In 2024, the New Year’s Day box office broke 1 billion: after 146 days, the single-day box office broke 500 million.

According to Lighthouse Professional Edition, as of 12: 00 on December 31st, the total box office (including pre-sales) of new films on New Year’s Day in 2024 exceeded 1 billion, and the annual meeting of "Twinkle, twinkle, twinkle, bright stars" can’t stop! "Stealth" is temporarily listed in the top three at the box office.
In addition, as of 14: 53 on December 31, the total box office of the New Year’s Eve in 2023 (December 31) exceeded 500 million. Since August 6 of the summer holiday, the national single-day box office has once again exceeded 500 million after 146 days!
Among them, the film "Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle, Bright Stars" relied on the "snow field" in funa in the cinema. Since the pre-sale, the box office has been riding the dust, # 中中中中中 # # Zhang Wansen, it’s snowing! # and other topics have been on the hot search one after another, which has attracted a lot of attention.
The comedy film "The Annual Meeting Can’t Stop" released on December 29th! In two days, the box office exceeded 100 million yuan and gained a good reputation.
Source: @ Lighthouse Professional Edition