The spring of artificial intelligence creation has come, and the "hidden rules" of ancient poetry are taught by computer.

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 12th Special feature: The spring of artificial intelligence creation is coming.

  Xinhua News Agency reporter Peng Qian Liu Si

  "Early spring rain Chu Qing, willow filar silk caught the shore warbler. The painting boat is full of smoke and waves, and the small bridge is light. "

  Who would have thought that this is a poem created by artificial intelligence with "early spring" as the key word. The author "Nine Songs" was developed by a student team led by Professor Sun Maosong of Tsinghua University Computer Science and Technology Department for three years.

  Xiao Bing, Microsoft’s chat robot, "narrowly beat" human opponents with a Chinese-style song "Peach Blossom Dream" in the variety show "Wit". When the singer sings such an archaic sentence as "In the boundless night rain, the past is like the wind, the peach blossoms in the ear laugh at the spring breeze, and you and I meet in the dream", many viewers think that this is made by human beings.

  The spring of writing poetry, composing music, painting and artificial intelligence has come quietly … …

  Technically, "familiar with 300 Tang poems"

  Zhou Ming, vice president of Microsoft Asia Research Institute, is a literary lover. He and the research team taught Xiao Bing to write modern poetry, and composing music is a new skill.

  Zhou Ming said that neural machine translation, chatting robot, reading comprehension and creation are the four main aspects of the application of natural language processing technology, and the difficulty is gradually increasing. Creation is at the top of the pyramid and it is the most difficult to break through.

  "In the beginning, people couldn’t find how to model creation because it was emotional. Writing poems and writing lyrics are all things with flying literary talents and sudden inspiration, which are difficult to capture. " He said. Thanks to the progress of deep learning and neural network technology in recent years, artificial intelligence creation has won many brilliant achievements.

  Zhou Ming introduced that writing songs by Xiao Bing is a process of "encoding and decoding". The researchers first trained artificial intelligence robots with popular songs. After sufficient training, you can start writing: after inputting the song theme in the form of keywords, it will be coded into a language that artificial intelligence can understand, and the robot will decode and output it in a way that people can understand, becoming a lyric; Then combine this word with the original keyword as a new input, and you can get the second sentence, and so on to get the whole song word. Similarly, you can also input lyrics and translate them into music scores, that is, you can regard music scores as natural languages, thus completing computer lyrics and music scores.

  "Nine Songs" learning to write poetry is also "familiar with 300 Tang poems, and you can recite them even if you can’t write poetry".

  Yi Xiaoyuan, the founder of "Nine Songs" and a graduate student in Tsinghua University, has input more than 300,000 ancient poems since the Tang Dynasty as a corpus, and used the deep learning model to make computer learning. In addition to the rules for leveling and rhyming poems, no artificial rules are given, but computers are allowed to learn the "hidden rules" in ancient poems themselves.

  "We don’t know the rules of how computers make such poems," said Sun Maosong, which is a "black box" phenomenon of deep learning. In his view, each ancient poem is like a necklace, and the beads on the necklace are words. In the deep learning model, the necklace is completely broken up, and then the implicit association between each bead and other beads is given different weights through automatic learning. When writing a poem, put different beads back into a new necklace.

  The ancients wrote poems mostly to express their feelings, and the style was sad, which also made the poems written by "Nine Songs" somewhat "sad for spring and autumn". The team hopes to make the "Nine Songs" more positive by strengthening the training of some relaxed emotional samples. In addition, how to write a longer poem on the basis of ensuring the consistency of the whole poem is also a new challenge.

  In artistic conception, "Kung Fu is beyond poetry"

  In addition to writing poems and composing music, artificial intelligence has evolved new skills such as writing novels and painting. The science fiction novel "The Day when a Computer Writes a Novel" created by artificial intelligence developed in Japan deceived all human judges and was successfully shortlisted for the Japanese Fiction Literature Award. Google artificial intelligence can also create paintings, and some paintings have been sold at a high price of $8,000.

  Artificial intelligence has defeated human beings in the fields of chess and cards, video games, etc. Does the latest progress in the field of artistic creation mean that it is not far from surpassing human beings in this respect?

  Zhou Ming believes that at present, artificial intelligence creation is only based on the imitation of big data, which is far from the creative intelligence of real human beings. "There is not enough data for training artificial intelligence creation, such as the data for composing lyrics; Secondly, the inspiration is not enough, because the data alone is just a follower, writing words and composing music are familiar, and there is no feeling of sudden inspiration in generate. "

  In Sun Maosong’s view, at present, artificial intelligence creation is a limited creativity, which theoretically does not exceed the creative space unconsciously defined by predecessors in the practice of poetry creation for thousands of years. The ancients wrote poetry as "Kung Fu is beyond poetry", often based on experience, with content and artistic conception, but it is difficult for machines to "express their aspirations" or "express their feelings through scenery" for the time being.

