Tiggo 9 in Bayinguoleng area is on sale! The latest offer is 162,900 yuan, which is very beneficial today.

In car home Bayinguoleng Promotion Channel, we are pleased to announce that Chery’s flagship model-is having a promotion! If you are looking for a luxury SUV, then the Tiggo 9 definitely deserves your attention. At present, the Tiggo 9 model in Bayinguoleng area can enjoy a maximum discount of 12,000, and the minimum starting price is 162,900. This is a rare opportunity, you can buy such a high-quality car in this price range. Please click "Check the car price" in the quotation form to get a higher discount!


The exterior design of the Tiggo 9 car series is fashionable, and the front face adopts a unique family-style design language, which shows its unique brand personality. The air intake grille is decorated with a large area of chrome plating, which is connected with the headlight group to create a strong visual impact. The body lines are smooth and the overall style is fashionable, which shows the luxury of Tiggo 9. At the same time, the car is also equipped with a variety of personalized configurations, such as sports kits, LED headlights, etc., to meet the needs of different consumers. Generally speaking, the design of Tiggo 9 is exquisite and dynamic, which makes people unforgettable.


The side design of the Tiggo 9 has smooth lines, the body size is 4820*1930*1710mm, the wheelbase is 2820mm, and the front and rear wheel tracks are 1638mm and 1641mm respectively. The front and rear tyre size are both 245/50 R20, and the rim style is fashionable and dynamic. The overall design highlights the luxury and sporty style of Tiggo 9, which is not only atmospheric in appearance, but also smooth in body lines, showing a strong sense of strength.


The interior design of Tiggo 9 is full of modernity, using high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship. The steering wheel is wrapped in leather, which feels comfortable, and the position can be manually adjusted up and down and back and forth, so that the driver can find the most comfortable driving posture. The central control screen has a size of 12.3 inches, supports voice recognition control system, and can control functions such as multimedia, navigation, telephone, air conditioning and skylight, which is very convenient. The seat is made of imitation leather. The main driver’s seat can be adjusted back and forth, backrest adjustment, height adjustment and lumbar support, and the co-pilot’s seat can be adjusted back and forth. The front seats are also equipped with heating and ventilation functions, so that drivers can enjoy a comfortable driving experience in different seasons. The rear seats can be laid down in proportion, which increases the flexibility of storage space. In addition, the front and rear rows are equipped with USB and Type-C interfaces, which is convenient for passengers to charge. Generally speaking, the interior design of Tiggo 9 gives consideration to both comfort and practicality, bringing more pleasant driving experience to drivers and passengers.


The Tiggo 9 is powered by a 2.0T 261 HP L4 engine with a maximum power of 192 kW and a maximum torque of 400 N m.. This engine adopts advanced technology and can provide excellent power performance and driving experience. With the 8-speed automatic manual transmission, the shift is smoother and the driving is more comfortable. Whether driving in the city or traveling long distances, this engine can meet your needs.

In the evaluation of the owner of car home, we can see that he spoke highly of the appearance of the Tiggo 9, thinking that its domineering side leakage is unforgettable. He also mentioned some minor problems in workmanship, but it didn’t affect his love for this car. As he said, "For me, this appearance is love." This fully demonstrates the outstanding performance of Tiggo 9 in design, which makes car owners fall for it. We believe that in the future, Tiggo 9 will continue to win the love and recognition of more car owners with its unique design style and excellent performance.

Just ST Line! 2022 Fox Car Handbook

  [car home Car Handbook] During the Chongqing Auto Show that ended last month, the 2022 (|) was officially launched, with 7 models with different configurations, with the guide price range of 119.8-145.8 million yuan, slightly adjusted compared with the 2021 model. The appearance of the new car has changed greatly, the interior has been modified for details, and all models have returned to the four-cylinder 1.5T engine. Today, let me show you which model of the 2022 Focus is more cost-effective.

