A bad review of the mobile phone was inexplicably "bombed". 5 yuan money can buy 300 "bombing text messages"

  A few days ago, "a woman received thousands of verification code messages at noon" became a hot topic, which triggered a discussion among netizens about malicious harassment and telephone "bombing" others. The mobile phone was inexplicably "bombed". Who is behind it?

  The reporter’s investigation found that although the "bombing service" has been cracked down, this service is still active in the dark. As long as you spend money, relevant software and services can be found. People who suffer from "bombing" will be in great trouble in their work and life.


  Just because a bad review mobile phone directly "exploded"

  Just because he gave a bad review, Lu Lili was bombarded by phone calls from merchants. "It’s been two days and two nights, and I haven’t let go in the middle of the night, which has caused serious harm to my life." Lu Lili hopes that the involved e-commerce platform can intervene in management and deal with merchants.

  Previously, Lu Lili bought a stroller on a well-known e-commerce platform. Because the baby stroller cushion is narrow and uncomfortable for the child to sit on, she only used it once and wanted to return it, but the merchant replied that she could not return it after using it. Then, Lu Lili chose to score bad reviews in the product reviews. Soon, the merchant sent a red envelope, hoping that Lu Lili would delete the bad reviews after receiving it. Due to poor communication, Lu Lili didn’t receive the merchant’s red envelope or delete the bad reviews. Since then, Lu Lili’s mobile phone has inexplicably received continuous "bombing".

  "Bombing with VoIP for 24 hours. SMS bombing with various verification codes, the mobile phone directly exploded. " Lu Lili said that the merchants even threatened to find someone to pick her up. "This kind of business exploits legal loopholes and threatens consumers unscrupulously. Consumers have no recourse to complain. How can this kind of business exist?" She asked the merchants whether they would keep harassing her crazily if they didn’t delete the bad reviews. In the face of such questions, the customer service did not respond positively, but only replied, "Thank you, sister, we promise not to bother you."

  Lu Lili’s experience is not a case. Consumer Teng Feiming also suffered a "call you to death" bombing before. Teng Feiming bought a pair of trousers on a certain platform. Because he felt that the product had color difference, he contacted the customer service, but the customer service thought that the product had no color difference problem. After some negotiations, Teng Feiming gave the store a bad review. Then, he was also suddenly harassed and bombed. "I was bought by the store on the Internet and kept harassing and bombing me. It has affected my personal life. " Teng Feiming said that there were quality and color difference problems in the shop products, but they were bombarded and harassed after bad reviews, and they were very depressed. "My purpose is to ask the merchants to apologize and compensate."

  The reporter searched on the consumer complaint platform "Black Cat Complaint" and found that more than 90 related complaints could pop up as long as the keyword "bombing of bad reviews" was entered. A number of cases show that after purchasing products, consumers have suffered malicious harassment of "calling you to death" because of product quality problems, difficulty in negotiating refunds and returns, or not accepting red envelopes from merchants.


  Choose more packages at will, and the price is as low as a few cents.

  Where did these rampant "call you to death" bombings come from? What is the cost? The reporter’s investigation found that "calling you to death" is mainly divided into two forms: telephone bombing and SMS bombing, and unscrupulous merchants often provide a variety of packages. The cost of SMS bombing is as low as a few cents.

  After many twists and turns, the reporter finally contacted a merchant who provided the so-called "short message service". The page shows that nearly 4,000 orders have been made for "SMS" products. In its service introduction, the merchant implicitly stated that "your needs will be better met". As for the price, the "telephone version" and the "short message version" are obviously different. Take the "short message version" as an example, which introduces "5 yuan tested and sent 300 verification code short messages, 3 hours in 10 yuan and 6 hours in 15 yuan … … 30 yuan is 24 hours. " The price of the "telephone version" is 160 calls from 20 yuan, 280 calls from 30 yuan, 500 calls from 60 yuan and 1,800 calls from 150 yuan. In particular, the "telephone version" service will hang up after ringing for one or two seconds and will not be connected. "Contact after filming, I’ll arrange it."

