Domestic action new STG game "Attack Humanoid: Original Body": Steam store 94% praise

The new domestic STG game "Strike the Humanoid: The Original Body" opened the early experience on Steam yesterday. At present, the overall evaluation of the game Steam game is particularly positive, and 94% of the reviews are positive as of press time.

Nomad Starry Sky

The game is currently on special pre-sale, with a 28% discount of only 18 yuan. The special offer lasts until September 23rd, and the game supports Simplified Chinese.

Game promotion video:

Game Introduction:

"Attack on Humanoid: The Original" is a retro-style arcade shooter with unique gameplay and a host of modern elements.

[Accumulate combos, sweep away thousands of troops]

Focusing on the combat system of combo accumulation. Accumulating combo points will upgrade the power of weapons, consume combo points to use powerful items, and deduct combo points accumulation after being hit by enemies without immediate death. Therefore, combo is experience, energy, and life.

[Switch weapons, defeat the enemy]

Unique weapon restraint system, using restrained weapons can destroy enemies with half the effort, and you must always decide which weapon to use to destroy which monster first.

[Search for relics, the stronger you fight]

Contains a large number of Rougelite elements, unlock and collect a large number of relic items, each relic will be combined to produce different effects. You can freely match various relic items to enter the game, so that you have stronger combat capabilities and more combat strategies and combat styles.

Other features:

Dynamic Difficulty: The dynamic difficulty blessed by the director system will automatically generate enemies at any time according to the player’s experience, so as to achieve a completely different experience every time you enter the game.

Monster Affix: Random combination of Elite monster affix system, making enemies richer and more cunning.

Weapon Collection: In addition to basic weapons, the arsenal also has a large number of special weapons with their own relics for you to try.

Lottery System: Every battle will get a coin lottery, try your luck!

Follow-up plan:

The game will be continuously updated after release, including:

More bosses: Fight with different styles and types of bosses.

More relics: Strange and varied relics.

More Weapons: More combinations of base and relic weapons.

More characters to choose from: Other characters with different attributes and combat styles.

More scene changes: New scenarios and scenarios with unique battlefield environments.

Purchase instructions:

As a special gameplay version of the traditional STG (Shooting Game) game, the overall process is similar to the infinite reincarnation of arcade machines in the 1980s, with high difficulty.

This game has a bullet comment element instead of a bullet comment STG, and players are not killed by one hit when they have a combo.

This special effect has the characteristics of flickering and discoloration, which may make light-sensitive players uncomfortable.

System requirements:

[Minimum configuration]

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

Operating system: Windows 7 or newer

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6320 (2 * 1866)

Memory: 2 GB RAM

Graphics Card: GeForce 7600 GS (512 MB)

DirectX Version: 10

Storage: Requires 1 GB of free space

[Recommended configuration]

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit

Processor: Intel i5 9400

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Graphics card: GeForce GTX 970

DirectX Version: 11

Storage: Requires 1 GB of free space

Game screen:

Nomad Starry Sky

Nomad Starry Sky

Nomad Starry Sky

Directly hit the Bangkok Auto Show | Hongri’s many new cars appeared in the brand and went abroad to "make friends"

According to the data of China Automobile Industry Association, in 2023, the production and sales of new energy vehicles in China were 9.587 million and 9.495 million respectively, up by 35.8% and 37.9% year-on-year, and the market share reached 31.6%. Compared with the same period, the global sales volume of new energy vehicles was 14.653 million, and the sales volume of new energy vehicles in China accounted for nearly 65%, which is why China’s production and sales volume of new energy vehicles remained the first in the world for nine consecutive years. The data shows that after years of development and precipitation, China has basically built a new energy automobile industry chain that takes into account both independent research and development strength and market core competitiveness.

Based on this, more and more domestic new energy automobile brands and products are accelerating to go abroad and actively explore more possibilities in overseas markets. On March 26th, the 45th Bangkok International Auto Show will officially kick off, with many new energy automobile brands from China participating, including hybrid electric vehicles, pure electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles. Among hundreds of dazzling models, the reporter noticed that the domestic micro-electric vehicle industry leader — — Hongri Automobile Group also brought its products of Hongri, Weiao and Hongxida to the auto show.


It is understood that this is the second time that Hongri Automobile Group has participated in the Bangkok Auto Show. Five real cars including Hongri X9, S1MAX, BOMA EV, Hongxida ID2 and JM07 all landed in Bangkok, and the number of exhibitors reached a new high.