Home of the car

  The 2022 Focus still has hatchback and sedan models to choose from. Except for the entry-level version of EcoBoost 180, which only has sedan models, the other three versions, EcoBoost 180, automatic racing version, automatic ST-Line and automatic S version, can choose hatchback or sedan models according to their own preferences. The hatchback and sedan models of the same version have the same overall configuration level, with only slight differences, which will be briefly explained in this paper.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  Although the new Focus has all returned to the four-cylinder engine, you must have noticed carefully that the transmission system of the new Focus has become a 6-speed automatic gearbox, while on the old models, the 8AT gearbox is matched with the 1.5T engine. Such a wave of operation is the reduction of the guiding price. However, after comparing the new and old two EcoBoost 180 automatic ST Line, it will be found that in addition to the gearbox becoming 6AT, the 10-speaker B&O audio has also become an option, and the rear armrest with cup holder and the rear air outlet are gone. Therefore, the extent of the decrease in the guide price … You can experience it yourself.

Home of the car

  Here’s a brief introduction to the new Focus. If you want to know more about the static experience of the new car, you may wish to click on the picture link above. Next, let’s take a look at the configuration performance of various models of the 2022 Focus.

EcoBoost 180 automatic competition edition

Recommended index: ★★★

Home of the car

  As the entry-level version of the new Focus, the automatic competition version is the only one without a hatchback. From the configuration point of view, all-LED headlights and 8-inch all-LCD instruments are among the available configurations, while others belong to the mainstream level of the same class. Of course, one thing to be said here is that the automatic racing version is also the only model in the whole department that uses the rear torsion beam non-independent suspension. I believe that friends who choose to buy Fox still attach great importance to the rear wheel independent suspension, so this entry-level version still lowers the guide price threshold.

EcoBoost 180 automatic racing edition

Recommended index: ★★★

Home of the car

  Compared with the automatic racing version, the automatic racing version with a guide price of 10,000 yuan has replaced the rear multi-link independent suspension, and also added practical configurations such as keyless entry/start, reversing image, 12.3-inch central control panel and automatic air conditioning. This 10,000 yuan can be regarded as a "comfortable sports bag". So we might as well increase the budget a little and change to an automatic racing version with improved driving comfort.

EcoBoost 180 automatic ST Line

Recommended index: ★★★

Home of the car

  Focus is a compact car that focuses on sports, so this time I chose the automatic ST Line as the most recommended model, because I think the exterior sports kit is necessary, and the 18-inch rim with Michelin PS4 tires is also quite attractive. In addition, the automatic ST Line is also equipped with shift paddles, which can provide more driving pleasure; At the same time, the driver’s assistance function is more comprehensive, and it is also the only optional L2 driver’s assistance in all models. Of course, if your budget is limited, the automatic racing version is also a relatively good choice, but I think the automatic ST Line is a more "real" Fox.

Home of the car

EcoBoost 180 automatic s version

Recommended index: ★★★

  In all the new Focus models, an EcoBoost 180 automatic S version has been added, and the guide price is 2000 yuan higher than that of the automatic ST Line. If we only look at the configuration table, the configuration difference between the two cars is only the different seat materials, and the latter uses leather/fabric to mix and match seats, while the former is leather/suede mix and match seats. So let’s talk with new car pictures.

Home of the car

Home of the car

  Whether you are willing to spend an extra 2000 yuan to get this lace, seat material and blue seat belt depends on you. I don’t think the automatic S version of the flower-pulling is meaningful, but the fur-turning seat should be liked by some friends. One more thing, the automatic S version can’t be equipped with B&O stereo and L2 driver assistance, so friends who want to install these can only choose automatic ST Line.

