At the press conference of iQiyi’s "China Rap Peak Confrontation", Rapper released each other’s materials, and Real was in the end.

On June 27th, the first Harbin Cup Basketball Competition was broadcast live to the audience. Iqiyi’s "China Rap Summit" was launched in the first 14 hours, and the in-station index broke 9000. All kinds of topics initiated by the alliance triggered extensive discussions on social platforms. As a result, they had a hearty rap match on the stage two days ago, but today they are divided into two teams, Battle, playing basketball, which is really vigorous on the stage and laughing under the stage.

A sudden rainstorm in Qingdao moved the conference from outdoor to indoor, but no one could stop the enthusiasm of Rapper. Shengyu exploded and claimed that Capper operated TizzyT’s voting machine in a black box, Ai Ge turned into a "big leaky spoon" and the stage behind the spoiler was full of new songs. MC HotDog hot dogs indicated that the competition was under great pressure, and Capper asked the chief director for an own goal … Rappers were more than Real, and the hard-core speech ran through the first Harbin Cup Basketball Competition.

There will be melons at the press conference, KeyNG will settle accounts with people who didn’t vote, and GAI GAI will be "boated" at the press conference.

After the first program, the Rapper in the program were ridiculed by netizens as "too noisy". This time, they participated in the press conference and their skills were not small. They shared their basketball experiences and teased each other. The host bluntly said that "the ears are not enough" is another rhythm of "Harbin Spring Festival Evening". Sheng Yu took advantage of the situation and said that he would bring more pure rap to the Spring Festival Evening.

The attitude of the Rapper at the press conference remains the same, and KeyNG KEYNG’s harsh words will make people who didn’t vote for themselves "wait". Sheng Yu made a lot of contributions at the press conference, poking fun at GAI GAI’s "boating" to Qingdao in a circle of friends, openly questioning Capper’s first round of voting why he grabbed TizzyT’s voter and voted for Psy.P Jun-yi Yang, and even scaring Capper into admitting his mistake with the tutor’s tone in "Youth Rap Planning" last year, which made the scene laugh constantly.

The first "Ha Man Cup Can’t Hold" Competition started after Rappers were divided into two alliances: "Not Friendly" and "Friendly". Unexpectedly, a group of Rappers were still full of winners and losers in the face of interesting basketball games and actively participated. In the end, Kung Fu Fu-Pen won the MVP title awarded by Che Che Che for his perseverance.

2. The league competition system inspired Rapper’s fighting spirit, and Sheng Yu and Wan Nida Vinida put the new album on the stage.

Zuo Jin said at the scene, "I hope to break the industry barriers this year and present the most realistic reality show and diversified music. "China Rap Summit" introduced the common concept of alliance in sports events for the first time, and invited two commentators, Wilber Pan and Chi, to explain the event. The collision between team alliances is also the main line of this season’s purpose, hoping to show everyone a sense of confrontation from fist to flesh. "

League is an important concept of the program competition system, and high-intensity confrontation is inevitable. MC HotDog said that this is the first and last time to participate in the competition. However, the Rapper momentum at the scene is still not lost and full of confidence. KeyNG KEYNG said, "I won’t change songs when I meet anyone, and I want everyone to see that I can do something different"; Ai Ge AIR said that "his music has always been excellent".

Of course, the collision between the strong and the strong also inspired the Rapper’ overwhelming desire to win or lose. 1V1 Stage KEY.L Liu Cong’s "Breeze Tune" brainwashed the audience, saying that the band should be brought to the next stage, and Kung Fu Fu-pen vomited that "everyone rolled up with the band"; Sheng Yu and Wan Nida Vinida have revealed that the songs of the new album will be brought to the stage. It seems that the success of the competition system of China Rap Summit has aroused the "higher, stronger and more REAL" attitude of the sponsors of these alliances. Wang Yitai said that persistence is more important than talent. With the help of iQiyi’s continuous support for the development of rap culture, Rapper will definitely reach the peak. GAI GAI even said that he would come as long as iQiyi invited him.

After the first broadcast, the program received a lot of praise, and the fierce competition system, which went into battle one after another in one go, showed the star-studded style of Chinese rap. From June 25th, every Saturday night at 20:00, the top league of Chinese rappers in iQiyi, China Rap Summit, started as scheduled, and rappers are about to collide with a more cracked stage with the attitude of climbing the peak, looking forward to this rap feast together.

Why are more and more women "returning to the family"? The fundamental reason is that the social status is too low.

Cultivate the most interesting and practical psychology every day.

Because I hope children can enter a good university.

So we should study well in middle school.

Then try to get into a good middle school.