Liu Shubin, director of the international trade department of Hongri Automobile Group, told the reporter that several products under the group have attracted the attention, consultation, negotiation and ordering of foreign multinational customers. "Hongdou is a low-speed car with two doors and two seats, and its compact design mainly caters to the needs of female consumer groups. Many customers from Europe have expressed their hope to transform Hongdou into a model that meets the L6E standard. To this end, the Group is constantly striving to adjust its products to meet this demand. As a high-speed passenger car, Weiao is deeply favored by Southeast Asian consumers with its spacious space and affordable price, and has become an explosive product in Southeast Asian market. Hongxida series products, which focus on three-wheeled vehicles, are widely praised for their diverse styles, outstanding quality and strong practicality. "


Regarding the active participation in overseas auto shows, Liu Shubin believes that "overseas auto shows are an important communication platform for the global auto industry. As a company with a highly international vision, Hongri Automobile Group’s participation in overseas auto shows is an important part of the global strategic layout. At the auto show, we can show our unique brand concept and innovative product design, thus attracting the attention of consumers around the world; At the same time, through in-depth interaction with overseas markets, we will better understand the needs and preferences of international consumers and provide strong support for future product development and marketing. Finally, the brand influence and the double expansion of sales channels will be realized. "


"At present, the scale of Hongri Automobile Group in overseas markets is in a stage of continuous expansion." According to reports, after in-depth market research and strategic layout, the Group has achieved remarkable results in Southeast Asia. We have established stable cooperative relations with customers in more than 20 countries, such as Pakistan, Thailand and the Philippines, and further consolidated our market position by signing agency agreements.


Improving the competitiveness of products is the only way for Hongri Automobile Group to achieve stability and prosperity. In order to achieve this goal, the Group has continuously increased investment in R&D, optimized the performance and endurance of new energy vehicles, focused on establishing a perfect after-sales service system, and provided timely and professional technical support and maintenance services for overseas users. In the face of the variability and complexity of overseas markets, Liu Shubin pointed out that the Group also made efforts from three other aspects:

First of all, continue to deepen the layout of existing markets, strengthen cooperation with countries and regions such as Southeast Asia and Europe, and enhance the market share and brand influence of hot-selling products.

Secondly, actively respond to the green development trend of the global automobile industry, increase R&D investment in the field of new energy vehicles, and introduce more new energy vehicle products that meet international environmental protection standards to meet the demand of environmental protection and energy-saving vehicles in overseas markets.

Finally, we will further strengthen strategic cooperation with overseas partners, jointly explore and develop emerging markets, expand overseas sales channels and service networks, and provide consumers around the world with a more convenient and efficient car purchase and car use experience.

5   .jpg

At present, Hongri Automobile Group has three production bases in Rizhao, Shandong, Binzhou, and Jinzhai, Anhui, and has built two R&D centers in Qingdao and Shanghai, independently developing 177 patents and mastering three core technologies of micro electric vehicles. At the same time, we have carried out comprehensive cooperation with Zeba Co., Ltd. in the research and development of micro electric vehicles, and worked with international first-class modeling teams such as Central Academy of Fine Arts, North America and Europe to build high-quality models that meet consumption expectations.

In the past two years, based on the continuous improvement of R&D capability, production capacity and market competitiveness, Hongri Automobile Group has actively and stably delivered high-quality new energy automobile products and services to all parts of the world. With the increasing brand influence and the accumulation of word of mouth, the Group’s process of going abroad is about to enter a new stage of rapid development, making friends with China Zhizao abroad into reality, and gradually realizing the transformation from flow to retention.

Walking into the "pineapple sea", one out of every three pineapples in China comes from here!

