[Pingliang Wenlv Federation of Trade Unions Walking in Spring] Magnificent Kongtong Mountain

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The height of the stars is swallowed by the peaks, and the mountains and rivers are stunned.

Cut off the clouds like the sea, and open Tianluling as the door.

Loose the Xiao Han’s struggle, and the stone bears the fur coat and carries the beast.

Looking around at peach blossoms and full of valleys, you should not still ask Wulingyuan.

-[Qing] Tan Sitong’s "Kongtong"

Activity introduction

In order to promote the short-distance tour, city tour, Zhou Bianyou tour and rural tour in Pingliang, promote the rapid warming of Pingliang tourism market and expand the consumption of cultural tourism, the Municipal Bureau of Cultural Tourism and the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions jointly issued a notice to all levels of units and enterprise trade unions in the city, proposing to organize trade union members, and making efforts to carry out the activity of "Spring outing for trade union members in rural areas to help restore the cultural tourism market".


From March 15th to May 31st, spring outing will be organized by all units in batches by means of overtime vacation for epidemic prevention and control, annual paid vacation, rest and recuperation vacation for employees and weekends.


The tourist range is all scenic spots (spots) and rural tourist spots in the city, and it will be round-trip on the same day. The activity funds can be implemented in accordance with the Detailed Rules for the Implementation of the Fund Revenue and Expenditure Management of Grass-roots Trade Unions in Gansu Province (Provisional) and the Opinions on Doing a Good Job in Workers’ Rehabilitation (Trial) (No.28 [2020] of Gan Zongfa).


Actively encourage employees to buy local agricultural products at their own expense to help farmers and tourists consume.


Encourage all units to travel by entrusting travel agencies to do a good job in epidemic prevention and traffic safety to ensure healthy and safe travel.


Travel agencies actively plan the "Pingliang People Tour Pingliang" one-day tour boutique route. They can refer to the relevant provisions of Article 2 "Citizen Tour" of Pingliang City’s Measures for Encouraging Organizations to Introduce Tourism Groups from Outside the City, and organize Pingliang local tourists to travel in the city and visit more than two scenic spots, with more than 10 people at a time, and every 50 people can be rewarded with the standard declaration award of 1000 yuan.

kongtong mountain

Kongtong Mountain, a national 5A-level tourist attraction, is located 12 kilometers west of Pingliang City, Gansu Province. Kongtong, also known as Kongtong, contains the Taoist ideological realm of "nothing" and "great harmony". Kongtong Mountain, with its magnificent peaks and misty cages, is surrounded by "eight buildings, nine palaces and twelve courtyards, forty-two buildings and seventy-two caves in stone houses", which combines the natural landscape with the exquisite and quaint humanistic landscape, and has extremely high ornamental, cultural and scientific research value.

According to Records of the Five Emperors in Historical Records, Huangdi, the ancestor of humanity, personally boarded Kongtong Mountain and asked Guang Chengzi, a wise man, for advice on how to govern the country and how to keep in good health. Qin Shihuang, Han Wudi and countless literati all boarded Range Rover, and Kongtong Mountain was therefore known as the "Taoist Holy Land".

Kongtong Mountain has successively won many awards, such as national key scenic spots, national geological parks, the first batch of national 5A-level tourist attractions, national nature reserves, and "Top Ten scenic spots that customers are most satisfied with in China".

Kongtong Mountain takes the peak as the bone, the forest as the flesh, the peak is majestic, and the forest is vast, so the ancients commented that "the water in Kongtong Mountain is better than that in Guansai" and that "there are mountains in the north and mountains in the south".

Watching peach blossoms in spring, enjoying red leaves in autumn, being green in summer and silvery in winter, there are beautiful scenery in all seasons, especially when peach blossoms are in full bloom, which is colorful, like a fairyland on earth, and is the best travel season for spring outing.

In spring and summer, sometimes the smoke cage is locked in fog, sometimes the sea of clouds falls, watching the sunrise in the morning and looking at the setting sun in the evening, all of which give people unlimited enjoyment. Ask about the philosophy of life in the field of Kongtong. Looking at the magnificent scenery on earth, Kongtong Mountain is the paradise in your dream.

There are mountains without water that can’t show tolerance, and water without mountains can’t show spirit. The zither lake at the foot of the mountain is as smooth as a mirror, with swift water and exciting water, so it is like a piano, so the front gorge of Kongtong Mountain is also called zither gorge. The Rouge River in the north of Kongtong Mountain comes from around the mountain. In spring, peach blossoms are like chardonnay, and the flowers are colorful and floating all over the water, so it is also called Rouge River. Two rivers and one lake surround the Kongtong Mountain, which makes the scenery of the mountains more beautiful.

It is a miracle created by nature that there is such a wonderful sight in the northwest loess plateau. No wonder Tan Sitong’s mountaineering poem said: "Cut off the dust and clouds like the sea, and open Tianluling as the door. Looking at the peach blossoms and the valleys, you should not still ask Wulingyuan. "

(Aerial photography of Kongtong Mountain)

The breeze is sweet and intoxicating, and the earth is beautiful and charming.

The spring breeze is ten miles, so it is better to have you in the picture.

Spring outing-is the serious business!

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