Aauto Quicker -W spent HK$ 12.3 million to buy back the stock price of HK$ 48.9-49.15, which affected the market value structure.

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Geely Xingyue L extended-range electric version of the intelligent driver assistance system experience, the original driving is so easy.

Many people feel that there is a big difference between the current vehicle design and the traditional fuel vehicle, but it is really helpful in improving practicality and driving safety. Take the intelligent driving assistance system equipped with the L extended range electric version, which can not only reduce the driver’s driving burden, but also ensure driving safety.

I believe that many old drivers, like me, always drive by themselves in the daily driving process, but drivers are always in a bad state or tired. In this case, it is easy to be distracted and dangerous to continue driving.

At this time, the intelligent driving assistance system equipped with Geely Xingyue L extended-range electric version can help drivers avoid risks to a certain extent.

The first way to start this system is particularly simple. After the lane is kept open, the car starts to identify the vehicle in front. After identifying the vehicle, it can follow the vehicle in front. The driver only needs to hold the steering wheel, which can help the owner reduce the driving burden.

The opening method is relatively simple. First, click the button at the top left of the steering wheel on the vehicle system, and the lane keeping system will be turned on at this time. Then, after I accelerate to identify the vehicle in front, I will follow the vehicle all the way forward, and the driver only needs to hold the steering wheel.

Summary: It can be found that the intelligent driving assistance system of Geely Xingyue L extended-range electric version is simple to open after the experience. Secondly, the following speed and distance are well controlled after opening. The most important thing is that when the driver is distracted, this system can also ensure driving safety.

It was love at first sight at dinner, and a director of Zhejiang fell in love and was sentenced to 8 years!

Zhejiang Legal News reported that "Gao Hua (pseudonym), as a national cadre, is brilliant, outstanding in ability and has a bright future, and now his future is ruined because of my mistake …" Lu Yue (pseudonym) standing in the dock regretted it.

A few days ago, Gao Hua, the former party secretary and director of a bureau in Quzhou City, who was prosecuted by Qujiang District Procuratorate, and Lu Yue, a specific related person, publicly pronounced a verdict in the first instance of Qujiang District Court. The defendant Gao Hua was sentenced to 8 years in prison and fined 550,000 yuan; The defendant Lu Yue was sentenced to 6 years in prison and fined 500,000 yuan. The stolen goods obtained by the two men were recovered and turned over to the state treasury.

Love at first sight at a dinner party.

Gao Hua was born in Quzhou in 1970. Judging from his resume, Gao Hua’s life can be described as smooth sailing.

In 1991, Gao Hua entered a bureau in Quzhou. Because of his active work and outstanding business ability, Gao Hua was gradually promoted from an ordinary civil servant to the head of a bureau in Quzhou City. Since 2003, Gao Hua has gradually risen from the head of the municipal bureau to the director of the district branch bureau and the deputy director of a municipal bureau. At the end of 2016, Gao Hua was appointed as the party secretary and director of a bureau in Quzhou City, and presided over the overall work of a bureau in Quzhou City.

With the promotion of the position, Gao Hua’s friends and dinners have also increased. At a dinner party in early 2009, he met Lu Yue.

Lu Yue is nine years younger than Gao Hua. According to Lu Yue’s statement, the first time she met Gao Hua, she was conquered by this gentle and elegant man. They fell in love at first sight and had a good impression on each other, leaving contact information. Since then, the two have frequent exchanges and gradually developed into an extramarital relationship.

"We are together and there are too many places to spend money." Gao Hua said. Since then, Gao Hua has never resisted his inner greed in the face of the temptation of money.

Taking advantage of his authority, Gao Hua successively helped to undertake engineering projects, took care of project management, fund allocation and project payment settlement, and arranged others to work in relevant units, so as to seek personal gain and accept benefits for others.

According to the accusation of Qujiang District Procuratorate, Gao Hua took bribes alone for more than 1.82 million yuan from 2009 to 2018 when he met Lu Hou.  

Don’t go to work, still "get paid"

Because Gao Hua made her affair with Lu Yue public in their circle of friends and social circles, she would take Lu Yue to attend every dinner. When someone wanted to ask Gao Hua for help, she would also send property to Lu Yue to help Gao Hua.

