"Dual Personality" Executive Class Car, Test Drive a New Generation Mercedes-Benz E300 L

"Since 1947, we have delivered more than 14 million E-class cars to customers all over the world. It is the best-selling model in Mercedes-history and the veritable backbone of the brand." Yang Ming, President and CEO of Mercedes-Sales & Service Co., Ltd., was full of pride when talking about E-Class.

In 2005, the E-class car became the first domestic model launched by the strategy of "Made in China, Exclusive to China". After 15 years of development, it was accepted by more and more consumers in China, and at the same time, it achieved 3 million vehicles. On the eve of this year’s auto show, a new generation of long-wheelbase E-Class sedan was officially launched, and 12 new models were launched, with the price ranging from 430,800 yuan to 642,800 yuan.

Although it is a mid-term modified model, the change of a new generation of long-wheelbase E-class cars can also be called "replacement". The overall design is gradually returning to the exquisite elegance of the W211 era. The interior design vividly interprets luxury and leads the trend impeccably. In terms of power, it maintains three mature and reliable engines, 1.5T and 2.0T, of the previous models. In addition, in terms of intelligence, a new generation of long-wheelbase E-class cars has also been innovated. So, how will this younger and more exquisite luxury benchmark perform when it is opened?

This time, the model of the car headline APP test drive is a new generation of E300 L distinguished model (hereinafter referred to as "new"). The new car still maintains both luxurious and sporty appearances, setting a brand-new design benchmark and injecting "movement" into the elegant executive car shape.

First of all, the brand-new shield grille design is matched with the classic standard. The grille shape abandons the sharp edges and corners, adopts a rounded corner design that highlights the sense of science and technology, and cooperates with the penetrating front enclosure design from the S-class car, which is magnificent and neat.

On the sports car, a single chrome trim and a sparkling star-like grille make the front face look more dynamic and avant-garde, and the double ridged line design on the hood is highly recognizable, combined with the AMG-style front-surrounded air intake grille with two air blades on both sides, it has its own sports style like AMG GT.

Long-range geometric multi-beam LED headlights adopt a brand-new "front eyebrows and bright eyes" design, which inherits the classic "four-eye headlights" of E-class cars. When lighting, 84 independent LED light sources of each headlamp bring fine beam distribution, providing an illumination range of nearly 650 meters.

The soothing waistline of the car body divides the length of the front and rear doors into the ultimate beauty of the golden ratio. Wherever you look, the slender and smooth lines still provide clear recognition for the E-class, and the perfect front-rear ratio makes it still look the most pleasing. "Long wheelbase luxury car".

In short, when you come to the scene and pay attention to it, you will find that all the E-class cars outlined in the photos are inaccurate. From all directions, you can still clearly realize that this is the most perfect E-class car in history.

Stepping into the car, the familiar embracing curve extends horizontally, and the first inductive touch steering wheel is the icing on the cake. In addition to the outstanding experience advantage, it seems to pay tribute to the classics in a unique way. Through the breakthrough capacitance sensing technology, the new steering wheel can detect the driver’s control state of the steering wheel, replace the traditional physical torque perception, and identify the driver’s control driving state more quickly.

Compared with foreign standard wheelbase models, the long-wheelbase E-Class car brings more than 10 luxury additions to China’s rear row, such as extended wheelbase, rear 7-inch touch screen and rear private triangular window.

According to different models, the inductive touch steering wheel wrapped in NAPPA leather has two styles of "gull-wing" and "two-wing" movement, and adopts capacitance sensing technology, which can control the dashboard and multimedia display screen like a smart phone, so as to identify the driver’s control driving state more quickly and accurately, and improve the convenience and safety of driving.

The newly optimized central display screen supports multi-touch, and the focus of intelligent upgrade is the newly equipped MBUX intelligent human-computer interaction system. In the speed of speech recognition, MBUX intelligent human-computer interaction system has improved by 33% compared with the previous generation technology, and the accuracy has increased by more than 10%. At the same time, it supports the interactive way of natural voice, touch and gesture to control the relevant settings and services in the car.

Specifically, thanks to the extraordinary running ability of NVIDIA Parker 128 smart chip, MBUX has significantly reduced the phenomenon of stuck and crashed due to high image quality, and can smoothly load a large number of 3D depth-of-field effects, bringing an immersive visual experience.

