Road planning for itinerant examinations: there is no methodology for "itinerant examinations" to go ashore absolutely.

  On February 25th, at the test center of Yubeilou Middle School in Tai ‘an, Shandong Province, candidates lined up to enter the examination room. Photo courtesy of vision china

  On February 25th, the civil service examination in Guangdong Province was held in the examination room of Guangzhou Finance and Business Vocational and Technical School. Photo courtesy of vision china

  (of a performer) hurry from one theatre to another

  In the past few months, Liu Xiaohao couldn’t know his destination accurately. In order to get a regular job, this fresh graduate has taken seven exams since last December. He always knows where to go next when he is informed of the exam, so he is used to buying only tickets for the examination room, regardless of the later trip.

  The most tense time was in the middle and late February of this year. In two weeks, Liu Xiaohao traveled to Wuhan, Zhengzhou and Beijing by high-speed train and plane to take four exams. There are still three exams, so he has to give up because of the time conflict.

  On February 25th, he enrolled in the recruitment of civil servants in Henan, Guangdong and Shandong and the recruitment of Zhejiang Tobacco Company. In the end, he chose the provincial examination in his hometown of Henan.

  In recent years, for many graduates, the attraction of a prepared job is self-evident. Many people will "tour" the whole province or even the whole country to take the civil service examination and various career preparation examinations.

  They are called "patrol examiners" and only when they are successfully admitted can they be considered as "ashore". One candidate said that he applied for 26 career positions in Hunan Province in half a year.

  Because of the large number of applicants for many exams, the price of hotels around the examination room will increase exponentially before the exam. On weekdays, the price of a room just over 100 yuan will become two or three hundred yuan.

  In order to save money, candidates need to book hotels as early as possible. Some people even predicted the scope of the examination room according to past experience before the examination was arranged, and selected different places nearby to book several rooms. If the final arrangement changes, then unsubscribe or transfer the unnecessary rooms.

  When hotel prices really rise, some people will go to the guest house for 70 to 80 yuan a night to make do. Examinee Hu Shu once chose a guest house. Only after checking in did I find that the password lock on the old wooden door of the room had been slightly damaged. She didn’t dare to fall asleep, so she left the bathroom light on all night. On the way out to buy dinner, she was followed by a strange man.

  In the Douban group of "Let’s go ashore for civil servants in the national examination and provincial examination", which was joined by 100,000 people, some netizens posted a message asking what means of transportation should be chosen for the first patrol exam. A candidate who went to Zhejiang for the patrol exam left a message, "The patrol party should be prepared to spend at least 500 yuan and 3,000 yuan for an exam."

  Hu Shu graduated from a university in a coastal city in Shandong last year and has taken more than a dozen exams for civil servants and institutions. Among them, the written part, the qualification review part and the interview part of three exams are crossed. Just after attending the qualification review of the first exam, she received the notice of the third written exam and the second online interview. To this end, she had to travel from the northeast to the southwest of Shandong, between two cities 300 kilometers apart.

  In order to control the cost, she only takes the train. Sometimes, sleeping for seven or eight hours is also beneficial, which can save one night’s accommodation.

  A teacher of a training institution once mentioned in class that he saw an army of patrol exams and took as many recruitment exams as possible for civil servants and institutions across the country. Every year, the provincial exams in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai became their "pre-test simulation" in order to prepare for the final provincial exam in his hometown.

  In 2023, more than 2.5 million people participated in the national examination, setting a record for the number of applicants in the past 10 years. For Liu Xiaohao, a fresh student, taking the civil service examination is only a part of his job search. Besides, he has to take the examination of public institutions.

  The data shows that the number of college graduates in 2023 is expected to be 11.58 million. As a graduate student majoring in economics who is about to graduate from a 211 university in Beijing, Liu Xiaohao started the basic review stage of the civil service examination in the last summer vacation of the university and started his own job search.

  He guarantees at least 12 hours of preparation time every day. Many people around him started taking the online exam in March and April. In order to save time, he finished the course at twice the speed.

  However, none of the seven civil service examinations he took successfully landed.

  He didn’t stop the exam tour. At present, his focus is on the exam tour of branches of China Tobacco, so he went to Zhejiang, Shaanxi, Yunnan and Hunan to take the recruitment exam.

  At the same time, he did not give up other career preparation exams. On the 10th of last month, he received an exam notice from Zhengzhou two days later, when he had just finished an interview in Hangzhou. On the way, he completed an interview with a bank online, made two sets of real-life simulations by printing the admission ticket, and then flew to the examination room in Yunnan.

  He is prepared to work hard until June this year. When he meets a good job opportunity, he will continue to fight for it. He doesn’t want to go to work and regret that he missed the opportunity of better development and better salary because he didn’t try.

  For him, the intensive exam arrangement has become numb. "There are too many exams from small to large." In 2016, when Liu Xiaohao took the college entrance examination, 820,000 people in Henan took the exam with him. "For these (applicants), competition has actually become commonplace."

  A person who collapsed in the examination room

  For the examinees, arranging the itinerary is only the first step. When they go to the examination room, the test is the real beginning. In the written test against time, candidate Sun Yijing will leave the problem until the end. However, when taking part in a provincial examination in Jiangsu, when she skipped a series of questions, she found that she had no questions to do. Later, in an exam in her hometown of Shandong, she was so nervous that she had a double image when reading the test paper, and she kept sweating. As a result, it was the worst exam result in her job search.

