LI’s revenue nearly doubled in the first quarter: the target of 30,000 vehicles delivered in June was not considered for price reduction.

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  first quarterReach new heights.

  May 10, (Nasdaq:LI;; 02015.HK) released the financial report for the first quarter of 2023. The financial report shows that the revenue in the first quarter was 18.79 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 96.5%, a record high, slightly higher than the market estimate of 18.68 billion yuan;It was 934 million yuan, and the net loss in the first quarter of 2022 was 10.9 million yuan, up 252% from 265 million yuan in the fourth quarter of 2022.

  LI’s outstanding financial performance in the first quarter was supported by the substantial increase in sales. In terms of delivery volume, in the first quarter of this year, LI delivered a total of 52,600 vehicles, up 65.8% year-on-year, achieving the best single-season delivery result.

  For the second quarter of this year, LI gave delivery guidelines of up to 76,000 to 81,000 vehicles, up 164.9% to 182.4% year-on-year; It is estimated that the revenue will reach 24.22 billion yuan to 25.86 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 177.4%-196.1%.

  Annual grossThe target is 20%, and the sales of management fee rate will be reduced to 9.8%.

  JiumaoOn the whole, LI’s gross profit margin and automobile gross profit margin both decreased year-on-year and increased month-on-month. The gross profit margin was 20.4% in the first quarter, 22.6% in the same period last year and 20.2% in the fourth quarter of 2022. The gross profit margin of automobiles was 19.8%, compared with 22.4% in the same period last year and 20% in the fourth quarter of 2022.

  Li Tie, CFO of LI, said that in the first quarter of this year, the sales in Li ONE led to a decrease in the gross profit margin of the whole vehicle in the quarter, and it is expected that all the sales in Li ONE will be completed in the first half of this year. At the same time, there is still room for improvement in the profit margin of the ideal L7 and Air models. However, considering other potential factors, we still maintain the goal of 20% gross profit margin for the whole year.

  Between LI CEO Li Xiang and a few days agoSpeaking at the meeting, LI’s expenses have further become.The focus of attention.

  Recently, Li Xiang announced: "LI brand market expense rate is 0.6%, including all public relations, activities, advertisements, auto shows, press conferences, car owners’ operations, etc. I have to approve the expenses of tens of thousands of yuan to avoid spending money indiscriminately." At the same time, he also mentioned that the market expense ratio of mainstream brands is 2%-3%, which is 4-5 times that of LI.

  The ideal, which has always been called "picking factories", has been evaluated by many analysts as properly controlling the expense ratio. The financial report for the first quarter shows that in the first quarter of 2023, LI’s sales, general and management expenses were RMB 1.65 billion, up 36.8% year-on-year and 0.9% quarter-on-quarter, accounting for 9.8% of revenue, further decreasing compared with 2022. In 2022, LI’s sales, general and management expenses were 5.665 billion yuan, accounting for 12.5% of the total revenue. In contrast, Tucki andThis figure is over 20%.

  LI’s R&D expenditure is also rising. In the first quarter, it invested a total of 1.85 billion yuan in R&D, up 34.8% year-on-year, and the R&D expenditure rate remained at around 10%, which was in line with LI’s previous expectations. Li Tie said that the R&D expenditure will remain the original annual plan, at around 10 billion to 12 billion yuan. Sales management expenses depend on the profit level and will be further optimized.

  In June, it hit 30,000 vehicles, and in the fourth quarter, it pushed pure electric vehicles.

  In response to sales expectations, Li Xiang said that he should strive to achieve the goal of delivering 30,000 vehicles in a single month in June this year.

  If this goal is achieved, then LI and the car,The new car-making forces will further widen the gap. At present, other new car-making forces have not touched the threshold of monthly sales of 20,000 vehicles. In the past April, only Nezha’s car sales reached 11,000 vehicles, and the sales of other new car-making forces did not exceed 10,000 vehicles.

  Judging from the ideal sales volume in the first four months of this year, it is not difficult to achieve this goal. The delivery data of LI from January to April this year is constantly rising, with 15,100 vehicles delivered in January, up 23.4% year-on-year; 16,600 vehicles were delivered in February, a year-on-year increase of 97.5%; 20,800 vehicles were delivered in March, an increase of 88.7% year-on-year; In April, the delivery volume exceeded 25,000 vehicles for the first time, reaching 25,700 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 516.3%.

  Since this year,The price of raw material lithium carbonate has dropped sharply. Some analysts asked LI if there was any plan to reduce the price. Li Xiang replied, "At present, there is no consideration of reducing the price, because when we make detailed long-term planning and pricing, we have already set the price at the most competitive price in the corresponding price range according to the grade and size of each vehicle, and both upward and downward fluctuations will be problematic. This is the fundamental reason why we have been very cautious in pricing and insist on long-term consideration. "

  Li Xiang also said that ideally, the market share is still the first important factor, and the core goal in the second quarter is more than 200,000 yuan.In the automobile market, the market share of 11% in the first quarter was raised to 13%.

