Is it so difficult to make a good love movie? Learn the masterpiece of love film "Mo Di"

Wen Fei Fei

Nowadays, there are too many romantic films and too few good ones. This love biographical film "Mo Di", which is based on a true story, has a good reputation, giving people a sense of intimacy and the power to move people to tears.

Watching movies at "the most beautiful love", but seeing a beautiful life in it.

The story is adapted from the real experience of Canadian folk artist Momo Lewis and her husband Everett Lewis. In the film, the heroine Mo Di suffers from congenital rheumatoid arthritis, and her walking posture is a little weird. Due to various experiences, she doesn’t want others to feel that she is a burden. By chance, she went to the home of a fisherman Everett with a quick temper to apply for a maid. They got to know each other, gradually fell in love with each other, and finally spent their lives together.

The couple lived in that humble cottage all their lives, but their stories spread all over Canada and America.

Just like the film title "Mo Di", the story content of the film is extremely simple, but it is very warm and delicate. The film is set in a rural town in Canada, and there are only a few simple scenes, and even the actors are exceptionally few. However, the touching and inspirational love story of the protagonist is like a pot of sake. The longer Mika is, the more beautiful the artistic conception is, the more attractive it is.

Looking at the whole film, there is always an invisible force that affects the heartstrings of the viewers. The film of nearly two hours does not feel lengthy.


Everything has cracks, so that sunlight can enter.

It can be said that the background color of Mo Di’s life after her parents’ death is almost gray. Obviously, she has caught a bad card of fate-physical disability, being dependent on others, and a mercenary brother, who is unloved, unemployed and has no home of her own. With such a life, will you feel sorry for yourself and sink into depravity? Mo Di, the hero of the film, may have given us the best answer.

At the beginning of the film, Mo Di lived a life similar to being under house arrest in menstruation’s house. The slightly cold tone set off Mo Di’s depressed psychology, which aroused the audience’s depressed mood.

Because her body and mind are under control at the same time, Mo Di is very eager for independence. Even a low salary of ten cents a month means different things to her.

Therefore, she limped a few kilometers with her legs full of longing and came to work in Everett, a fisherman, in order to move towards a new life and freedom.

Life as a domestic helper in Everett’s house is also not satisfactory, and Mo Di ranks behind dogs and chickens in this family.

Small town residents are talking about Mo Di being Everett’s love slave.

Even my aunt said to Mo Di, you make me sick!

Nevertheless, Mo Di doesn’t seem to care about these rumors, and she still enjoys and pursues an independent life.

Even when she gets along with her master Everett, she treats her as an equal, even though Everett always emphasizes that she is the master, and even does it.

In the face of such an encounter, Mo Di still didn’t flinch. She went back to her room, touched the paint with her finger as a brush, painted flowers and plants on the wall, and immersed herself in the quiet painting world. All her sadness seemed to leave her.

The floating life of 3 thousand is fixed, and the painting is full of love.

When God closes a door for you, he will also open a window for you. Although life is not satisfactory, Mo Di has always kept the greatest hot pillow for life.

The film uses contrast in many places. For example, Mo Di enjoys a person’s happiness in the corner of the bar, comparing with others’ wanton indulgence in the bar, and showing Mo Di’s miserable life situation in details with her bright and cheerful paintings, which highlights Mo Di’s strong yearning for freedom and superb artistic talent, and the valuable spirit of persisting in painting in such a difficult environment.

There are two kinds of scenery in the film, one is the vast scenery of Nova Scotia outside the door, and the other is the scenery written by Mo Mo.

The endless grassland, the vast sky, the warm hut, the harbor of home in the depths of the wilderness and the poetic life bring Mo Di a smart creative space. Because of the inconvenience of her legs and feet, Mo Di can only record the world she observed from her small window by painting. Poetry and distance in her heart pour out through her pen, and painting is the external display of her inner world.

In the plot of the film, the artistic plot of Mo Di’s painting runs through the film.

When Everett scolded her, Mo Di secretly painted on the deserted wall. When talking to Everett about salary, Mo Di’s only requirement for salary is enough paint. No matter what happens in life, Mo Di’s solution is painting. In her paintings, the complexity of the real world does not exist, but only the beautiful pictures presented by the interactive combination of lines and colors, and everything is arranged in such a vibrant and orderly way.