  She began to take the exam after graduating from undergraduate course. For the first time, she set off with her family at 6 am and drove to Lianyungang for the exam. Last time she was here, she and her family drove to see the sea.

  That year, she had just passed the judicial examination and was waiting for the results of the postgraduate examination, and she didn’t take the civil service examination to heart. In the examination room, she first learned the specific questions of the civil service examination.

  But at this time, she has strengthened her determination to take the exam. In July of that year, she went to the law firm as an intern and saw the busyness there, as well as the competition and pressure among colleagues. Moreover, her work needs to keep running to courts and procuratorates to meet other people’s time.

  That kind of busyness reminds her of her parents. Since she went to school, her mother has only attended one parent-teacher conference. The question of "Why hasn’t mom come back" runs through her whole childhood.

  Going to a place with a stable work rhythm is a very important consideration in her career planning. She envied her sister who entered the interview after taking the national examination for the first time and went ashore after taking the provincial examination for the second time. She also heard that her brother who gave up his job and concentrated on taking the civil service recruitment examination did not go ashore for five or six years. Children from relatives around them, even when filling in their volunteers in the college entrance examination, began to consider which major is more conducive to the examination of civil servants.

  The worst exam was to take a job that she really liked, working in the prefecture-level city in her hometown. Her body felt the pressure ahead of her heart. One month before preparing for the exam, in a quiet environment, she suddenly heard a noisy "drumming" sound, which was similar to the heartbeat. At first, she just thought there was something wrong with her ears, and she was not diagnosed as "nervous tinnitus" until after the examination.

  Compared with the postgraduate exam, Qin Xue originally thought it was much easier to take the exam.

  In July last year, after the second postgraduate entrance examination failed, she chose a new "track". She entered the interview the first time she took the exam.

  On the interview list, she was the last one. Before she entered the examination room, she collapsed. Before the postgraduate entrance examination, her father would make a special trip to the school to accompany her in the exam, so she didn’t have to worry about oversleeping or forgetting to bring her admission ticket because of carelessness. She took the exam alone. On the first night of arriving in the examination room city, she cried and called home and used up all the tissues in the hotel room.

  On the day of the exam, Qin Xue was so nervous that she vomited the wonton she had for breakfast when she was putting on makeup. Any trouble in the examination room will make her think more, and even the loud voice of the boys in the examination room will make her more and more nervous.

  The last question, which she had never prepared, escaped from the crowd waiting at the door before she left the examination room and waited for the interview scores to be posted. She didn’t pass the interview, and this failure made her decadent at home for half a month.

  Find the optimal solution

  For examiners, popularity is not necessarily the best choice. Some people regard their hometown or a city that is convenient to go home as the destination of the exam tour, and they are no longer blindly pursuing first-tier cities.

  Sun Yijing doesn’t want to be too far from home. She has been to many cities during the tour, but those places have hardly brought her freshness. Nowadays, online shopping can meet most of her living needs, while urban buildings are similar, "they all look the same" and "KFC is everywhere".

  She also took the exam in Beijing, but she didn’t witness the prosperity of the capital. On the way to the hotel, she saw an old building with dripping pipes and broken buildings.

  Liu Xiaohao gave up a good job in Beijing at the beginning of this year, focusing on the examination tour in Zhengzhou and second-tier cities with good development potential. The job he gave up had an annual salary of 200,000 yuan and a Beijing hukou, but he clearly knew that his ability and family conditions could not support him to settle down in Beijing.

  Qin Xue will still focus on jobs in first-tier cities. She wants to pursue further studies, and the local college education resources are her important consideration.

  Qin Xue always wanted to be a lawyer before her sophomore summer vacation. A summer camp to visit local law firms, courts and procuratorates changed her job search direction. In a well-known law firm, she found that luxury offices with high-rise buildings and beautiful rivers in TV dramas are not easily owned by ordinary people. More lawyers only have one desk, and rows of green plants add some life to the cubicle. She thought that in the bustling metropolis, herself on that small table was too insignificant.

  Graduated from a famous university in the field of law, she only has a bachelor’s degree and has no rich internship experience in law firms and companies. She has no confidence in her competitiveness. "On the contrary, taking exams all the time can give me a little sense of stability."

  Qin Xue occasionally thinks that if the postgraduate entrance examination is successful, he can better plan social practice and internship, make up for his previous regrets, and maybe have more choices in employment. But at present, for her, "Kao Gong is an optimal solution".

  A victory

  In the civil service examination, there is no methodology of absolute landing.

  In the last interview without a leading group that she participated in in the Qin Xue Tour Examination, she fought a "defensive battle".

  This interview form requires candidates to discuss and cooperate with others in a specific situation at the same time, and finally make the best plan to deal with the incident. Who can fully display individual talents and personality characteristics in a group of people will often stand out.

  She ranked first in the written test, but for the sake of insurance, she didn’t show too much enthusiasm. She was worried that it would cause the examiner’s dissatisfaction. And Qin Xue, a classmate in an interview class, encountered another complicated situation. In the group, they appeared the role of "lever essence", while her classmates appeared as mediators, and stood up several times to solve the contradictions in the group, and finally won the first place in the interview.