  The reporter filmed the "short message version" of 5 yuan’s money test. In less than a minute, the merchant replied "Start". Soon after, a short message with a verification code appeared on the reporter’s mobile phone. And these short messages come from various institutions and all walks of life. In just a few minutes, dozens of short messages "bombed" in. "Generally, after the order is submitted, the text message will arrive (the other party’s mobile phone). Unless you guess it is you, you won’t know it is you." Merchants said that even if the other party guessed who bought the "SMS service", "don’t admit it."

  At the same time, the merchants said that they can also buy the "telephone version" and "50 yuan for a monthly subscription, and you can operate it yourself". It is understood that the "telephone version" mainly gives the buyer an account and password in the background of the webpage, and the buyer can submit four telephone numbers to run at the same time. And the "telephone version" of the outgoing bombing calls, the other party saw the incoming number is a foreign number.

  "The system is very good, efficient and perfect, and the other party immediately apologized" "Very good, I killed you" "Very easy to use, even better in the middle of the night" … … In the product evaluation of the service page, hundreds of netizens left comments. Even, one of the netizens suspected of being a student left a message saying, "Family members, especially easy to use, buy a thief for the teacher."

  According to statistics, SMS bombing of black products currently harms more than 3,500 verification code interfaces and 2,400 SMS interfaces of more than 2,000 websites, and there are more than 1.6 million bombing SMS messages on the whole network every day.


  Hanging sheep’s head and selling dog meat "painstakingly" to avoid supervision

  In fact, "calling you to death" has always been the target of severe crackdown by relevant departments. Articles 27 and 63 of China’s Network Security Law stipulate that no individual or organization may engage in activities that endanger network security, such as illegally invading other people’s networks, interfering with the normal functions of other people’s networks, and stealing network data.

  The reporter’s investigation found that businesses that provide such services often sell dog meat by hanging sheep’s heads and avoiding supervision through various methods and ways.

  In some web pages, it is difficult to find related software or businesses by directly searching for keywords such as "calling you to death" and "bombing". But at the same time, words such as "baked chicken" and "blasted chicken" were also derived. Although some software on the Internet claims to be an "infinite cracked version", most of them are gimmicks after testing. More real situations are still selling dog meat and avoiding keyword monitoring.

  The reporter found that on the e-commerce platform, businesses suspected of providing "calling you to death" bombing often appear with words such as "short message generation", "short message software" and "short message service". Even, words such as "breaking through obstacles", "monthly, experiential" and "tough" will be typed. In the specific consultation and communication, merchants will not take the initiative to mention the words "bombing" or "calling you to death", or even describe the goods too much, just saying that they will contact after placing an order.

  The aforementioned businesses that provide "short message service" are very cautious. In communication, he called "telephone" as "electric painting" many times, but for other questions asked by reporters, he simply replied in a few words, unwilling to say more. In the screenshot of the task sent to the reporter, it also deliberately coded the words "bombing in progress" and "SMS bombing has started".

  "Don’t mention illegal, illegal or sensitive words. If you ask me if I have XXX, I will only reply you:No." A merchant said this in an automatic reply. When consulting the details of the goods, he also gave a vague answer to the services he provided, only saying, "Contact me after photographing, and you can use it after registering and recharging yourself." "The effect is great. Open it if you want, close it if you want, depending on your mood. " For other questions, it "does not reply."


  There are many risks in illegally "calling you to death"

  “‘ Call you to death ’ Bombing is mainly realized through call forwarding or virtual number equipment and related software. The principle is to let a device or software make an automatic call to a certain number. " Peng Gen, a network security research expert and general manager of Beijing Hanhua Feitian Xin ‘an Technology Co., Ltd., said that because of the low cost of "calling you to death", some unscrupulous merchants are willing to spend this cost to maliciously harass customers.

