[Video] The Lantern Festival party will debut tonight. Watch it first.

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The earliest beauty of spring flowers! Come to Zhongshan Park to watch the Spring Festival.

In order to enrich the cultural life of citizens and tourists and set off the festive atmosphere, Zhongshan Park will hold a series of cultural activities for the Spring Festival. The flower shows in Tanghuawu and Huifang Garden will open to welcome guests, and citizens can also enjoy the earliest beautiful spring flowers in the dead of winter.

A traditional flower boutique exhibition with the theme of "Longteng Shengshi" has met with citizens and tourists in Tanghuawu. More than 70 varieties and more than 1,000 pots of various flowers and plants appear at the same time, and visitors can enjoy the unique charm of spring flowers and winter appreciation.

It is reported that in addition to the special flowers for controlling the flowering period in the park, such as plum blossom, peach blossom, rhododendron, bauhinia and Xifu begonia, there are also festive flowers such as Zhu Dinghong, Cymbidium grandiflorum, giant pumpkin, North American holly and autumn fruit-viewing plants, which are matched with foliage-viewing plants such as dragon’s blood tree and bird’s nest fern, so that visitors can see the four-season flowers with different shapes and charms at one time. In addition, in recent years, the newly cultivated and trial-produced wisteria and Jiexiang in Zhongshan Park will achieve the best display effect, providing different flower viewing experiences for citizens and tourists.

During the Spring Festival, in the quaint and elegant Huifang Garden, the "Four Seasons Fragrance" Beijing Celebrity Orchid and Chunlan Exhibition also welcomes citizens and tourists. More than 90 kinds and more than 200 pots of famous orchids, such as Chunlan and Chunjian, cultivated in Zhongshan Park are exhibited in the exhibition.

Orchids are elegant and fragrant, and Zhongshan Park has a long history of orchid cultivation and a unique orchid culture. Here, citizens and tourists can enjoy the famous orchids such as Haiyan Qi Fei, Hutoulan with Red Tongue, Chunlan, Longzi, Wangzi and Satisfied with Sumei.

In addition, in order to create a "prosperous New Year" flavor, Zhongshan Park has set up five landscape sketches outside Sanmen District and Xitan Gate. In the south gate, the theme scene of "Holding Yang and Ningrui" takes the IP "rumbling" of the Year of the Dragon as the main body of the installation, and combines traditional sectors, lanterns, windmills and other elements to set off a auspicious and peaceful atmosphere of the New Year. The auspicious theme of the Year of the Dragon in the East Gate and the theme of "Happy Plum Blossoms" and "Long Life" in the West Gate are mixed with various traditional China elements, expressing the beautiful New Year wishes to tourists.

Source Beijing Daily Client | Reporter Ren Shan Cheng Gong

Editor Hu Decheng

Liu Weili, Process Editor