Editor’s comment:

  In this mid-term change, it is undoubtedly the most important point that Fox will return to the four-cylinder engine. The change of design is still a matter of opinion. I think it is not bad, and my colleagues will think it is not as good as the old one. As far as the configuration of all models of the new Focus is concerned, the automatic ST Line is undoubtedly the most comprehensive one. The exterior sports kit, 18-inch rim, shift paddles and rear multi-link independent suspension are all elements that sports cars should have; Of course, if your budget is so poor, it is not bad to choose the automatic racing version. (Text/car home Zhou You)

Guangdong police cracked down on the crime of illegal production on the Internet and seized 5.8 billion pieces of stolen citizen information.

The mobile phone cards seized by the police were "piled up like mountains".

  The largest WeChat plug-in case in China, the largest "black hat" promotion case in China, and the largest domain name hijacking case in China … … Yesterday, the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department held a press conference to report the effectiveness of cracking down on cybercrime and cracked a number of major and influential new cybercrime cases in the country. It is understood that from January to October this year, Guangdong Province detected more than 1,430 cases of online illegal production, detained more than 9,220 people in criminal detention, and seized more than 5.8 billion pieces of personal information of citizens who were leaked and stolen, up 29.68%, 22.26% and 557.64% respectively, which effectively cracked down on the arrogance of online illegal production crimes.

  Guangzhou cracked the largest case of manufacturing and selling WeChat plug-in software in China.

  Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department organized the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau to carry out the "Net Net No.11" project to close the net, knocked out a large new hacker criminal gang that made, resold and used WeChat plug-in software, engaged in the business of buying and selling WeChat accounts and keeping numbers, arrested 44 criminal suspects, and seized about 650,000 micro-signals involved, involving about 10.41 million yuan. The case is the largest network black production case that has been cracked in China to manufacture and sell WeChat plug-in software.

  In May this year, when Guangzhou police detected a fraud case of dating, they found that the suspect used a WeChat plug-in software called One Piece. The so-called WeChat plug-in software has the functions that official WeChat does not have, such as logging in micro-signals in batches, automatically adding friends, sending friends in batches, managing group messages, and authenticating micro-signals in batches. It is an important tool for black producers to raise and sell numbers, and can provide a large number of account resources for gangs that commit crimes such as online fraud.

  According to the suspect’s confession, the software was sold to them by a man named Liang Moulun and solved the problems encountered in the use of the software. The task force conducted in-depth investigations and successfully concluded a new hacker criminal gang that produced, resold and used WeChat plug-in software, engaged in the business of buying and selling WeChat accounts and keeping numbers.

  After the micro-signal was "raised", its value soared by a hundredfold.

  After investigation, the gang, centered on Chen Mou Exhibition, a software producer, is divided into three roles: software producer, software agent and micro-signal dealer. The first floor consists of three people, including Chen Mou Zhan, a software producer, who is mainly responsible for developing the One Piece WeChat plug-in software and uploading it to the website for users to download. The software requires an authorization code to use, and the suspect illegally profited by selling the authorization code and charging the software agency fee. On the second floor, there are 10 software agents, including Liang Mou, who mainly obtain agency qualifications from software producers, buy authorization codes in bulk at low prices and resell them to micro-signal vendors. Some agents are also engaged in the black business of micro-signal vendors. On the third floor, there are 31 micro-signal merchants, including Gong Mou, who mainly buy authorization codes from agents, and register real-name WeChat accounts in batches by using One Piece software to carry out the business of raising and selling numbers.

  What are these micro-signals sold in bulk used for? According to the police handling the case, most of them are used to disguise their identity to engage in illegal and criminal activities, and become tools for crimes downstream of online black production, such as dating fraud. The newly registered number is cheaper, only a few dollars, while the old number that has been raised for a while will sell for tens to hundreds of dollars.

  Gambling sites "wears vest" to improve its ranking.

  Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department organized the public security organs of Foshan City to carry out the "Net No.10" network-closing operation in six provinces and eight cities, including Foshan, Fujian, Sichuan and Jiangsu, and successfully destroyed a criminal gang that used Baidu Black Hat to promote the online gambling industry chain, arrested 72 suspects, seized 1.32 million yuan in cash on the spot and frozen 15 million yuan in funds. This case is the largest network black production case that Baidu Black Hat promoted the online gambling industry chain in China.

