How to upgrade the higher level of national fitness in the future?

Recently, the State Council of the People’s Republic of China issued an opinion, proposing to thoroughly implement the national strategy of national fitness and build a higher-level public service system for national fitness. By 2025, the per capita sports area in China will reach 2.6 square meters, and the proportion of people who regularly participate in physical exercise will reach 38.5%. If you want to exercise, you must have a venue first. How to solve the venue? Let’s watch together.

Make up the short board for the fitness facilities at home.

How to enjoy more fitness venues at home? The opinion puts forward that in order to build a sports ecological circle around the masses, it is proposed for the first time that new residential areas should be equipped with public fitness facilities according to the standard that the indoor per capita construction area is not less than 0.1 square meters, or the outdoor per capita land is not less than 0.3 square meters, which should be included in the construction drawing review. If the acceptance is not up to standard, it should not be delivered for use.

In view of the problem of short-board fitness facilities in existing residential communities, experts also suggested that public activity venues should be increased by transforming green spaces and open spaces between houses.

Expand new space, make concessions and become an open gym

In addition to the front door, we must expand the fitness space to a farther distance. The opinion puts forward that China will promote the construction of sports parks and promote the free opening of sports parks to the public. Build a certain proportion of fitness facilities in existing country parks and city parks according to local conditions.

In addition, our familiar trails will be further upgraded. Next, China will formulate the overall plan and guidelines for the construction of the national trail system. In the future, the national trail will pass through natural landforms or historical and cultural sites such as mountain forests, rivers and canyons, grasslands and deserts, so that people can feel the beauty of humanity while exercising.

Open and shared schools "one school, two doors open in the morning and evening"

In addition to adding new venues, we should also revitalize existing fitness venues. Some netizens said, "The track and field of our nearby university is very big, but we can only watch it every time we pass by, but we can’t enter it." "Many institutions and enterprises have many gymnasiums. Can they be open to the public?"

In this regard, the opinion clearly stated that it is necessary to promote the comprehensive opening and sharing of existing fitness venues. Institutions and state-owned enterprises should take the lead in opening up the space available for fitness, so as to make it as open as possible. Schools that have been built and have the conditions should carry out the safe isolation and transformation of sports facilities with "two courses at a time and two courses in the morning and evening". Most schools have sports facilities, but in the process of opening to the public, due to safety or other management issues, the progress is still slow. According to the opinions issued this time, this situation will change in the future.

Brush the screen! The 63-year-old chairman of China’s largest gold mine married his 38-year-old wife. The company has a market value of 150 billion yuan. Bride: Believe in love!