In her world, life can be so simple that she even has a window in front of her.

The comfortable and melodious soundtrack is in sharp contrast with the bumpy experience of the hostess. Slow music is accompanied by calm narration, without intensive lines and deliberate rendering, but the touch brought to people is heartfelt. The brush falls, the music rings, and the soft lens leads us into Mo Di’s simple and beautiful paintings. In Mo Di’s paintings, the world is more agile, everything is clear and full of beauty: there are three black cats hidden under the flower tree, the sky and the grass are connected in the purest color, deer drink spring water, chickens feed, dogs run, weeds sway, and there are fierce conflicts between sadness and brightness, quiet and lively, clear and clear. All this makes it impossible to look away and listen to the words of her heart in her extreme ink.

She paints because she loves it, and she paints everything she loves. Life is bleak, but Mo Di’s paintings are always sunny and bright. She never thought that her paintings would be appreciated, bought and collected. In the world of painting, she cured the pain of life, found a brand-new self, softened the hard Everett, and changed and warmed their lives.

Although this is a biographical film, the ups and downs of narrative and emotional dormancy and explosiveness are amazing.

Mo Di decorated the colorful hut with a brush and got the happiness she dreamed of with a sincere heart. Her greatest luck is not painting talent, but having a lover who will always protect her, a sincere and lovely lover like her.

When Mo Di’s paintings were very popular, she always sold them for only five dollars.

Faced with the rare "false name" of the president’s letter asking for a painting, Mo Mo said that he would not give him anything unless he sent the money together.

Mo Di and Everett are not flattering, hypocritical, simple and pure. These two "freaks" who are rejected by the mainstream society are in harmony with each other. From then on, they will join hands for life, warm each other and achieve each other.

In the movie, there are many touching dialogues. You can feel the certainty and sincerity that penetrates the screen just by reading the words. The man who was originally grumpy and fierce in appearance can also become tender and delicate for love and touch the deepest softness of the audience.

The whole movie has a slow rhythm, but it shows the protagonist’s simple and pure love and pursuit of a better life to the fullest. Iselin Walsh, the director, abandoned the gaudy shooting technique and focused on the psychological portrayal of the two protagonists. Sally Hawkins and Ethan Hawke gave a superb performance to the audience, but accurately grasped the current mood and emotion of the characters.

The camera slowly shows the world in which they live. The connection between the beginning and the end of the film, all the details in the scene and all the elements in the painting are the delicate manifestations of the female perspective in the film directed by this woman.

Looking at the whole film, there is no unnecessary part, the editing is smooth and natural, there is no complicated story, and the blandness echoes with warmth. Just the right touch, just the right tears, even after reading the last word, the music just stopped, everything is just right, "just right" is the most comfortable and charming force of this film.

Of course, the film has both successes and shortcomings. A biographical film about a folk artist, the protagonist Mo Di’s fate is bumpy, and her inner strength of tenacity and optimism is enough to prop up a memorable celebrity biographical film. However, the expression of the whole film is restrained, and the suffering is not greatly exaggerated, and the drama conflict is not used to promote the plot development. The slightly dull narrative method is not wonderful enough for the audience who rely on external drama to satisfy the sensory stimulation.

As a romantic film, the focus is on the relationship between Mo Di and Everett, and the angle of purely explaining their relationship with love is not large enough. Mo Di and her husband do not have the traditional "love", so it is not convincing enough.

Despite some shortcomings, "Mo Di" is indeed a moving art film, without huge twists and turns, without heartbreaking love and hate, but with delicate and silky warmth and love.

In the film, menstruation said to Mo Di: Only you in our family are happy in the end.

Mo Di, a lame woman with arthritis, was once regarded as a burden by her family, but eventually she became the only one in the family who gained happiness. All this is not because she is lucky enough, but because she really knows life, accepts herself, treats others well, and is good at finding little beauty in the nuances of life.

At the end of the film, Mo Di died of illness, and Everett said, I used to think you were not perfect. Mo Di once opened Everett’s cold iron gate in a short life, but now, the key to open the iron gate has been lost, and Everett is so lonely.

Since then, I have no intention to go to the fine night and let him go down to the west wing in the bright moon.

What the film inspired me the most was not the whole process in which painting influenced Mo Di’s life, but how the emotional connection between her and Everett deepened with Mo Di’s awakening to independence.