  Experts believe that the fear that artificial intelligence surpasses human beings in the field of creation is alarmist. "In areas that need deep connotation or inspiration, such as music creation, poetry and prose, I personally think that machines are basically unlikely to reach the state of people, but they will assist people’s creation." Zhou Ming said.

  However, artificial intelligence can improve the efficiency of professional creators. "If you can’t think of using a word when writing, artificial intelligence will think of a word for you and let you find that you can write like this." For ordinary people, artificial intelligence creation systems such as "Nine Songs" can lower the threshold of creation and realize the dream that "everyone can be a poet, painter or musician".

  Sun Maosong said that the team plans to upgrade the "Nine Songs" system in the future, so that it can judge the quality of people’s poems, such as whether there are mistakes in rhyme and level tone, whether words are unsatisfactory or sentences are incomplete, and help people improve their creative skills; You can also conduct "humanistic calculation" and quantitative analysis and research on ancient documents through big data.

  In addition to the creation itself, the study of machine creation can also bring unexpected benefits to other fields of artificial intelligence, and open up innovation in many fields and interdisciplinary subjects.

  "Before letting Xiao Bing learn music creation, we never thought that music can also be processed by natural language technology," Zhou Ming said. "So once the natural language breaks through, it can drive the breakthrough of cognitive intelligence and the whole artificial intelligence, and there will be many scenes that were unimaginable before."

Computer seal engraving is easy to counterfeit. Hand seal engraving is on the verge of extinction (Figure)

Computer engraving is popular, and the business of seal carvers is slow.

  This newspaper (reporter Shi Shanwei photographed Qin Yang) only needs a carving knife to put the names, flowers, birds, insects and fish into the square inch. Xiang Songqiu, who lives in Laoxiguan, Guangzhou, has been in business for 50 years for three generations. Although he is famous far and near, he can’t get a single business in January. Computer engraving is all over the street, and a seal can be done in one minute, which is convenient and at the same time, it also makes the fake official seal flood and hard to prevent. Manual seal cutting is unrepeatable, but few people care about it, and this traditional craft is facing extinction.

  Fifty years into the business, carving official seals to become famous.

  In Heping West Road, Liwan District, I saw a sign of "Autumn Carving" on the roadside. Walking up the narrow staircase to the second floor is Xiang Songqiu’s living room, and a wooden table in the corner is his workbench.

  Xiang Songqiu, 63, is the third generation descendant of Xiang Jia’s seal cutting, and Yin Chuang, the wooden table, was handed down by his ancestors. His uncle Xiang Xinnan was a famous stone engraver in Guangxu period of Qing Dynasty, and his father Xiang Shaonan was also a minor famous stone engraver. He worked as an artist for more than 80 years and carved seals for many celebrities and politicians. Xiang Songqiu entered the Red Seal Engraving Factory in Guangzhou on January 1, 1960, and has been in the business for 50 years.

  "Horn, ivory, jade, pear wood, boxwood, pen wood … all can be used for engraving, but different materials need different carving knives." Talking about this craft, Xiang Songqiu gushed.

  Not only is Xiang Songqiu well-known in the industry, but he has also been interviewed by many English media, and the British and German consuls in Guangzhou have also come to him to carve seals. Compared with his predecessors, he also carved the zodiac, flowers, birds, insects and fish into it when carving leisure chapters. Once a man asked all over Guangzhou to engrave his name in a painting, but his peers said that he could not engrave it. Finally, he found Master Xiang, and this seal became his masterpiece.

  After 50 years in the business, Xiang Songqiu is best at carving official seals. Before the reform and opening up, many banks, police stations and other government departments in Guangzhou appointed him to engrave the seal. "The business of engraving can also reflect the ups and downs of the economy. The 1980 s was the golden age of engraving." Xiang Songqiu recalled that at most, he took over thousands of orders to engrave the company’s official seal in a month.

  Computer engraving "encourages" fake official seal fraud

  However, in the late 1990s, computer engraving began to rise because of its low price and high speed, which quickly occupied the market. Master Xiang’s business has plummeted, and now there are so many "autumn engravings" that he can’t get a single business for a month at the worst.

  "Computer engraving is the same and easy to counterfeit." Xiang Songqiu said that the hand-carved chapter is unrepeatable, and the fake chapter can be known at a glance. Xiang Songqiu plans to cooperate with a computer engraving shop.

  (Source: Guangzhou Daily)

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Editor: Li Erqing

On the hot search as soon as you shoot, Shanghai Meiying deserves to be the national team of China animation.