  In the face of LI’s record financial data, many people shouted "Ideal is crazy", but some analysts expressed concern about the pure electric vehicles in LI. LI’s achievements are inseparable from the extended-range power model, and it has the first-Mover advantage. However, in the pure electric track where car companies gather, the ideal will face more intense challenges, and it is not easy to stand out.

  During the recent Shanghai Auto Show, LI officially released the "Double Energy Strategy", saying that it will exert all efforts in "intelligence" and "electric energy". By 2025, it will form a product layout of "one super flagship model+five extended-range electric vehicles+five high-voltage pure electric vehicles", which will face more than 200,000 markets and fully meet the needs of home users. At the same time, ideally, it is estimated that more than 3,000 charging stations will be built by 2025.

  Recently, there are market rumors that LI pure electric vehicles will be postponed until next year. At the earnings conference call, Li Xiang revealed that the pure electric vehicles in LI will be released in the fourth quarter of this year. After the release, they will start the test drive in the store and gradually start the delivery, which will keep the same release and delivery rhythm as the L9, L8 and L7 models.

  In order to support the development of multi-vehicles, LI is also continuously expanding its network layout. As of April 30, 2023, LI has 302 retail centers nationwide, covering 123 cities; There are 318 after-sales maintenance centers and authorized car body panel spraying centers, covering 222 cities.

Geely Xingyue L extended-range electric version of the intelligent driver assistance system experience, the original driving is so easy.

Many people feel that there is a big difference between the current vehicle design and the traditional fuel vehicle, but it is really helpful in improving practicality and driving safety. Take the intelligent driving assistance system equipped with the L extended range electric version, which can not only reduce the driver’s driving burden, but also ensure driving safety.

I believe that many old drivers, like me, always drive by themselves in the daily driving process, but drivers are always in a bad state or tired. In this case, it is easy to be distracted and dangerous to continue driving.

At this time, the intelligent driving assistance system equipped with Geely Xingyue L extended-range electric version can help drivers avoid risks to a certain extent.

The first way to start this system is particularly simple. After the lane is kept open, the car starts to identify the vehicle in front. After identifying the vehicle, it can follow the vehicle in front. The driver only needs to hold the steering wheel, which can help the owner reduce the driving burden.

The opening method is relatively simple. First, click the button at the top left of the steering wheel on the vehicle system, and the lane keeping system will be turned on at this time. Then, after I accelerate to identify the vehicle in front, I will follow the vehicle all the way forward, and the driver only needs to hold the steering wheel.

Summary: It can be found that the intelligent driving assistance system of Geely Xingyue L extended-range electric version is simple to open after the experience. Secondly, the following speed and distance are well controlled after opening. The most important thing is that when the driver is distracted, this system can also ensure driving safety.

On the hot search as soon as you shoot, Shanghai Meiying deserves to be the national team of China animation.

Special feature of 1905 film network The animated film is released.After a lapse of 38 years, this film officially met the audience in the cinema for the first time. Perhaps, the saying of "returning a movie ticket" has been redefined in this film.

And this is Shanghai Animation Film Studio (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Meiying") behind the film, the second film work handed over this year after Tyrannosaurus Tu Tu with Big Ears in Action in the National Day file.


The two seemingly independent works are actually a kind of "inheritance" of the film maker to some extent. Mr. Wang is the co-director of the film "The Story of Heaven". At the same time, he also participated in the art work of the first season of the drama series "Tu Tu with Big Ears".


From the "old" to the new, and then renovate and repair the "old". In the past few years, Shanghai Meiying has always presented its "treasures" to everyone in the best form.


The charm of Shanghai Meiying is not only on the big screen.As early as last year, the "China Animation Alliance" gathered and customized a promotional film for the Beijing Winter Olympics, saying, "My old grandson is coming!" Who’s feelings have been ignited?


When the "Zhu Rong" rover landed on Mars, Shanghai Meiying took out the concept film of the 4D sci-fi cartoon "Fluorescent Fire". After watching it, anyone who didn’t marvel at it was still online.


Inheritance of "repair"

The story of Shangmeiying is as wonderful as its cartoon characters, but this time, let’s start with "The Story of Heaven".


In 2019, the main visual poster of Shanghai International Film Festival designed by Huang Hai was released, which surprised everyone. And this poster is based on the animated film produced by Shanghai Meiying.

