Digital video: 18,503,100 yuan was bought by financing on March 18th, accounting for 19.1% of the inflow of funds that day.

() According to the data center, () on March 18th, it was bought by financing of 18,503,100 yuan, accounting for 19.1% of the purchase amount on that day. The current financing balance is 759 million yuan, accounting for 11.5% of the circulating market value, which is lower than the historical 10% percentile level and at a low level.

Financing trend table

date Financing change Financing balance March 18 -6.9543 million 759 million March 15 -835,000 766 million March 14 5.1126 million 767 million March 13 3.9722 million 761 million March 12 -8.8163 million 757 million

In terms of securities lending, on March 18th, Digital Video repaid 7,000.00 shares by securities lending, and sold 300.00 shares by securities lending. According to the closing price of that day, the selling amount was 1,560.00 yuan. The balance of securities lending was 7,885,300, which exceeded the historical 80% level and was at a relatively high level.

Securities lending trend table

date Securities lending change margin balance March 18 117,500 7.8853 million March 15 -497,900 7.7678 million March 14 9902.00 8.2657 million March 13 63,200 8.2558 million March 12 -260,800 yuan 8.1926 million

To sum up, the current balance of digital video integration is 767 million yuan, down 0.88% from yesterday, and the balance is lower than the historical 10% percentile level, which is at a low level.

Trend table of the balance between the two financial institutions

date Balance between finance and investment Balance change March 18 767 million -6.8368 million March 15 773 million -1,332,900 March 14 775 million 5.1225 million March 13 770 million 4.0354 million March 12 766 million -9.0771 million

Note 1: If the financing balance increases for a long time, it means that the investor’s mentality is biased towards the buyer, and the market is a strong market with strong popularity, otherwise it is a weak market.

Note 2: Buying amount = actively buying extra large single amount+actively buying large single amount+actively buying small single amount.

Why are more and more women "returning to the family"? The fundamental reason is that the social status is too low.

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Because I hope children can enter a good university.

So we should study well in middle school.

Then try to get into a good middle school.

Then you must go to a good primary school.

There must be a good affiliated kindergarten next to a good primary school.

If you want to enter a good affiliated kindergarten

Then you have to go to a good nursery

If you want to enter a good nursery, you must arrange your own egg schedule.

To arrange the egg schedule, you must arrange your own life.

You can’t go to work day and night. The best job is to be stable from nine to five.

So as to win in the womb.

The above is the text record of interviewing young mothers in the documentary "No Starting Line". The life, work and mental journey of young mothers are evident.

This generation has lived in such a social environment. Although the material life has been greatly enriched, in fact, it has become more and more nervous, cautious and cautious psychologically.

Because I know the wonderful world and the distinction between people, I have a very high standard in my heart. Even if I am just an ordinary person in an ordinary family, it will not hinder my dream of being a noble family.

However, not everyone has the talent and opportunity to be elon musk, and not everyone has a mother like elon musk.

Needless to say, even if you have a smart and tough mother like elon musk, can you also have an engineer father like elon musk?

Obviously, we are talking about family background, genetic factors, and by the way, how the social environment affects a person’s success.

Looking back, why is it that mom talks about these issues and rarely sees dad thinking conveniently here?

It’s not that fathers don’t consider it. It’s mainly that children are born to women, and women take it for granted. Since you want to raise it, it is natural to plan it from head to toe by yourself.

In this way, it is a standard for an ordinary girl to get married and have children after working for one or two years after graduating from college and resign to take care of her children at home.

Men just need to go to work to earn money and come back. The elderly, children and women at home shoulder the burden of housework-if you don’t work, you should be a full-time housewife to take care of your family.

Otherwise, why should I give you living expenses every month? Who doesn’t want to stay at home? Who wants to go out drinking and socializing? I play games and kick a ball. What’s wrong? When a girl falls into the circle of marriage and childbirth, men take it for granted to live their own free and unfettered lives.

The reason is: as the head of the family who takes money home every month, it is more important than women-who told me to work hard!

80% of women have received such mental PUA, and they are totally dependent on men economically.

If your parents can help you, it will be a great happy event, because it not only means that you can be fully prepared during pregnancy, but also means that your parents can help you and make plans for yourself. For example, after giving birth, we will take care of it for you, and you can continue to go to work. Although you don’t have much money, it is an income after all. If you have a way out, you won’t be angry with the man and your husband’s family.

With such helpful parents, a woman can at least stay relaxed and happy mentally, have more sources of income economically, and have a better chance of making great progress in her work.

Only when a woman is economically independent, cheerful and has a strong working ability can the emotional relationship between women and men be guaranteed in quality, and the family relationship be more harmonious, and the children will have a better growth environment, both mentally and materially.

Because, fundamentally speaking, men are more rational and value the role of one thing and one person in society and family.

If a woman has been living on her own for a long time, and because she has no money to save money, she has been living a very poor life and then becomes a yellow-faced woman, then this woman has almost no place in a man’s heart, and even becomes a psychological burden.

Although women have to resign from home because of having children and raising children, it is men’s jobs that are sacrificed for preservation, but few people can get this feeling. What people see is nothing but women’s idleness, laziness, bloated and trivial conversation. Then despise all aspects of her and question her existence value …

When more and more women choose to return to their families and take care of their children, and when the whole society’s doubts about stay-at-home mothers reach the peak, what we think more about is not whether women give up on themselves, but the lack of system design at the level of national and social system design.

Women have no corresponding social logistics support after giving birth, so they have to rely on men. This forces men to work better to bear the heavy responsibility of making money to support their families.

At the same time, the cost of raising children, which should be borne by the society and the state, now falls entirely on the heads of individual families. No one has ever questioned why childbearing is advocated without any social security after childbirth.

Individuals almost have to sacrifice the opportunity and time of a lifetime in exchange for the smooth birth, growth and success of a descendant.

As the pillars, men can’t return to their families, because they must be busy creating greater wealth for the society and the family, and promoting the progress and operation of the whole society.

Since ancient times, women have shouldered the heavy responsibility of reproducing and raising offspring. No matter how the times change, such historical responsibility has never been abandoned.

deep-rootedDedication and self-sacrifice, like a rope tied to every girl and woman. Even in statistics, women in China have the highest participation index among women in the world, which cannot change the trend and fact that women in China have to return to their families to become full-time mothers for their children.

This situation is also the most painful for President Zhang Guimei.

Training a girl to go to college is not to let her return to her family to be a full-time wife, but to let an independent person live a better life with the strength given to her by knowledge and have more social value.

Although President Zhang Guimei’s words were very rough, he got to a fundamental problem:

What kind of life and life does a person have to live once and come to the world once? Is it really the only way for women who return to their families after giving birth? Is this life really as worthwhile as you say?

Does this kind of life reduce the grandeur of life to a small node and forget the mission of exploring the deeper integration of self and society?

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References: Wells, A. (2019). Breaking the cybercode: understanding and treating the human metacognitive control system to enhance mental health. Frontiers in Psychology, 10,2621.

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