Special feature of 1905 film network The animated film is released.After a lapse of 38 years, this film officially met the audience in the cinema for the first time. Perhaps, the saying of "returning a movie ticket" has been redefined in this film.

And this is Shanghai Animation Film Studio (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Meiying") behind the film, the second film work handed over this year after Tyrannosaurus Tu Tu with Big Ears in Action in the National Day file.


The two seemingly independent works are actually a kind of "inheritance" of the film maker to some extent. Mr. Wang is the co-director of the film "The Story of Heaven". At the same time, he also participated in the art work of the first season of the drama series "Tu Tu with Big Ears".


From the "old" to the new, and then renovate and repair the "old". In the past few years, Shanghai Meiying has always presented its "treasures" to everyone in the best form.


The charm of Shanghai Meiying is not only on the big screen.As early as last year, the "China Animation Alliance" gathered and customized a promotional film for the Beijing Winter Olympics, saying, "My old grandson is coming!" Who’s feelings have been ignited?


When the "Zhu Rong" rover landed on Mars, Shanghai Meiying took out the concept film of the 4D sci-fi cartoon "Fluorescent Fire". After watching it, anyone who didn’t marvel at it was still online.


Inheritance of "repair"

The story of Shangmeiying is as wonderful as its cartoon characters, but this time, let’s start with "The Story of Heaven".


In 2019, the main visual poster of Shanghai International Film Festival designed by Huang Hai was released, which surprised everyone. And this poster is based on the animated film produced by Shanghai Meiying.

In that year’s screening list, Shanghai Meiying also released two restored works, one is the full version of "Make a scene in Heaven" and the other is the 2K restored version of "The Story of Heaven".After the invoice was issued, "Tian Shu Qi Tan" became one of the fastest sold-out films. This is somewhat unexpected. After all, in the past, most of the animated films mentioned by the audience were "Make a scene in Heaven".


Making a scene in Heaven was completed by Shanghai Meiying in 2011. It is precisely because of this achievement that Shanghai Meiying saw hope that "classics will never go out of date". As a result, in 2018, Shanghai Meiying restarted the restoration work of "Tian Shu Qi Tan".


This repair work is not easy.Because of the limitation of early technical conditions, the storage medium of the original film is film. The film itself is very fragile, even if it is well preserved, it will inevitably cause some damage. The director of Shanghai Meiying told us that the team invested a lot of manpower and energy to repair the sound and picture.


Behind the simple expression, there is actually a very complicated process technology. In the end, the basic restoration of the film was completed by Shanghai Film Technology Factory and Shanghai Meiying, which ensured the basic content of the work and realized the work of "glue revolution". It is reported that the film has been repaired in the 4K version. This also caused the film to finally meet the audience after two years after the screening of the last film festival.


For many viewers, this is a "youth return". Memories of the movies I saw when I was a child are all emerging one by one, and even the "sequel legend" about this movie is not broken.


For Suda, the release of this film has not only fulfilled his dream, but also completed the unfinished story of his predecessors in Shanghai Meiying.

Mr Yunda Qian, the co-director of this film, is her university teacher. At the Shanghai premiere of the film, the 93-year-old director Yunda Qian appeared. Facing the recognition of the audience, he also said humbly, "I feel that we have not done enough. If we can do it in the future, we will do more work."


However, what is the release of such a film to the audience?Suda doesn’t want to emphasize the box office. After all, the release of this animated work is difficult to demonstrate with the box office itself. "Going to the cinema is not just about paying for feelings."

In Suda’s view, this restoration can make the audience feel better about "The Wonder of Heaven" and break the previous cognition on the small screen. No matter the sound or the picture, more different details can be found.


The vitality of IP

Suda has been busy for the last two months. I was interviewed by various media for Action of Tyrannosaurus Tu Tu with Big Ears and 4K Commemorative Edition.


Although these two works are presented to the audience with a brand-new look, we can’t ignore the fact that it has been 38 years since "The Story of Heaven" and the drama series "Tu Tu with Big Ears" has been updated, but it has been more than 15 years since the first season. It seems that from the outside world, these two works are already "past tense".


Suda seems to have become accustomed to these discussions, and bluntly saying that economic benefits are definitely not the purpose. "I understand that everyone has such a voice, because in the past, we did not produce a large number of new films, and we also understand the expectations of the audience."

In fact, the restoration of "The Wonder of Heaven" is to use digital technology to make the film glow with new vitality.


On the basis of the original film’s 89 minutes, a special behind-the-scenes feature was specially added at the end of the film, including some creative materials, restoration process and interviews with old artists. This is a tribute to the older generation of animation artists, but also a kind of China animation inheritance.