In 2010, in order to get help from Gao Hua in undertaking government and other engineering projects, Hu Mou, who is engaged in paint business, rented a single apartment in a certain district of Quzhou City for Gao Hua and Lu Yue to use. For this apartment, Hu paid the rent until 2018, and paid a total of 43,200 yuan on his behalf. Gao Hua has also provided help for Hu in undertaking several construction projects.

Gao Hua said that his salary income was limited and he couldn’t afford the high consumption of Lu Yue, so he agreed that Lu Yue would receive the property sent by his bosses, and hinted that the bosses would take Lu Yue to earn more money.

From 2015 to 2018, Lu Yue received a total of 552,000 yuan from two companies that undertook elevator installation and aluminum alloy doors and windows installation projects in the name of salary income without actually going to work.  

From 70,000 yuan to 1 million yuan

"After knowing Luo Ping (a pseudonym), I made a bigger mistake." Lu Yue said.

Luo Ping is the general manager of a construction company in Quzhou. In October 2016, Luo Ping found Lu Yue, saying that there was a good supervision project in a primary school in Quzhou. His friend’s company wanted to bid and asked Lu Yue to help and said that Lu Yue could also make some money. Lu Yue told Gao Hua about it, and Luo Ping gave Lu Yue 70,000 yuan after winning the bid.

One day in 2017, Luo Ping found Lu Yue again and asked Gao Hua to help in the bidding of a project. Lu Yue told Gao Hua about it. Later, the two attended the dinner organized by Luo Ping together. Gao Hua introduced Luo Ping to others and said, "This is my little brother. Please take care of him." After the job was done, Lu Yue received 1 million yuan in cash.

In 2018, Luo Ping once again asked Gao Hua to help in the illegal construction of a real estate project in Zhangzhou through Lu Yue, and gave Lu Yue 1 million yuan in cash after the completion.

In addition, Lu Yue also used her influence on Gao Hua many times to intercede for the boss who asked Gao Hua to help in the project, and obtained benefits by accepting cash, gifts and travel.

It was determined that Gao Hua and a specific related person, Lu Yue, received property from others and converted it into RMB 3,215,534.

When talking about Gao Hua, Lu Yue seems to be full of admiration and love. She said he was a workaholic and took his career very seriously. But in the end, it was this abnormal relationship that violated public order, good customs and moral ethics, and the greedy desire that they could not restrain themselves, which ruined the bright future of Lu Yue and this young cadre.

Original title: "We are together, there are too many places to spend money." An acquaintance at a dinner party made this cadre deeply lost.

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Football Today: Cypress Sun God vs Kawasaki striker Adelaide United vs Melbourne City

The Japanese Football League is about to start, and the cypress sun gods will face the Kawasaki striker. The cypress sun gods have performed well in the past games, but their ability at home is relatively weak. At the same time, Kawasaki striker team has performed strongly recently, winning eight consecutive games.

However, the team has recently participated in the AFC Champions League, and continuous away games and one-week doubles may have a certain physical impact on the players. Therefore, there is a certain gap between the strength and current situation of the cypress sun god team and the Kawasaki striker team, but the Kawasaki striker team is facing some challenges. Personally, I think Kawasaki Strikers are more likely to win.

The other game is Adelaide United against Melbourne City. Adelaide United has performed very well recently, ranking third last season and beating its opponent 3-0 in the first round of this season. Their offensive state is stable, and they have scored 6 goals in the last three games.

However, some players of Adelaide United are unable to play, which may have a certain impact on the strength of the team. Melbourne City had some ups and downs last season, but finally won the championship. They brought in some powerful players in the offseason and scored five goals in the last three games.

However, Melbourne City didn’t start the season well, losing 1-2 in the first game. At the same time, they also face the problem that some players can’t play. On the whole, the strength of Adelaide United and Melbourne City team should not be underestimated.

Adelaide United is in a stable state, but it should be noted that they lack some important players. Melbourne City team showed great strength last season, but the start of this season was not smooth. Considering these factors, I personally think Melbourne City is more likely to win.

In these two games, we can see the contest between two strong teams. Whatever the outcome, these games will bring us a wonderful football feast. What do you think of these two games? Which team do you think is more likely to win? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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WTT Macau Championship Guoping won two championships and Sun Yingsha and Wang Chuqin won the championship.

