Beijing Auto Show Museum: Hi4-T Hybrid Model of Great Wall Gun

  [car home Information] Before the opening of this auto show, we photographed the hybrid model of the Great Wall Cannon pickup truck at the auto show site. This car is equipped with the Hi4-T plug-in hybrid system of the Great Wall and will be officially unveiled during the Beijing Auto Show.

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Home of the car

Home of the car

  In terms of appearance, the Hi4-T version of the Great Wall Gun basically follows the design style of the current model, with a large-size polygonal front grille, supplemented by dotted-line trim elements inside, and equipped with a black matte off-road kit as a whole, and the visual effect is very rough and powerful. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 5462(5493)/1992/1960mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 3350 mm.

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  In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with the Hi4-T plug-in hybrid system developed by Great Wall, and its 2.0T engine has a maximum power of 185kW. At the same time, due to the use of the new system, it is expected that the energy saving and mute effect of the engine will be improved. For more information about the new car, we will continue to pay attention. (Text/car home Zhouyi)

The gang illegally dismantled more than 18,600 tons of waste lead batteries and earned more than 10 million yuan.

  Do you know where the waste lead batteries on electric bicycles and electric cars are? In Huai ‘an, Chen Mou and others bought waste lead batteries from Shanghai, Nanjing, Gaoyou, Siyang and Huai ‘an for illegal dismantling and refining lead ingots without any qualifications. According to the investigation by the Qingjiangpu District Procuratorate of Huai ‘an City, in less than one year, Chen Mou and others illegally purchased and dismantled more than 18,600 tons of waste lead batteries, and refined more than 9,349 tons of lead ingots, involving more than 100 million yuan, making illegal profits of more than 10 million yuan. According to the appraisal, it takes at least 20 million yuan to damage virtual treatment cost’s ecological environment. On the 7th, as the largest lead-acid battery environmental pollution case supervised by the Ministry of Public Security, 14 suspects, including Chen Mou and Zhang, were prosecuted by the Qingjiangpu District Procuratorate for alleged environmental pollution, and suggested that the court sentence Chen Mou and Zhang to fixed-term imprisonment ranging from one year to six months to seven years respectively.

  When Chen Mou, 33, returned to his hometown in Huai ‘an for the Spring Festival in 2016, he hit it off with Zhang, who was also working in other places, and each contributed 300,000 yuan to start the recycling business of used lead batteries.

  At the beginning, Chen Mou and others sold the purchased waste lead-acid batteries to a renewable resources company in Xuzhou to earn the difference profit. Later, Chen Mou and Zhang discovered that by doing so, not only did they not earn much money, but also the funds were slowly withdrawn. Chen Mou invited his fellow villager Hu to invest 500,000 yuan each to buy, disassemble and refine lead ingots. Because their business is illegal and they are afraid of being discovered by others, Chen Mou and Hu rented a remote abandoned factory in Yuanji Township, Huaiyin District, and used it as a dismantling factory for waste lead batteries. Then, they went to Matou Town, Huaiyin District and rented an abandoned brick factory to be a lead ingot refining workshop for waste lead batteries. Chen Mou and Hu bought stoves, blowers, models of lead blocks and other equipment together, and then contacted their fellow villagers to help, so that a one-stop production line of battery acquisition, disassembly and refining was built. Up to the time of the crime, Chen Mou and others illegally purchased and dismantled more than 18,600 tons of waste lead batteries, and refined more than 9,349 tons of lead ingots, involving more than 100 million yuan and making illegal profits of more than 10 million yuan.

  In order to avoid the investigation by the environmental protection department and the public security organs, they covered the windows of each factory building with shielding nets, so that the inside could not be seen from the outside.

  In September last year, the Huaiyin District Environmental Protection Bureau received a report from the masses that a factory emitted an unpleasant smell. After the staff of the Environmental Protection Bureau seized it on the spot, they felt that the case was serious. The Environmental Protection Bureau immediately contacted the public security organ, and the public security organ filed a case for investigation that day. More than 100 tons of waste lead batteries were seized on site. The case subsequently became the largest environmental pollution case of lead-acid batteries in the province supervised by the Ministry of Public Security. (Yangzi Evening News/Yangyan reporter Zhu Dingzhao correspondent Wei Congjin Zhang Chaoyun Cao Yanan)

Mini LED TV, the first choice in 2024, Highlights Analysis of Hisense TV E5N Pro

   [Tianji. com IT News Channel]As users are increasingly pursuing a high-quality viewing experience, Mini is firmly in the mainstream of the market. In 2024, many brands in the TV field also launched Mini  With the new LED products, the market competition is becoming more and more fierce. So, what kind of products can be more recognized by users?