  After entering the interview for the fourth time, compared with the first time, Qin Xue was no longer afraid of being nervous. Every time she took the exam, she clearly remembered the real tension. Only by remembering this feeling can she learn how to overcome it.

  After landing as a destination, candidates can only constantly improve their ability to get close to infinity.

  Sun Yijing’s 13 rounds of civil service examinations have gone through her undergraduate and graduate career for five years. During graduate school, she will also force herself to take part in some competitions to exercise her interview ability. In the last few interviews, her scores have been rising steadily.

  Through the examination tour again and again, she will remember every reflection in the memo: speak slowly, answer the work of contacting the grassroots, and say "first, second and third" will be more logical than "first, second and last" … … She is no longer the person who was called "timid as a mouse" by the training class teacher when she first started the interview.

  Hu Shu continued to patrol the exam, and she expressed her confusion about taking the exam and applying for a job in Douban’s "Association of Mutual Comfort after Failure in the Exam" and "University Regrets Studying Accounting" groups. After more than 10 exams, she stopped blindly taking exams and made it clear that she would not choose some places.

  Last month, after a year’s tour, Qin Xue finally landed in Guangdong Province. Recalling the first time she signed up for the public examination interview class was a rare happy time after her graduation.

  During the two-year postgraduate exam, she closed her circle of friends and cut off unnecessary contact with the outside world. In the interview class, she met someone who resigned after working for several years to take the exam. A person who failed in the postgraduate entrance examination like her.

  Because the postgraduate entrance examination has been unemployed, Qin Xue often has age anxiety. I don’t know that there are such a group of people. Looking at those who are older than themselves and have experienced more social experience, they look both light and serious. She feels that she has broadened her horizons and is still young, and her life should not be trapped by one exam after another.

  At that time, the girl who shared a room with her was going to study abroad to improve her academic qualifications, and she continued to take the civil service exam after she came back. Qin Xue thought, if everyone finally chooses this road, there is nothing wrong with walking first.

  (At the request of the interviewee, Hu Shu, Qin Xue and Sun Yijing are pseudonyms.)

  Zhongqingbao Zhongqingwang Trainee Reporter Gong Ayuan Source: China Youth Daily

Find out the background of natural resources. The third national land survey was launched in Sichuan.

On February 28, 2019, Sichuan Province held the third national video conference on promoting land survey. Deng Gan

Pujiang carried out field investigation. (Photo courtesy of Pujiang County Planning and Natural Resources Bureau)

Land is the foundation of nature, the source of ecology, the key to production and the foundation of survival. Beautiful Sichuan, with a land area of 486,000 square kilometers, ranks the fifth in the country, with all landforms except the ocean. How many types of land are there in this vast land? How is the production and utilization? How to divide land ownership? These problems are closely related to our lives.

In October 2017, the State Council deployed and launched the third national land survey; In September 2018, the State Council decided to adjust to the third national land survey (referred to as "Three Tunes"). The purpose of carrying out the "three adjustments" is to comprehensively find out the national land and resources, comprehensively find out the current situation of national land use, comprehensively grasp the true and accurate national land basic data, improve the natural resources investigation, monitoring and statistics system, strengthen the socialized service of natural resources information, and meet the needs of economic and social development and natural resources management.

At present, the third national land survey in our province is taking the completion of county-level land survey and database construction by the end of May 2019 as the time node to implement the 100-day attack in accordance with the requirements of national unity. The unified data update will be carried out with December 31, 2019 as the standard time. Complete all tasks in 2020.

In the face of huge natural resources, how can Sichuan find out? How to touch it?


From "Land" Survey to "Land" Survey

Take the step of unified management of natural resources

According to the relevant requirements of the Land Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China and the Regulations on Land Investigation, China conducts a survey on the basic national conditions and national strength of land every ten years.

Before the "Three Tunes", China had conducted two national land surveys. The first time was a detailed land survey from 1984 to 1996; The second time was the land survey in 2007-2009. Based on the data of two detailed investigations and surveys, the data are supplemented and updated every year according to actual changes. Different from the previous two surveys, this survey was renamed, and the "land" survey was changed to "national territory" survey.

From "land" to "national territory", although it is only a word difference, it highlights the new characteristics of this survey. Behind the "renaming", it reflects the new strategy of the central government’s decision-making, implements the new tasks after the institutional reform, and promotes the new requirements of objectivity and authenticity. According to the institutional reform plan of the State Council and local people’s governments, the competent department of natural resources will be established to uniformly exercise the duties of the owner of natural resources owned by the whole people, and uniformly exercise the duties of controlling the spatial use of all land and ecological protection and restoration. Compared with the third national land survey, the classification of the third national land survey has undergone major changes, and a series of mergers and adjustments have been made. In particular, to meet the needs of building ecological civilization, wetlands have been regarded as first-class land types, and gardens have been adjusted to plantation land, and the first-class land types have increased from 12 to 13. The "three tones" emphasize the authenticity of the data more clearly, and clearly delete the order of determining the land types of "tillage, garden, forest and grass". In order to meet the needs of multi-sector overlapping management, the marking of patches (on the survey work map, land units with basically the same landform and land use type are divided into one category, and then the units are sketched on the topographic map to become patches) is innovatively implemented.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Department of Natural Resources, the transition from "land" to "national territory" has taken an important step in the transition of centralized and unified investigation of natural resources, laying a solid foundation for the unified exercise of the duties of the owner of all natural resources assets of the whole people and the unified exercise of all national land use control and ecological protection and restoration duties.

