Samsung Galaxy S24 series officially launched: equipped with 200 million pixels main camera.

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2024-02-01 16:39:33

  On January 31st, Samsung GalaxyS24 series was officially launched in China. According to the official website, Samsung GalaxyS24Ultra offers four colors: titanium gray, titanium black, titanium sunset purple and titanium feather yellow, and the price starts at 9,699 yuan. Samsung GalaxyS24+ and GalaxyS24 offer four colors: ink black, yayan gray, secret mineral purple and light pearl yellow. The price of Samsung GalaxyS24 starts from 5,499 yuan, and the price of GalaxyS24+ starts from 6,999 yuan.
  Samsung officials also said that in order to enable consumers to experience the Samsung GalaxyS24 series for the first time, during the launch of new products, Samsung has successively opened the Samsung GalaxyS24 series flash experience stores in nearly 30 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Shenzhen, and consumers can go to the flash experience stores around them to personally feel and purchase the Samsung GalaxyS24 series. At the same time, Samsung has also prepared multiple purchase gifts for consumers who purchase the GalaxyS24 series.


  According to its new product launch, through a series of native applications supported by GalaxyAI, Samsung GalaxyS24 series introduces the innovative achievements of AI into smart phones, enabling easier communication, more efficient productivity, clearer images and more detailed editing.
  Among them, the call real-time translation function built in the native call application can provide two-way translation of text and voice during the user’s call, support up to 13 different languages, and enable users to realize cross-language barrier-free communication. The whole process of this function is based on the AI of the mobile phone, which can protect the privacy and safety of users’ calls. The built-in note assistant function in Samsung Notes can intelligently create note templates according to different scene requirements, and generate summaries and covers according to the contents of notes, which is convenient for sorting and searching. With the help of transcription assistant, meeting recordings can be transcribed into texts according to different speakers, and summaries can be generated, thus improving the efficiency of study and office work. The function of circle-and-search, pioneered by Samsung GalaxyS24 series, has completely revolutionized the search experience. When users see the content they are interested in, they can easily obtain the search results by circling the text, image or video on the screen, without entering keywords or jumping to other applications.
  In terms of image, Samsung GalaxyS24 series is equipped with super-visual images driven by AI, and the image experience empowered by AI will run through all links from shooting to editing, providing users with professional image experience in different shooting scenes. Samsung GalaxyS24Ultra’s five-fold telephoto lens uses 50 million adaptive pixel sensors, has a larger photosensitive area and 1.6 times the pixel size of the previous generation products, and supports optical image stabilization, so that Samsung GalaxyS24Ultra’s four-fold telephoto system can not only present optical quality images at 2 times, 3 times, 5 times and 10 times zoom, but also record 8K video at 5 times zoom.
  In order to support rich applications and experiences with powerful performance, Samsung Galaxy Series 24 has completely upgraded its chipset, display screen and other components. Not only is it equipped with the third generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform (forGalaxy), but it also supports the adaptive refresh rate of 1-120Hz, and brings the brightest display screen in Samsung’s history with a peak brightness of 2,600 nits.
  Finally, Samsung also said that in order to achieve a longer and more reliable product life cycle, the GalaxyS24 series will provide seven generations of operating system upgrades and seven years of security updates.

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In August, the sales volume of 25,987 units in Han jumped to the fifth place, and BYD really realized its own brand upward?

Lead: A few days ago, the Passenger Transport Association released the express of retail sales ranking in August 2022. Among them, in the Top15 of the car market, BYD emerged three models, namely BYD Qin (37,511 units), BYD Han (25,987 units) and Dolphin (23,298 units). It must be said that from the performance in recent months, BYD really got up. Today, the model we want to talk about is BYD Han. This model with an average price of 250,000+has sold more than 20,000 for four consecutive months, which is obviously worth mentioning separately.

Reasons for BYD Han’s sales from 10,000+to 20,000+

From February to April this year, BYD Han’s sales performance showed a steady increase, but they all hovered around 10,000 units. In May, BYD Han’s sales increased by leaps and bounds to 20,000+,and it has achieved a month-on-month growth for four consecutive months. Then, from 10,000+in April to 20,000+in May, what is the reason behind the sharp increase in BYD Han’s sales?

In fact, BYD launched a brand-new BYD Han model in April, in which the popular DM-i super hybrid was replaced for Han’s hybrid model, although it arrived late; At the same time, the Han EV model also uses a larger battery in exchange for longer battery life and stronger power. At the same time, compared with the old model, the new model has been obviously upgraded in appearance, interior, configuration, car machine and other parts, and the comprehensive product strength has been improved more than a little compared with the old model. Therefore, in terms of attractiveness and competitiveness, this car is naturally much stronger.