In that year’s screening list, Shanghai Meiying also released two restored works, one is the full version of "Make a scene in Heaven" and the other is the 2K restored version of "The Story of Heaven".After the invoice was issued, "Tian Shu Qi Tan" became one of the fastest sold-out films. This is somewhat unexpected. After all, in the past, most of the animated films mentioned by the audience were "Make a scene in Heaven".


Making a scene in Heaven was completed by Shanghai Meiying in 2011. It is precisely because of this achievement that Shanghai Meiying saw hope that "classics will never go out of date". As a result, in 2018, Shanghai Meiying restarted the restoration work of "Tian Shu Qi Tan".


This repair work is not easy.Because of the limitation of early technical conditions, the storage medium of the original film is film. The film itself is very fragile, even if it is well preserved, it will inevitably cause some damage. The director of Shanghai Meiying told us that the team invested a lot of manpower and energy to repair the sound and picture.


Behind the simple expression, there is actually a very complicated process technology. In the end, the basic restoration of the film was completed by Shanghai Film Technology Factory and Shanghai Meiying, which ensured the basic content of the work and realized the work of "glue revolution". It is reported that the film has been repaired in the 4K version. This also caused the film to finally meet the audience after two years after the screening of the last film festival.


For many viewers, this is a "youth return". Memories of the movies I saw when I was a child are all emerging one by one, and even the "sequel legend" about this movie is not broken.


For Suda, the release of this film has not only fulfilled his dream, but also completed the unfinished story of his predecessors in Shanghai Meiying.

Mr Yunda Qian, the co-director of this film, is her university teacher. At the Shanghai premiere of the film, the 93-year-old director Yunda Qian appeared. Facing the recognition of the audience, he also said humbly, "I feel that we have not done enough. If we can do it in the future, we will do more work."


However, what is the release of such a film to the audience?Suda doesn’t want to emphasize the box office. After all, the release of this animated work is difficult to demonstrate with the box office itself. "Going to the cinema is not just about paying for feelings."

In Suda’s view, this restoration can make the audience feel better about "The Wonder of Heaven" and break the previous cognition on the small screen. No matter the sound or the picture, more different details can be found.


The vitality of IP

Suda has been busy for the last two months. I was interviewed by various media for Action of Tyrannosaurus Tu Tu with Big Ears and 4K Commemorative Edition.


Although these two works are presented to the audience with a brand-new look, we can’t ignore the fact that it has been 38 years since "The Story of Heaven" and the drama series "Tu Tu with Big Ears" has been updated, but it has been more than 15 years since the first season. It seems that from the outside world, these two works are already "past tense".


Suda seems to have become accustomed to these discussions, and bluntly saying that economic benefits are definitely not the purpose. "I understand that everyone has such a voice, because in the past, we did not produce a large number of new films, and we also understand the expectations of the audience."

In fact, the restoration of "The Wonder of Heaven" is to use digital technology to make the film glow with new vitality.


On the basis of the original film’s 89 minutes, a special behind-the-scenes feature was specially added at the end of the film, including some creative materials, restoration process and interviews with old artists. This is a tribute to the older generation of animation artists, but also a kind of China animation inheritance.


At that time, there were many ingenious ideas of old artists in the creation of the film "The Wonder of Heaven", but now it seems a little clumsy.


For example, in the four words of the title, the blue-black background pattern presents a "special effect" of flowing fusion. It is the old artists who pour blue-black paint into a basin and add solvent to make the paint "flow", thus shooting this wonderful "special effect" scene.


The TV animation "Tu Tu with Big Ears" with more than 100 episodes grew up with the post-90s and post-00s, and it was created by Shanghai Meiying for the purpose of making original and high-quality cartoons to reflect the life of contemporary children.The image of "Tu Tu" unexpectedly became popular on the short video platform two years ago, which made everyone see the vitality of IP.

From the small screen to the big screen, the movie version of Tu Tu with Big Ears has been striving to integrate the spirit of the times into its works and track the topics of social concern. It involves filial piety culture and pension topics.


It seems to be a mature drama IP, but this creation is not easy for Suda. In this movie, there is no collision between justice and evil, just want children to watch it with relish and touch them with emotion.


It doesn’t matter if you have doubts, it also represents the expectations of the audience.For these IPS in their hands, Suda said, "The old IP, because it was already there, we will repair it and develop it, and maybe it will take less time; Then the new work needs a process of incubation, cultivation and creation. "


As for the excessive public opinion of "fried cold rice", the speed is also accepted according to the order. The hard work behind the classic repair is no easier than an original IP. Classic IP needs to maintain its vigorous vitality, which can not be presented by simple preservation. "We are not completely copying the past to sell tickets again, but to create in depth again."