Original title:One out of every three pineapples in China comes from here! "Pineapple Sisters" make waves and pursue dreams in the "Sea of Pineapples"
This year, xuwen county, Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province, the hometown of pineapple in China, has received higher attention than in previous years.
Here are a pair of "pineapple sisters", who do live broadcast and shoot short videos together in the pineapple field, so that the cold knowledge that "one pineapple in every three in China comes from Xuwen" has become a hot search on the Internet.
"Pineapple Sister" has spent more than 20 years exploring the expansion of production and the establishment of the market, behind which is the gradual development of traditional agriculture in China; "Pineapple Girl" shines brilliantly in a year, behind which is the era of rapid development of information technology and the rapid transformation of China’s agriculture.
Starting: On April 20th, Xinhua Daily Telegraph became a weathered person.
Authors: Xinhua Daily Telegraph reporters Yi Yangang, Wu Tao and Zhang Dianbiao.
Throughout March, 26-year-old Wang Xiaoying and 50-year-old Wu Jianlian were immersed in the "sea".
This year, xuwen county, Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province, which is known as the "hometown of pineapple in China", has received higher attention than in previous years. Not only does it produce nearly 700,000 tons of pineapples every year, but it also has a 10,000-mu "pineapple sea" that attracts tourists to punch in.
This pair of "pineapple sisters" do live broadcast and shoot short videos together in the pineapple field, which makes the cold knowledge that "one pineapple in every three in China comes from Xuwen" become a hot online search.
They stepped on the red land, witnessed the transformation of Xuwen pineapple from "wild" to the formation of production areas and then to agricultural modernization, and also wrote vivid stories of rural revitalization together.
↑ "pineapple sisters" in the live broadcast. Photo courtesy of respondents
"Pineapple Sister": More than 20 years "refining" into Xuwen Pineapple "First Sister"
On March 26th, Wu Jianlian made a live broadcast with CCTV journalists, without scripts or rehearsals. As a native of Xu Wenren, Wu Jianlian knows everything about the "pineapple sea" and is also willing to "Amway" the "Xu Wen story" about pineapple to outsiders.
Xuwen has red soil formed by volcanic eruption in ten thousand years, and its pH is suitable for pineapple growth. Farmers here have been planting pineapples since more than 90 years ago, but in the past, it was mainly a "free-range" model. Farmers can plant them as they like, and it is their own to plant good ones and bad ones and make money at a loss.
↑ Xu Wen’s golden pineapple in the "pineapple sea". Xinhua Daily Telegraph reporter Zhang Dianbiao photo
In 1990, Wu Jianlian began to engage in pineapple business after graduating from junior high school. At first, I worked as an intermediary to "lead the way" for foreign buyers who came to Xuwen to purchase pineapples. At that time, Xuwen’s pineapple varieties were single, and the time to market was concentrated. There were often pineapples that could not be sold and rotted in the fields.
Later, Wu Jianlian had the idea of selling Xuwen pineapples in other places. She began to "credit" some villagers’ pineapples and shipped them to Hunan, Jiangsu and other places to try her luck.
A stranger, she has encountered many setbacks. Sometimes, she sells pineapples in front of the car and someone steals pineapples at the back of the car; Sometimes, she is bullied by local evil forces. Not only does she not get a penny for a car full of pineapples, but she also faces personal safety risks. Without making any money, she can only explain to the villagers that "the funds are still in turnover" and need to earn more money to settle accounts for everyone.
However, Wu Jianlian, who was just in his early twenties at that time, never gave up and still went out to sell pineapples every year. I heard that where there is a fruit wholesale market, she will visit it. "Taking a bus for one night and getting there the next day will not only save time, but also save money for staying in a hotel."
Wu Jianlian, who is more and more familiar with the pineapple industry, began to grow pineapples himself around 2001. At this time, Xuwen pineapple planting has gradually entered the stage where large growers take the lead. In the first year, she planted 30 mu, and then expanded the scale year by year, planting more than 3,000 mu at the peak.
In 2008, Wu Jianlian established a cooperative and invested more than 4 million yuan with local farmers to build a cannery. At first, the workers were inexperienced, and it took more than ten days to produce a car (1000 boxes) of cans. Wu Jianlian said that buyers have to wait for more than ten days after coming to Xuwen, and they can only pay for the house and keep people, spending more money than the income from selling canned goods.
The workers in Xuwen’s "pineapple sea" are loading cars. Xinhua Daily Telegraph reporter Zhang Dianbiao photo
The turning point was in 2011, when Wu Jianlian took over Xuwen Pineapple Wholesale Market in Qujiae Town from others. The pineapple trading market has been invested heavily, with an investment of 8 million yuan in 2013 and 2014 alone. At that time, there was not enough money. Relatives, friends and familiar farmers spontaneously went to the Postal Bank to lend a small loan of 30,000 yuan each to Wu Jianlian to build a trading market.
↑ The pineapple workers in Xuwen’s "Sea of Pineapples" are packing the picked pineapples. Xinhua Daily Telegraph reporter Zhang Dianbiao photo
"Everyone really supports me. Someone told me that if the market can’t make a loss, then I don’t need to pay back 30,000 yuan, and they will pay it themselves." Wu Jianlian has always been grateful for the trust of the villagers.
It was at that time that Wu Jianlian, who had been in the pineapple industry for more than 20 years and was familiar with the whole industrial chain, became a well-known figure in Xuwen pineapple industry because of his justice and fairness. Fruit farmers and buyers asked her to coordinate everything, and she was called "Sister Pineapple".
According to Wu Jianlian, the trading market in Qujie Town has now become the largest pineapple trading market in China, and most of the pineapples in xuwen county are sold from here. Wu Jianlian’s processing factory is no longer just making canned food, but also developing a variety of new products such as pineapple moon cakes and pineapple cake.
↑ Xu Wen "pineapple sea". Xinhua Daily Telegraph reporter Zhang Dianbiao photo
"Pineapple Girl": A live broadcast sold 1.65 million Jin of pineapples.
Compared with Wu Jianlian, who took 20 years to become a "pineapple sister", Wang Xiaoying, a famous "pineapple sister" in Xuwen and even online celebrity, caught up with the good times in just one year.
When Wang Xiaoying was a child, she didn’t want to have a school holiday, which meant that she had to go to the pineapple field to help her parents. From an early age, she made up her mind to stay as far away from pineapples as possible. Unexpectedly, after going around, she will return to her hometown and run to the pineapple field every day.
At Hongxing Farm in Xuwen, Zhanjiang, farm workers are harvesting pineapples. Xinhua news agency information piece
In Xuwen, pineapple is the main source of income for many families. Only when pineapples are sold at home can children get tuition. However, because of unscientific planting and asymmetric information, slow sales and losses are like ghosts, hovering over pineapple fields all the year round. Sometimes, Wang Xiaoying will go to the pineapple field with her classmates to pick up the "secondary fruit" abandoned by the villagers and change her living expenses.
In Xu Wen’s "pineapple sea", workers are picking pineapples. Xinhua Daily Telegraph reporter Zhang Dianbiao photo
After graduation, Wang Xiaoying became a host of Xuwen TV Station. During the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020, agricultural products in many places were "difficult to sell", and Xuwen was no exception. However, the live broadcast during the epidemic brought new opportunities for Xuwen’s pineapple industry for a hundred years.
Wang Xiaoying also caught up with the east wind of live broadcast. On February 26th last year, she made a live broadcast with the county magistrate of xuwen county. At that time, there were tens of thousands of buyers interacting online, and the pineapple transaction volume reached 1.65 million Jin. Since then, the story of "Pineapple Girl" has spread all over Xuwen.