From the above, it is not difficult to find that the overall progress speed of BYD is not limited to new energy technologies, which is visible to the naked eye. In 2020, BYD Hanxiang was launched, and in the past two years, BYD Hanxiang has made many innovations. One month after the listing of the brand-new BYD Han, the sharp increase in market sales performance is also the best embodiment of BYD Han’s strength.

Is BYD’s brand going up?

So, judging from BYD Han’s sales performance and BYD’s average bicycle price, has BYD’s brand upward road achieved results?

Undeniably, BYD is the only independent brand that has an average transaction price of 250,000+and can sell 20,000+in a single month. At the same time, this performance makes BYD naturally hook up with the brand.

Only when you have strength can you have confidence. Relying on leading technologies such as DM-i, blade battery and independent power generation, BYD dares to enter the market of 200,000-300,000. Of course, from the overall performance, it is not just to raise the price to gain high-end recognition, but to be able to live up to its price in comprehensive strength, and at the same time, it is relatively superior to the joint venture competing models of the same level and price, whether in Han or Tang.

On the whole, BYD, whose price range covers 40,000-340,000 yuan, successfully surpassed Volkswagen’s 145,400 yuan with an average price of 153,200 yuan in January last year, and it is still showing an upward trend. According to the latest data this year, BYD’s average transaction price rose to 174,000. It is obviously very convincing to compare it with the best-selling and most recognized public in China. Of course, it is not difficult to find that BYD is now catching up with the joint venture brand represented by Volkswagen in all directions. This can’t help but make people sigh that Volkswagen may still be the same Volkswagen, and BYD is not the same BYD as before.

Obviously, the increase in the average price of BYD models is not only brought by the brand’s mid-to high-end models. In the 100,000-200,000-level market, the prices of BYD-related models have also increased significantly compared with the past. For example, the price of Qin PLUS for A-class cars has been confidently set at 175,800, and the new energy price of Song PLUS has reached 216,800. Similarly, its price increase is driven by product strength. The above two, the sales results in August were 38,000 and 42,000 respectively.

Therefore, considering the average bicycle price and overall sales volume, we can’t deny that BYD’s brand is on the way up.

BYD has set up a beam of light for its own brand.

In the past two years, most of the independent brands have been shouting about brand upward, and they have also put them into practical action, but the benefits and effects are very small. As we all know, most self-owned brands start with low-end models, so their impressions in the eyes of Chinese people are relatively low-end. Now, although it takes a lot of practical actions to make brands go up, it is undoubtedly not easy for consumers to recognize them. Difficult, but it doesn’t mean impossible. The initial success of BYD’s high-end brand has undoubtedly made a good start for other independent brands that take the road of brand upward, and at the same time set up a beam of light.

BYD’s success, in addition to taking the lead in identifying the forward-looking vision and strategy of the new energy track, we also need to pay attention to the leading strength of new energy technology and products themselves.

The penetration of new energy wave has undoubtedly opened up a new track for the market, and this track is also the most likely place for independent brands to succeed.

Nowadays, independent brands have gradually entered this new energy track. We can not only see BYD at the forefront, but also the hybrid technologies and models of these fast-responding independent brands, such as Geely Raytheon, Chery DP-i, Great Wall Lemon, Changan IDD, followed closely and chased after BYD’s leading position.

Achuan pingche

Generally speaking, from the success of BYD’s high-end model, Handan’s monthly sales volume of 20,000+,to BYD’s rapidly increasing average bicycle price and excellent sales volume, we can see the fruitful results of BYD’s focus on new energy. At the same time, it also points out a direction for other independent brands to go up, that is, to enter the new energy track. I hope that in the next few years, we can see more independent brands relying on the new energy track to complete the brand-up strategy and surpass the joint venture brands in an all-round way. (Text /Shen)

Cars, houses, computer cameras … public property is occupied casually and disposed of in front of you.

  In addition to public money, some people are also eyeing public things.

  A cadre in Yanfeng District, Hengyang City, Hunan Province took advantage of his position to take possession of Canon cameras and lenses worth 43,500 yuan purchased by the unit; A village party secretary in Shouguang City, Shandong Province, privately arranged for the postman to deliver the party newspapers and periodicals subscribed by the village Committee to his home for ten years … … Looking at the reported cases in recent years, it is not uncommon for party member cadres to take advantage of their authority or position to occupy or illegally occupy public property. Some people can take everything from high-value cars, houses and computer cameras to small bags of fertilizer and newspapers in order to get rid of the public oil. As everyone knows, this kind of behavior is not as simple as taking advantage, but a serious violation of discipline and even illegal behavior.