  According to Zhu Wei, deputy director of the Communication Law Research Center of China University of Political Science and Law, it is illegal for someone to harass others by calling you to death. "There are clear provisions on the right to privacy in the Civil Code, ‘ Call you to death ’ Bombing violated others’ right to privacy and peace of life. In addition, it also involves personal information disclosure and network security issues, which must be severely cracked down. "

  Zhu Wei believes that some businesses are smart enough to cover up illegal purposes in a legal form. In this regard, the platform should not turn a blind eye, but take necessary measures such as self-examination and smooth reporting channels. "To buy and sell ‘ Call you to death ’ The real identity information of the service person is left and reported to the regulatory authorities. The regulatory authorities should also increase law enforcement and take timely measures. "

  "Once encounter ‘ Bombing ’ , you can install interception software, or you can complain to the operator and ask for help. If the operator does not solve it, he can complain to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. " Peng Gen said that operators can solve this problem if they really want to solve it. "It depends on how strong it is." Our reporter Li Songlin illustrated Song Xi

Watch the front desk for the big play! Central Radio and Television General Station released the TV drama list in 2022

Watch the front desk for the big play! Central Radio and Television General Station released the TV drama list in 2022

  Watch the front desk for the big drama — — The release of the 2022 TV drama list by the Central Radio and Television General Station was held in Beijing on December 29th. Shen Haixiong, Vice Minister of Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China, Director and Editor-in-Chief of the Central Radio and Television General Station, attended the ceremony, and made a final announcement for the opening of the Spring Festival drama "On Earth" and "Beyond" of the General Station.

Watch the front desk for the big play! Central Radio and Television General Station released the TV drama list in 2022

  The 2022 TV drama list of the main station is released in four sections. In the section of "New Year Drama Quality Presentation", Liang Xiaosheng, the author of Mao Dun’s novel "In the World", shared the creative process, and the creative teams such as directors and screenwriters introduced the highlights of the plot. The drama shows the struggle, growth and warmth of a generation in the great historical process, and will be launched heavily during the Spring Festival. Another sports TV series "Beyond" with the background of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will be broadcast after New Year’s Day as an opening drama.

Watch the front desk for the big play! Central Radio and Television General Station released the TV drama list in 2022

  Xue Jijun, a member of the editorial meeting of the Central Radio and Television General Station, introduced the characteristics of the New Year drama created and broadcast by the General Station. First, we should persist in innovation, create a dual-brand differentiation pattern of "watching the drama and knowing the world" and "enjoying the good time" of CCTV Eight Yellow, vigorously promote the mechanism innovation, and make CCTV platform the gathering place and preferred platform for China’s fine dramas. Second, pay attention to coordination, adhere to original self-control and market procurement. The third is to carry out the mission of national television, carry forward the main theme, spread positive energy, and firmly safeguard the green and pollution-free ratings of TV dramas. The fourth is to increase open cooperation with top creative forces, head production companies, major video platforms and first-line satellite TV. The fifth is to promote sharing, and make use of the open and inclusive platform of the reception desk to cooperate with all parties, share resources and create quality products together.

Watch the front desk for the big play! Central Radio and Television General Station released the TV drama list in 2022

  This is the second TV drama list release activity of the reception desk, with more than 40 representatives from brand enterprises and advertising companies from all walks of life attending.

  Peng Jianming, member of the editorial meeting of the Central Radio and Television General Station and general manager of the general manager’s office, said, "A good brand is the brand of the times." In 2022, the reception desk will open a new era of drama marketing, relying on comprehensive channels, TV drama channels, CCTV videos, CCTV audio and video, CCTV network and other dramas of the era that integrate media matrix, build a brand-new marketing product system that highlights the rights and interests of sponsoring enterprises, and launch online packaging, creative implantation and other advertising forms that are more closely integrated with the plot, so as to enhance the marketing communication effect and help cooperative brands go deep into the streets and into thousands of households.

