"There is a life called Yunnan" leads the new fashion.

  The second meeting of the 14th People’s Congress of Yunnan Province was held recently in Kunming. Wang Yubo, governor of Yunnan Province, said in the government work report that in 2023, Yunnan paid close attention to the rectification of the tourism market order and the improvement of service quality, and added two national demonstration zones for the integration of cultural industry and tourism industry. The cultural landscape of Jingmai Mountain ancient tea forest was successfully applied for, and "there is a life called Yunnan" led the new fashion of tourism development and promoted the high-quality transformation and upgrading of the cultural tourism industry. In 2023, Yunnan received 1.042 billion tourists and the total tourism revenue reached 1.44 trillion yuan.

  The report makes it clear that in 2024, Yunnan will carry out the "six actions" of high-quality tourism development, continuously standardize market order, build "two lines, one belt and one district" and accelerate the cultivation of world-class tourist attractions and resorts. Create an upgraded version of rural tourism, build the most beautiful homesickness tourism belt, and cultivate a number of demonstration sites for the integration of agricultural, cultural and tourism. Improve the brand communication matrix of "There is a life called Yunnan". More than 200 high-level cultural tourism and sports investment projects were launched, 120 new business enterprises and 10 travel agencies with operating income exceeding 100 million yuan were added. The total tourism revenue exceeded 1.5 trillion yuan.

  It is also known that in 2023, Yunnan held a conference on the high-quality development of tourism in the whole province, and issued documents such as "Three-year Action for Building a Strong Cultural and Tourism Province in Yunnan (2023-2025)" and "Several Work Measures for Strengthening the Order of the Tourism Market", and implemented a three-year action plan for rural tourism to boost rural revitalization, and carried out a hundred-day action to rectify the order of the tourism market to promote the overall improvement of the tourism market order.(Yang Yunuo)