Not only the restoration of movies, but also the IP image authorization of Shanghai Meiying from a very early age.Especially at the beginning of 2019, the collection of doll toys, in which "Tian Shu Qi Tan" cooperated with a fast food brand, even sold as high as 500 yuan on a second-hand trading platform.


This series of IP authorization, actually from another level, is also the activation of IP.Of course, in terms of IP authorization, Shangmeiying pays great attention to whether the cartoon image is suitable for the brand. "Every IP has its own personal design, and we also value the concept of communication that can be set by someone in the future brand communication."


The story continues

"Innovation and inheritance" is the brand concept written by official website of Shanghai Meiying.


Reasonable IP authorization and development, as well as the restoration of classic films, are the best footnotes made by Shanghai Film and Television. To combine "inheritance" and "innovation" organically, we have to mention Meiying’s ink animation.


As early as the 60th anniversary of Shanghai Film Festival, it was announced that it would restart ink animation and launch the first feature film of ink animation. At that time, the official also released a 2-minute trial film, which attracted a lot of attention once it was spread.


After a lapse of four years, what is the progress of this project?Suda told us that the film is scheduled to be completed by the end of next year and is scheduled to be released in 2023. The duration of the film will be about 90 minutes, with almost no dialogue, and the story will be promoted by music. "It can be said with great pride that this will be the first animated feature film in China and even the world."


The 3D version of the official announcement has also made progress. "We will make a bold attempt to break everyone’s previous understanding of the image of the Monkey King in" Big Sky "and make a brand new the Monkey King in a three-dimensional space, which will be more in line with the aesthetics of young people as a whole."


In addition, the new Snow Child, which was created by directors Lu Hengyu and Li Shujie, will also be produced accordingly. In the future production process of Shanghai Meiying, there will be more than a dozen works coming out one after another.

In the face of marketization, Suda said frankly, "Not blindly pursuing the click-through rate and the box office, how to make a good work that can stay is the first thing that our creators should consider, and don’t produce a pile of cultural garbage."


With the special promotional film of the Winter Olympics going off again, the outside world is increasingly looking forward to the progress of the "cartoon universe" of the American film. At the beginning of this year, they launched the drama "Beautiful Film Paradise", but this short drama did not leave much sound. Su Da told us not to worry. They really saw the concept of "movie universe" and are creating an animated film "Make a scene in cartoon city", which combines the IP of Shangmeiying with real life.


No matter from the outside world, Shanghai Meiying is slowing down or speeding up now; Is it being questioned "fried cold rice" or insisting on bringing forth the old and bringing forth the new? They are always carrying on the good memories of several generations with a pen.


As Suda said, Shanghai Meiying is the national team of animation in China, which shoulders great responsibilities. It cannot just pursue commercial animation, and it is one of the responsibilities to inherit and innovate the art of its predecessors.

One-week box office: "Mysterious Superstar" lost to "Don’t Ask West East", and domestic literary films came in spring.

Last week was the third week of 2018 (1.15-1.21), and the market closed at 1.021 billion, a slight decrease compared with 1.106 billion last week. The weekly box office also dropped from 1.758 billion last week to about 1 billion today. "Previous 3" still has a trace of residual temperature, accounting for 11.3% of the total box office, ranking fourth in the week; "Mysterious Superstar" won the box office championship on Friday with 44 million yuan on the first day, accounting for 170 million box office, accounting for 17.0% of the comprehensive box office; With the word-of-mouth counter-attack, Wu Wen Xi Dong has not been affected at all under the strong siege of new films such as Miracle Boy, Adventure of Bull, Hero’s True Color 2018 and Mystery Nest. The comprehensive box office accounted for 29.1%, and the daily attendance rate was as high as 35.2%. Last Friday and Saturday, eight films at the same time broke 10 million at the box office, which is very rare;
Hollywood’s "Olympic Games", "Miracle Boy" and the cartoon "The Adventure of Bull" both got a high score of 9.3. The Adventure of the Bull only earned 9.1166 million box office on the first day of its release. On the second day of its release, the Adventure of the Bull rose to the third place in the Japanese box office by word of mouth, beating the new films released at the same time, such as Miracle Boy, Mystery Nest and Hero 2018. Natalie portman’s new work "The First Lady", which received great acclaim abroad, only got 654,000 box office on the first day.
Last Friday, amirkhan’s new work "Mysterious Superstar" was released, which won the box office for three days in a row, with a reputation as high as 9.5 points, and the first day’s 44 million yuan was far more than "Wrestling!" Dad scored 14.7 million on the first day when it was released, which is close to half of the box office in India. At present, the box office is still making efforts. From the perspective of word-of-mouth and box office trend, the film is predicted to have a box office of 620 million in the cat’s eye, and it is almost difficult to copy Wrestling! The box office miracle of Dad.
With the mysterious superstar, it is the domestic film "No Ask West East". Under the attack of the new film, "No Ask West East" still maintains its attendance for 10 consecutive days. At present, the film’s box office in the cat’s eye is predicted to be 687 million. Looking at Fanghua, which won a high box office in the early stage, the spring of domestic literary films has officially arrived.
The Hollywood blockbuster Game of the Brave: The Battle of the Jungle, which was released on the same day as No Questions, still maintained a daily score of 10 million. These two films also got the same score of 8.6 in the cat’s eye, while the latter’s popularity gradually faded; Star Wars: The Last Jedi took in 264 million yuan, and the weekly box office was only 11.74 million yuan. I’m afraid it’s far away to break 300 million yuan. In the latest week, Star Wars 8 may quit the China movie "stage".
The phenomenal movie "Ex-3: Goodbye to Ex-3" has remained a little warm for 24 days. Last weekend, it recorded an average of more than 10 million yuan every day, and the attendance rate was as high as 20.0%, surpassing the newly released "Miracle Boy", "Mystery Nest" and "Heroes 2018".
Everyone is searching.
Don’t ask West East Box Office Don’t ask West East Box Office How many mysterious superstars will end up at the box office?