"That delivery gave me a subversive understanding of the live broadcast. I used to think that live broadcast was to brush a face on the platform and let people give gifts and rewards. However, after I participated in it, I realized that live broadcast requires professional knowledge and can empower my hometown. " Wang Xiaoying said.
That live broadcast made Wang Xiaoying famous in World War I, and an agricultural Internet company extended an olive branch. Wang Xiaoying decided to quit the TV station and go to a bigger platform to "speak" for his hometown pineapple.
"Pineapple Girl" has her own live broadcast style. She never shouts "Oh my god, buy it" in the live broadcast room like a beauty blogger, but often interacts with farmers in the pineapple field under the scorching sun. Now, the object of "Pineapple Girl" is not limited to pineapples. Guangdong, which has a wide variety of agricultural products, provides rich options for her live broadcast room.
"I used to send a video that was probably watched by Xu Wenren, and now it is watched by the whole country. It was the supplier who might have been looking for me before. Now I am looking for a buyer from all over the country. I can connect the buyer with the supplier. "
↑ "Pineapple Girl" Wang Xiaoying (second from left) is broadcasting live with fruit farmers. Xinhua Daily Telegraph reporter Zhang Dianbiao photo
When the "net sea" is connected with the "pineapple sea"
At present, it is the season when Xuwen pineapples are on the market in large quantities. In March this year, Xuwen pineapple ushered in the "best price in 30 years", and the highest price in the field even exceeded 4 yuan per catty.
In Xu Wen’s "pineapple sea", workers are picking pineapples. Xinhua Daily Telegraph reporter Zhang Dianbiao photo
The so-called "land price" means that after the pineapple is ripe, the buyer directly buys the pineapple in a certain field at a certain price, and then pays for it to be harvested and transported. At present, the planting cost of Xuwen pineapple is less than that of 1 yuan per catty, and this year’s market situation makes farmers smile.
The pineapple workers in Xuwen’s "pineapple sea" are sorting the picked pineapples. Xinhua Daily Telegraph reporter Zhang Dianbiao photo
But in the past, Xuwen farmers had suffered from slow sales. In 2018, pineapples were unsalable, and the money for selling pineapples was not enough. Wu Jianlian had 200 acres of pineapples all rotted in the ground. The good price in recent years, a very important reason comes from the modernization transformation and reform of Xuwen pineapple.
A growing pineapple. Xinhua Daily Telegraph reporter Zhang Dianbiao photo
Live delivery is one of the most significant changes. This pair of "pineapple sisters", one is the "front wave" who has been deeply involved in the pineapple industry for many years, and the other is the "back wave" who is familiar with network communication, and jointly deduces the story of the successful transformation of China’s local characteristic agricultural industry in the Internet era.
Wang Xiaoying’s first report on pineapple on Xuwen TV was to interview Wu Jianlian’s pineapple processing factory. After the interview, she also sent a circle of friends. But at that time, she knew that Wu Jianlian was called "pineapple sister", but she never thought that she would become "pineapple sister" in the future. It is the "net sea" that makes the two people on the side of the "pineapple sea" closely linked.
↑ "Pineapple Sister" Wu Jianlian (left) and "Pineapple Sister" Wang Xiaoying (right) made a promotion on Xuwen Pineapple High-speed Train.
"Pineapple Sister" wears glasses and has short hair. She is neat and capable, and even if she does live broadcast with many central media one day, she doesn’t have to rehearse. But at the beginning, Wu Jianlian in front of the camera often forgot his words nervously. He needed to prepare five or six hours in advance and rehearse five or six times.
Now the graceful "pineapple girl" used to wear a skirt and stick it in the pineapple field for a short video shot. Pineapple leaves are like saws. Farmers who pick pineapples have to wear three pairs of trousers, and the calf of "Pineapple Girl" is cut.
The stage fright "pineapple sister" once wanted to give up, but she couldn’t bear to "block" the door at dawn every day. "We can’t let the audience think that there is something wrong with our pineapple because of nervousness." Seeing the spelling of "pineapple sister", "pineapple sister" does not fall behind. After constant practice, Wu Jianlian became more and more comfortable in front of the camera. Wang Xiaoying also often learns from Wu Jianlian how to plant, pick and pick pineapples, and gradually becomes a veteran in the pineapple industry.
↑ Sorted pineapple. Xinhua Daily Telegraph reporter Zhang Dianbiao photo
The story of "pineapple sisters" has also been circulated. In their live broadcast, at most 40,000 buyers pick goods online at the same time, which is a grand occasion that has never been seen before in offline transactions.
According to Huang Jiatuan, director of the Agriculture and Rural Bureau of xuwen county, the transition and upgrading of pineapple industry from traditional to modern is reflected from "Sister Pineapple" riding alone to "Sister Pineapple" echo each other.
Since 2018, Guangdong Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has explored the construction of "12221" market system to solve the problem of pineapple sales, that is, establishing "1" big data of agricultural products, guiding production and leading sales with big data, forming "2" teams of buyers and brokers in sales areas, expanding "2" big markets in sales areas and production areas, and planning buyers to enter production areas and agricultural products to enter "2" markets in sales areas to realize
↑ Xu Wen pineapple big data platform. Xinhua Daily Telegraph reporter Zhang Dianbiao photo
"Pineapple Sisters" is the third "2" participant in the "12221" market system. Since the operation of the "12221" market system, the price of Xuwen pineapple has fluctuated with the market, but it has never been as unsalable as it was in previous years.
↑ Xu Wen pineapple big data platform. Xinhua Daily Telegraph reporter Wu Tao photo
"Now more and more people have built a pineapple building and bought a pineapple cart." Wang Xiaoying said, "Fruit farmers have an income of five or six thousand yuan per mu. They used to hide from the camera, but now they are all rushing to be photographed, and the joy of increasing income is on their faces. "
According to reports, in 2019, when the "12221" market system was in operation, the annual deposits of 25 postal savings bank outlets in xuwen county increased by 680 million yuan, and only the annual net deposits of Qujiae Town Branch in the main pineapple producing area exceeded 100 million yuan; In 2020, the deposits of Qujiae Town Branch increased by 365 million yuan against the trend.
The reputation of "Pineapple Sister" is based on the gradual development of traditional agriculture in China. It took one year to shine brilliantly, and it was famous as "Pineapple Girl" all over the country, with the rapid development of information technology behind it, and the rapid transformation of China’s agriculture under the support of policies and the investment of new production factors.
Use big data and other technologies in circulation to build a new agricultural product market system and open up sales blocking points; Introduce good products in the planting process, adjust the variety structure, extend the market period of products and improve the quality of products; Strengthen the shaping of regional public brands; Reinforce shortcomings such as deep processing and research and development in the industrial chain …
This is the self-improvement of Xuwen pineapple industry under the wave of reform, and it is also the silhouette of the high-quality road for the prosperity of agricultural industry in Guangdong and even the whole country. Xuwen pineapple welcomes the hope of soaring in the new era, and the aftereffect is worth looking forward to.
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Yu Rugui, a national model veteran: He made great contributions in bloody battles in those years, and now he runs a school to help veterans.
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Xinhua All Media+| What kind of experience is it to be a "shovel officer" for the giant panda in Qinling?
Xinhua All Media+| What happened to the security guard who became a graduate of Peking University 27 years ago?
They fulfilled the "archaeological dream" of an 11-year-old leukemia girl with carefully customized "luck"