In fact, "three adjustments" is the first step of unified management of natural resources. "Only by laying a good foundation can we create conditions for development and utilization."


From "Jiulong Water Control" to "A Set of Data"

Find out the family background and lay the foundation for high-quality development

The "Three Tunes" is an important survey of basic national conditions and national strength after China’s development entered a new stage, which not only involves the construction of ecological civilization, but also relates to a series of natural resources conditions and basic judgments of national conditions and national strength for China’s second century struggle goal. "Carrying out the third national land survey is of great significance for thoroughly implementing the decision-making arrangements of the Third and Fourth Plenary Sessions of the Eleventh Provincial Party Committee, comprehensively promoting the high-quality development of the province and promoting the governance of Sichuan to a new level." The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Department of Natural Resources said.

This institutional reform has made it clear that the natural resources management departments should make unified plans for land and space, and uniformly control the use of all natural ecological spaces. Inconsistency in the basic data, coordinate system, planning period and control rules of previous spatial planning will be solved, and the division of space management rights will be more clear, so as to achieve non-stacked space control of a single national space and provide a solid foundation for drawing a blueprint to the end. The basic data for the compilation of land spatial planning depends on the "three tones".

From the perspective of ecological resources protection, the situation of land, water, woodland, grassland, wetland and other resources formed by the "three adjustments" will provide a basis for the overall protection, system restoration and comprehensive management of lakes and grasses in landscape forests and fields. Only by comprehensively finding out the ecological land conditions such as forest land, grassland and wetland in the whole province can we optimize the three boundaries of ecological protection red line, permanent basic farmland and urban development boundary, effectively implement the control of land space use, effectively carry out the action of greening the whole Sichuan, and promote the continuous improvement of ecosystem functions in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River.

From the perspective of high-quality economic development, finding out all kinds of land use conditions will provide a basis for scientifically compiling the province’s land spatial planning and better optimizing the pattern of land development. By reasonably determining the total amount, location and structure of land supply, we will continue to promote industrial transformation and optimization and upgrading, and further promote the supply-side structural reform.

Under the background of natural resources management reform, the work of "three adjustments" is very rich in content. "In the past, the current situation of land use was mainly investigated by the land department, the forest and wetland resources were investigated by the forestry department, the grassland resources were investigated by the agricultural department, and the water resources were investigated by the water resources department … The data and survey standards of various departments were different, resulting in data overlap and waste of administrative resources." The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Department of Natural Resources said that on the basis of the second national land survey and referring to the original survey data of forestry, agriculture, water conservancy and other departments, this survey broke the investigation mode of "Jiulong Water Control" and formed a bottom plate and a set of data.

To implement the unified national deployment and requirements, provinces, cities (prefectures) and counties (cities, districts) have set up the leading group for the third national land survey, headed by the main leaders of the government or leaders in charge, with the deputy secretary-general in charge and the main leaders of natural resources departments as deputy heads, and the leaders in charge of all relevant departments as members, and set up the leading group office and corresponding working groups, especially the technical guidance group, to promote the related issues to be handled resolutely in accordance with the "three adjustments" technical regulations.


From traditional means to "internet plus"

Top-level design of technology to realize data traceability management

On the basis of relevant national work requirements, our province, in combination with the actual situation, organized forces to pay close attention to the top-level design of technology, worked out the implementation plan and technical specifications, defined the objectives and tasks, work content, division of tasks among provinces, cities and counties, organization and implementation, technical methods, etc., and reported them to the Ministry of Natural Resources for the record. Unified production of the province’s transportation and water conservancy network, survey boundaries, control area and other basic control key data. Establish a provincial-level "Internet"+proof platform, and formulate management measures for indoor and outdoor verification of quality control of achievements in the province.

In order to make the statistical data more accurate, from June to August, 2018, the provincial "three-adjustment office" held nine training courses, with a total of more than 5,500 people trained and more than 4,400 social workers trained professionally. In order to test and strengthen the training effect, the training also specially arranged the examination link, and finally 3800 people passed the test.

Before the "Three Tunes" work was rolled out on a large scale, our province adopted the pilot method to try first. In addition to the national pilot of new land survey technology in Daying County, our province has also identified four provincial-level pilot demonstration areas and counties, namely Jinjiang District of Chengdu, Renhe District of Panzhihua City, Longmatan District of Luzhou City and Changning County of Yibin City, to carry out the work of "three adjustments" in an orderly manner. "The investigation work in these pilot demonstration areas and counties has played a good role in leading the demonstration and laid the foundation for the full implementation of the’ three adjustments’ work in the province." The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Department of Natural Resources said.