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On the 12th, I watched the movie "Ask Nothing", and I’m going to see it for the second time!






Me too. Watching it for the second time will have a different and deeper feeling.




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"Don’t Ask West East" is really an excellent domestic film, which is very shocking and moving!





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I strongly recommend the mysterious superstar, which is super beautiful! ! !





Support the good-looking domestic movie "Don’t Ask West East"!





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Very nice! It may be the best movie in 2018!





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Good movie.


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Me too. Watching it for the second time will have a different and deeper feeling.


@ crossing the sea to pick up shells 81ca64

On the 12th, I watched the movie "Ask Nothing", and I’m going to see it for the second time!




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A wonderful film, worth seeing!


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Will continue to support the domestic film "ask nothing"!


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The nostalgic works of young people, small children and specific groups have a strong sense of form, which makes them feel a little unnatural. On the level of script and director, this article is slightly better than Fanghua.


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Primary school vocabulary collection

After the holiday, I will brush "Don’t Ask West East" to support China movies!




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I like mysterious superstars. Everyone has a different aesthetic.




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It’s not surprising that there is no question about a good movie.





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Very nice! It may be the best movie in 2018!





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Domestic products don’t support watching foreign products.





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Prepare to go to the movie "Don’t Ask West East" for the second time, and support domestic good movies!






It was very touching to see the movie. It was a good movie.





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There are always a group of people in China who have been kneeling for a long time and can’t stand up. They can’t hide that China is getting better.




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Do you have a face? The mysterious superstar has only been released for a few days.




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The quality of a film cannot be measured by the box office. Can the box office of a literary film be as high as that of a commercial film?





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The entertainment circle divides the stars into 20 levels, and Gong Li and Zhang Ziyi rank 18 levels, the highest in China.


    On the evening of September 8th, the 5th "BAZAAR Star Charity Night", the China Charity Festival, opened in China World Hotel. Zhang Ziyi, a famous movie star, spent 550,000 yuan that night to win Cartier’s brand-new LOVE series 18K gold diamond watch, which became the "queen of the bid" and won the title of "the most influential charity star in China in 2007". China news agency

    On June 24th, Gong Li appeared at the "Jin Jue" award ceremony of the 10th Shanghai International Film Festival, and her sexy dress attracted a lot of attention. China news agency

   In the international entertainment circle, there are 20 stars.

    China News Network on September 21st "The conventional division of’ first-line, second-line and third-line stars’ in China is actually a misunderstanding. The classification of star ratings in the world is very detailed, and there are strict definitions from level 1 stars to level 20 international superstars. Previously, in China, this concept was unknown. " Tian Jinshuang, a well-known domestic entertainment planner and editor-in-chief of Man of the Week, said.

    In the entertainment circle, most stars are very shy about talking about their own level, except for big-name stars. However, the classification of stars is closely related to their own development and potential profits. So, how is the international star rating divided?

    Tian Jinshuang explained, "The classification of international star grades is mainly divided into two scales. One is space, which is the range touched by a star’s popularity. For example, according to the popular space of star works, are you popular in counties, cities, provincial capitals or the whole country? The other is time, that is, the longest time that a star’s popularity lasts. For example, the popularity of a song for three days and two years is completely different, and the horizontal and vertical points formed by the combination of the two constitute the actual level of a star. "

    From this table, we can see that the first-class stars have the lowest popularity and the twentieth-class stars have the highest popularity. In other words, if my work is popular in the local area for one day, I will be a first-class star. If my work is popular in the local area for a week, I will be a level 5 star.