At that time, there were many ingenious ideas of old artists in the creation of the film "The Wonder of Heaven", but now it seems a little clumsy.


For example, in the four words of the title, the blue-black background pattern presents a "special effect" of flowing fusion. It is the old artists who pour blue-black paint into a basin and add solvent to make the paint "flow", thus shooting this wonderful "special effect" scene.


The TV animation "Tu Tu with Big Ears" with more than 100 episodes grew up with the post-90s and post-00s, and it was created by Shanghai Meiying for the purpose of making original and high-quality cartoons to reflect the life of contemporary children.The image of "Tu Tu" unexpectedly became popular on the short video platform two years ago, which made everyone see the vitality of IP.

From the small screen to the big screen, the movie version of Tu Tu with Big Ears has been striving to integrate the spirit of the times into its works and track the topics of social concern. It involves filial piety culture and pension topics.


It seems to be a mature drama IP, but this creation is not easy for Suda. In this movie, there is no collision between justice and evil, just want children to watch it with relish and touch them with emotion.


It doesn’t matter if you have doubts, it also represents the expectations of the audience.For these IPS in their hands, Suda said, "The old IP, because it was already there, we will repair it and develop it, and maybe it will take less time; Then the new work needs a process of incubation, cultivation and creation. "


As for the excessive public opinion of "fried cold rice", the speed is also accepted according to the order. The hard work behind the classic repair is no easier than an original IP. Classic IP needs to maintain its vigorous vitality, which can not be presented by simple preservation. "We are not completely copying the past to sell tickets again, but to create in depth again."


Not only the restoration of movies, but also the IP image authorization of Shanghai Meiying from a very early age.Especially at the beginning of 2019, the collection of doll toys, in which "Tian Shu Qi Tan" cooperated with a fast food brand, even sold as high as 500 yuan on a second-hand trading platform.


This series of IP authorization, actually from another level, is also the activation of IP.Of course, in terms of IP authorization, Shangmeiying pays great attention to whether the cartoon image is suitable for the brand. "Every IP has its own personal design, and we also value the concept of communication that can be set by someone in the future brand communication."


The story continues

"Innovation and inheritance" is the brand concept written by official website of Shanghai Meiying.


Reasonable IP authorization and development, as well as the restoration of classic films, are the best footnotes made by Shanghai Film and Television. To combine "inheritance" and "innovation" organically, we have to mention Meiying’s ink animation.


As early as the 60th anniversary of Shanghai Film Festival, it was announced that it would restart ink animation and launch the first feature film of ink animation. At that time, the official also released a 2-minute trial film, which attracted a lot of attention once it was spread.


After a lapse of four years, what is the progress of this project?Suda told us that the film is scheduled to be completed by the end of next year and is scheduled to be released in 2023. The duration of the film will be about 90 minutes, with almost no dialogue, and the story will be promoted by music. "It can be said with great pride that this will be the first animated feature film in China and even the world."


The 3D version of the official announcement has also made progress. "We will make a bold attempt to break everyone’s previous understanding of the image of the Monkey King in" Big Sky "and make a brand new the Monkey King in a three-dimensional space, which will be more in line with the aesthetics of young people as a whole."


In addition, the new Snow Child, which was created by directors Lu Hengyu and Li Shujie, will also be produced accordingly. In the future production process of Shanghai Meiying, there will be more than a dozen works coming out one after another.

In the face of marketization, Suda said frankly, "Not blindly pursuing the click-through rate and the box office, how to make a good work that can stay is the first thing that our creators should consider, and don’t produce a pile of cultural garbage."


With the special promotional film of the Winter Olympics going off again, the outside world is increasingly looking forward to the progress of the "cartoon universe" of the American film. At the beginning of this year, they launched the drama "Beautiful Film Paradise", but this short drama did not leave much sound. Su Da told us not to worry. They really saw the concept of "movie universe" and are creating an animated film "Make a scene in cartoon city", which combines the IP of Shangmeiying with real life.


No matter from the outside world, Shanghai Meiying is slowing down or speeding up now; Is it being questioned "fried cold rice" or insisting on bringing forth the old and bringing forth the new? They are always carrying on the good memories of several generations with a pen.


As Suda said, Shanghai Meiying is the national team of animation in China, which shoulders great responsibilities. It cannot just pursue commercial animation, and it is one of the responsibilities to inherit and innovate the art of its predecessors.

Guangdong police cracked down on the crime of illegal production on the Internet and seized 5.8 billion pieces of stolen citizen information.

The mobile phone cards seized by the police were "piled up like mountains".