Source: China Gold Online Network
A shares closed in September: the Shanghai Composite Index fell by more than 5% in five consecutive Yin San stock indexes.
Is it love or money behind the marriage with a difference of 26 years?
On October 7th, the wedding of Chen Jinghe, chairman of Zijin Mining, was brushed on Weibo Hot Search.
Image source: Sina Weibo
The bride said at the wedding that true love can cross and break through the boundaries of age. The groom is the owner of the largest gold mine in China, and the market value of listed companies exceeds 150 billion. The bride, Ms. Qian Bing, is an economist and M&A dealer.
The video circulating on the Internet shows that at the wedding, the bride Qian Bing teased that when she first met Chen Jinghe, the mining expert might have found that the girl in front of her was a high-grade gold mine.
The wedding is hotly debated.
It is said that in China, gold has Chen Jinghe, copper has Wang Wenyin and aluminum has Zhang Shiping.
According to the data, 63-year-old Chen Jinghe graduated from Fuzhou University with a master’s degree in geology, a professor-level senior engineer, enjoying special allowance from the State Council, a deputy to the Tenth People’s Congress of Fujian Province, and a vice president of the China Gold Association. From 1986 to 1992, he worked in Minxi Geological Brigade, was the main discoverer and exploration organizer of Zijinshan Copper Mine, and served as the chairman of Zijin Mining since 2000.
While netizens are curious about what kind of beautiful woman the chairman of this listed company with a market value of over 150 billion yuan married, the 25-year-old age difference between 63-year-old Chen Jinghe and 38-year-old newlywed wife also triggered a heated discussion among netizens. Some netizens said that they "don’t believe in love", and some netizens thought that "a perfect match is a blessing".
Net biography, the bride’s name is "Qian Bing", an American MBA, who has served as the vice president of the channel department of a famous financial company for many years, and is an economist and M&A trader. In this regard, some netizens ridiculed that this marriage is the most successful merger and acquisition made by Ms. Qian.
Image source: Netease News
Many netizens have begun to express "believe in love"
It is understood that Chen Jinghe was not married for the first time. His first wife Lai Jinlian died of illness in January 2013, and Chen Jinghe sent a special message to mourn his beloved wife.
Wind data shows that Zijin Mining has a total market value of 156.1 billion yuan and a total share capital of 25.4 billion shares. The latest share price of A shares is 6.15 yuan, and the share price of Hong Kong stocks is 5.16 Hong Kong dollars. The actual controller of Zijin Mining is Minxi Xinghang State-owned Assets Investment Management Co., Ltd.
According to the 2019 annual report, as of the end of last year, Chen Jinghe held 127 million shares, which was not among the top ten shareholders.
Image source: the company’s 2019 annual report
According to the semi-annual report of Zijin Mining in 2020, on July 27th, 2020, Chen Jinghe transferred 51 million A shares of the company to his son due to the arrangement of family property distribution. According to the latest stock price calculation, these shares are worth 314 million yuan.
Image source: 2020 semi-annual report
As of the reporting period, Chen Jinghe still holds 76.05 million shares of the company (including 15 million H shares). According to the latest stock price calculation, its market value of A shares is 375 million yuan, and the market value of Hong Kong shares is 77.4 million Hong Kong dollars.
Flying out of overseas "black swan"
In April this year, Zijin Mining announced that the company’s Bogla gold mine project in Papua New Guinea (hereinafter referred to as "Papua New Guinea") did not obtain the application for extension of the special mining rights of the Papua New Guinea government.
The data shows that from 2017 to 2019, the mineral gold of Zijin Mining was 37.48 tons, 36.5 tons and 40.83 tons respectively. In 2019, the company got 8.83 tons of equity output from Bogla Gold Mine, which was the largest source of mineral gold, accounting for about 21% of the company’s total mineral gold in that year. The company’s second and third largest gold mines did not exceed 6 tons. Zijin Mining said that the suspension of production of Pogra gold mine will have a greater impact on the company’s gold production. Affected by this, Zijin Mining’s share price plummeted by more than 9% the day after the announcement, and fell by nearly 10 billion yuan in just one day.
According to the latest news of mining journal, on September 25th, the Supreme Court of Papua New Guinea rejected the application for the renewal of the mining right of Bogla Gold Mine. The Supreme Court of Papua New Guinea also ruled that the gold mine will be operated by the Papua New Guinea state-owned enterprise Kumur Mining Holdings Co., Ltd.
Meanwhile, on September 30th, PNG Prime Minister James Marape issued a statement: "I urge barrick companies to be humble and abide by the rule of law." According to the statement, in the mining development contract signed by barrick and PNG Mineral Resources Administration in 1989, there was a clause that reserved the government’s right to Pogra Gold Mine, namely, "Pogra Gold Mine became a national asset on the date when the mining right expired, and the state did not bear any expenses or compensation."
Although the "black swan incident" was exposed, the shares of Zijin Mining A shares and Hong Kong stocks have been on the rise since March. Among them, in just 113 trading days from March 19 to September 1, the cumulative increase of A-share price was as high as 119.28%, and then it fell back.
Source: Wind
As for the decline in output that may be caused by the extension of the application for renewal of mineral rights in Bogla Gold Mine, Chuancai Securities believes that Zijin Mining’s acquisition of Buritika Gold Mine and Guiana Gold Field will increase the production capacity of 13 tons of mineral gold, which can effectively make up for the decline in output that may be caused by the extension of mineral rights in Bogla Gold Mine. In the future, the company’s mineral gold output will grow steadily and remain above 40 tons.

First innovation, green future Jaguar Land Rover: the pinnacle of automotive technology, a new benchmark for luxury driving.

  In the changing situation of the automobile industry, Jaguar Land Rover has successfully occupied a leading position in the luxury car market with its excellent first-Mover advantage. The wise decision-making of the enterprise and the continuous growth of global wholesale sales data have made it a leader in the industry, presenting a feast of automobile technology and luxury taste for global car fans.