Pack fruit, cooked food, leftovers … Are you using the plastic wrap correctly?

Products such as plastic wrap and fresh-keeping bag can be seen everywhere. We are used to tearing off a piece of plastic wrap to seal the cut watermelon and other fruits, and opening a fresh-keeping bag to repackage dishes to prevent cross-taste.

What gives these materials the ability to "keep fresh"? What should I pay special attention to when using it?

Types of plastic wrap

Pe (polyethylene) cling film

The main component of pe cling film is polyethylene resin, which is mainly used for packaging ordinary fruits and vegetables.

Pe plastic wrap is considered as a safe packaging material, which can package foods that come into direct contact.

Pe plastic wrap has good waterproof and air permeability, and is suitable for packaging fresh vegetables and frozen foods. However, due to its good air permeability, it is not suitable for packaging foods with high oil content and easy to be spoiled by oxygen.

Pvc (polyvinyl chloride) preservative film

Pvc is a kind of polymer compound formed by addition polymerization of vinyl chloride monomer, which has the characteristics of good transparency, high viscosity and good elasticity, but these characteristics are based on its great harm to people.

The monomer vinyl chloride of pvc has anesthetic effect, teratogenicity and carcinogenicity at the same time. Long-term contact will cause harm to human nervous system, liver and embryo, and its human safety limit is 1 mg/kg body weight.

At the same time, the thermal stability of pvc preservative film is poor, and heating or microwave treatment will cause it to crack and produce toxic vinyl chloride.

In addition, in order to make pvc material into a soft and transparent preservative film, it is inevitable to add plasticizer to change its property state during manufacturing.

Some pvc cling films may contain ethylhexylamine (deha) as a plasticizer, which will destroy the endocrine system of human body, be carcinogenic, and be easily separated from the packaging materials and enter the human body with food.

Therefore, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine requires food preservative film manufacturers to indicate the material and scope of application on the product packaging, and it is forbidden to use deha in the production of pvc preservative film, and it is also forbidden to directly package meat, cooked food and oily food with pvc preservative film.

Pvdc (polyvinylidene chloride) cling film

Pvdc cling film is composed of polyvinylidene chloride, a small amount of plasticizer, stabilizer and other additives, which is mainly used for packaging some cooked food, ham and other products. It has the characteristics of good freshness, firmness and easy attachment, and can prevent water evaporation. It is superior to pvc preservative film in heat resistance and safety.

