How sensitive is a girl’s body? (No boys allowed)

  Doctor, for a minute, the posture keeps rising.

  -End of this period-

Girls’ brains weigh about 1,250g, which is a little less than boys’, but there are more divine cells and the links between the left and right brains are closer, which makes girls’ brains more efficient than boys’ and more sensitive to emotional feelings. This may be the reason why your girlfriend is easy to get angry. Girls’ eyes are very sensitive to colors, and they can identify colors that many boys can’t see. What’s more, some girls’ eyes have "super powers" knowledge points. Only three kinds of cone cells can make them see about 1 million colors, but a few girls can have four kinds of cone cells. There are 100 million kinds of colors they can see. Girls with this "super power" are called "four-color viewers". Girls have about 50% more olfactory cells than boys, which also makes girls’ sense of smell more sensitive. It is said that girls will smell the "body fragrance" of a person if they like him. If boys look at her with their eyes, it may be possible for them to find a partner.