  The largest WeChat plug-in case in China, the largest "black hat" promotion case in China, and the largest domain name hijacking case in China … … Yesterday, the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department held a press conference to report the effectiveness of cracking down on cybercrime and cracked a number of major and influential new cybercrime cases in the country. It is understood that from January to October this year, Guangdong Province detected more than 1,430 cases of online illegal production, detained more than 9,220 people in criminal detention, and seized more than 5.8 billion pieces of personal information of citizens who were leaked and stolen, up 29.68%, 22.26% and 557.64% respectively, which effectively cracked down on the arrogance of online illegal production crimes.

  Guangzhou cracked the largest case of manufacturing and selling WeChat plug-in software in China.

  Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department organized the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau to carry out the "Net Net No.11" project to close the net, knocked out a large new hacker criminal gang that made, resold and used WeChat plug-in software, engaged in the business of buying and selling WeChat accounts and keeping numbers, arrested 44 criminal suspects, and seized about 650,000 micro-signals involved, involving about 10.41 million yuan. The case is the largest network black production case that has been cracked in China to manufacture and sell WeChat plug-in software.

  In May this year, when Guangzhou police detected a fraud case of dating, they found that the suspect used a WeChat plug-in software called One Piece. The so-called WeChat plug-in software has the functions that official WeChat does not have, such as logging in micro-signals in batches, automatically adding friends, sending friends in batches, managing group messages, and authenticating micro-signals in batches. It is an important tool for black producers to raise and sell numbers, and can provide a large number of account resources for gangs that commit crimes such as online fraud.

  According to the suspect’s confession, the software was sold to them by a man named Liang Moulun and solved the problems encountered in the use of the software. The task force conducted in-depth investigations and successfully concluded a new hacker criminal gang that produced, resold and used WeChat plug-in software, engaged in the business of buying and selling WeChat accounts and keeping numbers.

  After the micro-signal was "raised", its value soared by a hundredfold.

  After investigation, the gang, centered on Chen Mou Exhibition, a software producer, is divided into three roles: software producer, software agent and micro-signal dealer. The first floor consists of three people, including Chen Mou Zhan, a software producer, who is mainly responsible for developing the One Piece WeChat plug-in software and uploading it to the website for users to download. The software requires an authorization code to use, and the suspect illegally profited by selling the authorization code and charging the software agency fee. On the second floor, there are 10 software agents, including Liang Mou, who mainly obtain agency qualifications from software producers, buy authorization codes in bulk at low prices and resell them to micro-signal vendors. Some agents are also engaged in the black business of micro-signal vendors. On the third floor, there are 31 micro-signal merchants, including Gong Mou, who mainly buy authorization codes from agents, and register real-name WeChat accounts in batches by using One Piece software to carry out the business of raising and selling numbers.

  What are these micro-signals sold in bulk used for? According to the police handling the case, most of them are used to disguise their identity to engage in illegal and criminal activities, and become tools for crimes downstream of online black production, such as dating fraud. The newly registered number is cheaper, only a few dollars, while the old number that has been raised for a while will sell for tens to hundreds of dollars.

  Gambling sites "wears vest" to improve its ranking.

  Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department organized the public security organs of Foshan City to carry out the "Net No.10" network-closing operation in six provinces and eight cities, including Foshan, Fujian, Sichuan and Jiangsu, and successfully destroyed a criminal gang that used Baidu Black Hat to promote the online gambling industry chain, arrested 72 suspects, seized 1.32 million yuan in cash on the spot and frozen 15 million yuan in funds. This case is the largest network black production case that Baidu Black Hat promoted the online gambling industry chain in China.

  Since the beginning of this year, it has been found in the work of Foshan Internet Police Detachment that there are a lot of gambling sites information in the top links in Baidu search engine. After investigation, criminals use technical means to implant online gambling, online pornography, online fraud and other promotional links in multiple websites to improve the search ranking of promotional links and increase the click-through rate of promotional links. This promotion method is called black hat SEO in the black industry. In short, it is to improve the ranking in search engines by improper methods. Accordingly, the police carried out in-depth investigation and found a large gang that used Baidu black hat to promote the online gambling industry chain.

  The investigation found that the gang provided operation and maintenance services to 143 gambling information websites, such as Zeng × Ren, Xiao× Er, Ye× Zhu, Tie× Pan and Ju× Pan. In order to improve the ranking of this kind of target website (gambling sites) in various search engines and increase the hit rate of being searched, it forged the homepage of the website into a news media page, and used the title to attract clicks, thus attracting traffic. After Baidu’s ranking was improved, the gang secretly inserted gambling advertisements and links in the webpage to promote various gambling sites for gambling gangs.

  In addition, in order to ensure that gambling sites is accessible and has certain concealment, the gang also purchased SSL certificates from overseas for website encryption and VPN services for climbing over the wall, thus avoiding supervision and review.