Then you must go to a good primary school.

There must be a good affiliated kindergarten next to a good primary school.

If you want to enter a good affiliated kindergarten

Then you have to go to a good nursery

If you want to enter a good nursery, you must arrange your own egg schedule.

To arrange the egg schedule, you must arrange your own life.

You can’t go to work day and night. The best job is to be stable from nine to five.

So as to win in the womb.

The above is the text record of interviewing young mothers in the documentary "No Starting Line". The life, work and mental journey of young mothers are evident.

This generation has lived in such a social environment. Although the material life has been greatly enriched, in fact, it has become more and more nervous, cautious and cautious psychologically.

Because I know the wonderful world and the distinction between people, I have a very high standard in my heart. Even if I am just an ordinary person in an ordinary family, it will not hinder my dream of being a noble family.

However, not everyone has the talent and opportunity to be elon musk, and not everyone has a mother like elon musk.

Needless to say, even if you have a smart and tough mother like elon musk, can you also have an engineer father like elon musk?

Obviously, we are talking about family background, genetic factors, and by the way, how the social environment affects a person’s success.

Looking back, why is it that mom talks about these issues and rarely sees dad thinking conveniently here?

It’s not that fathers don’t consider it. It’s mainly that children are born to women, and women take it for granted. Since you want to raise it, it is natural to plan it from head to toe by yourself.

In this way, it is a standard for an ordinary girl to get married and have children after working for one or two years after graduating from college and resign to take care of her children at home.

Men just need to go to work to earn money and come back. The elderly, children and women at home shoulder the burden of housework-if you don’t work, you should be a full-time housewife to take care of your family.

Otherwise, why should I give you living expenses every month? Who doesn’t want to stay at home? Who wants to go out drinking and socializing? I play games and kick a ball. What’s wrong? When a girl falls into the circle of marriage and childbirth, men take it for granted to live their own free and unfettered lives.

The reason is: as the head of the family who takes money home every month, it is more important than women-who told me to work hard!

80% of women have received such mental PUA, and they are totally dependent on men economically.

If your parents can help you, it will be a great happy event, because it not only means that you can be fully prepared during pregnancy, but also means that your parents can help you and make plans for yourself. For example, after giving birth, we will take care of it for you, and you can continue to go to work. Although you don’t have much money, it is an income after all. If you have a way out, you won’t be angry with the man and your husband’s family.

With such helpful parents, a woman can at least stay relaxed and happy mentally, have more sources of income economically, and have a better chance of making great progress in her work.

Only when a woman is economically independent, cheerful and has a strong working ability can the emotional relationship between women and men be guaranteed in quality, and the family relationship be more harmonious, and the children will have a better growth environment, both mentally and materially.

Because, fundamentally speaking, men are more rational and value the role of one thing and one person in society and family.

If a woman has been living on her own for a long time, and because she has no money to save money, she has been living a very poor life and then becomes a yellow-faced woman, then this woman has almost no place in a man’s heart, and even becomes a psychological burden.

Although women have to resign from home because of having children and raising children, it is men’s jobs that are sacrificed for preservation, but few people can get this feeling. What people see is nothing but women’s idleness, laziness, bloated and trivial conversation. Then despise all aspects of her and question her existence value …

When more and more women choose to return to their families and take care of their children, and when the whole society’s doubts about stay-at-home mothers reach the peak, what we think more about is not whether women give up on themselves, but the lack of system design at the level of national and social system design.

Women have no corresponding social logistics support after giving birth, so they have to rely on men. This forces men to work better to bear the heavy responsibility of making money to support their families.

At the same time, the cost of raising children, which should be borne by the society and the state, now falls entirely on the heads of individual families. No one has ever questioned why childbearing is advocated without any social security after childbirth.

Individuals almost have to sacrifice the opportunity and time of a lifetime in exchange for the smooth birth, growth and success of a descendant.

As the pillars, men can’t return to their families, because they must be busy creating greater wealth for the society and the family, and promoting the progress and operation of the whole society.

Since ancient times, women have shouldered the heavy responsibility of reproducing and raising offspring. No matter how the times change, such historical responsibility has never been abandoned.

deep-rootedDedication and self-sacrifice, like a rope tied to every girl and woman. Even in statistics, women in China have the highest participation index among women in the world, which cannot change the trend and fact that women in China have to return to their families to become full-time mothers for their children.

This situation is also the most painful for President Zhang Guimei.

Training a girl to go to college is not to let her return to her family to be a full-time wife, but to let an independent person live a better life with the strength given to her by knowledge and have more social value.