Pvdc cling film can be used for both refrigerator preservation and microwave heating, and its temperature range can reach -60℃~140℃.

Plastic wrap is not everything.

Plastic wrap has the advantages of preventing food from cross-flavor, reducing bacterial pollution and maintaining food nutrients.

It has certain air permeability and limits the loss of water, can adjust the oxygen content and water content around food, and at the same time block dust and bacterial pollution to a certain extent, thus prolonging the shelf life of food.

But it is not a "universal product" for food preservation.

Plasticizer will dissolve into food in water or oil above 60℃, so it is best not to keep cooked food and food containing a lot of oil with plastic wrap.

Fruits and vegetables with high moisture content are more suitable for preservation with plastic wrap, such as apples, pears and watermelons.

It is recommended to choose pe plastic wrap, especially when it is used for meat, fruit and other foods.

Pvdc plastic wrap has better moisture retention, and can provide longer fresh-keeping time compared with pe plastic wrap.

When buying plastic wrap, you should pay attention to the specific name or chemical formula on the package, and at the same time, you must choose products marked with the words "food use".

ShangguanNo. Author: Shanghai Huangpu

A table of New Year’s Eve is full of affection.

On New Year’s Eve, we had a reunion dinner, enjoyed family affection and read mulberry. Every Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriot and overseas Chinese has his own "New Year’s Eve story".
Pot dishes that mean "pots are full"
White-cut chicken "starting from eating chicken and reuniting the whole family"
Bless the long-term dish of "long life"
Qingtian sugar cake with fragrant lips and teeth
A basin full of "auspicious dishes"
The real taste is reunion.
Our reporter Chen Ran
Deep-fried goo-goo meat, hung with sweet and sour thick juice made of sugar and vinegar, and presented with colored pepper and pineapple pieces; Pinch the good tiger spots out of the pot with a stopwatch, pour steamed fish and soy sauce, and then pour a thin layer of ginger and onion hot oil …
Every New Year’s Eve, Mrs. Xie’s kitchen is full of fragrance, wrapped in a strong flavor of the year.
"In a year, my favorite meal is New Year’s Eve. Although it is harder than usual, it is the happiest thing to make your family satisfied and happy. " Mrs. Xie, who lives in Chai Wan on Hong Kong Island, and Mr. Sheng have two sons. Today, sons have grown up and left home to study and work hard. Therefore, the Spring Festival has become one of the few reunion moments for Xie Jia every year. A week before New Year’s Eve, Xie Jia had already begun to prepare for the New Year’s Eve dinner.
Speaking of New Year’s Eve dishes, Mrs Xie is always in high spirits. "The eldest son loves to eat cows. I bought the freshest oxtail early, stewed it with lobster sauce and bean paste, stewed it until it was soft and rotten, and the bovine bone marrow was also dissolved in the soup. Every bite was rich in gum and sauce. Shrimp is my husband’s favorite. In the New Year’s Eve dinner, Aauto Quicker’s braised black tiger shrimp is served, which is fried first and then stewed. The red color is festive and appetizing. My youngest son likes steamed ribs that are soft and waxy. This time, I put a layer of tender tofu under the marinated ribs and put them into the pot. Gravy and hot tofu are estimated to make him eat a big bowl of rice … "
Mrs Xie smiles brightly. A hearty and delicious New Year’s Eve dinner is full of love for your family.
Hong Kong-style New Year’s Eve dinner pays attention to "good luck", so every family must have several kinds of "auspicious dishes" on the table, "fish every year", pig’s hand symbolizing "windfall" and "round and round" mushrooms … In Tangfang Village, Pingshan, Yuen Long, New Territories, a pot dish feast meaning "full of pots" has been circulated for generations. Pingshan traditional basin restaurant started with this ancient "Hong Kong flavor". Deng Lianxing, a descendant of the third generation, introduced that the traditional potted vegetables are burned with firewood, which has a unique fireworks fragrance for a long time.
A seemingly simple pot dish is actually full of flavors. The ingredients include prawns, oysters, squid, pigskin, mushrooms, chicken, herring balls, pork, radish, bamboo shoots and Nostoc flagelliforme. Roast, stew, roast, stir-fry, marinate, stir-fry … All kinds of ingredients are self-contained, and then stacked layer by layer according to a specific order, and different flavors absorb and infiltrate each other, making people feel more delicious as they eat.
The New Year’s Eve dinner should be delicious, as the classic TV series in Hong Kong says, "The most important thing for a family is to be neat." In the laughter, the whole family sits around the table, which is the true taste of New Year’s Eve.
Mama home-cooked dish
Memories of the taste of the year
Our reporter Suning
In the small town of Haojiang, the end of the twelfth lunar month is getting stronger and stronger, and people are happily preparing for the New Year. "At the end of the day, business people will feast their buddies and give out year-end bonuses." Li Baohua, who works as a civil servant in the Macao SAR government, said that the 28th of the year is a day to wash dirty clothes, and families should clean their houses to get rid of the old and welcome the new.
New Year’s Eve is the climax of the year. "When my grandmother was alive, she always adhered to traditional customs." Li Baohua recalled that the old lady got up early in the morning every New Year’s Eve, prepared a table of small dishes to worship in front of the ancestral memorial tablet, and prayed for a smooth coming year. Then go straight to the vegetable market to prepare a reunion dinner, that is, New Year’s Eve.
In Li Baohua’s impression, the 30-year-old vegetable market has always been a sea of people. People should not only choose the freshest ingredients for the evening reunion dinner, but also prepare "year-pressing" things. According to the traditional custom, lettuce, celery and onion with roots should be tied with red rope and attached with red paper. A shad, can’t scale, can’t laparotomy, complete a tail. Some people have to put a whole white-cut chicken, and all the ingredients, together with oranges with leaves, will be stored from the 30 th of the year to the second day of the New Year’s Day, in order to have a head and a tail and have more than one year.
Reunion is the eternal theme of New Year’s Eve. When the sun sets on the western hills, the whole family sits neatly around a table. And almost every dish on this table has its meaning.