  The first kind of practice is to directly occupy public property. The actor either doesn’t give a penny, or pays some money symbolically, and takes the public property for himself. Here, according to the different objects of occupation, it can be divided into two types. If the public property that I am not in charge of is occupied, the first paragraph of Article 101 of the Regulations on Disciplinary Actions shall apply: "Take advantage of the influence of authority or position to occupy public or private property that I am not in charge of, or occupy public or private property by paying money symbolically", "If the circumstances are minor, give a warning or a serious warning; If the circumstances are serious, he shall be dismissed from his post within the party or be placed on probation; If the circumstances are serious, expulsion from the party will be given. " Then, what if it is the public property that I am in charge of, managed and handled? This should be regarded as an illegal act of corruption, and if it meets the conditions of a large amount stipulated in the criminal law, it constitutes a crime of corruption. In 2015, the revised regulations on disciplinary action adhered to the principle of separation of discipline and law, and deleted the contents that were duplicated with criminal law, public security management punishment law and other laws and regulations, which were followed by the latest revised version. Therefore, the discipline and law convergence clause in the general rules of the regulations can be applied to this behavior, and the responsible person should be investigated for the corresponding party discipline and legal responsibility.

  The second type of practice is illegal occupation of public property. It is different from the subjective purpose of directly encroaching on public property. The former aims at possession and infringes on the ownership of public property. The purpose of this behavior is only to occupy and infringe on the right to use public property. Some of the occupied public property is for personal use, including for their own use, family and friends. For this kind of behavior, the first paragraph of Article 102 of the Disciplinary Regulations has a special provision: "Taking advantage of the influence of authority or position and occupying public property for personal use in violation of relevant regulations for more than six months, if the circumstances are serious, give a warning or a serious warning; If the circumstances are serious, the punishment within the party shall be revoked. " In addition to personal use, some people engage in profit-making activities by occupying public property, or lend public property to others for profit-making activities, which is more serious in violation of discipline. Therefore, Article 102 of the Regulations on Disciplinary Actions against Party Discipline has correspondingly increased the punishment. As long as there is such an act, it will be punished, and the punishment level will be as high as "expulsion from the Party".

  It should be noted that there is still a problem of transformation in illegally occupying public property. In reality, if the actor takes advantage of his power or position to occupy public property for more than six months, he should return it without returning it, or the use value has been exhausted (will be exhausted) and cannot be returned, the nature of the behavior has changed and it has become an "occupation behavior", which should be dealt with according to the specific circumstances in accordance with Article 101 of the Party Disciplinary Regulations or criminal law and other relevant laws and regulations.

  The ancients had a story of "no family letters under the candle", which was as small as candlelight and could distinguish between public and private property, which was really admirable. Public is public, private is private, and party member cadres should be clearly distinguished. Taking some public property, wiping some oil and water, and rubbing some benefits seems to be a small matter, but this is often the starting point for many corrupt behaviors. Over time, it will inevitably lead to the overturning and sinking of life. Only when party member cadres abide by the principle of "distinguishing between public and private, putting public before private, and self-denial and dedication to public service", will the voice in their hearts be extremely clear and firm: "If it’s not mine, I won’t take it." (Duan Xiangyu, website of the State Supervision Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection)

  Discipline and law link:

  Article 101 Whoever, by taking advantage of his authority or position, encroaches on public or private property that he is not in charge of, or encroaches on public or private property by paying money symbolically, or pays gratuitously or symbolically to receive services or use labor services, if the circumstances are relatively minor, shall be given a warning or a serious warning; If the circumstances are serious, he shall be dismissed from his post within the party or be placed on probation; If the circumstances are serious, he shall be expelled from the party.

  … …

  Article 102 Whoever takes advantage of his authority or position to occupy public property for personal use in violation of relevant regulations for more than six months, if the circumstances are serious, shall be given a warning or a serious warning; If the circumstances are serious, he shall be dismissed from his post within the party.

  Those who occupy public property for profit-making activities shall be given a warning or a serious warning; If the circumstances are serious, he shall be dismissed from his post within the party or be placed on probation; If the circumstances are serious, he shall be expelled from the party.

  Lending public property to others for profit-making activities shall be handled in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph.

  — — Excerpted from the Regulations on Disciplinary Actions in the Communist Party of China (CPC).

Green answer sheet | Fight the battle of clear water! Construct a new pattern of cross-basin and cross-regional coordinated water control, and continuously improve the national water ecology.