  Jaguar Land Rover dared to turn around in the turbulent situation and took the lead in adapting to and seizing market opportunities. Its sensitivity to market changes and decisive decision-making make enterprises stand out in the fierce competition. By actively promoting innovation and optimizing the product line, Jaguar Land Rover not only meets consumers’ high-quality demand for luxury cars, but also shows the charm of leading the trend in technology and design.

  Jaguar Land Rover not only leads the coquettish in appearance, but also takes technological innovation as the vitality of the enterprise. Advanced intelligent driving system, efficient power system and innovative body materials make every model of Jaguar Land Rover radiate the scientific and technological light that leads the times. This technical driving force not only improves the driving experience, but also shapes Jaguar Land Rover into a leader in automotive technology.

  The success of the enterprise is not only reflected in product innovation, but also in the continuous growth of global batch sales data. Jaguar Land Rover’s sales performance has climbed all the way, becoming a leader in the automobile market. This success is inseparable from the company’s deep insight into market demand and continuous optimization of sales strategy. Whether in Asia, Europe or North America, Jaguar Land Rover has firmly established its leading position in the field of luxury cars.

  In the luxury car market, top product quality and service experience are the key to attract consumers. Jaguar Land Rover provides consumers with more personalized and intimate services through the customer-centered service concept. From car consultation to after-sales service, the company always puts customer satisfaction in the first place and has won the praise of the majority of car fans.

  Jaguar Land Rover not only achieved the first-Mover advantage in the past, but also constantly challenged itself and surpassed itself in the future. Through the in-depth research and development of renewable energy and the introduction of green environmental protection concept, Jaguar Land Rover will lead the green trend of the future automobile industry. With strong technical strength and advanced design concept, the enterprise will help the sustainable development of the future automobile industry and become the leader of the global automobile industry.

  In the changing trend of the times, Jaguar Land Rover has become a leader in the automobile industry with its first-Mover advantage and innovative attitude. Whether it is product design, technological innovation or global sales, Jaguar Land Rover has demonstrated its strong comprehensive strength. In the future, Jaguar Land Rover will continue to lead the development of the automobile industry and become the benchmark and leader of the industry.


The cold air caused the temperature in the north to dive and ushered in the first snowfall in the second half of the year.

  BEIJING, Beijing, Oct. 10 (Xinhua)-The 9th is the first working day at the end of the Eleventh Golden Week. Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and other places have experienced heavy rainfall, and Qinghai, Inner Mongolia and other places even ushered in the first snowfall this autumn. The cooling wind made it difficult for many office workers returning to work to adapt for a while, shouting "I want to wear long pants".

  According to the latest weather forecast, the temperature in Northeast China, North China, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Chongqing and other places will drop by 6-10℃ today and tomorrow, and the local temperature drop can reach 12℃. There is strong precipitation in the southeast of northwest China and North China, and moderate to heavy snow in parts of Ningxia and Gansu.

  On October 9, the temperature dropped sharply in many places in Inner Mongolia. On the streets of Hohhot, pedestrians riding electric cars put on "cotton-padded clothes" to travel. China News Service reporter Liu Wenhua photo

  Just entering October, I "want to wear long pants"

  — —Rainfall in many places in the north has cooled down, and the local temperature drop has exceeded 10℃

  In October, after enjoying the Golden Week holiday, office workers need to overcome not only the "holiday syndrome", but also the windy and cool weather. With the arrival of cold air, there has been a sharp cooling in many places in the north in recent days. On social platforms, many netizens shouted "to wear long pants" in their circle of friends.

  According to the report of the Central Meteorological Observatory on the evening of the 9th, due to the influence of cold air, at 14: 00 on the 9th, compared with 14: 00 on the previous day, the central and eastern Jilin, Liaoning, central Inner Mongolia, northern Hebei, western Shanxi, central and northern Shaanxi, Ningxia, central and southern Gansu and other places experienced a temperature drop of 6-8 C, and the local temperature drop reached 10-12 C.

  In addition, heavy rainfall, fog and other weather in many places have also added traffic pressure to the first working day after the Golden Week. Among them, Weibo Meteorological Beijing, the official of Beijing Meteorological Bureau, reported that the average precipitation in Beijing reached 29.8 mm from 4: 00 to 16: 00 on the 9th.

  According to media reports, on the morning of the 9 th, the rainy and foggy weather in Beijing continued, and several high-speed sections of Jingha, Beijing-Tianjin and Jingping were closed; Rain and fog also affected flights at the Capital Airport. As of 11: 00 on the 9th, more than 100 inbound and outbound flights were delayed and more than 50 flights were cancelled.