"Every family celebrates the New Year’s Eve with lettuce by the fire. Full of yellow sand makes a big cockroach, and the firecrackers ring in the sky. " Baohua Li said that the last flower-exploring Shang Yanliu mentioned the word "Xian" in his poem "Yueyuan Old Calendar Folk Bamboo Branch Ci", which is homophonic with "Xian" in Cantonese, implying that Xian is rich in years. However, yellow sand clams are rarely seen in today’s reunion dinner, but pork tongue and oyster sauce are indispensable. People in Guangfu call the pig’s tongue "pig’s tongue", and "pig’s tongue" and "profit" are homonyms. People from businessmen to wage earners have a special liking for this dish. There are chicken, boiled chicken, fried chicken with soy sauce, ginger and onion chicken … No matter how to make it, a chicken is indispensable for the reunion dinner.
For Li Baohua, the best reunion dinner must be mom’s home-cooked meal. What I miss all my life is also the figure of my mother in the taste of the year. "My memory of the taste of the year began with my mother’s soy chicken in the reunion dinner." Li Baohua said that her chicken with soy sauce was not soaked, but fried. Heat a red pot, put down the oil and chunks of ginger, fry the chicken until fragrant, pour the adjusted soy sauce, and cook slowly with slow fire. The skin is fragrant and the meat is lazy, and the thick juice is heavy.
All kinds of special flavors
Behind is hometown.
Our reporter Wang Yao
In Taiwan Province, from the first half of the year, the news of sweeping New Year’s Eve and the advertisement of New Year’s Eve at the door of the store repeatedly released the message that "Chinese New Year is coming soon", which made people involuntarily look forward to the "big meal" on New Year’s Eve.
Mr. and Mrs. Zheng Shijie, who are in their forties, live in Taipei. "On New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Eve, I usually go to my husband’s house to eat, and I will go back to my mother’s house on the second day." Mrs. Zheng, who is usually in charge of cooking, said that she was very relaxed on New Year’s Eve. "The kitchen on New Year’s Eve is the home of her mother-in-law, and no one else can get involved."
When Mr. Zheng was young, he lived in the family village (a house built for the soldiers who moved to Taiwan and their families). The whole family village was like a big family. "At that time, every family really didn’t lock the door." Adults were colleagues and children were classmates, taking care of each other, regardless of each other; Whoever cooks something delicious will share it with everyone. As soon as possible, the residents of the village come from all over the mainland. Over time, each family’s diet has all kinds of distinctive flavors, and so does the New Year’s Eve. Mr. Zheng’s grandfather came from Jiangxi and his grandfather came from Hubei. "When we were young, we ate New Year’s Eve at grandma’s house and later at mom’s house, but there was no obvious regional characteristics."
Although many families now go to restaurants for dinner to save trouble, Mr. Zheng’s mother still insists on cooking by herself. Ten days before the Chinese New Year, I began to buy ingredients and reserve new year’s goods.
On the dinner table of the New Year’s Eve, there are bacon sausages and pot-stewed vegetables made by ourselves. "There are also stewed lion’s head, shredded pork with fish sauce, shrimp, and of course, fish is indispensable, because there is more than one year, and you can’t finish it on New Year’s Eve. Only when there is surplus will you have more than one year." There must also be jiaozi, which contains coins. Whoever eats it represents better luck. " Mr. Zheng said.
"Some families in Taiwan Province eat hot pot on New Year’s Eve, which has a surrounding atmosphere. Pay attention to a little, but also have a Buddha jumping wall. " Mrs. Zheng said. "When we were young, we all went to my grandmother’s house in Tainan for dinner. My grandmother was chaozhou people. The dinner would make chicken rolls, stewed whole ducks, radish cakes, and’ long-year dishes’ that Taiwan Province must eat around the stove. Because it is not easy to boil, it symbolizes a long life. You can’t cut it off when you eat it, but eat it whole leaves."
Sugar cakes stay fragrant for a long time.
Nourish the wandering heart
Our reporter Cheng Long
As the year is approaching, in a small mountain village in Qingtian, Zhejiang, every household is busy: washing lotus leaves, grinding rice noodles, mixing stuffing and steaming sugar cakes. This is the happiest memory of Wang Xinte, an overseas Chinese living in Spain: every New Year, he can eat Qingtian sugar cake, which is sweet but not greasy, soft and not sticky, and his lips and teeth remain fragrant.
"The taste of the year is the taste of Qingtian sugar cake!" Wang Xinte said, "It starts to be cooked around the twentieth day of the twelfth lunar month every year, and it takes more than ten hours to steam in a cauldron. Then cut it into pieces and eat it slowly. Visit relatives and friends and bring some as a New Year gift. "
In 2000, Wang Xinte arrived in Spain, and the first year of Spring Festival was simple. "There are only seven or eight China people in the whole city, so it is very lucky to eat Chinese food, let alone eat sugar cakes." Wang Xinte said that in the past, local people knew little about the Spring Festival. "Now, the Spring Festival has become a household name."
On the first day of the first month of 2018, Wang Xinte took several overseas Chinese to Aragon TV Station to introduce the Spring Festival in China by live broadcast. "We specially prepared two kinds of food. One is jiaozi, and the other is sugar cake. The audience and the host were full of praise for China cuisine. Through delicious food, Spanish friends have a deeper understanding of China and Qingtian. This has also created a more friendly atmosphere for our overseas Chinese to live and develop in the local area. "
Wang Xinte also moved the New Year’s Eve dinner to Spain. "This year, we will invite people from all walks of life in Spain to attend the Spring Festival dinner, and invite them to taste the special New Year’s Eve dinner in China and experience the customs of worshipping the New Year and giving lucky money." Wang Xinte, who is now the president of Spain’s Spain-China Friendship and Cooperation Association, hopes to take the New Year’s Eve dinner as a brand activity to promote Chinese culture and run it in Spain for a long time.
The charm of Chinese culture is getting bigger and bigger, and the China Year around the world is getting more and more prosperous. "Now many supermarkets in Spain are selling sugar cakes, and there are more and more patterns." Wang Xinte said, "My children were born and raised in Spain. They don’t have the Spring Festival experience as I did when I was a child, but I hope they can learn about the Spring Festival through these activities and never forget their roots."