    On March 14th, Hisense TV E5N&ensp made its debut in 2024AWE; Pro gives the answer. This TV, as an iteration of the E5 series of Hisense TV online explosion machine, relies on ULED  Mini  New technologies such as LED display technology and AI image quality adjustment have become the king of image quality in the same price segment of the industry. Coupled with the long-standing brand advantage and reputation of Hisense TV E5 series, Hisense TV E5N  Pro will also become the preferred Mini&ensp in 2024; LED TV word-of-mouth king.

    So, this Hisense TV E5N  What are the new highlights of Pro? Let’s reveal the secrets for everyone.

    The display technology is fully upgraded, and the picture quality is better.

    For a TV, display technology is the key factor to determine the quality of the picture. And the new generation Hisense TV E5N  Pro has upgraded its display technology and adopted a more advanced ULED  Mini  LED technology. In the 65-inch, 75-inch, 85-inch and 100-inch versions, there are 336, 512, 576 and 704 partitions respectively, which can improve the light control precision by 83%, the luminous area by 112% and the picture adjustment effect by 35%, effectively reducing the problem of uneven brightness and darkness of TV screens.

    Based on ULED  Mini  Application of LED technology, Hisense TV E5N  Pro can bring users a viewing experience with high color reproduction and clearer picture details. Taking the image scene passing through the tunnel as an example, every light and shadow in the film can be accurately presented, and the bright field will not be overexposed to blur the picture, while the dark field will keep the picture visible without losing details, thus enhancing the overall perception experience of users with realistic picture effects, and also bringing users a professional cinema-level immersive viewing effect.

    Equipped with the letter AI picture quality chip, the picture control is more humanized.

    As a quality king product launched by Hisense TV in 2024, Hisense TV E5N  Pro is also equipped with an AI image quality chip with strong image adjustment capability, which can be recognized and processed at pixel level according to different scene requirements. Moreover, the fast response capability of the Xinxin AI quality chip can ensure the immediacy of image processing, and provide more accurate and precise support for image perception, calculation and adjustment.

    This function can also bring many benefits to users’ viewing. First of all, it can realize the automatic optimization of TV image quality. Whether watching the magnificent snow scene in the sun or the shining stars in the night sky, Hisense TV E5N  Pro can optimize the identified picture scenes to ensure that users always get a * good image quality experience.

    Secondly, the AI quality chip is matched with the 4K&ensp of this TV; 144Hz native screen with high refresh rate can provide users with smooth moving pictures. In the fast-moving scenes such as rocket launch and European Cup, the Xinxin AI image quality chip can recognize and process at the pixel level, so that users can clearly see the Mach ring of the rocket and the smooth flight trajectory of the football, and satisfy users with smooth moving pictures as if they were watching on the spot.

    Equipped with a 2.1-channel independent subwoofer, the stereo field is super shocking

    In addition to bringing peak image quality to users, Hisense TV E5N  Pro can also meet the needs of users listening to concerts at home. This product can get a real experience of 2.1 channels without external system, and the sound covers every corner. Whether it is a band performance or a shocking blockbuster, it can be accurately restored and the sound quality is moving.

    The DTS and Dolby dual audio decoding technology can ensure the original playback of large sound effects and provide support for creating * immersion. Coupled with Hisense’s self-developed Hi-Sound Teana Engine, through the simulation algorithm technology of sound source and content, the audio parameters are adjusted according to the content of different scenes to optimize the effects of human voice, bass and sound field. At the same time, there is also a professional team of golden ears to adjust and create a high standard sound effect and restore a good voice.

    Hisense TV E5N  Pro is also equipped with an upgraded version of the game console, which can perfectly adapt to the three console games of Switch, PS and Xbox. Enhancing game performance through AI intelligence can bring users a smooth and high-quality home game experience.

    Generally speaking, Hisense TV E5N  Pro has brought many practical benefits to users with its long-term accumulated user reputation, excellent image quality performance and advanced letter AI image quality chip. Whether it is true color reproduction, smooth moving pictures, or flexible adaptation to the home environment, users can find functional points that meet their own needs from this TV.

    In addition, during the pre-sale period of new products from March 14th to April 3rd, Hisense TV also prepared many benefits for users, such as 100-inch free installation, extended warranty, six interest-free issues, etc. Users who want to buy them should go and snap them up. Believe in Hisense TV E5N  Pro will also be used as Mini&ensp in 2024; The first choice for LED TV is word of mouth, which will win the recognition of more users and will continue to lead the development trend of the industry.

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