The survey base map is the basic data of the "three tones", which relates to the overall accuracy of the survey. To this end, our province organizes special personnel to regularly connect with the national "three-adjustment office" and the Provincial Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information Bureau, track and implement the production of survey maps, and collect and distribute them in time. At present, the achievements of all counties in the province have been obtained, covering nearly 486,000 square kilometers, including 3.653 million map spots, covering an area of nearly 53.815 million mu. The Provincial Department of Natural Resources also docked relevant units such as civil affairs, ecological and environmental protection, housing and urban construction, transportation, water conservancy, agriculture and rural areas, forestry and grass, surveying and mapping, railways, etc., and did a good job in collecting basic investigation data.

"Internet"+proof platform is the "secret weapon" of "Three Tunes" work. The "Three Tunes" adopts an achievement quality assurance system with "Internet"+proof platform as the core, which assists the interpretation of high-resolution remote sensing images, and the relevant departments of the state and province conduct internal verification through on-the-spot proof photos, which is highly reliable. At the same time, when the field investigators take photos at the scene, they correspond the information such as angles and coordinates with the field photos one by one, which ensures the authenticity and accuracy of the survey data.

Chengdu Qingbaijiang explores "three tones"

Make the survey detailed and the data solid

In mid-January, Longwang Village, Renhe Town, qingbaijiang district, Chengdu. The fog in the morning has not dispersed, and investigator Yan Quanlin has started a day’s work. Sichuan Chuanhe Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information Co., Ltd., where Yan Quanlin works, is responsible for the third national land survey in qingbaijiang district. It is normal for them to go to villages to check the land use situation.

This is a microcosm of the third national land survey in our province. How to do the investigation? What’s the use of investigation? This can be seen from the practice of this small village.

How? "Three adjustments" to the end, the verification does not leak a place.

Basemap is the basis of investigation, which is issued by the state. Based on the latest orthophoto image, according to the image characteristics, the land use types are interpreted patch by patch, and the land use patches are extracted, which is made with reference to the results of the 2016 land change survey database. In order to make the details clearer, Qingbaijiang invested more than 5 million yuan to carry out aerial photography of the whole area at a large scale of 1: 2000. "As small as a tree and a Zhang Shitou table, it can be reflected on the map."

According to the requirements of the "three adjustments", it is necessary to accurately find out the use type, area, ownership and distribution of each piece of land in urban and rural areas throughout the country and establish a land survey database. "What we have to do is to go to every household and truthfully reflect the current situation of land use." Yan Quanlin said.

In the field investigation, investigators will carry a tablet computer with them, which contains an electronic version of the base map, which has the function of positioning, can navigate for investigators, and can also sketch directly if they encounter inconsistent spots. "In the last round of investigation, because the base map was not clear enough, some houses were not seen on the map and were ignored, which caused great inconvenience to farmers." Liu Guanghai, deputy director of the Third Dispatch Office in qingbaijiang district, said that the district has set up leading groups for the Third Dispatch at all levels, and included village cadres in the contact list of the township "Third Dispatch" groups, and followed the investigators to visit the households to ensure that there were no omissions.

It is worth mentioning that, while carrying out the "three adjustments", qingbaijiang district further investigated and verified the collective land ownership, collective construction land use right (including homestead use right), contracted management right, agricultural land use right and forest right, and asked the villagers’ groups to investigate the collective land ownership, so as to lay a solid foundation for vector graphics management of natural resources in the whole region.

What do you think? In-depth publicity is known to everyone, and only by finding out the base can we revitalize resources.

"They often come to investigate, and we all know that they are welcome." In Longwang Village, the "Three Tunes" are not just propaganda documents posted in the village committee office, but major events that every household really cares about. With the cooperation of the masses, the work of "three adjustments" in Qingbaijiang ran out of "acceleration".

From the beginning of the "Three Tunes" work, the town called a meeting of village cadres to convey the connotation of the "Three Tunes" work to the grassroots in time and to fully explain the significance of the "Three Tunes" to rural development. Longwang Village has also held many meetings of members to popularize the knowledge of "Three Tones". Longwang Village is located in a deep hill with poor living conditions. "When there is a drought in summer, we have to drive to pull water up." Xiao Peng, director of the village, said that the survey showed that more than 90% of the villagers were willing to move to the foot of the mountain.

On January 16th, relevant people visited the village and found that every villager could say a few words about the meaning of the "three tones". In Xiao Peng’s view, a clear investigation of the base will lay a good foundation for the next implementation of the increase and decrease linked project. For villager Liu Weicheng, the significance lies in "finding out how wide the house at home is, and then moving to the community and calculating the compensation, it will be clear."

By increasing or decreasing linked projects, villagers will move to concentrated residential areas, which will change the production and living conditions and expand the development space of the village. "We intend to introduce social capital and build a rural tourism project." Xiao Peng said that only by making clear the stock in the village through investigation can the project be planned smoothly and lay a good foundation for rural revitalization. "The people are very supportive of this."

"Three Tones" Tips

A few days ago, the Office of the Leading Group for the Third National Land Survey in the State Council issued the Technical Questions and Answers of the Third National Land Survey, which sorted out 70 specific operational problems and treated the "intractable diseases" encountered in the survey. Some problems are selected here to provide reference for the work of "three adjustments"

1, the new cultivated land in the land consolidation project area, in the investigation whether according to the land consolidation project documents to determine the scope of cultivated land map?