The newly added "mind-reading voice assistant" has the ability of natural language recognition, which can complete the operation of corresponding functions through simple words, and can recognize Cantonese and Sichuan dialects in addition to Mandarin. The "Real-life Crossing Navigation" using augmented reality technology realizes the combination of real-life pictures and virtual icons, and the navigation display is more clear and intuitive, and it can also be familiar with strange roads. Finally, the "intelligent induction assistant" can recognize the hand movements of the driver and the front passenger, and can make personalized preset, so as to understand its operation requirements and realize the corresponding functions such as turning on the reading light.

In addition, through OTA online upgrade, some functions of MBUX intelligent human-computer interaction system can be easily updated and constantly improved.

A variety of power combinations are newly provided for consumers, among which E350 L 4MATIC, E260 L 4MATIC and E260 L models are all equipped with 48V intelligent motors, which can achieve the excellent driving experience of "smooth start-up, quiet driving and low fuel consumption" while gaining 10kW extra power. The output power and peak torque of E350 L 4MATIC equipped with a 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder turbocharged engine are 220kW and 400Nm respectively. The E300 L model of this test drive is equipped with a 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder turbocharged engine, and its maximum power and peak torque are 190kW and 370Nm respectively.

In terms of transmission, all models will continue to come standard with a 9-speed automatic manual transmission. At the same time, the chassis type of the new car is front multi-link independent+rear multi-link independent suspension.

In the road test drive composed of various road conditions such as expressways, provincial highways, mountain roads and urban highways, with the departure of the motorcade, the speed adjustment function based on the path can adjust the speed in advance according to the data of traffic information, and automatically reduce the speed when the congested road section is detected.

The traffic jam assistance system specially optimized for China market can not only shorten the following distance, but also activate the active stop assistance function to automatically start acceleration when the intelligent pilot distance limit function is turned on and the speed is lower than 60km/h on the expressway or urban road, thus making it easy for the vehicles in the driving team to follow the car. When the test driver needs to change lanes, the activation speed of the active lane-changing assistance system is reduced from 80 km/h to 60 km/h, which can better meet the actual driving needs of China roads.

In addition, in the face of potential collision risk, the newly added active brake assist system with turning function can apply braking force to reduce the degree of collision or even avoid collision in the case of finding stationary vehicles ahead and pedestrians crossing the road. When turning at an intersection, the steering detection function can also identify the potential opposite collision risk and provide timely warning and braking assistance.

At the same time, in the event of a side collision with other road users in the blind spot area, the upgraded active blind spot assistance system with the function of getting off the bus will give a visual and audible warning. At this time, if the passenger in the car tries to open the door, the system will alert him through sound and lighting warning.

It can be said that behind the excellent driving assistance performance is the linkage support of sensors covering 360 degrees of the car body. On the basis of four panoramic cameras and binocular stereo cameras, the new generation of long-wheelbase E-Class cars are also equipped with five millimeter-wave radars and 12 ultrasonic sensors, and the maximum detection distance can reach 500 meters.

In addition, in a variety of car scenarios, the new can also bring a more intelligent experience anytime and anywhere. For example, when arriving at the parking lot, the intelligent parking function with PARKTRONIC and 360 camera can automatically identify the parking mark, and can detect the parking space even if there is no car on the left or right, so as to complete parking in vertical or lateral parking spaces, making parking easier. When leaving the parking space, the system can remind the driver to pay attention to the lateral traffic behind the vehicle and apply auxiliary braking when necessary.

In addition to many active safety technologies, new cars have accumulated profound wisdom in the field of passive safety to ensure the highest safety standards. The body-in-white of a new generation of long-wheelbase E-class vehicles is carefully mixed with steel and aluminum materials, ranging from thermoformed and ultra-high-strength steel widely used in the passenger compartment, to the energy-absorbing design adopted by the front anti-collision beam, from the high-pressure aluminum die-casting parts used in the front shock absorption tower and the rear shock absorption area, to the high steel-aluminum mixed design of the rear floor, etc., which further reduces the body weight while achieving the highest collision requirements. The safety of passengers and road users is ensured to the maximum extent from the integrated molding process to the advanced body connection technology, and then to the pedestrian protection of the engine compartment cover by raising the engine compartment cover through active hinges to reduce the pedestrian collision injury.

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