    As can be seen from this chart, generally speaking, the first, second and third-tier stars are above Grade 9, and Grade 9 is a passing line for stars. A star’s work has been popular in the local area for more than one year, and then it is not a star. The popularity of the 10th-level star will last for one year in the region, the 11th-level star will last for one year in China and the 12th-level star will last for one year in the world … The higher the level of the star, it often means that the more popular the star is, the greater the space and development potential of business profits, and the more profit feedback.

    At present, most of the stars we are familiar with are between 11-12 and 15-16, such as Na Ying, Sun Nan, Fan Bingbing and Li Bingbing. At that time, singers who became popular in Guangzhou, such as Mao Ning and Yang Yuying, were regional stars at that time, and later became domestic stars after becoming popular in the whole country; Zhou Xun, for example, is between Grade 16 and Grade 16. If she wants to continue to upgrade, she must learn from Zhang Ziyi and take the international route. Before Zhang Ziyi starred in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon directed by Ang Lee, her domestic level was not high, but because the award of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was recognized by western audiences, she instantly reached the 18th level and became an international superstar.

    Of course, there are very few stars who can become level 20. Because it is quite difficult to reach the eternal level of works, Elvis Presley, Princess Diana, Bruce Lee, Teresa Teng, etc., are all handed down from generation to generation superstars, because their works have influenced several generations, even longer. Moreover, their popularity coverage has reached international standards. The living stars who can be called level 20 are Nicholas? Cage, Jackie Chan, etc.

    Domestic entertainment "one sister" ranking list

    "The dispute between’ one brother’ and’ one sister’ in the entertainment circle has always attracted the attention of the public. Everyone quarrels and quarrels, and they always can’t tell the difference. However, according to the grading standards of international stars, it is obvious that whoever is high and who is low will come to the bottom. " Tian Jinshuang said.

    Tian Jinshuang takes popular stars Zhang Ziyi, Zhao Wei, Fan Bingbing, Li Bingbing, Zhou Xun and Ruby Lin as examples. He said that Zhang Ziyi was obviously the fastest in popularity and brand promotion. So her popularity is around 18, that is, she is an international star who walks in the first echelon. Although her acting route is impetuous and her acting skills are far inferior to Zhou Xun’s, the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon has won the recognition of international entertainers.

    Comparatively speaking, Zhou Xun, Zhao Wei and Li Bingbing are in the second echelon. Zhou Xun’s level is around 17, and it is approaching 18. Zhou Xun’s acting strength is well known. Orange is Red, April Day on Earth and Ci of Daming Palace are all well-known works. In recent years, she began to take the international route. For example, There is a Hollywood in Hong Kong directed by Chen Guo, The Little Tailor in 2001 and If Love in 2005 were all exhibited or screened internationally. Compared with other actresses, Zhou Xun is obviously the most entertaining.

    On the same ladder as Zhou Xun, Zhao Wei is slightly inferior. Zhao Wei’s public relations awareness of entertainment crisis has been strengthened since he experienced the incident of military flag and dung throwing. The image of Little Swallow, which was originally defined as "female the Monkey King", was transformed rapidly through Green Tea and Clouds in Beijing, making it a sexy, emotional and intellectual actress.

    Next is Li Bingbing. In terms of publicity strategy, her popularity is far less powerful than that of Fan Bingbing, but because she reasonably seized the opportunity of entertainment promotion. Last year, in the news event that Huayi Brothers "competed for a sister", she was the one who benefited the most. Because the final outcome was that Fan Bingbing left Huayi in a high profile, while Li Bingbing insisted on staying at Huayi Brothers in the face of contract renewal, the star’s loyalty to the company is also an important manifestation of brand influence. Therefore, after Li Bingbing left Fan Bingbing, the level of performing arts rose rapidly.

    The third echelon is Fan Bingbing and Ruby Lin. Many people may think that Fan Bingbing and Ruby Lin are not on the same level, but in fact, Fan Bingbing, which is famous for its "negative gossip girlfriend" in the industry, is really well-known. Her negative news has appeared frequently, and the public’s attention has gone up, but the brand power is declining, and the overall performance strength will also decline. So in the overall level, she is under Zhou Xun, Zhao Wei and Li Bingbing.

    Ruby Lin’s acting route is tepid, which is related to her star packaging and entertainment marketing, as well as her personal character. She has neither Chris Lee’s "Renlaikuang" nor Nana’s "Renlaikuang" personality, so Ruby Lin will never have negative news, so she takes a steady and tepid approach. Obviously, among the female stars who debut with her, she is the slowest.

    The higher the star’s own level, the higher the commercial profit.

    Is it really that important to grade stars? Behind the grading, what on earth is pushing the stars to add points for themselves at all times?