  Since the beginning of this year, it has been found in the work of Foshan Internet Police Detachment that there are a lot of gambling sites information in the top links in Baidu search engine. After investigation, criminals use technical means to implant online gambling, online pornography, online fraud and other promotional links in multiple websites to improve the search ranking of promotional links and increase the click-through rate of promotional links. This promotion method is called black hat SEO in the black industry. In short, it is to improve the ranking in search engines by improper methods. Accordingly, the police carried out in-depth investigation and found a large gang that used Baidu black hat to promote the online gambling industry chain.

  The investigation found that the gang provided operation and maintenance services to 143 gambling information websites, such as Zeng × Ren, Xiao× Er, Ye× Zhu, Tie× Pan and Ju× Pan. In order to improve the ranking of this kind of target website (gambling sites) in various search engines and increase the hit rate of being searched, it forged the homepage of the website into a news media page, and used the title to attract clicks, thus attracting traffic. After Baidu’s ranking was improved, the gang secretly inserted gambling advertisements and links in the webpage to promote various gambling sites for gambling gangs.

  In addition, in order to ensure that gambling sites is accessible and has certain concealment, the gang also purchased SSL certificates from overseas for website encryption and VPN services for climbing over the wall, thus avoiding supervision and review.

  The source of batch registration of online accounts "meal" is actually "inside ghost"

  Recently, under the coordination and command of the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department, Dongguan public security organs simultaneously launched the "Net Net 22" project in Guangdong, Fujian, Shandong and other places, knocked out a mobile phone verification code obtained by building a network code platform, registered a new type of criminal gang with online virtual accounts in batches, arrested 82 major suspects in various links such as "industry ghosts", "card merchants", platform personnel and downstream crimes, and seized more than 1,400 personal information of citizens. The case completely cut off the black industrial chain of the "receiving platform".

  In May this year, the investigation of Dongguan Cyber Police Detachment found that Dongguan Ziyou Network Technology Co., Ltd. set up a "Domi" network code access platform, contacted "card merchants" and criminals with black products, bypassed real-name authentication, and obtained verification codes of mobile phones in batches, and then provided them to black products users of the platform to register various platform accounts in batches, and then provided them to criminals downstream for "car", "loan" and "loan".

  After in-depth investigation, it was found that two staff members of Dongguan telecom operators acted as "ghosts in the industry" and used their work to provide a large number of mobile phone "black cards" for "card merchants". Card merchants then sell mobile phone "black cards" to cyber criminals, who use "cool cards" and "cat pools" to connect with the "Domi" platform. By using the "Domi" platform, they can receive verification codes of mobile phones in batches, and illegally sell a large number of accounts after registering in popular mobile apps. Account buyers can get the first discount of the corresponding merchants, or implement it in a way of not paying after consumption and not returning small loans.

  For example, criminal gangs of black goods registered a large number of accounts on platforms such as Alipay, Didi Chuxing, Shouqi Chuxing and Hungry, and then sold them to criminals downstream. After using this account, downstream criminals deliberately fail to pay, maliciously owe money after the loan, or get the first discount from the platform merchants.

  The police reminded that providing code-receiving services for online criminal gangs is to help information network criminal activities, and the masses should not try their own laws. If you find any clues about the code receiving platform, please report to the public security organ in time.

  Network access automatically jumps to gambling sites? It was a domain name hijacking.

  Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department organized the public security organs of Zhongshan City to carry out the "Net Net No.13" project to close the net, knocked out a domain name hijacking criminal gang, arrested 80 criminal suspects, and seized a large number of computers, mobile phones, bank cards, cars and other items. This case is the largest network black production case of domain name hijacking crime in China.

  In July this year, during an online patrol, Zhongshan Cyber Police Detachment found that some people posted publicity information about gambling slang such as "operator DNS hijacking", "BC", "CP", "chess and cards" and "LH" on Baidu Post Bar, and used domain name hijacking to "drain" gambling sites.