BEIJING, Beijing, October 23 (Liu Xingchen) On the 23rd, the 2022 World Table Tennis Major League (WTT) Championship in Macau ended. In the women’s singles and men’s singles finals, Sun Yingsha and Wang Chuqin defeated teammates Chen Xingtong and Fan Zhendong respectively to win the championship.
Before the final, the reading volume of a topic # Guoping won the men’s and women’s singles championship and runner-up in advance exceeded 60 million. It can be seen that in the intensive October, fans are very concerned about the performance of table tennis players.
Image source: Weibo screenshot
Two champions who speak with their achievements
In the eyes of fans, Sun Yingsha and Wang Chuqin have long been synonymous with "young and promising".
In the women’s singles final, Sun Yingsha and Chen Xingtong quickly entered the state. Sun Yingsha is better at grasping the key points, and plays the next game first. In the second game, Sun Yingsha accelerated the attack speed to establish a leading edge and won another game with 11:8. In the third game, Chen Xingtong’s attack on Sun Yingsha’s backhand was effective and she pulled back a city. In the fourth game, Chen Xingtong made many mistakes in the multi-beat stalemate, and Sun Yingsha won 11:6. At the decisive moment of the fifth game, Sun Yingsha succeeded in continuous attack and won the championship at 12:10.
Image source: WTT World Table Tennis Federation official Weibo
In the subsequent men’s singles final, Fan Zhendong made many mistakes in the opening, and Wang Chuqin seized the opportunity to open the score in one fell swoop, taking the lead with 11:5. At the end of the second game, Fan Zhendong continued to attack Wang Chuqin’s backhand and pulled back a city. In the third game, Wang Chuqin continued to exert his forehand and won at 12:10. In the fourth game, Fan Zhendong frequently used forehand and backhand to mobilize his opponent at the end of the game to equalize the score. In the fifth game, Fan Zhendong began to make more mistakes in the multi-beat round and lost 1-11. In the deciding game, Wang Chuqin started with a 4-0 lead. Since then, his forehand attack has been brought into play and won the game.
Image source: WTT World Table Tennis Federation official Weibo
In this WTT Macau Championship, Wang Chuqin and Sun Yingsha showed their respective dominance. In the quarter-finals, Wang Chuqin defeated veteran Malone to fight for a difficult victory. In the semi-final, facing the Swedish star Moregard, Wang Chuqin handled the ball more properly in a stalemate, defeating his opponent and successfully advancing to the final.
In women’s singles, Sun Yingsha’s opponent is equally strong, and she also shows her "big heart". When facing French player Yuan Jianan in the semi-final, Sun Yingsha responded quickly, adapted to the opponent’s high throw service, and firmly grasped the rhythm of the game. You know, Yuan Jianan did well in this competition, and defeated Manyu Wang, Ishikawa Kasumi and other famous players in succession.
After the final, Sun Yingsha affirmed the performance of herself and her teammates, and bluntly hoped to continue her excellent state to the next race.
Image source: WTT World Table Tennis Federation official Weibo
There is a need to sound the alarm behind the explosion.
Compared with winning two championships, the "surprise" suffered by China players in this Macau Championship was even more surprising, and it also sounded the alarm for the "dream team" of table tennis.
In the women’s singles 1/16th final, Manyu Wang lost to Yuan Jianan 2:3, so it was a pity that she stopped in the first round. Facing the 37-year-old Chinese veteran, Manyu Wang was tied by his opponent many times when he was in the lead. It is not difficult for fans who have watched the game to find that Manyu Wang’s state is not the best, and his mentality has changed after repeated mistakes. At the Chengdu World Table Tennis Championships, Manyu Wang once defeated Japanese famous Ito Miki in the women’s team final, and was the hero of China’s winning the championship. For her and the table tennis players, how to maintain a good competitive state in the intensive schedule is a problem that needs to be considered in the future.
The picture shows Liang Jingkun in the competition. Image source: WTT World Table Tennis Federation official Weibo
And Chen Meng, Liang Jingkun and other table tennis players also suffered a "surprise" exit. Against the Romanian player Szocos, who is not well-known, Chen Meng, ranked second in the world, was a little dull in the game, losing 11:13 in the deciding game and stopping at the quarter-finals; In the face of French star lebrun, Liang Jingkun failed to seize the opportunity when holding the match point, and was reversed by his opponent to win. Looking back at the past history, how to improve stability in "foreign wars" may become a problem that Liang Jingkun needs to pay attention to.
