Is it more expensive to change TV screens than to buy a new TV? Insiders: overhaul of digital products is not recommended.

  Recently, a video about the price of changing TV screens exceeded that of buying a new TV, which attracted attention. Many consumers are puzzled that the cost of changing TV screens has reached 70% to 80% or even exceeded the price of the whole TV. In this regard, some people in color TV companies said that it is normal to change the screen more expensive than buying a new TV. Especially for low-end TVs with lower prices, the screen cost accounts for a higher proportion of the whole machine price. If you add increasing labor costs, the screen change price will exceed the price of new machines.

  Professionals also remind consumers that from a technical point of view, it is not recommended to replace the core components of digital products separately, and it is not recommended to change the screen of TV sets that have been used for a long time.

  Why does it cost 4600 yuan to change the screen of a TV bought for 2700 yuan?

  Recently, a video of "2,700 yuan to buy a TV replacement screen actually needs 4,600 yuan" has attracted attention. The author said in the video that he spent 2700 yuan to buy a 75-inch TV set, but the accidentally broken screen needs to be replaced. After contacting the official customer service of the manufacturer, the price of changing the screen was as high as 4600 yuan. Consumers are dissatisfied with this. "Why is the price of changing a screen so much more expensive than buying a new machine?" The consumer said that he understood the fact that the TV screen can account for 70% to 80% of the cost of the whole TV set, and he could accept it if he spent more than 2,000 yuan on maintenance, but why did he quote as much as 4,000 yuan?

  In this regard, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter got in touch with the relevant personnel of a color TV manufacturer. The other party said that it is true that the TV screen can account for 70% to 80% of the cost of the whole TV set, but consumers ignored the labor cost of changing the TV screen. In the era of intelligent production, it is not surprising that the labor cost of the same process is much higher than that of automatic production. According to industry practice, the labor cost of changing the screen of 75-inch TV will not be less than 2000 yuan.

  TV LCD screen accounts for 70% to 80% of the total cost.

  It is understood that TV screen is the biggest cost in TV production. Since the popularization of LCD TV, the cost of LCD screen can account for 60% to 70% of the total cost of the whole machine. If the module cost closely related to the screen is added, the proportion will even exceed 80%. In recent years, with the development of technology, although the proportion of screens has declined, it is still an absolute big head.

  With the continuous promotion of panel localization, the cost of LCD screen has dropped rapidly, and the market price of LCD TV has also dropped sharply. This is why the 75-inch LCD TV only sells for more than 2,000 yuan, which is only equivalent to the price of a low-end mobile phone. However, this has also caused new problems, that is, the ratio of labor cost to TV price in TV after-sales maintenance is getting higher and higher, so consumers often complain that TV maintenance price is even higher than buying a new machine.

  The reporter of Beiqing Daily inquired from the Internet that in recent years, consumers have repeatedly vomited or complained about this matter online. In May last year, Shaoxing consumer Ren Shifu spent 3,450 yuan to buy an LCD TV. Because the inner screen was broken, it needed to be changed. As a result, he was told that it would cost 3,400 yuan to change the screen. In December, 2021, Ms. Wang, a consumer in Chengdu, reported to the media that the Xiaomi TV she bought just had a three-year warranty, and there was a screen splash phenomenon. In the after-sales process, Ms. Wang was told by Xiaomi TV maintenance personnel that "only the screen can be changed", and the overall cost was over 3,000 yuan, accounting for about 80% of the original price of the TV. "It’s too exaggerated, which is to let consumers give up maintenance."

  Digital products often have the problem that the maintenance price exceeds the new machine.

  In fact, it is not a TV "patent" that the maintenance price exceeds the new machine. In the interview, the reporter of Beiqing Daily learned that there are many similar problems in digital products with high degree of automatic production, especially the replacement of core components with high cost, and the total price often reaches or even exceeds the price of buying new machines. For example, the price of replacing the motherboard with notebooks, mobile phones and digital cameras will be significantly higher than the price of new machines.

  China electronic chamber of commerce Consumer Electronics Survey Office has paid attention to such issues as "the price of replacing lenses is almost 1,000 yuan" and "the price of screen maintenance exceeds that of new machines". However, in the survey, it was found that most of the digital products repaired by consumers were old products that had been used for several years, and the components of the old models were in short supply, and the production cost at that time was more expensive. If consumers compared with the same products with better performance now, the "cost performance" would definitely be uneconomical. Consumer Miss Zhang bought a 3,000-yuan digital camera in early 2018. After four years of use, there was an unusable fault, which was displayed as a motherboard fault according to the error code. When she found the seller who bought the camera at that time, she got the answer that she could only repair it at her own expense after the shelf life, and the total price exceeded 2,000 yuan. "Now the digital camera of the same grade only costs 2000 yuan, but I am used to this machine and I really can’t bear it." Miss Zhang is in a dilemma.

  Digital products that have been used for a long time are not recommended for maintenance, and it is more appropriate to directly replace them with new ones.

  Some digital manufacturers told the reporter of Beiqing Daily that for such digital products that have been used for a long time, it is actually not recommended for consumers to choose maintenance, and it is more appropriate to directly replace them with new ones. "This is not only a cost consideration, but also a technical suggestion. The first is the matching degree between various components. According to this person, in the product design, manufacturers will take the service life of each component into account as a whole, and the service life is matched with each other as a whole, thus avoiding the cost waste caused by the fact that some components have reached the service life and other components can operate normally for a long time. Take an ordinary digital camera as an example. If we don’t consider the outdated performance indicators, it is recommended to use a machine for about six years. If the motherboard fails after four years of use, we may encounter problems with other components two years later. "At that time, if you give up maintenance and replace it directly, it is equivalent to the fact that this new motherboard was laid off in only two years, which actually caused more waste." Of course, he also said that if it is only a minor fault of non-core components, it is worthwhile to spend a lower cost on maintenance.

  On the other hand, the precision integration of digital products is high, and the precision and standardization of manual maintenance and installation are definitely not as good as integrated manufacturing. Theoretically, there are also cases where the service life and performance of the same parts after manual installation are not as good as the original ones. Therefore, consumers are advised to be cautious about the overhaul of the core components of digital products.

  Text/Reporter zhangqin Coordinator/Chi Haibo