The significance of painting to Mo Di is not just to find a hobby that can fill her heart and get a certain economic return, but to find a brand-new personal value, relieve the pain and pressure of life, and connect and influence her relationship with others.

From Mo Di’s paintings, Everett learned about the world in Mo Di’s eyes and her way of looking at the world. From Mo Di’s serious attitude towards painting, Everett realized Mo Di’s dedication and enthusiasm for life, which made Everett more and more aware of the heart of this ordinary and special woman-Mo Di. From indifference to respect and appreciation, the two of them have touched a deeper emotional connection, and Mo Di’s desire to live with Everett on an equal footing and grow old together has gradually come true.

Whether we can love and love ourselves is closely related to the extent to which we find ourselves and understand each other. Not everyone can accurately express their inner feelings, and sometimes even fail to express their feelings. Therefore, it is worth exploring and learning to find a way to express ourselves and get along with others.

More self-expression is helpful to self-awareness and the establishment of intimate relationship. We know ourselves more and more and understand each other, which is an important foundation for a more quality relationship. Whether painting, writing, writing poems or singing, it is the way we observe and record our life, and it is the expression of our inner feelings, the embodiment of our hearts and thoughts. Sincere expression is conducive to our mutual discovery and integration, and the flow of emotions will naturally occur.

At the end of the film, Mo Di’s narration slowly sounded. "The scenery outside the window is always changing, covering the whole life, and the warmth and coldness of life have already been reflected here."

Perhaps the company of morning and evening is the warmest and moving appearance of love. I hope that all lovers in the world can "win the hearts of one person and never leave each other", and I hope that domestic love films can also be made like this!


A table of New Year’s Eve is full of affection.