In addition, Malone, the captain of the national table tennis men’s team, also encountered the challenge of Qiu Dang, a famous Chinese. At the World Table Tennis Championships in Chengdu, the two had a fight, when Malone defeated his opponent 3-1. This time, the European straight star appeared more relaxed. The two sides fought hard until the deciding game, and Malone, who was more experienced, passed the test.
The picture shows Chen Meng in the competition. Image source: WTT World Table Tennis Federation official Weibo
With the polishing of the competition, players from all over the world are increasingly besieged by wolves. Everyone is looking for different ways to shake the hegemony of Guoping, which also requires China to be vigilant in the future.
The alternation between old and new is still going on.
On the afternoon of 23rd, WTT World Table Tennis Federation announced the list of 16 men’s and women’s singles players in the final of 2022 WTT World Cup in Xinxiang. Five men’s and women’s national table tennis teams were shortlisted, namely: Fan Zhendong, Ma Long, Liang Jingkun, Wang Chuqin and Lin Gaoyuan; Sun Yingsha, Chen Meng, Manyu Wang, Wang Yidi and Chen Xingtong.
It can be seen from this competition that the alternation between the old and the new is still in progress. During the Macau Championship, Malone celebrated his 34th birthday and will soon be celebrating his 20th national team career. After racing for many years, he still loves it. "Age is a number and the most precious experience, but it is by no means an obstacle to moving forward." On his birthday, he wrote on social media.
Image source: Marlon Weibo
In a table tennis civil war, Wang Chuqin defeated Malone 3-2. In the tangled situation, the young man had the last laugh. After the game, Malone’s eyes were filled with joy. In Wang Chuqin’s view, the "Dragon Team" is still the player with the strongest scoring ability in the world.
In the women’s singles semi-final, Chen Xingtong met Ito Meicheng. In the face of the Japanese star who just celebrated his 22nd birthday, Chen Xingtong showed his excellent state. After adapting to the opponent’s service rhythm, he quickly grasped the initiative of the game and successfully joined forces with Sun Yingsha in the final.
Data Map: Chengdu World Table Tennis Team Team won the Cup. Anyuan photo
From the World Table Tennis Championships in Chengdu to the WTT Macau Championship, Guoping is actively adjusting its status while adapting to the opponents from all over the world. As Qin Zhijian, coach of the national table tennis men’s team, said earlier, "We and our opponents are growing. After the Tokyo Olympic Games, many teams entered the alternation of old and new, and more young players stepped onto the world stage, showing a certain strength. "
Through competition experience, more players seized the opportunity to show themselves. The inheritance of the old and the new and the healthy competition within the team are also the traditions of table tennis. The "iron champion" needs the team member Qi Xin’s efforts to defend, and there are still many challenges waiting for Guoping in the future. In Sun Yingsha’s words, "I’ll see you next time". (End)

The Historical Meaning of Civilization and Its Contemporary Enlightenment

[Excerpts from arguments]

He Zhonghua wrote in the 6th issue of China Social Sciences in 2023 that "civilization" and "culture" can be used in a broad sense. In the early days of human civilization, people’s self-centeredness is a common cultural and psychological phenomenon, but the symbol of civilization maturity lies in the sublation of this self-centeredness. The existence of human beings is transcendent, and the positive interaction between human individuals and classes makes human civilization evolve in an accelerated way. The anthropological ontological paradox of the division between human physical existence and spiritual existence has its own manifestations in both eastern and western civilizations. The modernity shaped by western civilization exists the paradox of civilization and barbarism and the hegemony of "pseudo-universality". From a long period of history, the focus of human civilization is constantly shifting with different historical opportunities, and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation will profoundly affect the new pattern of civilization in the 21st century. Universal communication of human beings is an important condition for the development of civilization, and mutual learning of civilizations is helpful for different nationalities to make their own unique contributions to the overall progress of human civilization.

Guangming Daily (11th edition, September 15th, 2023)

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