Answer: The plots with cultivated land at present, whether it is land consolidation, farmers’ independent development or reclamation projects, should be investigated according to the field cultivated land scope, and the map boundary should not be determined according to the consolidation scope.

2. The field is irrigated land, which was originally managed according to paddy field. How to investigate?

Answer: For the paddy field survey of paddy-upland rotation, for the irrigated land used for a long time. If the investigation is irrigated land, evidence must be given on the spot.

3. How to investigate the map spots where the land use registered with the right is inconsistent with the actual use?

Answer: According to the actual situation, it is not allowed to investigate directly according to the approved use or planned use of land.

4. There are a large number of rural houses of 100 to 200 square meters in some areas. Is it allowed that the minimum area of construction land in some counties and districts is 100 square meters?

A: All provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) can improve the survey accuracy of construction land in their own provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) and reduce the minimum area index on the map, but the accuracy of the whole province (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) should be guaranteed to be uniform.

5. The cultivated land that has been abandoned for a long time is covered with shrubs, and the ridges of cultivated land are still clearly visible. How to investigate?

Answer: According to the current situation, it is forest land. If farming can be resumed after cleaning, the attribute "Farming can be resumed after cleaning" shall be marked.

6. How to investigate the villagers planting fruit trees on the land registered as cultivated land in the contract certificate?

Answer: According to the current investigation, it should be investigated as plantation land, and it should not be investigated according to the registered use of the contract.

7, within the scope of the village, the field for farming purposes, whether according to the facilities of agricultural land survey?

Answer: If livestock and poultry are raised centrally in a village, it shall be investigated according to the protected agricultural land; if it is within the scope of concentrated contiguous villages, it may be marked with the attribute of 203.

8. How to investigate the green land inside the factory? Answer: The green forest land and grassland in the completed factory are investigated according to the industrial land.

9. There are many kinds of land types (such as pits and ponds, weeds, woodlands, sporadic construction, etc.) in the map spots interpreted by the state according to images, and the field situation is complicated. How to investigate?

A: The information and scope of map classification provided by the state are for reference. According to the present situation on the spot, the map spots should be divided and the land types should be determined respectively if the minimum area on the map is reached; Those that do not reach the minimum area on the map are merged into adjacent land types. If it is inconsistent with the country’s interpretation of land types based on images, it is necessary to take photos and give evidence on the spot as required.

10. Can fields, roads, ditches, etc. be represented by single-line linear features?

A: No. Linear features such as roads, ditches and rivers that meet the above standards should be re-vectorized according to the field investigation results and image characteristics, and represented by patches. (Mi Fang Tan Wei)

CITIC Securities: The market underestimated the impact of the Japanese nuclear pollution incident on the competition pattern of China’s beauty industry, and suggested paying attention to the replaceme

We believe that the market underestimated the impact of the Japanese nuclear pollution incident on the competition pattern of China’s beauty industry. (1) According to the sea discharge plan announced by the Japanese government, the nuclear polluted water will be discharged into the sea for at least 30 years, with strong persistence and repetitiveness. Every time the sea discharge is started every year, it may cause a new round of concern, and events such as pollution caused by sea discharge may cause staged public opinion. ② This incident has caused a great impact on Japanese cosmetics in brand, product, channel and marketing dimensions. Based on the leading operation precision of new domestic channels and continuous breakthrough in product strength, we believe that Chinese cosmetics is expected to make up for its position quickly and continue to expand its market share in the medium and long term. (3) Japanese cosmetics account for a relatively high proportion in sunscreen, cleansing and suits, and the price band is positioned at the high end, so the above areas have great substitution opportunities. Pay attention to the sunscreen track with large space for daily makeup replacement and strong growth potential, and the skin care track with large space for daily makeup replacement; Pay attention to the upstream raw material industry chain with continuous technological breakthrough and upgrading.

The discharge of nuclear pollution water into the sea has caused negative public opinion, and Japanese cosmetics products, channels and brands are under pressure in many aspects.

The Japanese government launched the Fukushima nuclear pollution water discharge plan from August 24, 2023, which will last for at least 30 years. The related events have caused a lot of negative public opinions. The Japanese makeup lies in: 1) brand dimension: consumer aversion caused by national sentiment+brand quality reputation double blow; 2) Product dimension: safety causes consumers’ concerns; 3) Channels and marketing: KOL cooperation in new channels is negatively affected. Under the pressure of many sides, the sales of Japanese cosmetics fell after the incident of discharging the sea.

It is estimated that there will be more than 7 billion alternative spaces, and there will be great opportunities in the middle and high-end positioning, sun protection and skin care products.

It is estimated that Japanese cosmetics will give over 7 billion market share in two years:Based on the assumption that the negative impact of the nuclear pollution incident continues, with reference to the sharp drop of 21% in Japanese cosmetics imports from January to November 2023 and the general drop of 15% in Japanese Top brand sales in 2023, we estimate that the market size of Japanese brands will drop by about 15% in 2023, giving up about 5.2 billion yuan. In terms of the Japanese market scale in 2024, we made three scenarios based on the import data, the sales data of Japanese brands after the cooperation of Daren, and Shiseido’s statement at the 3Q23 performance meeting. It is estimated that the total market space of Japanese cosmetics in 2023~24E will be 5.8-10.5 billion yuan, and the neutral hypothesis is expected to be about 7.5 billion yuan.