    The quotation of a star is directly related to his popularity and ranking. The higher the level of a star, the more the public knows about me, and the higher the commercial profits he can convert into. The celebrity’s popularity and rank can increase the value of ordinary goods by several times. For example, a shampoo is only worth 10 yuan, but it can be sold to 60 yuan after celebrity endorsement. Among them, 50 yuan is the popularity of the stars we buy.

    Of course, there are winners and losers. Shu Qi, the star, was the worst loser, because she was the heroine of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, but she was making other plays at that time, so she turned this role down, but she lost a lot this time, and this opportunity she missed invisibly made Zhang Ziyi, otherwise she would be today’s international superstar.

    In order to improve their popularity, some stars use various means. Some are gossip hype, some are renaming, some are involved in legal disputes, and some even resort to unscrupulous means. Zhou Yanhong, a star, has changed her name many times in order to get rid of the situation that "people’s songs are not popular", but changing her name did not make the public remember her songs, but only remembered her as a person, because changing her name would also disperse her fan base; Some stars are Populus euphratica, who sings "Poisonous Perfume". Everyone knows this song, but no one knows who Populus euphratica is, and Wang Qiwen, who sings "Mice Love Rice". He was the first person to sing this song on the Internet, but it was the songwriter Yang Chengang who became famous.

    Tell you the level of 30 popular entertainment stars

    The reporter randomly listed 30 stars. Tian Jinshuang, an entertainment planner, was asked to make a general ranking analysis according to the "international star rating standard", and the results are as follows. (Note: Only the current works and popularity of stars are divided, so it is not a long-term ranking result. )

  The first echelon is 18-20

    -Features: International superstar, whose works are familiar to international audiences.

    -Representatives: Jackie Chan, Chow Yun Fat, Jet Li, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Andy Lau, Zhang Yimou, Chen Kaige, Jiang Wen, Maggie Cheung, Gong Li, Zhang Ziyi and Li Yuchun.

    -Special case analysis: Chris Lee’s appearance in this echelon seems to be "overrated", but she is a big special case. Chris Lee was only a grassroots star before, but one thing made her rise to the top quickly, because she was once on the cover of Time magazine in the United States, which made her suddenly become an international star from a grassroots star.

  The second echelon is 16-18

    -Features: domestic stars, whose works are generally recognized by the national audience.

    -Representatives: Stephen Chow, Jay Chou, Jia Zhangke, Huang Xiaoming, Li Yapeng, Fang Zuming, David, Xia Yu, Zhao Wei, Zhou Xun, Shu Qi, Fan Bingbing, Li Bingbing and Lin Xinru.

    -Special case analysis: Why is Jay Chou regarded as a domestic star, not an international superstar? Because his songs and fans are mostly radiated in Asia, but his works are still very influential, so he is at the 18th level of the second echelon.

    The third echelon is 10-15

    -Features: ordinary stars, whose works are familiar to important areas in China.

    -Representatives: Ma Jingtao, Lu Yi, Xu Jinglei and Sun Li.

    -Special case analysis: As a director and a successful entertainment businessman, it is obviously unreasonable for Xu Jinglei to appear in this echelon. But it is reasonable to appear as an actor.

    Xu Jinglei is positioned as a talented woman and director. From the perspective of the industry, her overall business index is too high, and the comprehensive index of performing arts is low. From the perspective of entertainment stars, she is at around level 15.

    Note: The rating of 30 stars involved in this article is only Tian Jinshuang’s personal estimation, which has not been confirmed by authority, but the rating method of stars provided by Tian Jinshuang (whether it is scientific or not needs to be evaluated) has been verified to be true. (Lv Yuan)

Editor: Li Dan

Promote the further expansion of automobile consumption

Analects of Finance and Economics

Author: Wang Qing (Deputy Director and Researcher, Institute of Market Economy, the State Council Development Research Center)

Automobile is a large-scale and relatively high commodity in China’s consumption market, and it is also an important field for the continuous upgrading of residents’ consumption structure. To effectively expand and better release automobile consumption, we should grasp the new changes, trends and requirements in the automobile market, and speed up filling shortcomings, unblocking points and optimizing the environment.

At present, China’s automobile consumption has obviously accelerated, and there are many bright spots in market growth, which is the "highlight" of national and local consumption promotion. Driven by a number of policies, the automobile market has obviously warmed up. From January to October this year, a total of 23.97 million vehicles were sold, up 9% year-on-year, and the growth rate increased by 4.5 percentage points over the same period; The total retail sales of automobile products was 3.9 trillion yuan, accounting for 11.3% of the total retail sales.

