BYD Tang Family was officially listed, and the price range was 219,800-269,800 yuan.

After BYD’s slogan of "electricity is lower than oil", both Qin PLUS’s 79,800 yuan and Song and Han’s new listing have brought a lot of price shocks to the market. Now BYD has launched the glory version of Tang EV (parameter picture), the glory version of Tang DM-p and the 2024 version of God of War. The listing of this series of new models has made BYD’s product cost-effective again.

On April 22nd, BYD officially announced that its Tang EV Glory Edition, Tang DM-p Glory Edition /2024 Ares Edition were officially launched. The new car has launched a total of six models with a price range of 219.8-269.8 million yuan. This price positioning will undoubtedly stir up the SUV market again and provide consumers with more diversified choices.

As a new member of BYD Tang family, Tang EV Glory Edition is equipped with AC permanent magnet synchronous motor, which greatly improves the energy density of the battery and provides long battery life and strong power output. The single-motor two-wheel drive version has a pure electric cruising range of up to 730km, while the dual-motor four-wheel drive version increases the power to 517 HP, the peak torque is as high as 700 Nm, and the acceleration of 100 km takes only 4.4 seconds.

What’s more worth mentioning is that the new car can achieve a maximum of 170kW safe boost DC fast charge, and the longest battery life is 173km after charging for 10 minutes, which greatly improves the convenience of users in the use process.

Tang DM-p Glory Edition and 2024 Ares Edition are equipped with DM-p hybrid system, which is another breakthrough of BYD in the field of hybrid technology. The system combines the advantages of Xiaoyun-Plug-in special turbocharged 1.5Ti high-efficiency engine and motor. The maximum power of the engine is 102 kW, and the peak torque is 231 Nm. The powerful power output of the front and rear motors makes the new car accelerate as fast as 4.3s, and the fuel consumption is as low as 6.5L under comprehensive working conditions.

In terms of chassis adjustment and handling, all three new models come standard with Yunqi -C intelligent damping body control system. This system can realize stepless adaptive adjustment of damping by controlling the electromagnetic valve of shock absorber. When the vehicle passes through the bumpy road, the system will automatically adopt the comfort control strategy of high frequency and small damping to make the chassis "soft", thus improving the driving comfort. However, when the vehicle is cornering, accelerating or braking rapidly, the system will adopt a low-frequency and large-damping maneuverability control strategy to make the chassis "hard" to provide greater support, effectively restrain the body roll and pitch, and ensure the stability and maneuverability of the vehicle under various driving conditions.

In terms of design, Tang EV Glory Edition adopts Dragon Face closed front face shape, showing the unique charm of new energy vehicles. Tang DM-p Glory Edition and 2024 Ares Edition chose DragonFace’s sporty front face with sharp headlights to create a strong visual impact. All three new models are equipped with 20-inch wheels and through Chinese knot LED taillights, and three new car colors of silver glaze white, glacier blue and silver sand black are available for consumers to choose from.

In terms of interior, the new car provides a brand-new lotus rhyme gray color matching, creating a high-grade and warm interior environment. The upgrade of -DiLink 100, the advanced version of the intelligent cockpit, brings a smarter interactive experience to drivers. The new romantic mode, parking unlocking function and 3D real car color matching function further enhance the fun of car use. In addition, the 12-speaker sound system, 31-color ambient lights, ventilation, heating and electric adjustment of the main and co-pilot seats all allow passengers to enjoy a comfortable journey and feel BYD’s Excellence in details.

In terms of safety performance, the new car is equipped with DiPilot 10 intelligent driving assistance system, achieving L2+ intelligent driving assistance level. The addition of BSD blind area monitoring and DOW early warning makes the driving process more secure. At the same time, the convenience configuration of 220V AC socket, 50W mobile phone wireless fast charging and 6kW mobile power station in the car has greatly improved the convenience of using the car.

The listing of BYD Tang EV Glory Edition, Tang DM-p Glory Edition and 2024 Ares Edition further consolidated BYD’s position in the 200,000-level new energy vehicle market. Moreover, all three models come standard with Yunqi -C, which makes Tang’s chassis strength and comfort popular and meets the pursuit of vehicle comfort by family users. In addition, BYD’s continuous iteration in technological innovation and product design provides better performance and rich configuration, and is also constantly satisfying consumers’ pursuit of scientific and technological travel.