Watch the front desk for the big play! Central Radio and Television General Station released the TV drama list in 2022

  In the release section of "Original Power and Feelings of Home and Country", there is a TV series "Beautiful Mountains and Rivers" which shows the great epic course of getting rid of poverty in a panoramic way; The Story of Xingfu, a realistic TV series with the background of building a well-off society in an all-round way and the inspirational growth of rural women as the main line; The TV series "Love is Full of Nine Bends" depicting the struggle of 40-year-old Beijing youth in reform and opening up; Da Han Fu, which shows the historical situation from the early Western Han Dynasty to the revival of Guangwu; Panoramic display of Wang Yangming’s biography of Yangming, which integrates virtue, meritorious service, statement and standing; The TV series "Tianwang" about Beidou people’s independent development of global satellite navigation system; People’s Backbone, which focuses on the Communist Party of China (CPC)’s road to self-revolution since the 18th CPC National Congress; Hard-core Times, with the birth process of China’s third-generation nuclear power technology "Hualong No.1" as the theme; The TV series "City in the City" depicting the colorful picture of financial reform in the new era; According to the novel of the same name in Alai Maodun Literature Award, the chronological drama "Dust Settled" and the "Female Interpol Captain" which shows the female Interpol captain leading the team to solve difficult and complicated cases, and so on. The creation of TV dramas at the reception desk continued to exert its strength, and the number of fine dramas reached a new high.

Watch the front desk for the big play! Central Radio and Television General Station released the TV drama list in 2022

  The "Poems of Life Colorful" section focuses on the recent key repertoire of the main station: the urban emotional drama "Heart Residence" adapted from Teng Xiaolan’s novel of the same name; A realistic drama "Mother’s War" which reflects the family life in contemporary China and explores the educational concept; The TV series Dear Child, which discusses the relationship between family affection and personal growth. The Happy Duet, which seeks the way for husband and wife to get along with each other in the exploration, The Life after Tomorrow, which believes that "the future will be better" in the face of love, and Lush, which tells the story of three brothers and sisters in Guangzhou who passed on different skills during the Anti-Japanese War, are also high-quality works in this section.

Watch the front desk for the big play! Central Radio and Television General Station released the TV drama list in 2022

  The series of plays recommended by the "Song of Ideal, Youth Should Burn" section fully embodies the high-quality development achievements of the TV series of the General Station, which adhere to the quality and youth. In 2022, the reception desk will launch the costume spy war drama "The Wind Rises in Longxi" adapted from Ma Boyong’s novel of the same name, showing the realistic drama "Police Honor" of grassroots police in fighting crime and protecting peace, telling the TV series "Basic Law of Genius" that loves mathematics and devotes itself to research, telling the TV series "Public Prosecution Elite" that prosecutors uphold justice and fight crime, showing the spy war drama "The Infiltrator" that shows all kinds of hardships in latent work, and showing the contemporary military drama "Yunbao Commandos eliminate drug dealers"

Watch the front desk for the big play! Central Radio and Television General Station released the TV drama list in 2022

  It is reported that many TV dramas such as Crossing the Yalu River, Armageddon, and The Awakeing Age’s Loading Taiwan, which appeared in the release activities of the general station last year, have been broadcast one after another, all of which have achieved a double harvest in terms of ratings and reputation, and continue to arouse heated discussions in society.

  In 2021, the cumulative viewing share of CCTV TV channels reached 3.85%, ranking first in the country for five consecutive years. The cumulative audience of TV dramas broadcast in prime time at the main station reached 920 million. Among the top 20 TV dramas in China, CCTV comprehensive channel and TV drama channel have 14 seats.

  Lu Hongshi, deputy director of the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China Municipal Bureau of Literature and Art, first-class inspector, Jiang Wenbo and Huang Chuanfang, members of the editorial board of the Central Radio and Television General Station, Dong Weimin, chief accountant, heads of relevant departments of the General Station, and celebrities from the domestic film and television industry and commerce attended the release event. (Photo: Zhu Yan Fu Bo)

Green answer sheet | Fight the battle of clear water! Construct a new pattern of cross-basin and cross-regional coordinated water control, and continuously improve the national water ecology.