There are great opportunities for mid-to high-end positioning, sun protection and skin care products:Referring to the main Japanese brands covering the middle and high price bands, and according to Euromonitor data, the sales scale of high-end Japanese brands is about 24.2 billion yuan, accounting for 70%. We judge that the market share given by Japanese brands is relatively high-end, and the brands in the upgraded price band have hope to undertake it. With reference to the market scale of Japanese cosmetics, 64% is for skin care, 11% is for make-up and 10% is for sun protection, which respectively account for 9%/7%/23% of the market scale of skin care, make-up and sun protection in China. Considering that the makeup category mostly adopts OEM mode, the impact is relatively light, we think that sun protection and skin care track are more likely to be replaced. Further subdividing the skin care market, we find that Japanese brands account for the sub-category of cleansing and facial care suits.

National makeup opportunities: the sun protection track has a high growth and superimposed daily makeup replacement opportunities, and the skin care track has a selection of cleansing and suit segmentation.

1) High growth of sunscreen track+replacement of daily makeup, and the national makeup leader will benefit first under the management of special certificate.According to Euromonitor, the sunscreen track is a traditional advantage category of Japanese makeup, with a Japanese market share of 24%; In the first big promotion after the nuclear waste water incident, the market share of Japanese sunscreen amoy declined by 10%, and that of Tik Tok declined by 4%. The penetration rate of sunscreen cosmetics in China is low. According to NMPA standard, the penetration rate of women who normally use sunscreen products in the peak season of sunscreen is only about 16%. In the field of children’s sun protection in the cultivation period, a series of sun protection products with sales exceeding 400 million yuan have also appeared, and there is sufficient room for development. In addition, because sunscreen products are under special license management, the registration period needs 9-15 months, and we judge that the national makeup faucet that lays out the sunscreen track in advance is expected to benefit first.

2) The skin care track is a must, paying attention to the cleansing and suit subdivision with large replacement space.According to the data of the blast furnace, Japanese brands account for 51% of the Top10 cleansers and 23% of the facial care packages, and there are great potential replacement opportunities. Among them, the domestic cleansing positioning is cost-effective, the product strength is equal to Kerun, and the new channel operation is significantly ahead of Japan, which is expected to replace the mid-range Japanese cleansing market. The segmentation of facial care suits is dominated by foreign brands, positioning the overall high-end, and high-end products and high-end brands of national cosmetics are expected to be partially undertaken; At the same time, the leading domestic products in the expansion stage of large single products form a set of "stocking goods" with star single products, which greatly increases the unit price of customers and also has certain development opportunities.

The attention of Japanese raw materials has increased, catalyzing the further upgrading of the national cosmetics industry chain.

Japanese raw material manufacturers have good overall color, smell and quality, mainly core skeleton raw materials and monomer active ingredients, and are leading the world in some segments; Local raw material manufacturers cover more comprehensively and achieve breakthroughs in Japanese in individual segments. With the increasing attention paid to cosmetics raw materials after the nuclear water pollution incident, the upstream industrial chains such as R&D and raw materials are enriched in China, and the cosmetics supply chain in China is gradually recognized internationally. The incident will further promote the perfection and upgrading of the national cosmetics industrial chain.

Risk factors:

There is a high degree of uncertainty about the impact and duration of the nuclear pollution water discharge event; Skin care products are typical optional consumer goods, if residents’ consumption willingness and confidence are weak or have a negative impact on companies in the industry; If the regulatory policy changes beyond expectations, it may lead to a corresponding slowdown in the growth rate of industries and enterprises; The risk that the product strength and brand strength of local brands are not improved as expected; The risk of concentrated sales of e-commerce platform; The risk of changes in marketing channels; Risks of technology research and development.

Investment strategy: pay attention to the replacement opportunities of Japanese makeup in combination with the main line of growth.

We believe that the market underestimated the impact of the Japanese nuclear pollution incident on the competition pattern of China’s beauty industry. (1) According to the sea discharge plan announced by the Japanese government, the nuclear polluted water will be discharged into the sea for at least 30 years, with strong persistence and repetitiveness. Every time the sea discharge is started every year, it may cause a new round of concern, and events such as pollution caused by sea discharge may cause staged public opinion. ② The incident caused a great impact on the brand, products, channels and marketing dimensions of Japanese cosmetics. Based on the leading operation precision of new domestic channels and the continuous breakthrough of product strength, we believe that Chinese cosmetics is expected to make up for its position quickly and continue to expand its market share in the medium and long term. (3) Japanese cosmetics account for a relatively high proportion in sunscreen, cleansing and suits, and the price band is positioned at the high end, so the above areas have great substitution opportunities. Pay attention to the sunscreen track with large space for daily makeup replacement and strong growth potential, and the skin care track with large space for daily makeup replacement; Pay attention to the existence of upstream raw material industry chain that constantly breaks through and upgrades.

Stock Market Express: Disu Fashion (603587) sold 2,294,400 yuan of main funds on January 29th.