Although President Zhang Guimei’s words were very rough, he got to a fundamental problem:

What kind of life and life does a person have to live once and come to the world once? Is it really the only way for women who return to their families after giving birth? Is this life really as worthwhile as you say?

Does this kind of life reduce the grandeur of life to a small node and forget the mission of exploring the deeper integration of self and society?

– The End –

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References: Wells, A. (2019). Breaking the cybercode: understanding and treating the human metacognitive control system to enhance mental health. Frontiers in Psychology, 10,2621.

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In the first three quarters of this year, domestic tourism reached 3.67 billion.

Beijing, 14 Dec (reporter Xia Jin from Zhongqing Daily, "In the first three quarters of this year, according to statistics, the number of domestic tourists reached 3.67 billion, and the tourism revenue reached 3.7 trillion yuan, up 75% and 114% respectively. Residents’ tourism demand has been released in a centralized way, and residents’ travel has increased substantially. While driving the expansion of related consumption, it also promoted economic recovery. " At the press conference held by the State Council Information Office today, Du Jiang, Vice Minister of Culture and Tourism, said.

Du Jiang said that in order to optimize the policy environment and solve the difficulties of blocking points, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will make efforts from both ends of supply and demand to boost tourism investment confidence and consumer confidence; Promote the implementation of the three-year "Domestic Tourism Promotion Plan"; Enrich the supply of high-quality tourism products, improve tourism services, standardize the order of the tourism market, strengthen tourism security, and create a tourist destination with quality and temperature. Du Jiang also revealed that the Ministry of Culture and Tourism is actively launching a three-year "Inbound Tourism Promotion Plan" to provide more high-quality tourism products and more convenient services for inbound tourists.

Source: China Youth Daily

Fashion trend: the evolution of personality customization and aesthetic concept. Fashion focus: Wang Si …

Fashion Trend: Personalized Customization and the Evolution of Aesthetic Concept

Fashion Focus: Social Reflection Caused by Wang Sicong’s Custom Hairstyle Event

Wang Sicong booked Tony, a famous hairdresser, with a price of 18,800 yuan. Every hair was carefully crafted in 2 minutes, and the working hours were as high as 90 yuan per hour. This seemingly absurd move has aroused deep thinking about the attitude towards new luxury life. The change of aesthetic concept and consumption attitude is highlighted in this incident, which pushes people’s pursuit of fashion and individuality to a new height.

The new trend of fashion: the integration of aesthetics and consumption

In modern society, fashion is no longer a simple external expression, but a life attitude of both internal and external cultivation. Wang Sicong’s hairstyle incident is not only a beauty, but also a redefinition of individual image, which has triggered a profound reflection on aesthetic and consumption concepts. Aesthetics plays an important role in consumption, and people tend to measure the quality of life by aesthetic standards. Hairstyle customization is no longer just the carving of hair, but the presentation of personality and taste, thus demonstrating the pursuit of quality of life.

Personality shaping: a new realm of fashion

Fashion has gone beyond the simple trend and become a symbol of personality and taste. Hairstyle is no longer a simple haircut, but a manifestation of self-style and personality. Wang Sicong’s hairstyle incident made people start to think that the value of life may lie not only in money, but also in the pursuit of quality life. This pursuit of individuality and uniqueness leads to the change of aesthetic concepts and consumption patterns, and people begin to pay more attention to the life value brought by individuality and uniqueness.

Fashion trend of thought: the rise of aesthetic economy

The creativity and diversity contained in hairstyle design is not only the modification of hair, but also the respect for individual aesthetics. The rise of this aesthetic economy makes the fashion industry pay more attention to creativity and individuality. People are beginning to realize that aesthetics is not only a taste, but also an expression of value. Wang Sicong’s hair style incident has become a fashion topic, which has triggered in-depth discussions on aesthetic and consumption concepts and promoted the development of the fashion industry in a more diversified and open direction.

Future Trend: Personalized Customization and Quality Life

In the future, personalized customization will become an important development trend of fashion industry. People’s pursuit of quality of life is no longer limited to the material level, but more reflected in the demand for individuality and creativity. This emphasis on aesthetics will lead to the change of consumption patterns, and the fashion industry will also pay more attention to the provision of personalized and customized services. Therefore, personalized customization will become an important development direction of fashion industry in the future, leading the continuous change of consumption concepts and aesthetic standards.

Wang Sicong’s hairstyle incident is just a microcosm of the fashion industry, but it reflects the change of people’s aesthetic and consumption concepts behind it. Personalized customization is no longer just a luxury consumption, but also the pursuit and presentation of quality life. In the future, with the continuous development of fashion industry, personality and aesthetics will be more integrated, leading the society to a new definition of quality life.

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