On New Year’s Eve, we had a reunion dinner, enjoyed family affection and read mulberry. Every Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriot and overseas Chinese has his own "New Year’s Eve story".
Pot dishes that mean "pots are full"
White-cut chicken "starting from eating chicken and reuniting the whole family"
Bless the long-term dish of "long life"
Qingtian sugar cake with fragrant lips and teeth
A basin full of "auspicious dishes"
The real taste is reunion.
Our reporter Chen Ran
Deep-fried goo-goo meat, hung with sweet and sour thick juice made of sugar and vinegar, and presented with colored pepper and pineapple pieces; Pinch the good tiger spots out of the pot with a stopwatch, pour steamed fish and soy sauce, and then pour a thin layer of ginger and onion hot oil …
Every New Year’s Eve, Mrs. Xie’s kitchen is full of fragrance, wrapped in a strong flavor of the year.
"In a year, my favorite meal is New Year’s Eve. Although it is harder than usual, it is the happiest thing to make your family satisfied and happy. " Mrs. Xie, who lives in Chai Wan on Hong Kong Island, and Mr. Sheng have two sons. Today, sons have grown up and left home to study and work hard. Therefore, the Spring Festival has become one of the few reunion moments for Xie Jia every year. A week before New Year’s Eve, Xie Jia had already begun to prepare for the New Year’s Eve dinner.
Speaking of New Year’s Eve dishes, Mrs Xie is always in high spirits. "The eldest son loves to eat cows. I bought the freshest oxtail early, stewed it with lobster sauce and bean paste, stewed it until it was soft and rotten, and the bovine bone marrow was also dissolved in the soup. Every bite was rich in gum and sauce. Shrimp is my husband’s favorite. In the New Year’s Eve dinner, Aauto Quicker’s braised black tiger shrimp is served, which is fried first and then stewed. The red color is festive and appetizing. My youngest son likes steamed ribs that are soft and waxy. This time, I put a layer of tender tofu under the marinated ribs and put them into the pot. Gravy and hot tofu are estimated to make him eat a big bowl of rice … "
Mrs Xie smiles brightly. A hearty and delicious New Year’s Eve dinner is full of love for your family.
Hong Kong-style New Year’s Eve dinner pays attention to "good luck", so every family must have several kinds of "auspicious dishes" on the table, "fish every year", pig’s hand symbolizing "windfall" and "round and round" mushrooms … In Tangfang Village, Pingshan, Yuen Long, New Territories, a pot dish feast meaning "full of pots" has been circulated for generations. Pingshan traditional basin restaurant started with this ancient "Hong Kong flavor". Deng Lianxing, a descendant of the third generation, introduced that the traditional potted vegetables are burned with firewood, which has a unique fireworks fragrance for a long time.
A seemingly simple pot dish is actually full of flavors. The ingredients include prawns, oysters, squid, pigskin, mushrooms, chicken, herring balls, pork, radish, bamboo shoots and Nostoc flagelliforme. Roast, stew, roast, stir-fry, marinate, stir-fry … All kinds of ingredients are self-contained, and then stacked layer by layer according to a specific order, and different flavors absorb and infiltrate each other, making people feel more delicious as they eat.
The New Year’s Eve dinner should be delicious, as the classic TV series in Hong Kong says, "The most important thing for a family is to be neat." In the laughter, the whole family sits around the table, which is the true taste of New Year’s Eve.
Mama home-cooked dish
Memories of the taste of the year
Our reporter Suning
In the small town of Haojiang, the end of the twelfth lunar month is getting stronger and stronger, and people are happily preparing for the New Year. "At the end of the day, business people will feast their buddies and give out year-end bonuses." Li Baohua, who works as a civil servant in the Macao SAR government, said that the 28th of the year is a day to wash dirty clothes, and families should clean their houses to get rid of the old and welcome the new.
New Year’s Eve is the climax of the year. "When my grandmother was alive, she always adhered to traditional customs." Li Baohua recalled that the old lady got up early in the morning every New Year’s Eve, prepared a table of small dishes to worship in front of the ancestral memorial tablet, and prayed for a smooth coming year. Then go straight to the vegetable market to prepare a reunion dinner, that is, New Year’s Eve.
In Li Baohua’s impression, the 30-year-old vegetable market has always been a sea of people. People should not only choose the freshest ingredients for the evening reunion dinner, but also prepare "year-pressing" things. According to the traditional custom, lettuce, celery and onion with roots should be tied with red rope and attached with red paper. A shad, can’t scale, can’t laparotomy, complete a tail. Some people have to put a whole white-cut chicken, and all the ingredients, together with oranges with leaves, will be stored from the 30 th of the year to the second day of the New Year’s Day, in order to have a head and a tail and have more than one year.
Reunion is the eternal theme of New Year’s Eve. When the sun sets on the western hills, the whole family sits neatly around a table. And almost every dish on this table has its meaning.
"Every family celebrates the New Year’s Eve with lettuce by the fire. Full of yellow sand makes a big cockroach, and the firecrackers ring in the sky. " Baohua Li said that the last flower-exploring Shang Yanliu mentioned the word "Xian" in his poem "Yueyuan Old Calendar Folk Bamboo Branch Ci", which is homophonic with "Xian" in Cantonese, implying that Xian is rich in years. However, yellow sand clams are rarely seen in today’s reunion dinner, but pork tongue and oyster sauce are indispensable. People in Guangfu call the pig’s tongue "pig’s tongue", and "pig’s tongue" and "profit" are homonyms. People from businessmen to wage earners have a special liking for this dish. There are chicken, boiled chicken, fried chicken with soy sauce, ginger and onion chicken … No matter how to make it, a chicken is indispensable for the reunion dinner.