  The source of batch registration of online accounts "meal" is actually "inside ghost"

  Recently, under the coordination and command of the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department, Dongguan public security organs simultaneously launched the "Net Net 22" project in Guangdong, Fujian, Shandong and other places, knocked out a mobile phone verification code obtained by building a network code platform, registered a new type of criminal gang with online virtual accounts in batches, arrested 82 major suspects in various links such as "industry ghosts", "card merchants", platform personnel and downstream crimes, and seized more than 1,400 personal information of citizens. The case completely cut off the black industrial chain of the "receiving platform".

  In May this year, the investigation of Dongguan Cyber Police Detachment found that Dongguan Ziyou Network Technology Co., Ltd. set up a "Domi" network code access platform, contacted "card merchants" and criminals with black products, bypassed real-name authentication, and obtained verification codes of mobile phones in batches, and then provided them to black products users of the platform to register various platform accounts in batches, and then provided them to criminals downstream for "car", "loan" and "loan".

  After in-depth investigation, it was found that two staff members of Dongguan telecom operators acted as "ghosts in the industry" and used their work to provide a large number of mobile phone "black cards" for "card merchants". Card merchants then sell mobile phone "black cards" to cyber criminals, who use "cool cards" and "cat pools" to connect with the "Domi" platform. By using the "Domi" platform, they can receive verification codes of mobile phones in batches, and illegally sell a large number of accounts after registering in popular mobile apps. Account buyers can get the first discount of the corresponding merchants, or implement it in a way of not paying after consumption and not returning small loans.

  For example, criminal gangs of black goods registered a large number of accounts on platforms such as Alipay, Didi Chuxing, Shouqi Chuxing and Hungry, and then sold them to criminals downstream. After using this account, downstream criminals deliberately fail to pay, maliciously owe money after the loan, or get the first discount from the platform merchants.

  The police reminded that providing code-receiving services for online criminal gangs is to help information network criminal activities, and the masses should not try their own laws. If you find any clues about the code receiving platform, please report to the public security organ in time.

  Network access automatically jumps to gambling sites? It was a domain name hijacking.

  Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department organized the public security organs of Zhongshan City to carry out the "Net Net No.13" project to close the net, knocked out a domain name hijacking criminal gang, arrested 80 criminal suspects, and seized a large number of computers, mobile phones, bank cards, cars and other items. This case is the largest network black production case of domain name hijacking crime in China.

  In July this year, during an online patrol, Zhongshan Cyber Police Detachment found that some people posted publicity information about gambling slang such as "operator DNS hijacking", "BC", "CP", "chess and cards" and "LH" on Baidu Post Bar, and used domain name hijacking to "drain" gambling sites.

  Internet domain name hijacking is to hijack the domain name resolution server by illegal means, gain the control of the domain name resolution record of the website, and then modify the resolution result of the domain name of the website, so that users cannot directly visit the target website. After entering the domain name, the webpage will jump to designated websites such as gambling and pornographic websites.

  After layer-by-layer investigation and analysis, the task force finally locked in a network domain name hijacking criminal gang headed by Li Molong, Zheng Monan, Chang Mou, Zhao Mou, He Mochao, He Moguang and others. The gang members are located in Zhongshan, Beijing, Fujian, Jiangsu and other places in Guangdong.

  After investigation, it was found that Li Moulong and others set up a studio in Shiqi District, Zhongshan City since February 2019, and used hacking software to hijack websites such as "A certain amount of treasure" to brush traffic for illegal websites such as Mark Six Lottery in gambling sites and the mainland, in order to attract people to browse gambling sites and participate in online gambling, and formed a "DNS operation gang, domain name hijacking gang, intermediary promotion gang and downstream gambling gang".

  The police reminded that it is a serious crime to provide domain name hijacking and promote "drainage" services for cybercrime, and the masses should not try their own laws. Please report to the police actively if you find that the webpage jumps forcibly or that computers and mobile devices find viruses and Trojan horse infections. (Text/Guangzhou Daily All-Media Reporter Li Dong Correspondent Lin Hongsheng, Jiang Shuting, Li Changda)

Registration time for CET-4 and CET-6 is in the first half of 2024.

Thirty-one regions across the country announced the registration time for the National College English Test Band 4 and Band 6 in the second half of 2023.

Heilongjiang test area: from 14: 00 on September 18th to 17: 00 on September 26th.

Changjiang professional college, Sichuan Test Area: 8: 00 on September 15th-17:00 on September 26th, 2023.

Guizhou Province: From 12: 00 on September 13th to 17: 00 on September 26th.

