Geely nova, the more spy photos are exposed! Changing the penetrating headlight 2.0T is more powerful.

The online auto market has obtained the road test spy photos of Geely’s new Xingyue L, and the front face of the new car adopts a more recognizable penetrating light strip. The new Xingyue L will also upgrade the powertrain, and it is expected that it will be replaced with the same 2.0T high-power engine of Lectra 03(CMA platform), which is more powerful than the current one. The plan shows that the new car will be listed in the second half of this year.

Geely nova is more powerful than l spy photos exposure for penetrating headlights 2.0T-Figure 1

Geely nova is more powerful than l spy photos exposure for penetrating headlights 2.0T-Figure 2

Geely nova is more powerful than l spy photos exposure for penetrating headlights 2.0T-Figure 1

Geely nova is more powerful than l spy photos exposure for penetrating headlights 2.0T-Figure 3

Geely nova is more powerful than l spy photos exposure for penetrating headlights 2.0T-Figure 4

Geely nova is more powerful than l spy photos exposure for penetrating headlights 2.0T-Figure 5

Geely nova is more powerful than l spy photos exposure for penetrating headlights 2.0T-Figure 6

The picture shows the interior of Bo Yue L.

The front face of the new Xingyue L follows the straight waterfall air intake grille, and the dot matrix through light strip is added above, and the headlight groups and bumper shapes on both sides will also be adjusted. Referring to the new Xingrui, it is expected that the new car will also provide new style wheels and change new shapes to run through the taillights. The new Xingyue L interior or the same interior design of Bo Yue L will be equipped with the latest high-end intelligent driving system.

Geely nova is more powerful than l spy photos exposure for penetrating headlights 2.0T-Figure 1

Geely nova is more powerful than l spy photos exposure for penetrating headlights 2.0T-Figure 2

The new Xingyue L fuel version will continue to be equipped with a 2.0T engine, which is divided into low/high power adjustments, and the high power parameters are expected to be further improved, matching with a 7-speed dual clutch or an 8-speed automatic gearbox; The hybrid version of oil and electricity is expected to be equipped with the same 1.5T engine of the new Xingrui HEV, with a slight increase in maximum power.

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Look at Chinese football! The film channel broadcasts the national theme film "Grab the Fireworks"

Special feature of 1905 film network Speed, bravery and fierceness … … This is a contest between strength and wisdom! It is the favorite of the brave! Fireworks grabbing is a sport for the brave, and it is known as "Eastern Rugby". It is popular among Zhuang and other ethnic minorities, and it is a traditional folk sports activity with strong national characteristics. It has a history of more than 500 years.

Every year, on the third day of the third lunar month, the Zhuang compatriots will hold a "fireworks grab" on this day.

Those who grab the fireworks indicate that the next year will be rich, prosperous and prosperous, and winning the first fireworks is a symbol of a beautiful year, representing the glory and blessing of the new year.At 20: 15 pm on April 28th, the minority sports film produced by the film channel., will be the story of Zhuang youth in Yunling Town, northern Guangdong Province, participating in the city’s minority games.Xu ZhanOpen.

The life of Zhuang people in remote mountainous areas exudes a strong local flavor, which we are not familiar with at ordinary times. This film can let more audiences know about the national sport of "Fireworks Grab" and feel the new atmosphere of beautiful countryside from a small perspective.

In order to renew the store for his girlfriend, earn money to buy a house and get married, the land flying (decoration) volunteered with the simplest utilitarian motive and teamed up to represent the town in the fireworks competition.He gathered a group of idle and confused Zhuang youths together, raised the team flag in the training ground and built the Yunling Flying Leopard Team.

On the land, I flew to find some young Zhuang people with special talents, such as Iron Head Kung Ah Quan, Scud Monkey, Hercules Down Brothers, Invincible Straw Pack Four Seas, Singer Shisanlang and Orchid Finger Long Hair.These young people have their own characteristics, but they all have their own difficulties. They are not perfect and even have many shortcomings, and the fireworks competition has rekindled their hopes.

"Yunling teenagers have high ambitions, and Qi Xin works together to win fireworks."In order to prove their value, this group of "teenagers" shed sweat and enthusiasm on the training ground. In the arena, they violently robbed, hid or threw, and the atmosphere was tense, warm and exciting.

During the training and competition of fireworks, the lives of these young people have changed dramatically.Sports competition inspired their high morale and courage to work hard. They bid farewell to their past selves, and the original Yunling Flying Leopard team became a brave champion.

With the collective efforts, they gained friendship, self-esteem, love and dreams, and completed their self-growth.Sharpen a sword every ten years. The film has gone through 12 years from planning and preparation to release, and the creative team has put a lot of effort into it. 

The director of the film said: "We strive to make" Fireworks Grab "a masterpiece with ideological, artistic and commercial features."

In order to make this film well, the director is very strict in the choice of actors.In order to select the fireworks team actors with good physical quality, he requires professional actors who have played the habit and physical strength of the whole basketball game or half-court football game every week to be eligible to run for the role.

Before shooting, the director dragged all the actors to the shooting location to live and train with the local real fireworks players. After more than half a month’s study, almost all the actors were exposed to the sun. During the training, these actors gradually became real fireworks players.

In the process of shooting, all the actions of training and competition must be completed by the actors themselves. Because of the fierceness of sports competition, actors are constantly injured to varying degrees, but no one has backed out because of this, but the more they fight, the braver they become.

As we all know, sports plays are not easy to shoot, and it is even more difficult to shoot well, which is especially difficult for small-budget films.

In order to enhance the visibility of the film, the director used some skills of China Wushu for reference, designed many difficult movements with acrobatic performances, and incorporated them into the fireworks competition, which showed us the new expansion and new realm of sports-themed films. 

As an intangible cultural heritage, the fireworks grab is a folk cultural symbol and a carrier of national memory inheritance. 

The film "Fireworks Grab" not only presents the traditional custom and sports of Fireworks Grab to the audience more vividly and truly, but also promotes the inheritance and promotion of China’s national tradition and folk sports culture through the film.This era needs this kind of good film full of positive energy and giving people spiritual baptism.

For example, Tang Ke, director of the film channel creation department, said: "The biggest feature of this film is that it has achieved a mix of genres, and it is a film with real low cost, positive energy and great feelings."

Therefore, this film, which was filmed in Lianshan, Qingyuan, Guangdong Province, integrates love, sports, intangible cultural heritage, ethnic minorities and positive energy, and pays attention to the life and destiny of ordinary Zhuang people in remote mountainous areas. From the shooting to the completion of production, it has received attention and appreciation from all walks of life.

Tan Zheng, editor-in-chief of Film Art, said: "This film has fully recorded and presented the folk custom of’ fireworks grabbing’ with vivid and rich images, which is a powerful fulcrum for the development and inheritance of folk culture. In addition, it is also related to the development and protection of minority cultures, which can attract everyone’s attention and attention. "

It is reported that the creative team has donated the film copy to China Film Archive for permanent preservation, so that more people can learn about China folk sports and protect and inherit the intangible culture.

"Flying leopards in Yunling, who dare to grab fireworks, are all heroes.""Fireworks" inherits not only the sport of fireworks, but also the spirit of endless and tenacious struggle!

At 20:15 on April 28th, the movie "Grab the Fireworks" produced by the movie channel will meet with you for the first time. Let us appreciate the cultural value and spiritual charm of folk sports together!