For Li Baohua, the best reunion dinner must be mom’s home-cooked meal. What I miss all my life is also the figure of my mother in the taste of the year. "My memory of the taste of the year began with my mother’s soy chicken in the reunion dinner." Li Baohua said that her chicken with soy sauce was not soaked, but fried. Heat a red pot, put down the oil and chunks of ginger, fry the chicken until fragrant, pour the adjusted soy sauce, and cook slowly with slow fire. The skin is fragrant and the meat is lazy, and the thick juice is heavy.
All kinds of special flavors
Behind is hometown.
Our reporter Wang Yao
In Taiwan Province, from the first half of the year, the news of sweeping New Year’s Eve and the advertisement of New Year’s Eve at the door of the store repeatedly released the message that "Chinese New Year is coming soon", which made people involuntarily look forward to the "big meal" on New Year’s Eve.
Mr. and Mrs. Zheng Shijie, who are in their forties, live in Taipei. "On New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Eve, I usually go to my husband’s house to eat, and I will go back to my mother’s house on the second day." Mrs. Zheng, who is usually in charge of cooking, said that she was very relaxed on New Year’s Eve. "The kitchen on New Year’s Eve is the home of her mother-in-law, and no one else can get involved."
When Mr. Zheng was young, he lived in the family village (a house built for the soldiers who moved to Taiwan and their families). The whole family village was like a big family. "At that time, every family really didn’t lock the door." Adults were colleagues and children were classmates, taking care of each other, regardless of each other; Whoever cooks something delicious will share it with everyone. As soon as possible, the residents of the village come from all over the mainland. Over time, each family’s diet has all kinds of distinctive flavors, and so does the New Year’s Eve. Mr. Zheng’s grandfather came from Jiangxi and his grandfather came from Hubei. "When we were young, we ate New Year’s Eve at grandma’s house and later at mom’s house, but there was no obvious regional characteristics."
Although many families now go to restaurants for dinner to save trouble, Mr. Zheng’s mother still insists on cooking by herself. Ten days before the Chinese New Year, I began to buy ingredients and reserve new year’s goods.
On the dinner table of the New Year’s Eve, there are bacon sausages and pot-stewed vegetables made by ourselves. "There are also stewed lion’s head, shredded pork with fish sauce, shrimp, and of course, fish is indispensable, because there is more than one year, and you can’t finish it on New Year’s Eve. Only when there is surplus will you have more than one year." There must also be jiaozi, which contains coins. Whoever eats it represents better luck. " Mr. Zheng said.
"Some families in Taiwan Province eat hot pot on New Year’s Eve, which has a surrounding atmosphere. Pay attention to a little, but also have a Buddha jumping wall. " Mrs. Zheng said. "When we were young, we all went to my grandmother’s house in Tainan for dinner. My grandmother was chaozhou people. The dinner would make chicken rolls, stewed whole ducks, radish cakes, and’ long-year dishes’ that Taiwan Province must eat around the stove. Because it is not easy to boil, it symbolizes a long life. You can’t cut it off when you eat it, but eat it whole leaves."
Sugar cakes stay fragrant for a long time.
Nourish the wandering heart
Our reporter Cheng Long
As the year is approaching, in a small mountain village in Qingtian, Zhejiang, every household is busy: washing lotus leaves, grinding rice noodles, mixing stuffing and steaming sugar cakes. This is the happiest memory of Wang Xinte, an overseas Chinese living in Spain: every New Year, he can eat Qingtian sugar cake, which is sweet but not greasy, soft and not sticky, and his lips and teeth remain fragrant.
"The taste of the year is the taste of Qingtian sugar cake!" Wang Xinte said, "It starts to be cooked around the twentieth day of the twelfth lunar month every year, and it takes more than ten hours to steam in a cauldron. Then cut it into pieces and eat it slowly. Visit relatives and friends and bring some as a New Year gift. "
In 2000, Wang Xinte arrived in Spain, and the first year of Spring Festival was simple. "There are only seven or eight China people in the whole city, so it is very lucky to eat Chinese food, let alone eat sugar cakes." Wang Xinte said that in the past, local people knew little about the Spring Festival. "Now, the Spring Festival has become a household name."
On the first day of the first month of 2018, Wang Xinte took several overseas Chinese to Aragon TV Station to introduce the Spring Festival in China by live broadcast. "We specially prepared two kinds of food. One is jiaozi, and the other is sugar cake. The audience and the host were full of praise for China cuisine. Through delicious food, Spanish friends have a deeper understanding of China and Qingtian. This has also created a more friendly atmosphere for our overseas Chinese to live and develop in the local area. "
Wang Xinte also moved the New Year’s Eve dinner to Spain. "This year, we will invite people from all walks of life in Spain to attend the Spring Festival dinner, and invite them to taste the special New Year’s Eve dinner in China and experience the customs of worshipping the New Year and giving lucky money." Wang Xinte, who is now the president of Spain’s Spain-China Friendship and Cooperation Association, hopes to take the New Year’s Eve dinner as a brand activity to promote Chinese culture and run it in Spain for a long time.
The charm of Chinese culture is getting bigger and bigger, and the China Year around the world is getting more and more prosperous. "Now many supermarkets in Spain are selling sugar cakes, and there are more and more patterns." Wang Xinte said, "My children were born and raised in Spain. They don’t have the Spring Festival experience as I did when I was a child, but I hope they can learn about the Spring Festival through these activities and never forget their roots."