Green answer sheet | Fight the battle of clear water! Construct a new pattern of cross-basin and cross-regional coordinated water control, and continuously improve the national water ecology.

  CCTV News:In addition to the blue sky defense war, as another key battle of pollution prevention and control, the clear water defense war also started one after another during the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, and the national water environment continued to improve by continuing to carry out water pollution prevention and control in key river basins, starting the protection of drinking water sources, and controlling urban black and odorous water bodies.

  This "Yichang Baojie No.11" arrived at the stern of the "Hongrui No.2" transshipment ship according to the agreed time, and was ready to start receiving domestic sewage after connecting the water pipe.

  Yichang has 232 kilometers of the Yangtze River, accounting for nearly one tenth of the main channel of the Yangtze River. Every year, 60,000 sub-ships are waiting for parking or transshipment here, which is a high gathering place for receiving, transshipment and disposal of ship pollutants. Through this cooperative treatment system of ship pollutants, the whole process of ship pollutants handover, transshipment and disposal can be completed and monitored in real time. Ten specialized docks for ship pollutants can handle all ship wastes.

  The application of high-tech means has also helped China’s water ecological management to enter a new stage. In Baiyangdian, xiong’an new area, Hebei Province, a water laboratory with "integration of heaven and earth" ecological monitoring is conducting daily monitoring on the water quality in Baiyangdian District. UAV monitoring in the air, unmanned ship sampling in the water, and the sampling data are transmitted back to the first time through 5G signals. The water quality monitoring equipment on board can quickly analyze 14 water quality indexes such as chemical oxygen demand, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus and algae density.

  The latest release of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment shows that the water quality of key river basins such as the Yangtze River and the Yellow River in China is stable at present. In terms of pollution control, China is building a new pattern of cross-basin and cross-regional collaborative water control. The ecological environment management in the Yangtze River Economic Belt has established a coordinated protection system and mechanism. Recently, three provinces and one city in the Yangtze River Delta jointly launched nine major projects in the field of comprehensive management of Taihu Lake basin and water environment.