At the same time, the upgrading trend of automobile consumption structure is obvious. Statistics show that the proportion of sales of models below 100,000 yuan continues to decrease, and the proportion of middle and high-priced models above 100,000 yuan continues to rise, especially luxury brand models above 300,000 yuan continue to sell well, with a year-on-year growth rate of over 30%. The consumption heat of new energy vehicles continues to climb. From January to October, a total of 7.28 million new energy vehicles were sold, up 37.8% year-on-year, accounting for more than 60% of the global sales in the same period. In October, the sales volume approached the million-vehicle mark, and China became the world’s largest new energy vehicle consumption market for eight consecutive years. Automobile exports continue to maintain a high growth trend. In the first 10 months of this year, China exported a total of 3.92 million vehicles, up 60% year-on-year, including about 1 million new energy vehicles, which doubled last year and is expected to become the world’s largest automobile exporter this year.

From the general law of automobile consumption in developed countries, there is generally an "S"-shaped change between the car ownership per thousand people and the per capita GDP, and there are three stages: introduction period, popularization period and maturity period. In the popularization period, it will experience two stages of high-speed and medium-speed growth, and the dividing point is about 100 cars per thousand people. After crossing the 100-vehicle mark in 2014, China’s automobile ownership has gradually turned to medium-speed growth, and has exceeded 200 vehicles in 2021. After turning to the medium-speed growth stage, the market increasingly presents two prominent characteristics: first, the potential growth rate of automobile demand, that is, the growth rate that potential demand can actually support, gradually falls back; Second, the main driving force to promote the growth of automobile consumption has shifted from the demand for first-time car purchase to the demand for upgrading. It is estimated that by 2030, China’s automobile market will still maintain a growth rate of about 3%, and in the past two or three years, it will be roughly at the level of 4%~5%, and automobile consumption still has great growth potential.

From the structural point of view, the structural change of automobile demand has begun to strengthen the supporting role of sales. The first is the replacement and update demand brought by consumption upgrading. At present, nearly 100 million private cars in China have reached or exceeded 6 years old, and they have entered a large-scale renewal cycle. Updating 1% every year can drive considerable sales. In 2022, about 60% of China’s automobile sales will be purchased or replaced. The second is the demand for new energy vehicles led by technological progress. The market share of new energy vehicles is 20% to 50%, which is the fastest growing stage. It is predicted that by 2025, the market share of new energy vehicles in China will reach 50% and the annual sales scale will reach 15 million. Third, the demand for cascade expansion supported by the rural market. From 2018 to 2022, the average number of family cars per 100 households in rural areas increased from 22.3 to 32.4, with an average annual growth rate of 12%, twice the growth rate of towns in the same period, and it is in the fastest stage of increasing the number of cars per 1,000 people. The fourth is the related consumption demand of automobile aftermarket expansion. The personalized and fashionable consumption of young consumers is rising day by day, and the demand for car modification and beauty is very strong, with great growth potential.

To effectively expand and better release automobile consumption, we must conform to the new characteristics and general trends of automobile consumption and market, speed up the filling of consumption shortcomings, unblock policy blockages, and optimize the market environment.

Actively promote the upgrading of old models. Combined with local policy experience, promote the adjustment and upgrading of automobile stock and stimulate incremental consumption. Appropriately increase the replacement subsidy and increase the reward for upgrading fuel vehicles to new energy vehicles. Promote the abolition of unreasonable restrictions on second-hand car transactions, further facilitate second-hand car transactions in different places, and promote the standardized and large-scale development of the second-hand car industry.

Continue to expand the consumption of new energy vehicles. Accelerate the planning and construction of charging facilities, and accelerate the charging facilities to enter communities, highways, scenic spots and public parking lots (parking spaces), effectively alleviating mileage anxiety and charging anxiety. Accelerate the research and development of related technologies and further reduce the cost of car purchase and car use.

Accelerate the activation of rural automobile consumption market. Improve rural roads, gas stations, charging stations and other infrastructure conditions, guide the sinking of automobile distribution and service networks, and realize the synergy of automobiles and services to the countryside. Promote the precise management of pickup trucks, and clarify regulations such as annual inspection, scrapping and high-speed charging.

Orderly release the market consumption demand after the automobile. Promote the standardized, transparent and efficient development of automobile parts circulation, promote the upgrading of automobile maintenance services, and accelerate the construction of new energy vehicle maintenance technical standard system. Build a multi-level automobile race pattern, orderly release consumer demand such as automobile beauty, and activate the aftermarket consumption potential of automobiles.

Focus on optimizing the automobile consumption policy and environment. Optimize the tax rate of automobile purchase tax and consumption tax, and effectively promote automobile echelon consumption. Strengthen the construction of urban smart transportation and create a good car environment. Strengthen comprehensive financial support for automobile consumption services.

Guangming Daily (15th edition, November 23rd, 2023)

Source: Guangming Net-Guangming Daily