Inner Mongolia: 10: 00 on September 15th-17: 00 on September 25th.

Ningxia: From 14:00 on September 14th to 17:00 on September 26th.

Anhui: 10: 00 on September 19th-17:00 on September 26th.

Guangdong-south university of science and technology of china: 12: 00 on September 18th-17:00 on September 26th.

Jilin: 10: 00 on September 18th, 2023-17: 00 on September 26th.

Hebei test area: it starts at 6:00 am on September 19th and ends at 16:00 pm on September 26th.

Jiangxi: From 14: 00 on September 15th to 17:00 on September 22nd.

Hainan: September 13th to September 22nd.

Guangxi: From 14:00 on September 14th to 12:00 on September 20th.

Shanghai: From 14:00 on September 14th to 14:00 on September 26th.

Henan —— Henan Agricultural University/Henan Polytechnic University: 8: 30 on September 15th to 17:00 on September 22nd.

Hubei: From 11:00 on September 15th to 17:00 on September 25th.

Shanxi: The start time is 8:00 on September 18th, and the deadline is subject to the regulations of each test center.

Liaoning: from 10: 00 on September 14th to 17: 00 on September 26th.

Zhejiang: 6: 00 on September 14th-17:00 on September 26th.

Jiangsu: 12: 00 on September 14th-17:00 on September 23rd, 2023.

Fujian-Xiamen University: 9: 00 on September 13th-17:00 on September 23rd.

Hunan-Hunan College of Medicine: from 15:00 on September 15th to 16:00 on September 22nd.

Shaanxi-Xijing College: from 14: 00 on September 16th to 17: 00 on September 26th.

Gansu: 10: 00 on September 15th-17:00 on September 26th.

Qinghai: From 12: 00 on September 18th to 17: 00 on September 21st.

Xinjiang-Xinjiang Communications Vocational and Technical College: 10: 00 on September 12th-23:00 on September 17th.

Beijing: From 10: 00 on September 13th to 17:00 on September 26th.

Tianjin: From 14: 00 on September 18th to 17:00 on September 26th.

Yunnan-Haiyuan College of Kunming Medical University: 13: 00 on September 18th-12:00 on September 26th.

Chongqing-Chongqing Jiaotong University: 15: 00 on September 15th-17:00 on September 26th.

Shandong: 9: 00 on September 19th-17:00 on September 26th.

Tibet: 10: 00 on September 19th-18:00 on September 26th.

Today’s beginning of spring | Do these 3 points in health care and live up to the good times in spring.

