since the beginning of the twelfth lunar month, including killing pigs from the countryside, and then finding people to smoke them into bacon and sausages. Smoked bacon can be steamed, fried and cooked, and each method is delicious.

Except for bacon, the menu of the annual reunion dinner is "confidential", and people who come to eat don’t know what to eat until the food is served on the table. This year, I asked my third aunt for a menu in advance, including: steak, steamed sausage, fried bacon, pig’s head meat, chicken hotpot, tasty fish, bacon trotters and so on.

I got up early, set out from home and walked.13I came to my third aunt’s house in minutes, and it was early morning.sixHalf past ten. Three aunts and three uncles are already busy. "Honey, thaw the pig’s trotters first, then wash them. I’ll wash those small dishes first. After you finish, then cut the sausage." Third aunt shouted.

At this time, it was just dawn outside. In the words of my composition when I was a child, it was "the sky turned into a fish-belly white". The preparation of the two people’s dishes lasted for almost an hour, and I would help them from time to time. After washing the vegetables, it was already bright outside.

It was dawn after eating, and fireworks sounded outside the house.

At this time, I came to the most important link.——Cooking. My uncle used to work in the cookhouse squad of the army, so he naturally cooked the reunion dinner. Ignite, take out the pot, burn oil and hot dishes. One by one, the ingredients change from raw to cooked in the pot, and the hot air and aroma are intertwined. Third Aunt can’t help but say, "The dishes smell good!"

fromeightAt half past ten, relatives at home knocked at the door one after another, and my brother and nephews scrambled to open the door. "Happy New Year!" Every guest who comes in will say such a sentence. In a short time, the house was full of people.

The dishes were brought to the table and the table was quickly filled. People who were sitting around the fire table smelled the fragrance and came to the table automatically. There is a special program of Spring Festival on the news channel on TV. Overseas Chinese all live the same festival belonging to China people in different places.

Our whole family picked up cups and raised their glasses to wish a happy New Year. It was cloudy that day. Although the sun didn’t come out, there were bursts of fireworks and firecrackers outside the house.——People have a reunion dinner on the morning of New Year’s Eve, saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new, hoping for a better year.

Xiaoxiang morning herald reporter Man Yankun

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