  Internet domain name hijacking is to hijack the domain name resolution server by illegal means, gain the control of the domain name resolution record of the website, and then modify the resolution result of the domain name of the website, so that users cannot directly visit the target website. After entering the domain name, the webpage will jump to designated websites such as gambling and pornographic websites.

  After layer-by-layer investigation and analysis, the task force finally locked in a network domain name hijacking criminal gang headed by Li Molong, Zheng Monan, Chang Mou, Zhao Mou, He Mochao, He Moguang and others. The gang members are located in Zhongshan, Beijing, Fujian, Jiangsu and other places in Guangdong.

  After investigation, it was found that Li Moulong and others set up a studio in Shiqi District, Zhongshan City since February 2019, and used hacking software to hijack websites such as "A certain amount of treasure" to brush traffic for illegal websites such as Mark Six Lottery in gambling sites and the mainland, in order to attract people to browse gambling sites and participate in online gambling, and formed a "DNS operation gang, domain name hijacking gang, intermediary promotion gang and downstream gambling gang".

  The police reminded that it is a serious crime to provide domain name hijacking and promote "drainage" services for cybercrime, and the masses should not try their own laws. Please report to the police actively if you find that the webpage jumps forcibly or that computers and mobile devices find viruses and Trojan horse infections. (Text/Guangzhou Daily All-Media Reporter Li Dong Correspondent Lin Hongsheng, Jiang Shuting, Li Changda)

The entertainment circle divides the stars into 20 levels, and Gong Li and Zhang Ziyi rank 18 levels, the highest in China.


    On the evening of September 8th, the 5th "BAZAAR Star Charity Night", the China Charity Festival, opened in China World Hotel. Zhang Ziyi, a famous movie star, spent 550,000 yuan that night to win Cartier’s brand-new LOVE series 18K gold diamond watch, which became the "queen of the bid" and won the title of "the most influential charity star in China in 2007". China news agency

    On June 24th, Gong Li appeared at the "Jin Jue" award ceremony of the 10th Shanghai International Film Festival, and her sexy dress attracted a lot of attention. China news agency

   In the international entertainment circle, there are 20 stars.

    China News Network on September 21st "The conventional division of’ first-line, second-line and third-line stars’ in China is actually a misunderstanding. The classification of star ratings in the world is very detailed, and there are strict definitions from level 1 stars to level 20 international superstars. Previously, in China, this concept was unknown. " Tian Jinshuang, a well-known domestic entertainment planner and editor-in-chief of Man of the Week, said.

    In the entertainment circle, most stars are very shy about talking about their own level, except for big-name stars. However, the classification of stars is closely related to their own development and potential profits. So, how is the international star rating divided?

    Tian Jinshuang explained, "The classification of international star grades is mainly divided into two scales. One is space, which is the range touched by a star’s popularity. For example, according to the popular space of star works, are you popular in counties, cities, provincial capitals or the whole country? The other is time, that is, the longest time that a star’s popularity lasts. For example, the popularity of a song for three days and two years is completely different, and the horizontal and vertical points formed by the combination of the two constitute the actual level of a star. "

    From this table, we can see that the first-class stars have the lowest popularity and the twentieth-class stars have the highest popularity. In other words, if my work is popular in the local area for one day, I will be a first-class star. If my work is popular in the local area for a week, I will be a level 5 star.

    As can be seen from this chart, generally speaking, the first, second and third-tier stars are above Grade 9, and Grade 9 is a passing line for stars. A star’s work has been popular in the local area for more than one year, and then it is not a star. The popularity of the 10th-level star will last for one year in the region, the 11th-level star will last for one year in China and the 12th-level star will last for one year in the world … The higher the level of the star, it often means that the more popular the star is, the greater the space and development potential of business profits, and the more profit feedback.