  CCTV News:In addition to the blue sky defense war, as another key battle of pollution prevention and control, the clear water defense war also started one after another during the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, and the national water environment continued to improve by continuing to carry out water pollution prevention and control in key river basins, starting the protection of drinking water sources, and controlling urban black and odorous water bodies.

  This "Yichang Baojie No.11" arrived at the stern of the "Hongrui No.2" transshipment ship according to the agreed time, and was ready to start receiving domestic sewage after connecting the water pipe.

  Yichang has 232 kilometers of the Yangtze River, accounting for nearly one tenth of the main channel of the Yangtze River. Every year, 60,000 sub-ships are waiting for parking or transshipment here, which is a high gathering place for receiving, transshipment and disposal of ship pollutants. Through this cooperative treatment system of ship pollutants, the whole process of ship pollutants handover, transshipment and disposal can be completed and monitored in real time. Ten specialized docks for ship pollutants can handle all ship wastes.

  The application of high-tech means has also helped China’s water ecological management to enter a new stage. In Baiyangdian, xiong’an new area, Hebei Province, a water laboratory with "integration of heaven and earth" ecological monitoring is conducting daily monitoring on the water quality in Baiyangdian District. UAV monitoring in the air, unmanned ship sampling in the water, and the sampling data are transmitted back to the first time through 5G signals. The water quality monitoring equipment on board can quickly analyze 14 water quality indexes such as chemical oxygen demand, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus and algae density.

  The latest release of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment shows that the water quality of key river basins such as the Yangtze River and the Yellow River in China is stable at present. In terms of pollution control, China is building a new pattern of cross-basin and cross-regional collaborative water control. The ecological environment management in the Yangtze River Economic Belt has established a coordinated protection system and mechanism. Recently, three provinces and one city in the Yangtze River Delta jointly launched nine major projects in the field of comprehensive management of Taihu Lake basin and water environment.

China people’s "exercise and fitness" is getting harder and harder! My favorite project is …

Source: CCTV Finance


Move it! Have a nice summer!

The national movement continues to heat up, and more and more people in China build strong physique through sports. According to the survey of a better life in China, the demand for sports and fitness has been rising continuously from the consumption expectation in the past four years. In 2023, the proportion of people willing to increase their consumption in sports and fitness reached 27.99%, ranking fourth in the list of Chinese consumption expectations, a sharp increase of more than 7 percentage points over the previous year.

Who is the main force of sports and fitness consumption? The survey found that women’s wishes have been higher than men’s for four years.

Pay for sports, don’t underestimate this crowd.

From different age groups, middle-aged people aged 36-59 are more willing to invest time and money in sports and fitness. With a certain consumption power and a crisis to their own health, this group has become the main force in the sports and fitness market. Followed by people over 60 years old, the proportion of people who are willing to increase their consumption in sports and fitness is as high as 30.95%, which is almost the same as that of middle-aged people.

In which cities are people more willing to spend on sports and fitness? Kunming, Xi ‘an, Guangzhou, Yinchuan and Zhengzhou are the top five cities on the list.

Let’s run (ju ǐ n) and (qǐ) and (lái), shall we?

In terms of exercise and fitness, what items do you like? According to the online survey data, 51.90% people choose running, followed by small ball games such as badminton (35.33%) and hiking/hiking/mountaineering (32.84%).

Among them, men’s enthusiasm for running is nearly 13 percentage points higher than that of women (58.61%, 45.95%).

From different age groups, 18-25 years old are the people who love running the most. Central China, Southwest China and South China are the top three "love running circles" among the seven regions. Running is not only a physical exercise, but also a positive attitude towards life.

Besides running, what are the differences between the sports that men and women love?

The top three in the women’s sports list are: running, yoga/pilates and other shaping classes and small balls such as badminton. The sports that men often participate in: running, badminton and other small balls, football/basketball and other big balls. Men are more interested in ball games, while women prefer shaping sports such as yoga.


Escape from fitness, these excuses have you been shot?

When there is movement, there is silence. What is the reason that makes some people unable to open their legs and restricts their pace of exercise and fitness?

According to the online survey, four adults said that they didn’t exercise because they didn’t have time (42.51%), followed by the high cost (30.00%), others said that it was difficult to find a common partner (27.14%) and the community fitness equipment was insufficient (25.72%), and only 19.53% people really didn’t like sports.

In fact, there are 10,000 reasons to give up, only one belief is needed to persist, and more time should be made for your own health.

The lack of community fitness equipment is restricting the movement of northerners.

Besides lack of time and high cost, southerners think that it is difficult to find common partners, which is one of the three main factors that restrict their sports. Northerners believe that the lack of community fitness equipment is also one of the three main factors restricting sports fitness. It seems that the construction in this area in northern cities should be strengthened.