  CCTV News:In addition to the blue sky defense war, as another key battle of pollution prevention and control, the clear water defense war also started one after another during the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, and the national water environment continued to improve by continuing to carry out water pollution prevention and control in key river basins, starting the protection of drinking water sources, and controlling urban black and odorous water bodies.

  This "Yichang Baojie No.11" arrived at the stern of the "Hongrui No.2" transshipment ship according to the agreed time, and was ready to start receiving domestic sewage after connecting the water pipe.

  Yichang has 232 kilometers of the Yangtze River, accounting for nearly one tenth of the main channel of the Yangtze River. Every year, 60,000 sub-ships are waiting for parking or transshipment here, which is a high gathering place for receiving, transshipment and disposal of ship pollutants. Through this cooperative treatment system of ship pollutants, the whole process of ship pollutants handover, transshipment and disposal can be completed and monitored in real time. Ten specialized docks for ship pollutants can handle all ship wastes.

  The application of high-tech means has also helped China’s water ecological management to enter a new stage. In Baiyangdian, xiong’an new area, Hebei Province, a water laboratory with "integration of heaven and earth" ecological monitoring is conducting daily monitoring on the water quality in Baiyangdian District. UAV monitoring in the air, unmanned ship sampling in the water, and the sampling data are transmitted back to the first time through 5G signals. The water quality monitoring equipment on board can quickly analyze 14 water quality indexes such as chemical oxygen demand, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus and algae density.

  The latest release of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment shows that the water quality of key river basins such as the Yangtze River and the Yellow River in China is stable at present. In terms of pollution control, China is building a new pattern of cross-basin and cross-regional collaborative water control. The ecological environment management in the Yangtze River Economic Belt has established a coordinated protection system and mechanism. Recently, three provinces and one city in the Yangtze River Delta jointly launched nine major projects in the field of comprehensive management of Taihu Lake basin and water environment.

Reading music Jeff Chang Shin-Che’s "Overfire": Yes, yes, I started to sing like crazy again. …

Reading Jeff Chang Shin-Che’s "Overfire" in Music.

The song "Going Too Far" is really a classic in Jeff Chang Shin-Che’s music library. On July 8, 2023, I went to see the Jeff Chang Shin-Che Concert in Fuzhou for the first time, and the first song I sang was "Overfire", which was almost a chorus of the whole audience. How can people not remember it deeply?

This song has a deep pain, but it also has a feeling of no resentment, but it seems that it has all ended. Sometimes it even feels that it has ended before it started. Sometimes, is it completely released to give freedom to the other party? There is no answer, only through. After scenes of crazy years for love, after a deep commitment for love, and after a struggle for right and wrong, do you release and fly?

If these are all too much, then let go, let go, and set you free. Just turn around and turn around, and the affectionate scenes will be gone? I don’t know what the dream is, will it be broken, and the short-term pain will still suddenly come to mind at an unknown time of the year. Turbulent emotions, such as waves beating against the giant glass of high-rise buildings, just can’t get in, still! But the voice that resounded through Genting plunged the whirlpool of feelings deeper and deeper until it was unforgettable, right? Can’t forget it.

Therefore, listening to this song "Overfire", the fault of tearing and the drifting away of commitment become clear and profound at night! Clouds are like smoke, and if alcohol evaporates, it will disperse when walking. Do you think that the kind of moths that used to throw fire is a kind of "fire"? But those who don’t come back can’t come back, and even more whispers can’t change anything.

Just listening to this song "Overfire", I just seem to think about him or her, but I have fallen into the precious "entanglement" of being loved and loved, let go and left, and gradually I can’t go back. Really? Yes, I started singing like crazy again.

Original text, reading music corridor.