    At present, most of the stars we are familiar with are between 11-12 and 15-16, such as Na Ying, Sun Nan, Fan Bingbing and Li Bingbing. At that time, singers who became popular in Guangzhou, such as Mao Ning and Yang Yuying, were regional stars at that time, and later became domestic stars after becoming popular in the whole country; Zhou Xun, for example, is between Grade 16 and Grade 16. If she wants to continue to upgrade, she must learn from Zhang Ziyi and take the international route. Before Zhang Ziyi starred in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon directed by Ang Lee, her domestic level was not high, but because the award of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was recognized by western audiences, she instantly reached the 18th level and became an international superstar.

    Of course, there are very few stars who can become level 20. Because it is quite difficult to reach the eternal level of works, Elvis Presley, Princess Diana, Bruce Lee, Teresa Teng, etc., are all handed down from generation to generation superstars, because their works have influenced several generations, even longer. Moreover, their popularity coverage has reached international standards. The living stars who can be called level 20 are Nicholas? Cage, Jackie Chan, etc.

    Domestic entertainment "one sister" ranking list

    "The dispute between’ one brother’ and’ one sister’ in the entertainment circle has always attracted the attention of the public. Everyone quarrels and quarrels, and they always can’t tell the difference. However, according to the grading standards of international stars, it is obvious that whoever is high and who is low will come to the bottom. " Tian Jinshuang said.

    Tian Jinshuang takes popular stars Zhang Ziyi, Zhao Wei, Fan Bingbing, Li Bingbing, Zhou Xun and Ruby Lin as examples. He said that Zhang Ziyi was obviously the fastest in popularity and brand promotion. So her popularity is around 18, that is, she is an international star who walks in the first echelon. Although her acting route is impetuous and her acting skills are far inferior to Zhou Xun’s, the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon has won the recognition of international entertainers.

    Comparatively speaking, Zhou Xun, Zhao Wei and Li Bingbing are in the second echelon. Zhou Xun’s level is around 17, and it is approaching 18. Zhou Xun’s acting strength is well known. Orange is Red, April Day on Earth and Ci of Daming Palace are all well-known works. In recent years, she began to take the international route. For example, There is a Hollywood in Hong Kong directed by Chen Guo, The Little Tailor in 2001 and If Love in 2005 were all exhibited or screened internationally. Compared with other actresses, Zhou Xun is obviously the most entertaining.

    On the same ladder as Zhou Xun, Zhao Wei is slightly inferior. Zhao Wei’s public relations awareness of entertainment crisis has been strengthened since he experienced the incident of military flag and dung throwing. The image of Little Swallow, which was originally defined as "female the Monkey King", was transformed rapidly through Green Tea and Clouds in Beijing, making it a sexy, emotional and intellectual actress.

    Next is Li Bingbing. In terms of publicity strategy, her popularity is far less powerful than that of Fan Bingbing, but because she reasonably seized the opportunity of entertainment promotion. Last year, in the news event that Huayi Brothers "competed for a sister", she was the one who benefited the most. Because the final outcome was that Fan Bingbing left Huayi in a high profile, while Li Bingbing insisted on staying at Huayi Brothers in the face of contract renewal, the star’s loyalty to the company is also an important manifestation of brand influence. Therefore, after Li Bingbing left Fan Bingbing, the level of performing arts rose rapidly.

    The third echelon is Fan Bingbing and Ruby Lin. Many people may think that Fan Bingbing and Ruby Lin are not on the same level, but in fact, Fan Bingbing, which is famous for its "negative gossip girlfriend" in the industry, is really well-known. Her negative news has appeared frequently, and the public’s attention has gone up, but the brand power is declining, and the overall performance strength will also decline. So in the overall level, she is under Zhou Xun, Zhao Wei and Li Bingbing.

    Ruby Lin’s acting route is tepid, which is related to her star packaging and entertainment marketing, as well as her personal character. She has neither Chris Lee’s "Renlaikuang" nor Nana’s "Renlaikuang" personality, so Ruby Lin will never have negative news, so she takes a steady and tepid approach. Obviously, among the female stars who debut with her, she is the slowest.