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Today ushered in the first of the 24 solar terms-beginning of spring.
"Stand, built also. Spring begins and is established. "Keeping in good health in beginning of spring is a wonderful beginning for a whole year.
The sunrise wind and hangover wake up, and the mountain family is happy for the rest of their lives.
The snow is abundant in the past three years, and the suburbs are warm and green in spring.
-(Song) Excerpts from Lu You’s beginning of spring Day
Spring cattle spring staff, infinite spring breeze to the sea.
Then with the spring workers, dyed pink like meat red.
-(Song) Excerpts from Su Shi’s "Minced Magnolia beginning of spring"
There are three periods in beginning of spring: "when the east wind thaws, when the stinging insects start to vibrate, and when the fish get cold".
The east wind warmed up and the earth began to thaw. After five days in beginning of spring, the dormant insects slowly woke up in the cave. After five days, the ice in the river began to melt and the fish began to swim on the water.
☆ Health should protect the liver ☆.
The three months of spring are the season of bringing forth the old and bringing forth the new and sprouting life.
The attribute of five elements in spring is "wood". "Mu Yue Qu Zhi", that is, upward growth and outward stretching, has the characteristics of growth and rising hair, and the functional characteristics of "liver" in five internal organs are similar to those of gasification in spring.The liver has the function of regulating emotions and dispersing qi, so spring corresponds to the "liver" in the five internal organs.
In order to relieve liver qi, people should get up early, dress loosely and exercise properly in this season to make their spirits relaxed and keep their vitality in the body.Don’t be overworked or angry, otherwise it will easily damage the liver. Please put away three ways to nourish the liver.
one Sleep nourishing liver
After beginning of spring, the days became longer and the nights became shorter. In order to adapt to this day and night change,You can go to bed late and get up early appropriately, but you should also pay attention to "getting up early is not before the crow, and getting up late is not after sunrise". Generally, you should go to bed no later than 23: 00, and it is best to go to bed at 22: 00.Ensure sleep during this period, which is beneficial to the maintenance of liver and gallbladder.
2 Exercise nourishing liver
Huangdi Neijing says that in spring, "lying at night and getting up early, striding in the court" requires that people should take proper exercise in the morning in spring, thus contributing to the regulation of liver-qi and the growth of yang.Baduanjin, a fitness skill, is a very suitable choice for middle-aged and elderly people. Practicing Baduanjin regularly is an effective way to keep the liver healthy.
three Eat sweet and nourishing the liver
In spring, the yang rises, and the metabolism of the human body is also vigorous. Neijing holds that "acrimony and sweetness diffuse into yang", so it is advisable to eat more acrimony and sweetness in spring diet to help the liver-qi disperse and avoid sour products.
Sweet and sweet herbs can be dispersed into yang to nourish the liver,Warm food is good for protecting yang, such as onion, coriander, leek, jujube and peanut.Blue food often enters the liver meridian, which has the effect of clearing liver fire.Those who are prone to hot spring can eat more green vegetables, such as celery, spinach, cucumber and bell pepper.
☆ Prevention of Four Diseases in beginning of spring ☆
It’s early spring in beginning of spring, so it’s chilly in spring, so it’s not advisable to cut clothes too quickly. Moreover, because people’s liver qi rises, it is easy to cause recurrence of old diseases at this time, especially the following four diseases, and everyone must pay attention to prevention.
1 Hypertension
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the onset of hypertension is too related to the rise of "liver qi" and "liver yang". Spring is the season of liver and wood. Anyone with hyperactivity of liver yang is particularly prone to headache and dizziness in spring.
Therefore, once patients with hypertension feel dizzy and head pain, they should not only monitor their blood pressure, but also adjust their antihypertensive drugs in time under the guidance of doctors, and pay attention to a light diet.Control the intake of salt, cholesterol and fat, strictly quit smoking and limit alcohol, and prevent and treat hypertension and its complications. This kind of patients, in the diet, should mainly prevent liver yang from rising too much, and eat more foods such as acidic convergence.
2 peptic ulcer
Huangdi Neijing holds that liver qi is easy to attack the stomach and suppress the spleen, so spring is also a season of recurrent gastric and duodenal ulcers, which may cause symptoms such as bloating in the upper abdomen, pain, frequent belching, acid regurgitation and loss of appetite, and even bleeding and perforation.Therefore, the spleen and stomach should be fully nursed back to health in spring.
3 mental illness
There is a folk saying in our country that "cauliflower is yellow and idiot is busy".Spring is the season of high incidence of mental diseases, so we should pay attention to the prevention and treatment of mental diseases in spring, pay more attention to psychological care and care, and never interrupt drugs without authorization.
fourChronic liver disease
Spring is the best time to nourish and protect the liver, and it is also the season with frequent liver diseases. At the same time, spring is also the best time to treat liver diseases. Liver wood is flourishing in spring, and the qi of liver wood is flourishing. At this time, effective treatment can achieve twice the result with half the effort.Drink less, be less angry and move more, so that the whole body and mind can return to a natural state, which is conducive to nourishing the liver.
Beginning of spring today.
A new year has begun.
May you enjoy a wonderful holiday.
Live up to spring.
Find infinite vitality!
(Source: Healthy China)

Football Today: Cypress Sun God vs Kawasaki striker Adelaide United vs Melbourne City

The Japanese Football League is about to start, and the cypress sun gods will face the Kawasaki striker. The cypress sun gods have performed well in the past games, but their ability at home is relatively weak. At the same time, Kawasaki striker team has performed strongly recently, winning eight consecutive games.

However, the team has recently participated in the AFC Champions League, and continuous away games and one-week doubles may have a certain physical impact on the players. Therefore, there is a certain gap between the strength and current situation of the cypress sun god team and the Kawasaki striker team, but the Kawasaki striker team is facing some challenges. Personally, I think Kawasaki Strikers are more likely to win.

The other game is Adelaide United against Melbourne City. Adelaide United has performed very well recently, ranking third last season and beating its opponent 3-0 in the first round of this season. Their offensive state is stable, and they have scored 6 goals in the last three games.

However, some players of Adelaide United are unable to play, which may have a certain impact on the strength of the team. Melbourne City had some ups and downs last season, but finally won the championship. They brought in some powerful players in the offseason and scored five goals in the last three games.

However, Melbourne City didn’t start the season well, losing 1-2 in the first game. At the same time, they also face the problem that some players can’t play. On the whole, the strength of Adelaide United and Melbourne City team should not be underestimated.

Adelaide United is in a stable state, but it should be noted that they lack some important players. Melbourne City team showed great strength last season, but the start of this season was not smooth. Considering these factors, I personally think Melbourne City is more likely to win.

In these two games, we can see the contest between two strong teams. Whatever the outcome, these games will bring us a wonderful football feast. What do you think of these two games? Which team do you think is more likely to win? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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