In 2023, the first Bay Area National Fashion Industry Agglomeration and Digital Intelligence Transformation and Development Conference was held in Guangzhou.

Zhongxin. com, Guangzhou, December 11th (Reporter Jun Guo) The first 2023 Bay Area National Fashion Industry Agglomeration and Digital Intelligence Transformation and Development Conference was held in Guangzhou on the 10th. More than 300 celebrities and representatives from the fashion industry and digital economy, as well as representatives from more than 30 universities including Jinan University and South China Agricultural University attended the meeting to discuss how to release the vitality of the national fashion industry and how to use digital technology to help the industry develop with high quality.

The first 2023 Bay Area National Fashion Industry Agglomeration and Digital Intelligence Transformation and Development Conference was held in Guangzhou on the 10th. Photo by Jun Guo

The conference was co-sponsored by Guangdong Garment Industry Association, Guangdong Electronic Commerce Association, Guangdong Business Economics Association and China Education Group, and undertaken by Guangdong Baiyun College. The theme of the conference is "Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area National Fashion Industry Agglomeration and Digital Intelligence Transformation". Ren Xingzhou, former director of the Market Economy Research Institute of the State Council Development Research Center, Fu Longcheng, vice president of China Business Federation, and Ji Wenbo, vice president of China Fashion Designers Association, and other industry experts gave speeches on topics such as "Super-large-scale consumer market and great opportunity of fashion industry in the tide of the country", "Boosting consumer service innovation to provide strong support for building a new development pattern with double cycles" and "The tide of the country calls for innovative talents in international fashion design".

In his keynote speech, Ren Xingzhou pointed out that the trend of China’s consumer fashion showed obvious stage characteristics with the development of reform and opening up. Take clothing as an example, from the imitation of fashion in Hong Kong and Taiwan in 1980s and 1990s, to the pursuit of Japanese and Korean fashion trends by some young people, to the favor of European and American fashion brands after the obvious upgrade of consumption, and to the rise of national fashion and the development of rapid consumption.

Ren Xingzhou believes that national fashion is the product of China’s sustained economic development and escalating consumption, which is determined by China’s manufacturing supply capacity, consumption scale and consumption grade. In essence, it is the dynamic balance between consumption and supply, and it is also the result of strong industrial chain, supply chain and ecological chain support. At present, the development of national fashion is facing great opportunities, and cultural self-confidence is a powerful driving force for the rise of national fashion. Digital economy is an accelerator for the development of national fashion industry, and the continuous opening up has improved the internationalization level of fashion industry.

At the meeting, Wang Xianqing, vice president of China Business Economics Association, released the Report on the Development of Fashion Industry in the Bay Area in 2023, which revealed the development trend of fashion industry in the national tide represented by clothing with data and cases, and deeply studied the layout and characteristics of fashion industry agglomeration in Greater Bay Area. (End)