    The higher the star’s own level, the higher the commercial profit.

    Is it really that important to grade stars? Behind the grading, what on earth is pushing the stars to add points for themselves at all times?

    The quotation of a star is directly related to his popularity and ranking. The higher the level of a star, the more the public knows about me, and the higher the commercial profits he can convert into. The celebrity’s popularity and rank can increase the value of ordinary goods by several times. For example, a shampoo is only worth 10 yuan, but it can be sold to 60 yuan after celebrity endorsement. Among them, 50 yuan is the popularity of the stars we buy.

    Of course, there are winners and losers. Shu Qi, the star, was the worst loser, because she was the heroine of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, but she was making other plays at that time, so she turned this role down, but she lost a lot this time, and this opportunity she missed invisibly made Zhang Ziyi, otherwise she would be today’s international superstar.

    In order to improve their popularity, some stars use various means. Some are gossip hype, some are renaming, some are involved in legal disputes, and some even resort to unscrupulous means. Zhou Yanhong, a star, has changed her name many times in order to get rid of the situation that "people’s songs are not popular", but changing her name did not make the public remember her songs, but only remembered her as a person, because changing her name would also disperse her fan base; Some stars are Populus euphratica, who sings "Poisonous Perfume". Everyone knows this song, but no one knows who Populus euphratica is, and Wang Qiwen, who sings "Mice Love Rice". He was the first person to sing this song on the Internet, but it was the songwriter Yang Chengang who became famous.

    Tell you the level of 30 popular entertainment stars

    The reporter randomly listed 30 stars. Tian Jinshuang, an entertainment planner, was asked to make a general ranking analysis according to the "international star rating standard", and the results are as follows. (Note: Only the current works and popularity of stars are divided, so it is not a long-term ranking result. )

  The first echelon is 18-20

    -Features: International superstar, whose works are familiar to international audiences.

    -Representatives: Jackie Chan, Chow Yun Fat, Jet Li, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Andy Lau, Zhang Yimou, Chen Kaige, Jiang Wen, Maggie Cheung, Gong Li, Zhang Ziyi and Li Yuchun.

    -Special case analysis: Chris Lee’s appearance in this echelon seems to be "overrated", but she is a big special case. Chris Lee was only a grassroots star before, but one thing made her rise to the top quickly, because she was once on the cover of Time magazine in the United States, which made her suddenly become an international star from a grassroots star.

  The second echelon is 16-18

    -Features: domestic stars, whose works are generally recognized by the national audience.

    -Representatives: Stephen Chow, Jay Chou, Jia Zhangke, Huang Xiaoming, Li Yapeng, Fang Zuming, David, Xia Yu, Zhao Wei, Zhou Xun, Shu Qi, Fan Bingbing, Li Bingbing and Lin Xinru.

    -Special case analysis: Why is Jay Chou regarded as a domestic star, not an international superstar? Because his songs and fans are mostly radiated in Asia, but his works are still very influential, so he is at the 18th level of the second echelon.

    The third echelon is 10-15

    -Features: ordinary stars, whose works are familiar to important areas in China.

    -Representatives: Ma Jingtao, Lu Yi, Xu Jinglei and Sun Li.

    -Special case analysis: As a director and a successful entertainment businessman, it is obviously unreasonable for Xu Jinglei to appear in this echelon. But it is reasonable to appear as an actor.

    Xu Jinglei is positioned as a talented woman and director. From the perspective of the industry, her overall business index is too high, and the comprehensive index of performing arts is low. From the perspective of entertainment stars, she is at around level 15.

    Note: The rating of 30 stars involved in this article is only Tian Jinshuang’s personal estimation, which has not been confirmed by authority, but the rating method of stars provided by Tian Jinshuang (whether it is scientific or not needs to be evaluated) has been verified to be true. (Lv Yuan)

Editor: Li Dan