  Cold air comes with snow

  — — Many places welcomed the first snowfall in the second half of the year, and the temperature hit a new low in the second half of the year.

  In addition to strong winds and rainfall, snowfall occurred in some places in the north. According to a report from the Central Meteorological Observatory on the evening of the 9th, 1-7mm snowfall or sleet occurred in central Gansu, eastern Qinghai and central Inner Mongolia during the daytime on the 9th.

  According to media reports, due to the influence of cold air, Xining, Qinghai Province ushered in the first snowfall since autumn on the 9th. The daily minimum temperature dropped to 0.9℃, and the temperature hit a new low since the second half of this year. The meteorological department of Qinghai Province issued several yellow warnings for cold waves.

  The staff of Qinghai Meteorological Bureau told the media that the first snow in Xining this year was 20 days earlier than last year, and the low temperature weather will continue. It is understood that at present, Xining has not yet entered the heating season, but due to the obvious drop in temperature, citizens have put on winter cotton clothes and masks.

  Some areas in Inner Mongolia also ushered in the first working day after a long holiday in the wet and cold. According to media reports, the first snowfall occurred in many places in Inner Mongolia since the second half of the year, with obvious snowfall in Alxa League, Bayannaoer, Baotou, Wulanchabu and Hulunbeier. The snowfall time in central and western Inner Mongolia was the earliest in recent 10 years, and the maximum snow depth in Hulunbeier boketu has reached 13 cm.

  Zhang Fanghua, chief forecaster of the Central Meteorological Observatory, said that the cold air process affected a wide range and lasted for a long time, with a large cooling range, long precipitation duration and large accumulated precipitation in the northern region.

  Zhang Fanghua suggested that the cold air process not only brought about obvious cooling, but also accompanied by a wide range of precipitation weather, and the body temperature will be very low, and the temperature in most areas in the next 10 days will be lower than that in the same period of the year. At present, most areas have not been centrally heated, and the public needs to take cold-proof and warm-keeping measures.

  National gale cooling forecast map (from 20: 00 on October 9 to 20: 00 on October 11). Image source: Central Meteorological Observatory official website

  Cold air will continue to go south.

  — — The cumulative cooling range in Wuhan and Chongqing can reach 15℃

  As the saying goes, an autumn rain is cold, and ten autumn rains put on cotton. In the next few days, the cooling weather will continue.

  According to the official website news of the Central Meteorological Observatory, it is estimated that there will be a temperature drop of 6-10℃ in the central and eastern parts of Northeast China, most of North China, southwestern Shaanxi, northeastern Sichuan, Chongqing, Huanghuai, Jianghan, Jianghuai and northern Jiangnan from 20: 00 on the 9th to 20: 00 on the 11th, and the local temperature drop can reach 12℃. There are 4-6 winds in most of these areas.

  For example, under the influence of rain and cold air, the temperature in Beijing will continue to drop. According to media reports, the highest temperature in Beijing during the day on the 10th was only 11℃, and the lowest temperature in the morning on the 11th will drop to 7℃, both of which will hit new lows since the second half of this year.

  In addition, the cold air continues to go south. According to media reports, Hubei will usher in a "roller coaster" decline in temperature from the 10th, and the highest temperature in northwest Hubei will be the first to drop to 18-21 C; On the 11th, the temperature will drop further, and the highest temperature in Wuhan will drop to 16℃, and the cumulative cooling rate can reach 15℃.

  According to local media reports in Chongqing, a cooling and rainy weather process began in Chongqing on the evening of the 9 th, which lasted until the 12 th, and the daily average temperature will drop by 6-9 C. From the perspective of the whole city, the highest temperature will drop from 33℃ to 18℃, and the cooling rate will be as high as 15℃.

  In addition, it is expected that there will be heavy rain and local heavy rain in parts of Sichuan, Shaanxi, North China, Liaoning and Jilin from 20: 00 on the 9 th to 20: 00 on the 10 th; In Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Shaanxi, Ningxia, Gansu, Qinghai and other places, rain will turn to sleet or snowfall. Among them, there are moderate to heavy snow in parts of southern Ningxia and central Gansu, and there are heavy snow in mountainous areas.

  It is understood that on October 12, the cold air force will weaken and the cooling will end. At that time, only Jiangnan and northern South China will have a temperature drop of 2 C to 4 C.