According to Securities Star, as of the close of January 29th, 2024, Disu Fashion (603587) closed at 12.78 yuan, down 2.96%, with a turnover rate of 0.48%, with a turnover of 22,600 lots and a turnover of 29,298,900 yuan.

On the data of capital flow on January 29th, the net outflow of main funds was 2,294,400 yuan, accounting for 7.83% of the total turnover, the net outflow of hot money was 617,900 yuan, accounting for 2.11% of the total turnover, and the net inflow of retail funds was 2,912,300 yuan, accounting for 9.94% of the total turnover.

See the following table for a summary of capital flows in the past five days:

The main indicators and industry rankings of this stock are as follows:

The third quarterly report of Disu Fashion in 2023 showed that the company’s main income was 1.846 billion yuan, up 7.37% year-on-year; The net profit of returning to the mother was 414 million yuan, up 10.17% year-on-year; Deducting non-net profit was 353 million yuan, up 10.76% year-on-year; In the third quarter of 2023, the company’s main revenue in a single quarter was 598 million yuan, down 3.28% year-on-year; The net profit returned to the mother in a single quarter was 107 million yuan, down 13.54% year-on-year; Non-net profit in a single quarter was 103 million yuan, down 14.52% year-on-year; The debt ratio is 19.5%, the investment income is-4,723,700 yuan, the financial expenses are-50,729,900 yuan, and the gross profit margin is 74.81%. Disu Fashion (603587) is mainly engaged in the design, promotion and sales of high-end brand women’s wear.

In the last 90 days, the stock has been rated by 9 institutions, with 7 buy ratings and 2 overweight ratings. The average target price of institutions in the past 90 days was 17.46.

Explanation of the term "capital flow": refers to the reversal of capital flow through price changes. When the stock price is in a rising state, the turnover formed by active buying orders is the driving force for the stock price to rise, which is defined as capital inflow, and when the stock price is in a falling state, the turnover generated by active selling orders is the driving force for the stock price to fall, which is defined as capital outflow. The difference between the two forces on that day is the net force left to push the stock price up after the two forces offset each other on that day. Calculate the main capital flow, hot money flow and retail capital flow through the transaction amount of each transaction.

Note: The main funds are large single transactions, the hot money is large single transactions, and the retail investors are small and medium single transactions.

The above contents are compiled by Securities Star according to public information and generated by algorithm, which has nothing to do with the position of this website. Securities Star strives for but does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, effectiveness and timeliness of all or part of this information (including but not limited to text, video, audio, data and charts). Please contact us if you have any questions. This article is for data collation, and does not constitute any investment advice for you. Investment is risky, so please make a careful decision.

First innovation, green future Jaguar Land Rover: the pinnacle of automotive technology, a new benchmark for luxury driving.

  In the changing situation of the automobile industry, Jaguar Land Rover has successfully occupied a leading position in the luxury car market with its excellent first-Mover advantage. The wise decision-making of the enterprise and the continuous growth of global wholesale sales data have made it a leader in the industry, presenting a feast of automobile technology and luxury taste for global car fans.

  Jaguar Land Rover dared to turn around in the turbulent situation and took the lead in adapting to and seizing market opportunities. Its sensitivity to market changes and decisive decision-making make enterprises stand out in the fierce competition. By actively promoting innovation and optimizing the product line, Jaguar Land Rover not only meets consumers’ high-quality demand for luxury cars, but also shows the charm of leading the trend in technology and design.

  Jaguar Land Rover not only leads the coquettish in appearance, but also takes technological innovation as the vitality of the enterprise. Advanced intelligent driving system, efficient power system and innovative body materials make every model of Jaguar Land Rover radiate the scientific and technological light that leads the times. This technical driving force not only improves the driving experience, but also shapes Jaguar Land Rover into a leader in automotive technology.

  The success of the enterprise is not only reflected in product innovation, but also in the continuous growth of global batch sales data. Jaguar Land Rover’s sales performance has climbed all the way, becoming a leader in the automobile market. This success is inseparable from the company’s deep insight into market demand and continuous optimization of sales strategy. Whether in Asia, Europe or North America, Jaguar Land Rover has firmly established its leading position in the field of luxury cars.

  In the luxury car market, top product quality and service experience are the key to attract consumers. Jaguar Land Rover provides consumers with more personalized and intimate services through the customer-centered service concept. From car consultation to after-sales service, the company always puts customer satisfaction in the first place and has won the praise of the majority of car fans.

  Jaguar Land Rover not only achieved the first-Mover advantage in the past, but also constantly challenged itself and surpassed itself in the future. Through the in-depth research and development of renewable energy and the introduction of green environmental protection concept, Jaguar Land Rover will lead the green trend of the future automobile industry. With strong technical strength and advanced design concept, the enterprise will help the sustainable development of the future automobile industry and become the leader of the global automobile industry.

  In the changing trend of the times, Jaguar Land Rover has become a leader in the automobile industry with its first-Mover advantage and innovative attitude. Whether it is product design, technological innovation or global sales, Jaguar Land Rover has demonstrated its strong comprehensive strength. In the future, Jaguar Land Rover will continue to lead the development of the automobile industry and become the benchmark and leader of the industry.